From My Cold, Dead Hands!

by Lionel,

“I was just following orders.” Participants are seen here in one of Stanley Milgram’s experiments regarding blind obedience to apparent authority. Experimenters were led to believe they were administering painful electric shocks to innocent victim participants. Electric jolts that would certainly have been fatal if they had been real. But they did so. They were just following orders. These were and are ordinary Americans who are capable of exacting upon society the most horrible of behaviors. Sound familiar?
The Milgram Experiment

Let us start with the benediction. All rise and repeat after me. COVID is a religion.Vaccines are its sacrament.Masks are its vestments. Fauci is its Pope.The CDC is its Vatican.

Ah, yes. Milgram. How perfect. How relevant. Follow orders. Question nothing. Selectively. You will wear masks indefinitely. Question nothing or else. Sockpuppet media will sort through every episode of the Joe Rogan Show looking for the slightest veiled or blatant reference to the dread N-word but as far as the flight logs of the Epstein human trafficking airlifts, who cares? Follow orders. Follow directions. Trust the science. Trust (some) science. Trust (our) science. Shut up and comply. Get the picture? I knew you would.

But mask regulations are going by the wayside. Good news, right? One would think. Unless you’re one of these mask fetishists who actually love the expression restriction of facial disguises. Parents of kids (that’s redundant, I admit) in some cases are resisting the lifting of mask mandates for students. Even parents of special needs kids who’ve suffered incomprehensibly over the COVID-MANIA lunacy. It’s the mask. The magical mask that engenders lunatic obeisance and addiction. They love it. They absolutely love it.

Obedience face diapers as haute tyranny couture.  (Lest you missed the subtitle.) It’s the symbol, the logo and the mark of biomedical tyranny. Martial law, Sparky. And what’s most fascinating to me is the number of Americans who’ve become so smitten with the submission veil. They love it. Truly. They adore the oppression, they crave suppression. It’s their middle name. Especially those wearing double masks. (See infra.) These people have no faith in God or government, they care nothing about the Constitution. No, they love the mask stripes chevrons and epaulets: the rank of gullible dupe. No matter what anyone says or has said. Their mask is their cloth badge of courage. No designer silk for these hardcores. Nope. The N95 or nothing. Or the KN95 (China) . . . maybe. Europe’s FFP2, Australia’s P2, Korea’s KMOEL, Japan’s DS. (Who knew there were so many models?) You say tomato, I say tyranny. It’s a mask-erade of pseudoscience.

DISCLAIMER: I in no wise am suggesting or intimating or insinuating that COVID isn’t real or potentially dangerous to some demographics of humans. The purpose of this piece is to highlight the insanity evinced by most humans when it comes to mask fashion, regulations and blind Pavlovian patellar obeisance.

Are you sitting down? In case you missed it, University of Cambridge researchers came through with this beaut. Hacks. How appropriate because the definition of a hack is anyone stupid enough to follow this nonsense. And I shite you not.The use of pantyhose, tape, and rubber bands were effective for most participants. A pantyhose overlayer was observed to be the most effective hack. High degrees of variation were noted between participants. However, little variation was noted within participants, with hacks generally showing similar benefit each time they were applied on a single participant. An inspection of the fit hacks once applied showed that individual facial features may have a significant impact on fit, especially the nose bridge. [e.s.] [SOURCE]You can’t make this up.

The study of studies. Tell me you read of the Johns Hopkins review. (And tell me further you pronounce Johns as Johns. Please.) In case you missed it, the literature review and meta-analysis of the effects of lockdowns on mortality stemming from the dread coronavirus found that “lockdowns have had little to no public health effects,” and have “imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted.” What?! But you knew that. I hope you knew that. And let me tell you that your shadow government (SG) mainstream media sockpuppets were under strict orders to kill that story once and for all. And they did. The usual suspects buried it. How’s that for despicable. But such are the primary responsibilities of SG myrmidons. 

And there you have it. We’re coming back to normal. Not the new normal or reset but normal normal. Translation: Freedom. Slowly but surely. But there are only one two types of folks who can get in the way: Karens and Maskholes. 

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