Marxists Panicking Over the Coming “Autocracy”

OCTOBER 19, 2022

NY Times:
 The U.S. Thinks ‘It Can’t Happen Here.’ It Already Has.

By Jamelle Bouie

The scary buzzword of the day (again) is “autocracy” — a moronic mantra which Marxists & Libtards repeatedly screech whenever a man and a movement dare to declare to the usual suspects, with firmness: “No! We will not submit!” 

In this high school-level column — puked out by race hustler / blogger Jamelle Bouie — the term, or one of its variants, is repeated about ten times — three times from the Affirmative Action pseudo scholar’s opening paragraph alone:

“The move from democracy to autocracy isn’t a sudden shift. It is not a switch that flips from light to dark with nothing in between. But it’s also not quite right to call the path to authoritarianism a journey. ….. It is better, in the U.S. context at least, to think of authoritarianism as something like a contradiction nestled within the American democratic tradition.” (emphasis added)

Such a profound scholar, isn’t he? (rolling eyes)

Another buzzword repeatedly used here is “democracy”  — a term which Marxists & Libtards use to describe situations in which an obedient majority of voting normies consistently make the “correct” choice. Boo-Hooie drops this word about ten times as well. Like the anti-White race-baiting piece-of-excrement that he is, he argues that “democracy” in America is threatened by the tradition of “authoritarianism”  which exists in a country:

“… whose notions of freedom and liberty are deeply informed by both the experience of slave-holding and the drive to seize land and expel its previous inhabitants…. for many Anglo-Americans in the 18th century, freedom was an exclusivist ideal.”

Slavery, Indian resettlement and Anglo-Saxon exclusivity, eh? The anti-White-sim never ends with you Satanic commies, does it? Ah, show us the shekels, Boo-Hooie. Show us the shekels.

Jamelle Bouie — doing his best to keep the historical memory of slavery (without mentioning the dominant role played by the Jews in the slave trade) and Indian displacement alive — and relevant to Trump — even as more and more Black voters continue to abandon the Demonrat Party.

As long as these journalistic hit-men for the Global Crime Syndicate keep presenting this century-old false Autocracy-Democracy duality, the “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times  will repeatedly counter it with the most clear and concise rebuttal that anyone has ever issued on the subject.


“What does democracy or authoritarian state mean for these international hyenas? They don’t care. They are interested only in one thing: are you willing to be plundered? Yes or No? Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? Yes or No? And when a democracy is stupid enough, then it is good. And when an authoritarian state declares: No. You will not plunder our people any longer! Then it is bad.”

Tell it…!

Democracy = Artificially induced mob voting for a criminal puppet
Autocracy = A strong principled leader protecting and serving his people

In Boo-Hooie’s piece, however, there’s something more specific than the usual general plunder that’s got his bosses worried – really, really worried. After taking us on his incomprehensible commie crash course through the history of US “racism” and how it relates to “authoritarianism,” he finally gets to the intended punchline at the very end:

“As we look to a November in which a number of vocal election deniers are poised to win powerful positions in key swing states, I think that the great degree to which authoritarianism is tied up in the American experience makes it difficult for many Americans to really believe that democracy as we know it could be in serious danger.Many Americans still think it can’t happen here, when the truth is that it already has and may well again.”

In other words, the Great Steal of 2020 – which – which Trump has dubbed “The Crime of the Century” – is– is destined to be exposed to the general public in a devastating manner. And not only do Boo-Hooie and his beaked Bolshevik bosses all know it, but there’s not a damn thing they can do to stop the coming age of “authoritarianism”. As the saying goes: “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. Nothing”

Tell it, Q. Tell it!

Trump’s soon-to-be Governors are all “vocal election deniers” in states that were stolen with phony ballots. L-R: Kari Lake (Arizona), Doug Mastriano (Pennsylvania), Tudor Dixon (Michigan)

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