U.S. Homeland Security Report: “False or Misleading Narratives and Conspiracy Theories” to be Categorized as “Terrorism”…?

I am starting to think I need to file a First Amendment lawsuit over that insane bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security on Feb. 7.

In case you’ve forgotten, that report – a public declaration of the federal government’s official view of terrorism – called the top terrorist threat to the United States:

false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions.

Their words, not mine.

Trying to “undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions” is now a terrorist act?

Then I’m a terrorist.

Especially since the bulletin specifically mentions COVID-19: there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19.

Disagree with Government Policy? Homeland Security Says You’re a ‘Terrorist’ if You Speak Out

There’s that word “misleading” again. As this White House has made clear, “misleading” facts are those that lead people to opinions of conclusions it doesn’t like.

No, no one has knocked on my door or threatened to arrest me.

But that does mean the government is not targeting me – along with other prominent Covid and vaccine skeptics. Per the bulletin, the Department of Homeland Security in 2021 expanded its evaluation of online activity as part of its efforts to assess and prevent acts of violence.

The government has other tools against people it classifies as terrorists too, including plenty of secret ones.

And remember, to be a terrorist under these terms, your speech simply has to potentially inspire acts of violence.”

2 thoughts on “U.S. Homeland Security Report: “False or Misleading Narratives and Conspiracy Theories” to be Categorized as “Terrorism”…?

  1. Hi! Trying to get out with this message so would appreciate if you can allow it or perhaps even post something about the topic so people if they get sick can easily find it online? I have no idea though if the Covid vaccines leads to VAIDS.

    I am just spiritually told ADHD medication will make the immune system stronger when sick. Have tried to verify by searching for studies. It could be because immune cells are activated by adrenaline. They have receptors for that i read. I think the amphetamine in some ADHD-medication make the body release adrenaline.

    Of course it is a balance like with all medical drugs so never use more than necessary.
    Here are some studies that may be relevant. I am no expert on reading and understandning medical research though.


    Some studies below:


    This professor explain more about the connection between adrenaline and your immune system.


    “In the new study, the investigators were able to show that the massive redistribution of immune cells throughout the body was orchestrated by three hormones”



    “The COVID-19 infection rate is nearly 50% higher among individuals with unmedicated ADHD compared to individuals without ADHD”


    “After controlling for confounding factors, the results indicated that influenza risk significantly reduced in the group of ADHD patients who were prescribed methylphenidate for 90 days and more”

    It could be that unmedicated are more risk taking. But research show ADHD may be an immuno related disease.


    Used in traditional Chinese medicine. Also called Ephedra.
    “Antiviral effects of Ma Huang Tang against H1N1 influenza virus”

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