The Red Splash Turns Purple? Don’t Worry.

NOVEMBER 14, 2022

NY Times Headlines:

How the 2022 Midterms Became a Squeaker

Democrats Hold the Senate, as Cortez Masto Ekes Out a Victory in Nevada

The rank & file of Trumplandia — yours truly included — were disappointed when last week’s anticipated Red Tsunami broke ashore as only a Red Splash. Now, after SIX full days of “discovering” ballots — almost all of them for Demonrats — even that Red Splash has turned neutral purplish as Trump helplessly declares “Fraud! —  Machines Rigged! — It’s 2020 all over again!” — on his social media platform.

The unexpected turn-of-events is so demoralizing that this time around, it’s not just the Sunshine Patriots and the usual members of the whiny Backseat “Are We There Yet” Chorus who are frantically pulling the stop wire on the Trump Train. Some heretofore patriotic stout hearts are, quite understandably, losing hope. Not us.

As was the case after the predicted Trump victory that didn’t happen in 2020, I misread the timing of an ending which is not for us to know yet. To somehow conclude from erroneous forecasts (which we should have refrained from) that the “Bad Guys” therefore have won the war is a classic example of a “non sequitur” (a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous  statement.)

Never forget that “The Storm” is a sophisticated, multi-year, international military operation (a war, in essence) and NOT a political movement. Though the political component of this war is an essential subordinate element, of course — it is Trump and the Military Intel White Hats — not the digital army, nor our favorite politicians — who control the adaptable timetable and constantly use misdirection plays so clever that even we the faithful get thrown off from time to time.

1. Media mockery over Trump’s failed Red Wave is intended to demoralize you. Why allow the enemy into your head? // 2. The Cabal’s 250-year-old worldwide Mafia is not something that can be so easily uprooted in a few years. // 3. The Q Boys work on their tactics and their timeline, not ours.

Let us assess — with neither false hope nor impatient pessimism — where we are today versus one week ago:

* The emergency Military Government — hiding behind an imposter “Joe Biden” and an imposter “Nancy Pelosi” — remains in place. If the election didn’t change that, then how can one say that “we lost?”
Republicans still seem on track to win control of the House — a position from which investigative committees (chaired by MAGA operatives) may launch attacks.
Numerous Republican politicians and “conservative” influencers (Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Ben Shapiro, New York Post, Candace Owens, Winsome Sears, Trey Gowdy, Mo Brooks et al) were induced into outing themselves by turning against the “defeated” Trump. This smoke-out is invaluable to Trump and the movement.
Many Republican cowards at the federal, state & local levels — too afraid or simply unwilling to even speak out, let alone legally contest, this latest election fraud are also revealing themselves as useless and expendable.
More people than ever before (over 60% according to a Rasmussen poll) now believe that the electoral system is prone to fraud and badly in need of reform. The media lie about “The Big Lie” is all but finished after this latest fiasco.
Further economic hardships may be unavoidable in 2023 – no matter who controls Congress. Best to allow the coming difficulties to continue to be blamed on stumbling mumbling “Biden” and the Demonrats — and the Fed — ( which Q, just 3 days ago, threatened to “put an end to”) — until the death blow is ready to be delivered.

As was the case during the demoralizing post-2020 Election period, it is likely that more such “benefits” and revelations from the November 8th fraud (which we believe was thoroughly monitored and documented by the White Hats) will become visible as 20/20 hindsight kicks in during the coming days and weeks. Evil is still being slowly exposed to more and more sleeping normies every day.

To those who say:

“But they already have all the evidence of voter fraud from 2018 & 2020. Why not just end these sons of bitches NOW?!

A logical response, in terms of a football analogy, might be:

“Against an adversary this powerful, this resourceful, and this deceptive, it would be prudent to continue attacking and running up the score — rather than replacing the starters with the second string and running out the clock.”

Hold the line, patriots. Trump is holding the cards, and he is NOT going to quit on us. That’s a forecast that we will make.

Trey Gowdy — Candace Owens — Paul Joseph Watson —- Just a few of the “far right” influencers who were smoked out after the election “disaster” as activated rats disloyal to Trump.

The entrenched NWO will come roaring back to supremacy the moment the White Hats take the boot off of their necks. Running up the score (evidence gathering) as if the game is still tied is the wise approach. // 2. It is not yet time to deliver the “knockout” blow.

2 thoughts on “The Red Splash Turns Purple? Don’t Worry.

  1. Boy do I hope you’re right, Luis! I know this isn’t good to hear, but I’m struggling to maintain hope. The Red-Purple Splash looks & feels more like a bruise than much of a victory. An ego bruise, to be exact.

    It’s so hard to be optimistic when the Democrats are so good at doing everything evil… all circumstantial evidence to reveal who their true master is. Being led by God, the Holy Father & Creator, certainly doesn’t look like the example they are ruling by.


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