A Marxist-Libtard Twofer — “Climate Racism”

NYT: Rich Countries Get More Help to Escape Climate Risk, New Data

Another day, another “study” about this or that dire consequence of Global Warming  / Climate Change. This particular paper, farted out of the rectum of the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, accomplishes a Marxist “twofer.” In addition to spreading — by way of prior assumption fallacy — the usual alarmist nonsense about sea-level rise and more frequent hurricanes, the “study” concludes that the big bad “rich” are given preferential treatment when it comes to mitigating “climate risk.” This useless study and the subsequent media hype about it dovetails nicely with recent proposals to fight “environmental racism.” ( pending)

Katharine J. Mach, the lead “professor” behind this propaganda paper, claims that wealthier (and whiter) beach communities are given preference in accessing Federal “buyout” funds and relocation assistance after a weather disaster which the professorate, as well as the Slimes scribbler, automatically assume to be related to “Climate Change”.

Young Professorate Katherine Mach. In a sane world, instead of playing “scientist” while wasting time and grant money on stupid “studies,” cute Katie would be getting a great job, dolling herself up and preparing suppers for hubby, etc
Classic Marxism: “Climate Change” is now an issue of race and class.

There is a line in this article which really ought to catch the critical attention of astute readers (which NYT fans are certainly not!). See if you can infer what’s wrong with the observation:

“In many coastal states, flood-prone areas continue to see the highest rates of home construction.”

Hmmmm. Now, if the idea of rising sea-levels and intensified storms in the near future is truly the stuff of “settled science” which the ass-clowns of Academia and Fake News insist that it is; then why are mortgage lenders — as well as the institutional investors who purchase loans on the secondary market — continuing to finance “the highest rates of home construction” in coastal areas with 15 and 30 year mortgages? Bankers are smart guys — and every major bank & brokerage house in America proudly states that they are doing their part to fight “Climate Change”. (Enter the name of any large bank or brokerage house and “Climate Change” into a search engine and see).

Yet not a single lender has pulled out of or even restricted its coastal lending. Don’t they realize that even the most slightly observable change in sea-levels would instantly trigger a panic-collapse in the value of collateralized real estate assets — long before the actual “coastal flooding” arrives? Or can it be that all of their high-sounding corporate propaganda about “concern” over “Climate Change” is all fake — and intended to keep the commie crazies (and the NWO bosses) off their backs?

In 2017, Global Warming “activist” Leonardo DiCaprio purchased a California beachfront property for $23 million. He also owns shore property in the Hamptons and seems to be in no hurry to get rid of these “at risk” properties. 
Stable-valued collateral is critical to bank balance sheets. That is why — even if a borrower has excellent credit — a bank won’t provide a mortgage for the purchase of a boarded-up crack house in Baltimore. If the banks and the Wall Street investors actually believed in the environmental alarmism which they claim to be so concerned about, they would have stopped making and re-buying 10, 15 and 30-year loans on beach-front properties by now — or at least added some steep interest rate bumps and/or increased down payment requirements. The reason for the total lack of concern is that they know it’s all a hoax and that the properties are NOT at unusual risk.

“Across the pond,” in the severely libtarded European province of France, even the boy-king Emmanuel Maricon(not a typo, Spanish for faggot) of “Paris Climate Accords” fame cannot deny that the properties along the French Riviera continue to be in high demand and eagerly financed by banking giants like Monte Paschi and various Rothschild-affiliated institutions. Imagine that! The very same money-grubbing Rothschilds who created and funded the Global Warming / Climate Change  hoax haven’t the slightest concern about long-term beachfront financing, nor do they seem worried about one their own personal residences located on the French Riviera.

And further north in the clinically insane Sweden of Greta “How Dare You” Thunberg, coastal properties are more than holding their value and attracting finance there too. Money talks, as they say — and the big money boys, by way of their heavy long-term financing of coastal construction, are telling the more astute among us, quite clearly: “Global Warming / Climate Change  is a hoax!”

The “elite” libtards and the shrewd money lenders of the French Riviera don’t seem too concerned about their long term beachfront investments. 
A Rothschild home in the French Riviera. 
David de Rothschild of Britain wrote “The Global Warming Survival Handbook.” Ya better warn your cousins in France, David.

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