Donald Trump is Batman

NOVEMBER 16, 2022

NY Times: 

Declaring Run, Trump Ignores Party Setbacks.

Trump’s “big announcement” at Mar-a-Lago yesterday turned out to be a huge “nothing-burger.” We learned that he will be running for president again in order to “make America great again.”  Surprise, surprise — a real shocker there, eh? There is discouragement among a fair number of the digital warriors of Trumplandia. How can we even talk about 2024 when the elections of 2018, 2020 and 2022 were stolen, without any repercussions, in such flagrant manner?

What made Trump’s strange, low energy, cliched, platitude-filled announcement especially confusing was its contrast to his recent “Truths” these past few days and weeks. On Truth Social, Trump (or someone approved by Trump) has been in full “Beast Mode” — posting Q slogans and doctored images of himself wearing Q lapel pins; screaming about mail-in ballot and machine fraud; warning of a coming “storm;” threatening retribution to his enemies; and even re-posting some of Q’s actual quotes that others copied and attached images to. There was one “meme” that Trump posted a few days ago in which Q, in 2017, wrote of Trump being sickened with Satanic elites and “children being kidnapped, drugged, raped” and “mass murders to satisfy to Moloch!”

On Truth Social, Trump is now an unchained, anti-NWO, conspiracy-busting Q super-hero. But at Mar-a-Lago, and even at his pep rallies, it’s the same old tiresome and relatively tame blah blah for simpletons:

“The system is rigged — make America great again — I had the lowest unemployment rate among Blacks, Hispanics & Latinos ever — the highest stock market ever — America was feared by our enemies — blah blah blah.

Why the almost “split-personality” disconnect? Answer: Donald Trump is Batman!

The Trump who just announced his 2024 run at Mar-a-Lago — a man who  seemed younger, shorter, and to have a suddenly different hairstyle – is really torturing the piss out of the Backseat “Are we There Yet?” Chorus with this 2024 stuff.

But the Trump of Social Media has escalated from merely linking to Q-Anon accounts to re-truthing literal Q posts about world domination and Satanic sacrifices.

Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire based in “Gotham City” (New York). As a child, he witnessed the murder of his parents — a traumatic event which ultimately led him, in adulthood, to create the Batman persona and take vengeance against criminals in general. Unlike other “super heroes” who possess supernatural powers of some sort, Wayne’s Batman relies exclusively on intellect and innovative weaponry which he designed himself.

Wayne / Batman conceals his secret war on crime by playing the part of a superficial playboy. Though he does indeed help crime victims through his Wayne Foundation, he remains better known as a celebrity socialite. No one would ever guess that this almost clownish character was waging a secret and dangerous nighttime war against the super-villains of Gotham!

Do you see the similarities between “The Donald” and “The Batman?”

1. “The Batman” vengefully watches over “Gotham City.” // 2. Bruce Wayne — pretending to be drunk at a party as he sips ginger ale. // 3. No one suspects what Bruce / Batman is really up to — which is exactly how he needs it to be.

Q had told us, way back in 2017, that Trump’s role in “The Storm” must be concealed from Normiedom. The hatred for the man among such a large element of the nation’s politically polarized population required him to divert the press and the public with things like “mean tweets,” and now, talk of 2024 — while the White Hats continue to do what needs to be done in the shadows. For all we know, Trump already played out his main role during his 4-year presidency — in which he thwarted a number of dangerous Deep State schemes and secretly arrested / executed a bunch of villains before handing emergency power over to Military Intelligence on his way out the door.  It’s even possible that Trump — who would be 78 at the time of the 2025 inauguration and 82 at the end of another term — may already be retired comfortably, under military protection and actually done with politics — now replaced by imposters and CGI for recent appearances which have struck us as very strange.

TS member “TheRealMizG” — in an attempt to calm some of our nervous friends — posted:

“Just because Trump announced his intention to run in 2024 doesn’t mean Biden will remain in office until then. We don’t know how this will play out; and it’s designed that way. If we know, the Bad Guys know. The idea is to keep them panicked.”

Indeed. As far as “The Plan” goes, nothing has really changed because, as Q has said many times all along: “The Military is the only way.” Going forward, let our enemies, the normies, the squawkers of Conservative Inc. and our lesser right wing brethren fixate on politics, the 2024 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) and elections in general. We will continue to monitor the cunning Batman at Truth Social and his sidekick Q  — and not get too distracted by the strategically buffoonish (and, quite frankly, imposterish) “Bruce Wayne” of Mar-a-Lago.

Note: This may or not mean anything — but I was just alerted by a loyal reader that Trump did not specifically announce a run for 2024, but rather, just his “candidacy” (no dates). Here’s what he declared:

“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. I am running because I believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be.”

Q Post # 4: October 29, 2017: “POTUS must remain neutral.” (just like Bruce Wayne)

1. Who are you, Batman?  // 2. The real Trump is a 6′ 3″ bear of a man — and his daughter Tiffany is 5′ 8.” How can she be taller than her father (7-inch heels???) in this (and other) photos from this past weekend’s “wedding?” This man looks like he’s wearing high heels himself!  // 3. From Mar a Lago — That is NOT the face of Melania Trump.

Something to think about…

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