NY Times Insanity: “Masks Have Mental Benefits for Kids”…WTF!


AUGUST 23, 2021

NY Times: Actually, Wearing a Mask Can Help Your Child Learn

By Judith Danovitch

Dr. Danovitch is a research psychologist who studies the cognitive and social development of children.

This “Guest Essay” to Sulzberger’s Slimes by Dr. Judith Danovitch of Louisville University takes Stupid-19 to the stupidest level yet. A product of Yale & Harvard (of course), the demented douche-bag — in an article that is actually a caricature of itself —  seeks to reassure concerned parents that the psychologically-damaging, bacteria-laden, oxygen-starving masking of innocent pre-school and elementary school children actually has cognitive and learning benefits. That’s the “best and the brightest” for ya — an entire “elite” class that needs to be rounded-up by a new, more violent version of the “Brown Shirts” and badly beaten into humility and common sense — in the college squares for their captive students to see. 

Hazmat suits and hip waders on, boys and girls. Into Sulzberger’s cesspool we go for some clean up work.

psycho-babbler Judith Danovitch “Phd.” schools the goyim on the cognitive, developmental and social benefits of indefinitely muzzling pre-shoolers.

Danovitch: Opponents of mask mandates for preschool and elementary-school children have expressed concern that wearing masks will impair children’s ability to learn language and socialize. Even parents who support mask mandates often worry about how a school year without smiles and frowns might negatively affect their children.  These concerns are understandable…
Analysis: Can you smell the “yeah but” rhetorical trick coming — whereby the egoistic manipulator reviews, while pretending to respectfully “understand,” an opposing view — only to tear it down with the inevitable “but” which will immediately follow.

Danovitch: … but unwarranted.
Analysis: And there it is…. “I hear you. But shut up, stupid.”

Danovitch: Although scientists don’t have much data yet on how wearing masks during a pandemic affects children’s development,
Analysis: This worship of “scientists” is really getting tiresome. Do we really need “scientists” and “data” and “studies” to confirm for us what our God-given intuition tells us very clearly?

Danovitch: …. there is plenty of reason to believe that it won’t cause any harm.
Analysis: We have conditioned highly impressionable children to be blindly obedient pussies afraid of invisible molecules. That’s plenty of harm!

Danovitch: Children in cultures where caregivers and educators wear head coverings that obscure their mouths and noses develop skills just as children in other cultures do.
Analysis: This provincial ignoramus is obviously talking about a handful of women in only the most orthodox Muslim cultures. Newsflash “Dr.” — About 88% of teachers in the Arab world are men (here) — and most of the women teachers teach in countries that do not require veils, or teach (uncovered) only to young girls. As for Muslim “caregivers” (moms) — they don’t cover their faces in their homes!

“Yeah But” — a favorite rhetorical trick of “the usual suspects.”
he problem with worshiping science is that so many “scientists” are either on some evil Globo-Gangster’s payroll, or are just simply unqualified ass-clowns practicing Fake Science.
There is NOTHING good that can come out of keeping kids frightened and in masks for months on end.

Danovitch: There is good reason to believe that wearing a mask at school could actually improve certain social and cognitive skills, helping to strengthen abilities like self-control and attention.
Analysis: “Good reason to believe,” eh? Got any “science” to support that assertion, “Dr.?”

Danovitch: Take language learning. It’s true that masks cover our mouths and that seeing mouth shape and movement contributes to language development in infants.
Analysis: “Yeah but” alert.

Danovitch:But learning how to communicate involves a lot more than mouths — a reality that masks accentuate. It turns out that looking at eyes is at least as important as looking at mouths to understand whom you are looking at and what they are trying to convey. A classroom full of people wearing masks is a great opportunity for children to practice paying attention to cues, such as a peer’s tone of voice or a teacher’s body language. 
Analysis: Can this egghead possibly get any stupider? (Indeed, she can, and does. Ready?)

Danovitch: For children who habitually bite their nails or pick their nose, a mask could also be precisely what they need to kick the habit. 
Analysis: Excellent point, “Dr.” — Masked kids can neither pick their nose nor eat their boogers if they are wearing a mask. (palm to face, shaking head, sighing)

Eureka! The mask prevents nose-picking and booger-eating in pre-schoolers. Such are the profound observations that only a “Phd.” out of Harvard AND Yale could make.

Danovitch: Perhaps most important, wearing masks during a pandemic is an opportunity for even young children to practice caring for their community.
Translation: “Caring for their community” = becoming good little Communists — like the hate-filled Junior Spies in Orwell’s “1984.”

Danovitch: By preschool, children can understand that invisible “germs” can cause illness and that behaviors such as hand-washing can keep germs from spreading.
Analysis: “By pre-school” — Let’s screw up the little ones before the official “education” even begins.

Danovicth: A recent study shows that children living through the Covid-19 pandemic understand illness transmission better than ever.
Analysis: Do we really need to cite a “study” to understand that Covidmania is transforming a generation of vulnerable children into germaphobic psychos?

Danovitch: Mask wearing is a way to teach more sophisticated ethical concepts like duty and sacrifice.
Translation: Mask wearing is a way to instill (by coercion, not “ethics”) blind obedience in children in preparation for the future Globalist superstate.

Danovitch: Masks are hopefully not here to stay …
Analysis: The use of the word “hopefully” directly implies that masks may indeed be “here to stay” — at least if scum like this yapping yenta have her way.

Danovitch:… but while they are still necessary,…
Rebuttal: The masks never were “necessary,” you deceitful child-abusing she-devil.

Danovitch: … we should make the most of them.
Rebuttal: No — we should burn them. And you as well, at the stake.

The “dutiful” Junior Spies of Orwell’s “1984.”  The hateful little monsters turned in their own father for suspicion of political impurity. 
Communist Youth League of Castro’s post-White Cuba 
Masked, regimented and fearful Marxists of America’s post-white future walking on their pre-school group-leash.

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