Guess Who Marxists Blame For Shrinkflation

Edgar Dworsky

NOVEMBER 28, 2022

NY Times:Meet the Man on a Mission to Expose Sneaky Price Increases

Edgar Dworsky has become the go-to expert on “shrinkflation,” when products or packaging are manipulated so people get less for their money.

The blame-shifting Marxists never miss an opportunity to misdiagnose economic maladies caused by the Fed-Fedgov Complex as being the consequences of the “corporate greed” of the big bad “capitalist.” Since the days of Karl Marx — who was pro Central Bank and pro-Big Government — the Left has played upon and preyed upon the economic illiteracy of Normiedom to incite them to hate in the wrong direction. This article featuring the ridiculous rantings of “shrinkflation expert” Edgar Dworsky would have pleased Marx.

A few excerpts:

“A few weeks ago, Edgar Dworsky got a promising tip by email. “Diluted cough syrup,” read the message, accompanied by a photo of two packages of syrup with a curious difference: The new one appeared to be half the strength of the old one.”

“Dworsky has dedicated much of his life to exposing what is one of the sneakier tricks in the modern consumer economy: “shrinkflation,” when products or packaging are subtly manipulated so that a person pays the same price for something but gets less of it.”

“Virtually every brand of toilet paper has been downsized over the years,” Mr. Dworsky wrote, documenting more than a decade of toilet paper shrinkage.”

Oh those dirty rotten cunning, greedy, price-gouging, package shrinking, cigar-smoking, fat cat “capitalists” in top hats! Workers and consumers of the world, unite!

Pure Marxism: Toilet paper not what it used to be? Blame the “greedy capitalist” and look to the government to protect and provide for you.

Of course, “shrinkflation” is a less overt manifestation of inflation. So in that respect, one could technically say that businesses, in an effort to mitigate the shock, are “manipulating” consumers. However, has anyone by now actually failed to notice that packages are getting smaller as the quality / content of everything from paper products to chocolate is being diluted? Where is the “ripoff” here? We know what we’re buying and exactly how much of it.

The relevant question that Marxists will not ask — and that the bamboozled subjects of the overlapping tyrannical kingdoms of Libtardia & Normiedom cannot even think to ask — is simply this: What effect is the explosion of the interest-based-money supply having on the value of our currency? Forget about the “dilution of cough syrup,”  let’s have a look at the historical dilution of the currency-to-gold/silver ratio — which eventually (inevitably) led to the abandonment of any linkage to precious metals and ultimately, the unrestrained conjuring up of viral debt digits on a screen.

But such a conversation wouldn’t fit the Globo-Marxist agenda now, would it, Dworsky? No, let’s blame it on “corporate greed” — a simplistic phantom which nit-witted normies can be trained to hate without the painful inconvenience of having to do deeper research or (heaven forbid!) some critical thinking on the subject.

1 & 2: Sizes shrink as the supply of “helicopter” debt-money expands. // 3. Marxist cartoon blames “corporate greed” for inflation.

In this environment of criminal currency destruction and viral usury, businesses large and small — whose own commodity-connected supply costs have risen sharply — are faced with three overlapping choices. They can either maintain the quality and/or quantity of the product or service while spiking prices (Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream) — or dilute the quality and/or quantity while keeping prices stable (Haagen Dazs ice cream) — or, temporarily keep quality and/or quantity and prices the same, temporarily swallowing their losses until the reduction in profit margin is no longer sustainable.  In any case, it remains the customer’s free choice as to which option better suits his individual  taste and budget.

What we as “consumers” (what a demeaning term!) cannot choose, however, is what the purchasing power of our actual currency will be. No sir. Only Dworsky’s fellow syndicate members who own the Central Banks get to make that decision — whilst their press partners-in-crime point the finger of hatred toward “greedy” businesses ranging from the corner deli to large corporations. What a damnable dishonest trick!

1. Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream has not been diluted in recent years; however, you will pay more for it than the diluted brands. (*Before you buy some, consider that Ben & Jerry are notorious lefties.) // 2. Haagen Daaz, on the other hand, has diluted its product to the point being flavorless, while keeping the price hike much smaller.

