Nearly All Covid Masks Are Worthless As Virus Particles Are 5 times Smaller Than Holes In The Masks

The best data to date indicates that the use of surgical or simple face masks are insufficient in most “Covid safety” situations.

Even the N95 mask packaging has label verbiage indicating protection that can only go down to 0.3 microns, yet the Covid-19 virus particles have a diameter of approximately 60–140 nm, and that’s 0.06 to 1.4 microns. The decimal .06 is 5 times smaller than .3. That means the Covid virus particles are 5 times smaller than the holes in nearly every mask that nearly every American is wearing.

nearly all covid masks are worthless as virus particles are five times smaller than holes in the masks

That’s like tossing a basketball through a hula hoop.

It doesn’t take a genius or scientist to see that most masks people are buying on Amazon, at stores, or making themselves (like from cotton/bandanas) have holes with diameters of 3 to 5 microns, rendering them virtually useless in preventing the spread of Covid, whether from the person wearing the mask or being transferred to them by others.

Regardless of how far your saliva or mucus travels when you talk, scream, sing, sneeze or cough, the virus still escapes from these homemade masks, so it’s all psychological for the mask wearer, until mouth bacteria begin infecting the mask-wearing victim. This can lead to pneumonia, and every doctor in America is currently trained to never blame the mask.

If The CDC Knows That Most Masks Are Worthless, Why Is America Under Mask “Seige” 24/7/365?

The Democrats are in control because of Covid. Make no mistake. The virus and the masks were all a cover (pardon the pun) for mail-in ballots, as those were the prime way the election was stolen, including up to 40 million fake ballots for Biden.

By convincing America it was safer to vote from home, that justified the entire fraudulent scheme, and China printed tens of millions of fake ballots for Biden for all the swing states, and then some.

Maybe all humans should be going to stores and schools and hospitals carrying battery–operated HEPA filters, because those are great at capturing particles down to 0.01 microns, and that’s 6 times smaller than the Covid virus particles.

Think of Covid masks like a basketball net and the virus like sand.

That’s why masks are worthless and the US government should fund the manufacturing of 330 million battery-run HEPA filters for everyone to carry around all day when they leave the house, including small children at daycare centers and elementary schools.

The MPPS, Or “Most Penetrating Particle Size” Like Covid-19 Virus Particles, Require Fiber Filters, Not Homemade Bandanas, Scarves And Neck Gaiters

Ever heard of Brownian Motion? Most hospitals use HEPA filters to capture viruses, as they usually fall in the micron size range above and below .3 microns.

You see, airborne viruses attach to other particles, so they don’t need your spit or mucus to travel to other people, they simply escape the masks when you breathe. Get it?

Plus, nary a human being wearing a masks remembers not to touch their eyes, nose, mouth and mask repeatedly, or face the consequences of spreading the virus to and from the very mask that you’re wearing for protection.

In other words, the mask itself becomes the primary vehicle for spreading Covid. This raises a number of new concerns to be considered very carefully.

It is a fact that without airflow, you receive zero oxygen, and suffocate to death. It is also a fact that all Covid masks restrict some airflow, of course, some more or less than others, but still the fact remains.

That means less oxygen is flowing through the human body on a regular basis, and for most Americans who are at work or school, that’s all day.

This leads to fewer nutrients flowing through the body, and thus a lower resistance to diseases, including infectious diseases being spread by faulty masks.

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One thought on “Nearly All Covid Masks Are Worthless As Virus Particles Are 5 times Smaller Than Holes In The Masks

    UNDUE RISK, Secret State Experiments on Humans by Jonathan D. Moreno is one of the most chilling books written.
    Here we have a writer justifying America’s collaboration with Nazi and Japanese war criminals and then using their research against Korea and China.
    The way the book was written justified PAPERCLIP, the bringing of over 1000 Nazis criminals to America after the Second World War and UNIT 731, Japan’s Dr. Mengele, Ishii Shiro and his fellow war criminals.
    I would dearly love to get Mr. Moreno’s email address so that I could tell him what I think of him and his fellow collaborators.
    The victims didn’t know then that they were guinea pigs and the majority today don’t!
    Those who reject the HIPPOCRATIC OATH should not be trusted!


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