Was the “Trump of Africa” Just Murdered?


NY Times:John Magufuli, Tanzania Leader Who Played Down Covid, Dies at 61

“Vaccines don’t work,” he once told a maskless crowd.

Regular readers of The New York Times know who John Magafuli is — or rather, was. We have written about the Tanzanian President dubbed by some as “the Donald Trump of Africa.” Smeared as “authoritarian” by the Slimes, the immensely popular Magafuli was anti-Globalist, anti-corruption, anti-Atheist, anti-LGBT, anti-Bill Gates, anti-WHO, anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown, anti-mask and very anti-Stupid-19 hoax. Recall that it was Magafuli — a trained chemist — who embarrassed the perpetrators of Stupid-19 by instructing his intelligence agency to expose the phony “positive” test kits shipped into Africa by Gates & WHO.

Headline: Al Jazeera (May 3, 2020)
Tanzania President Questions Coronavirus Kits After Animal Test
President Magufuli says tests were found to be faulty after goat, sheep and pawpaw (papaya) samples test positive for COVID-19.

Said Magafuli of the evidently contaminated kits: “There is something happening. I said before we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation.”

No sir — (((They))) couldn’t make-a-foolie out of President Magafuli — And now, he’s dead. How conveeenient!

Magafuli was extremely popular.
His move to send goat and papaya cells for Covid-testing embarrassed the Globalists.
The Globalists and their African agents mocked Magafuli for his unwavering “Covid Denial.”

Magafuli’s death is shrouded in mystery. Prior to the announcement, his whereabouts had been unknown for days as rumors circulated that he had contracted Stupid-19 — though the cause of death is now listed as a “heart complications” (CIA / Mossad “Heart Attack Gun“) — you know, that whole “plausible denial” thing.

Magafuli joins a long list of “troublesome” politicians who have, at a relatively young age, suddenly and unexpectedly fallen ill and soon died due to “natural causes” (in addition to “accidents,” “suicides,” and “crazed lone gunmen”) after having stood in the way or brazenly defied “the powers that be.” An understanding of how many times this historical phenomenon has occurred is essential for silencing those ignorant and annoying normies who reflexively shout “conspiracy theory” — conspiracy theory”  at the mere mention of such hypotheses. Let’s take a walk down history lane and review some of these cases of “sudden and unexpected” deaths.

Though we certainly acknowledge the realty of seemingly healthy people sometimes becoming suddenly ill and dying — which may very well have been the case for some of the following “problematic” men — it is the frequency and timing of such occurrences which leads us to suspect that most of them (if not all) were indeed murdered.


U.S. Vice President Garret Hobart
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: “Heart Ailment”
Age at Death: 55

The death of the conservative constitutionalist Hobart enabled the Globalists to impose Teddy Roosevelt upon President William McKinley. When McKinley was murdered by a Red gunman in 1901, TR became president.


 President Warren Harding
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: “Heart Ailment”
Age at Death: 57

Harding’s election slogan in 1922 was “America First.” As a Senator (R-OH) he had opposed US entry into the League of Nations. As president, he vowed to keep America independent and at peace. During his brief presidency, Harding undid much of his predecessor’s (Woodrow Wilson) socialist advances.


 Polish Chief of State Jozef Pilsudski
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: “Liver Cancer”
Age at Death: 67

Pilsudski was adored a the national hero who won Poland;s independence from Russia after World War I. He was anti-Communist and wanted good relations with Hitler’s Germany. Just one year before his unexpected death, Poland & Germany agreed to a Declaration of Non Aggression. Pilsudksi’s death enabled his successor (Edward Rydz Smigly) to void the pact and start World war II.


 Congressman Louis McFadden (R-PA)
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: “Blood Clot”
Age at Death: 60

McFadden was himself an ex-banker who became a formidable opponent of the Federal Reserve System and an “anti-Semitic” “conspiracy theorist.” McFadden openly accused “Jewish bankers” of having engineered the crash of 1929 and subsequent Great Depression. He openly cited the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion on the House floor.


 Ex-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (UK)
Alleged Cause of Death: “Bowel Cancer”
Age at Death: 71

Forever slandered and hated by the Jewish Mafia as the “coward” who “appeased” Hitler in 1938, Chamberlain was hounded out of his Prime Minister position in May of 1940. Even though he finally went along with the war, his heart was never into it.

Though always fit and seemingly in good health, Chamberlain suddenly began getting sick in July, and was gone in November.


 Senator Robert Taft (R-OH)
Alleged Cause of Death: “Pancreatic Cancer”
Age at Death: 63

Known as “Mr. Republican,” Taft (son of former President William H. Taft) was expected to be elected president in 1952. But the instant transformation of General Eisenhower into a “Republican” allowed the Globalists to cheat Taft out of the nomination at a rigged convention.

As leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Taft remained a formidable obstacle to “One World” schemes. His health problems — beginning just after just two months into Eisenhower’s presidency — led to his death just  a few months later. Taft’s departure from the political stage was very convenient for the Globalists.


 Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI)
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: “Acute Hepatitis: Cause Unkown”
Age at Death: 48

What can we say about the late great anti-communist mole-hunter and crusader that we haven’t already written about in St. Joseph of Wisconsin. McCarthy — though neutered by Eisenhower and the Demonrats in 1954 — still maintained a huge following had many good years of fighting Commies and Globalists left in him.


 Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: Sudden vomiting — then influenza and coma
Age at Death: 74

The Israeli government had tried for decades to assassinate Arafat, including an attempt to intercept and shoot down private aircraft  on which he was believed to be traveling. Arafat was charismatic and had many sympathetic supporters throughout the world. His sudden illness and death greatly pleased the ultra-Zionists of Israel


 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: Cancer, then Heart Attack
Age at Death: 58

Chavez was a left-winger, but a nationalistic one, not a Globalist. He led the fight among Latin American nationalists to resists a European Union-style regional government for South America. He was also outspoken in his criticism of Israel and accused CIA & Mossad of trying to kill him in creative ways.


 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: “”Natural Causes” (* found dead in an isolated ranch resort / with a pillow on his face / no autopsy)
Age at Death: 79

Scalia was a solid constitutionalist who led the counter-balance to the commies on the Supreme Court. His sudden death, amid the most bizarre circumstances, gave Obongo a chance to appoint another Marxist during his final year as president. Thankfully, the Republicans delayed that effort until Trump was elected and took office. Nonetheless, the court was weakened and left more “centrist” as a result of Scalia’s death.


 Radio Legend Rush Limbaugh
Alleged Cause of Sudden Death: “Lung Cancer”
Age at Death: 70

Though not a “conspiracy theorist” in prior years, Limbaugh (who had a radio following of tens of millions) — went full anti-Globalist during the Trump presidency. He was bold and unabashed in his condemnation of “Global Governance,” George Soros, the Climate Con, Voter Fraud and the exaggeration  of the Stupid-19 hoax.
Limbaugh even went so far as to have the sitting President on his show as a guest for one whole hour. His diagnosis and rapid demise was greeted with glee by the demonic Left.

Rest in Peace — President Magafuli.

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