Why Do They Want to Jab 5-11 Year Olds?

Children are essentially invulnerable to “Covid-19.” So, why the bloody hell are they still be masked up, and now, being set up for mass injection?

OCTOBER 22, 2021

NY Times:Small Needles and Short Lines: Biden’s Plan to Vaccinate Young Children

White House officials, anticipating the approval of corona-virus shots for 5- to 11-year-olds within weeks, will rely on doctors, clinics and pharmacies instead of mass inoculation sites.

The latest installment of Stupid-19 really takes child abuse and stupidity to an even lower level.

From the article:

“The campaign aims to fulfill the unique needs of 28 million people in the United States, largely still in elementary school, while absorbing the lessons from the rollout of vaccines to other age groups. The 5-to-11 range has far more members than the teenage cohort already approved to receive the vaccine.

Let us, purely for the sake of argument, imagine that the hoax of Stupid-19 was actually real. Let’s make believe that 700,000 Americans really have died from this cold & flu virus which has never actually been isolated and identified. Let’s ignore the fact that death certificates have — at a nifty profit of about $50,000-a-pop to the hospital or nursing home — been manipulated in mass numbers in order to mis-classify deaths from pneumonia, COPD, asthma, stroke, heart attack, and even murder to “Covid.”

Let’s also ignore the fact that the commonly-used “PCR test” — which was never intended to be a diagnostic tool — is rigged, through amplification cycles, to yield millions of false positives for remnants of old colds. In other words, let’s all pretend to be good little obedient de-balled normies who reverently hang upon every utterance of Dr. Falsie, the all-knowing CDC, and the breathless script-reader on the TV. Even in such a sad state of bewildered unreality, the undeniable fact, supported by CDC data, would still remain that children are essentially invulnerable to “Covid-19.” So, why the bloody hell are they still being masked up, and now, being set up for mass injection?

The CDC chart below demonstrates the folly of this idea.

Let those CDC mortality numbers sink-in, Normie. Then tell me why elementary school kids need to be jabbed.

Buried deep within the article we find the usual obligatory truth gem:

“Hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19 are uncommon in children, according to data collected by the American Academy of Pediatrics, ...”

Immediately followed by the usual deactivating manipulative “yeah but” —

“but experts pointed out that children are still susceptible to serious or long-haul versions of the illness.”

Yes. We gotta protect the children from those “long haul versions” (rolling eyes) — but let’s not even speculate as to any possible “long haul” side effects to both the bodies and minds of the mind-raped children of the Stupid-19 era.

Of course, in spite of the 0% mortality and the potential side-effects (also acknowledged in the article) — there is a logical reason for jabbing the children with these vaccines. And it’s the age-old usual motive, with the age-old “usual suspects” in the fore. The all-mighty Davos-connected Blackrock and Vanguard investment giants are major shareholders in “Big Pharma.” The vaccination of little kids — induced by scaring their dumb-as-dirt millennial parents — are very good for their stock holdings.

Rochelle Walensky — Director of the CDC
Jeffrey Zients — Coronavirus Response Coordinator 
Larry Fink of Blackrock — the invisible ruler of corporate America and, by extension, Big Pharma.

Fortunately, these shots will not be mandatory — and any attempts by individual school districts to make them so will surely add to the ongoing backlash against “Joe Biden” and the Demonrats. Nonetheless, there will be millions of idiot parents who will indeed take their pussified kids to get the magic jab. The tragic and farcical irony of it all is that so many of today’s kids are overweight, inactive and thereby destined for an adulthood plagued by the type of health problems which will have been caused by the bad habits that these unfit parents have already allowed.

Stupid — stupid — stupid.

Idiot pussified father comforts his idiot pussified son. 
There is a REAL epidemic of inactive fat kids addicted to video games and potato chips. But that’s not a problem for their brainwashed parents though. 
Don’t worry Chubby. The “Fauci Ouchie” will keep you “healthy.”

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