The Slimes defines inflation as “the loss of purchasing power over time” (duh!) — but NEVER reveals how of the FedGov / Fed complex is solely responsible for this felonious phenomenon.

NY Times “Admits” Stupid-19 is a Hoax

DECEMBER 15, 2021

NY Times:
 As U.S. Nears 800,000 Virus Deaths, 1 of Every 100 Older Americans Has Perished

They are among the most vaccinated groups, but people 65 and older make up about three-quarters of the nation’s corona-virus death toll.

Though certainly not intending to do so, the “paper of record” — in big bold headline letters as well as in the small print — has just announced  to all of Normiedom (though to no effect) that the Stupid-19 scamdemic (including its oh-so-scary “son of” variant sequels) is a hoax of historic proportions. In case the subtle significance of the headline escaped your own notice, let’s try it again and let it sink in: 1 of Every 100 Older Americans Has Perished.

Just to keep this discussion on “normal” grounds — let us put aside, for argument’s sake only — the little known (concealed) facts that:

* No new virus has ever been purified, isolated and identified.
* There has been and continues to be a deliberate misclassification of deaths (for money).
* The PCR “test” is calibrated to yield false positives (for money).
* Hospitals and nursing homes have deliberately isolated, sedated, ventilated and mass murdered many seniors (for money).
Hospitals in poorer areas have also deliberately isolated, sedated, ventilated and murdered some healthy younger people (for money).

Those damning little details aside, this headline still means that over the course of nearly a 2 year long period, in a country with an average life expectancy of 78.8years, 1 out of every 100 of those “65 and older” (that includes folks in their 80s, 90s, and 100s!) has passed away.

……. Yeah … so?

Is 1% really such a wildly disproportionate  ratio? Are humans not mortal? Furthermore, as the article itself confirms, most of the dead suffered from other serious conditions (94% according to the CDC).


You would think that the OPENLY publicized death-by-age statistics would cause Normie to scratch his head in bewildered confusion and ask: “What’s the big deal?” —- But no.


Here’s another “open conspiracy” confirmation from the articles headline graphic:

“Three quarters of U.S. Covid deaths have been among people 65 and older.”

So then, why the frickety-frack are we traumatizing and masking up toddlers and children for?

The astonishing takeaway from these admissions is this: Even when the “respectable” media  OPENLY serves up — albeit unintentionally and indirectly — enough raw data for any semi-astute reader to quickly pick up and easily debunk the “crisis” story line, the stupefied subjects of the overlapping tyrannical kingdoms of Normiedom & Libtardia still can’t critically think their way out of the brown bag of dog shit which has been placed over their stone-filled heads. Providing them with a “2” and another “2” (in a frickin’ headline, no less!) still isn’t enough. No, only when the Judenpresse specifically announces “4” are they finally able to puzzle out such advanced algebra equations — proudly believing they did it “on their own.”


Think, Normie…. Think!!!

The shattered mind of a normie has been gang-raped to pieces and cemented back together in such a hardened block form that it can no longer recognize blatantly contradictory double-think — even when it’s in his face. Point out the almighty CDC‘s own published statistics to an “educated” normie (including doctors and scientists!) and you’re likely to get the type of response which so frustrated the protagonist of Orwell’s “1984,” Winston Smith, while he was being  schooled by O’Brien of the “Thought Police:”

“What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself; who gives your arguments a fair hearing and simply persists in his lunacy?”

Short of whacking a normie over the head with a tire iron, what can you do to get him to see the obvious? Answer: Other than planting a seed in a dry crack of his block head and praying for rain at a future date, not much. So save your breath and move on to the next lost soul.

2021 is — literally — as bad as “1984.”
O’Brien “intelligently” preaches well-worded madness to Winston.
Normie blockheads may hold advanced degrees and can memorize reams of data — yet they cannot detect the simplest clues, nor recognize patterns, nor think things through to a logical conclusion without guidance from media-anointed “experts.”

Normie 1:  I read in the New York Times today that people over 65 make up the majority of Covid deaths, even though they have the highest vaccination rates.

Normie 2: Interesting. I wonder why that is.
Me: Because they’re frickin’ OLDER Dumbass!!!