All Planets Fit Between The Earth And The Moon, As Per NASA

By Luis Torres

Some quoted diameters sum to around 390,000 km2, which larger than the 384,000 km or so usually quoted as the Earth-Moon distance.

But if you neglect the off 6,000 km then yes, all the Planets fit between the Earth and the Moon.

Earth compared to Jupiter - Stock Image - C011/4667 - Science Photo Library

Jupiter has a volume of 1.43128 x 1015 cubit kilometers. 🤔

Photobomb! Satellite catches moon crossing Earth's face - CBS News

live footage (supposedly) from the Epic Satellite, 1,000,000,000 miles away… 🤔 Again, supposedly.

Picture from the Cassini Satellite orbiting Saturn. 🤔 8.2713×1014 km3 (1.9844×1014 cu mi)

Picture of the Moon from Earth.

Volume of the other “Planets” (Wandering Stars)

Uranus 6.833 x 1013
Comparative sizes of planets and stars — Astronoo
Neptune 6.254 x 1013
Venus Compared to Earth - Universe Today
Venus 9.2843 x 1011
Mars -- a nice place to visit?
Mars 1.6318 x 1011
How Big is Mars? | Size of Planet Mars | Space
Mercury 6.083 x 1010
Pluto 7.15 x 109
Breaking: Pluto the Dog Has Been Found on Pluto – Dogster
By the way, Planet Pluto and Pluto the Dog, we’re discovered/created the same year (1930)

Of course something it’s not right 🤔

Think For Yourself.

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