Bolsonaro and Lake Target Election Fraud

NOVEMBER 23, 2022

NY Times:

The Question Menacing Brazil: Coup or No Coup?

 Kari Lake Claims Arizona Voters Were Disenfranchised.

Since the widespread 1800’s inception of this political system referred to as “democracy” (a form of government in which the predatory “elite” utilize vote-seeking political front men to allow the manipulated masses to think that they are in charge) Marxists and run-of-the-mill crooks worldwide — under the protection of Fake News — have resorted to voter fraud to enhance their numbers. And following every stolen election, intimidated conservatives / centrists — “for the good of the country” — have always stood down and “graciously” congratulated their opponents — sometimes after meekly expressing “concerns” about “irregularities” before capitulating nonetheless. You see, nobody wants to be flogged by the screeching surround-sound Judenpresse for being a “sore loser” or a “conspiracy theorist,”. As surely as night follows day, a “right wing” capitulation always follows a “left wing” election theft. Until now, that is.

Seven weeks have passed since the Brazilian presidential election was stolen, and two weeks have passed since the farce in Arizona. Not only have the two key defrauded figures, Trump allies Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Kari Lake of Arizona NOT capitulated — but they are now escalating the situation. Arizona and Brazil are poised to bust the international vote rigging phenomenon wide open — and we believe this is by pre-planned design of the White Hats.

1. Every Election Day, the dead rise to vote for the  Demonrat ticket. // 2. The “Brazilian Trump” // 3. The Arizonan Trumpette


Claiming “serous failures” in the voting machines, Bolsonaro — backed by millions of Brazilians who have taken to the streets to demand military intervention — has just filed a legal petition demanding that the votes from many of the machines be annulled. Citing analysis done by a company hired by his party, the complaint asserts that removing the illegitimate votes would give Bolsonaro the victory. The Globalists are now frantically spinning in defense of the voting machines — which only calls more attention to the troubling fact that elections in many countries have come to be so dominated by hackable or programmable machines now. In pointing to the machines, Bolsonaro — who began warning of voter fraud over a year before what many had expected to be his easy re-election — is taking this controversy to a place no other national leader has heretofore dared to go. The parallels between Trump’s “helpless” advance warning of 2020 and the final result and Bolsonaro’s exact repeat of the act indicate that these were both sting operations. Keep your eye on Brazil.


Also citing failures in the voting machines, as well as chicanery with the ballots, the lovely Lake — along with “defeated” Attorney General candidate Abe Hamedeh and “defeated” Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem — are also mounting a legal challenge and showing zero signs of capitulation. To the contrary, Ms. Lake — who revealed just yesterday, on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, that she is in communication with Trump over this matter — is openly threatening Arizona officials with dire consequences if they go ahead and certify the results. Lawyers working for Lake have also threatened Maricopa County officials (here). We did a piece on these Trump-approved “election denier”Arizona “bad asses” back in August. (here) Like Bolsonaro’s boys in Brazil — and totally unlike Republican’ts of years ago – the Arizona trio ain’t having it. Keep your eye on Arizona.

No Surrender! Bolsonaro and Lake are actually intensifying their respective (and likely coordinated) fights.

Kari Lake’s post from November 23rd talks about a “crime” and ongoing coverup— not incompetence or glitches.

Tying this all in to our favorite prophet / prognosticator — Q of Q Anon fame — his most recent post of November 18th preceded both the announcement of the Bolsonaro legal challenge in Brazil and the escalation of the threats coming from Lake & friends in Arizona. A bit of clarification of some of the terms in that post:

* “Runbeck” is an Arizona-based ballot printing company headed by Kevin Runbecka Demonrat donor.

* “Dominion” Voting Systems  provides electronic voting machines and tabulators.

“SOS” refers to the 50 state “Secretaries of State” — an important position which oversees elections and, dating back to 2006, had been specifically targeted for infiltration by a George Soros scheme known as the Secretary of State Project.

“Ascension”(don’t quote us on this one) has been claimed by some “anons” to refer to a space program which has been monitoring computer-based fraud.

