Cromwell & The Jewish Conquest Of England

OCTOBER 6, 2022

NY Times: 
Historic London Synagogue Fights to Stay Out of the Shadows

Rabbi Shalom Morris of London’s three-centuries-old Bevis-Marks Synagogue has got a bee in his beanie over the fact that two proposed buildings would, if constructed, cast shadows upon his historic “house of worship.” The usual “waaah waaah waaah” from one of “the usual suspects”

“If this was next to St. Paul’s Cathedral, it wouldn’t happen.”

Actually, rabbi — if this was next to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the “usual suspects” would be the first ones to argue, with that quintessentially Jewish form of sophistry,  something along the lines of: “Because of the separation of church and state inherent in a modern pluralistic democracy, a Christian religious institution has no right to influence the public zoning ordinances of a multi-cultural, multi-denominational metropolis such as London.”

Goy lives — and churches — don’t matter.

* Note: The synagogue is located in the special status area known as “The City of London” — which is different from neighboring national capital of London. The city (aka “The Square Mile) has its own government, its own mayor and its own independent police force.  The City is home to the Bank of England and has traditionally been considered the financial heart of the UK.

Rabbi Morris and his crew strongly object to a proposal to build towers near Bevis Marks. Too much shadow.

What grabbed our attention and interest about this article was the sub-headline about the vipers’ den (the oldest in England) being “320 years old” (1701)— which would put its construction at not too many years after the chosenites were permitted back into England. That sets us up for a good “teachable moment”  about arch-criminal and temporary dictator (1653-1658) of England, Oliver Cromwell — whose love for the Jews changed the course of world history. The article mentions Cromwell (a historical favorite of the chosenites) —

“Its first worshipers were Jews from Portugal and Spain who fled the Inquisition and were allowed by Oliver Cromwell in 1657 to practice their faith in England.”

Here’s the history:

In July of 1290, King Edward I (“Longshanks”) issued the Edict of Expulsion. The Sheriffs of all the counties of the realm were given four months to clear the chosenites out once and for all. The harsh action was based on the usual charges of the usual suspects being up to their usual business. You know — things like their hateful disrespect for Christianity, coin clipping, extortionate money lending, the ritual murders of Christian children — all of the usual “canards ” that have continued to “baselessly” pop up from time immemorial. The order would remain in force throughout the rest of the “Middle Ages.”

1. King Edward I booted the Jews out of England. // 2. A shrine to St. Hugh of Lincoln — a 
9-year-old English boy tortured and bled to death in a Jewish ritual slaughter in 1255. He was then dumped in a well. // 3. 
Expelled again and again and again
 — throughout history — always on the basis of “canards” and “libel.”

Let’s fast-forward 350 years to the 1640’s and the contention between King Charles I and the Puritan faction in parliament — a power struggle which led to two Civil Wars.  Cromwell — an Old Testament quoting, Jewish-loving, Puritan religious fanatic — (who was probably funded by Dutch Jews — led the radicals to victory and, a few years later, dismissed Parliament and established himself as “Lord Protector.” In spite of much reluctance among colleagues, Cromwell signed the execution warrant  of King Charles. On January 30, 1649, Charles was beheaded. With Charles — whose wife, Queen Henrietta Maria, was a French Catholic — now out of the way, Cromwell and his not-so-pure “almost Jewish” Puritans soon unleashed a terroristic (almost Jewish-like) persecution upon the previously protected Catholic population of Ireland. For all denominations, the celebration of Christmas — deemed sinful by the Old Testament Puritans — was banned. (here)

Though Cromwell’s revolution was short-lived (he died suddenly, perhaps poisoned?) and the monarchy would be restored, his historic 1653 reversal of the “anti-Semitic” banishment allowed the usual suspects to return to England and, over the course of subsequent decades and centuries; go about their usual business until England (and the vast empire which it conquered during that era) was under their financial and political domination. Once squeezed dry like a used-up lemon, “Great Britain” would be chopped up and rolled into Rothschild’s New World Order.

And that, boys and girls, is why (((they))) like Oliver Cromwell so much.

1 & 2. Cromwell and his intolerant Old Testament “Puritans” unleashed Civil War. // 3. Years after Cromwell’s revolution was undone, the unpopular “persecuted” Puritans were the same bunch of psycho fanatics who conducted the Salem Witch Trials and executions in 1690’s America — in which 19 women were hanged, 5 died in custody, and a man was crushed to death under heavy stones.
1. King Charles was killed and his Catholic wife, Henrietta Maria, was exiled. // 2. Two of Charles’ children were permitted to visit him before his execution. He bade them a tearful farewell. Just 4 years later, Cromwell invited the Jews to return to England and brought a few of them into his circle of advisers. // 3. Crazy Cromwell brutally crushed Catholic Ireland, but he was very “tolerant” of the Jews.

* From the Jewish Virtual Library:

“Cromwell’s favorable attitude toward the Jews was so marked that, according to his enemies, Jews regarded him as their Messiah.”

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