As always, keep your eye on Q, just in case…

The TRUTH About the Arizona Audit


The chief executive of Cyber Ninjas, Doug Logan, helped deliver a report to the Arizona Senate on Friday about Maricopa County’s voting results from the 2020 election
SEPTEMBER 25, 2021

NY Times: Review of Arizona Vote Fails to Show Stolen Election

NY Times: Stop the Steal’ Movement Races Forward, Ignoring Arizona Humiliation

From coast to coast — with Sulzberger’s Slimes (as always) leading the attack vessels — the devious denizens of the the Judenpresse Armada are trumpeting the “failure” of the Arizona audit to prove that Election 2020 was stolen. Such is the intensity of the media blitz that even a few of “youse guys” (who ought to know better by now) breathlessly E-mailed us your surrender notices. Relax, boys and girls. When  attempting to get at the truth of an historical or current events matter, never forget one of Mike’s maxims: Always look for the ORIGINAL SOURCE.

Having done exactly that (by actually watching a few hours of the quite boring hearing in Arizona) “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times is pleased to report that in spite of a few quotes being taken out of context by the journalistic jackals and jack-asses, what the presenters confirmed before a committee of the Arizona State Senate has explosive implications.

Review chart below:


In a state which “Joe Biden” won by only 10,000 votes, 54,000 ballots in Maricopa County alone were rated at “Critical” to “High” on the fraud severity scale. An additional 18,000 were rated as “Medium” severity.

Because many good people on our side of this issue had built-up Friday’s hearing as some sort of make-or-break day in history, Fake News can now spin this into a “nothing burger” — but it is absolutely NOT so. Committee hearings are just that — hearings. Nothing gets decided nor acted upon during a hearing. That was never the intended purpose. What the hearing accomplished was to create a record for the State Attorney General to investigate and set the table for the State Senate to later decertify the election. Now we’re not going to celebrate until the November Steal is actually de-certified. But understand this — if indeed the Election is destined to be overturned, then what happened Friday was perfectly consistent with such a process.

Senatorette Wendy Rogers, our military heroine down in Arizona, is not only undaunted or discouraged by Friday’s “humiliation,” she’s actually gotten bolder in her denunciations of George Soros and in favor of her now nationwide decertification campaign. Tweets below:



Tell it, Wendy. Tell it!

Based on the hearing,  Arizona Senate leader Karen Fann referred the matter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich — a pro-Trump / anti-vote fraud / former Army National Guardsman Republican who also happens to be running for the US Senate in 2022. Said Brnovich:

I will take all necessary actions that are supported by the evidence and where I have legal authority. Arizonans deserve to have their votes accurately counted and protected.”

You do that, Mr. Attorney General — and that Senate seat will be yours for the taking next year. Another positive sign comes from the Attorney General’s own website, which boasts about his anti-vote-fraud record:

“Attorney General Brnovich has taken numerous actions over the past year fighting for election integrity in Arizona, recently winning at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Brnovich v. DNC (Demorcat National Committee). General Brnovich also consistently supported the Senate’s authority to conduct the audit, and in December 2020 filed an amicus brief supporting the Senate’s subpoena authority. General Brnovich also called for an increase in the hand count audit by Maricopa County back in November of 2020 to increase voter confidence in the results.”


There — some of you nervous nellies feel better now?

But the ultimate confirmation, in our eyes, that Brnovich is totally in league with Trump came from Trump himself — who recently “criticized” him for “doing little so far on Voter Integrity and the 2020 Presidential Election Scam” and needing to “step it up.”  If you know how chess-master Trump operates (and we’ve provided many examples of this over the years), then you shouldn’t have to be told that such strategic “criticism” is clearly intended to build-up Brnovich’s image of objectivity — that way no one can say that he is a Trump puppet when he drops the hammer. And even if Brnovich’s knees were to buckle for some reason, the ultimate power lies in the state legislature, which seems to be in good hands.

Patience, boys and girls. Patience …. and stop listening to enemy propaganda!

Arizona Attorney General has a solid record of fighting voter fraud and wants to be elected Senator next year. The purpose of Friday’s hearing was to pass the ball over to him
Fake News is spinning the audit and hearing into a “failure” and a “humiliation.” Don’t fall for it.
It’s a slow-kill — not a sudden coup. Other states are just starting the audit process.