Q, the Pedo Podesta Brothers, and the Abduction of Little Maddy McCann

NY Times: Madeleine McCann Search Is Over, Portuguese Police Say

A search of a reservoir in Portugal that came more than 16 years after the British girl went missing resulted in the collection of some material but did not solve the mystery of her disappearance.

It’s a bit odd that an old story about a little British girl, who went missing while her irresponsible parents were vacationing in Portugal, would suddenly be resurrected by Portuguese authorities and appear in the “paper of record.” Tragic as the disappearance was in 2007, cases of abducted children are not all that rare.

A brief recap, from the article:

“Madeleine, who was days from her 4th birthday, and her siblings, 2-year-old twins, were left asleep in the family’s vacation apartment while their parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, ate with friends in a neighboring restaurant.

Mr. McCann left dinner to check on the children around 9 p.m. and everything appeared fine. But when his wife checked an hour later, at around 10 p.m., Madeleine was nowhere to be found.

Rumors swirled about her whereabouts and what had happened that night, as the case prompted an international search for a suspect and sent shock waves across Europe. Madeleine’s parents were later paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in libel damages (decision later reversed) because of stories that baselessly suggested the couple was responsible for Madeleine’s death.”

*Note: What type of parents leave a 4-year old and a pair of 2-year olds alone in a vacation apartment while dining out?

I find this old event still newsworthy not for its content — but because, I believe that the identities of the high-profile child abductors are known and, I hope, to be disclosed in due time. Could this be the reason why parties unknown have brought Madeleine’s cold case back into the public mind?

Maddy’s disappearance was big news in 2007 — but it’s old news by now. 

After being trashed by some newspapers as irresponsible, the McCanns tried to cash in with a lawsuit.

The various sketches of suspects seen in the vicinity of Maddy’s disappearance bore striking resemblances to four notorious pedo-sex-monsters that “you guys” are surely very familiar with by now. They were:

  • Epstein’s Island Queen Ghislane Maxwell
  • Congressman Anthony Weiner (husband of Killary Clinton’s lesbian girl toy, Huma Abedeen)
  • Clinton-Obama operative John Podesta
  • John’s brother, Demonrat Lobbyist, Tony Podesta.

Furthermore, the abduction of little Maddy took place near the villa of the since-deceased pedo-sex-monster “Sir” Clement Freud — the grandson of the sex-obsessed quack, Sigmund Freud. In classic psycho fashion, Freud (not yet known to have been a pedo monster at the time) was “good enough” to befriend and “comfort” the McCanns immediately after the event. There are also a number of “insider reports” — which we have not been able to verify to our satisfaction — that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal at the time.

Have a look at the uncanny resemblances:

What are the odds of four sketches so closely resembling four elite pedo-monsters — all tied to Killary Clinton — and all spotted in the vicinity of the abduction — near the villa of child rapist Clement Freud?

UK Independent

Freud was a Minister of Parliament and a BBC broadcaster. Like so many other “elite” child rapists, the monstrous truth about him did not surface until after his death.

Now, here’s the hopeful, and admittedly speculative aspect to the sudden re-visitation of Maddy’s kidnapping. As regular readers should know by now, based on raw data and sound logical inference, we believe that the Podestas, the Clintons, Maxwell et al. have already been “dealt with” at Gitmo. We further believe that, in due time, the public manifestation of the “tape delayed” “Storm” will be the worldwide disclosure of elite pedo-sex rings which will shock the world. Our only questions, asked with bated breath, are “when?” And “how?” Only the team knows.

When looking to Q for hints of what is to come, we find a 2017 post claiming that the first indictment / arrest will “trigger a mass popular awakening” and another one in 2018 saying that it “will send a shock wave.” Could that have been the phony indictment of Donald Trump a few months ago? Though it certainly did help to catapult him into his current and already insurmountable (and growing fast) 41-pointlead in the GOP primary field, to describe the already forgotten stunt as a “mass popular awakening” doesn’t quite seem to fit anymore.

Could the first arrest be that of “Joe Biden” himself — a sitting president? That is still not out of the realm of possibility, and it would indeed be a shocker. But more and more, it seems as though “Biden’s” role will be to sustain a 50-state electoral blowout at the hands of a returning Donald Trump in 2024. Going back to Q Post 34 from 2017, Q indicates that the start of the Storm will be triggered by the arrest of John Podesta as follows:


“The primary fallout which is slated to occur … upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta Confirmation to the public of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted.”

Now as far as characters on the world stage go, Podesta’s name, though commonly known to followers of American politics, is not nearly of such stature as to “trigger a mass popular awakening” or “send a shock wave.” For that reason, even though Q indicated that Podesta would be the first announced name, it still didn’t register with most of us “Q Tards.” But what if the “popular awakening / shock wave” connected to the “first arrest” is not so much about the “who” (as we all have been speculating) — but rather, the “what?”  The arrest of a has-been like John Podesta for run-of-the-mill kickback schemes or bribery would amount to nothing. However, the arrest of Podesta for the abduction of and God-only-knows-what-else-was-done-to Maddy McCann would indeed open up a worldwide Pandora’s box of child-sex-torture-murder-blood drinking that would rock international Normiedom to its core. Keep in mind that Q — who named Podesta in 31 different posts — has always clearly and repeatedly stated that it was to be the issue of child sex traffic which would outrage and unite humanity.

No predictions here —- just responsible and plausible speculation. Keep on eye on the McCann case.

1. John Podesta is a Satanic devotee of Marina Abramovic // 2. Podesta in a naked paint suit at some Satanic pervert event with Obongo (Obama) handler Valerie Jarrett // 3. Some of Tony Podesta’s favorite artworks!

1. “Sir” Edward Heath (1916-2005) was UK Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974 and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1965-1975. (story here) // 2. Dennis Hastert, US Speaker of the House from 1999-2007 (story here) // 3. Lord Mountbatten (1900-1979) — The last British Viceroy of India — was a member of the British Royal family and second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. (story here)

The Phony Biden-McCarthy Debt Drama

NY Times: House Freedom Caucus Slams Biden-McCarthy on Debt Limit Deal

Hard-right members of the House Freedom Caucus, unhappy with debt deal, threaten McCarthy’s speakership

The bellowing barkers of Conservative Inc. and also some nervous Sunshine Patriots within our ranks are stirring over Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s “betrayal” regarding the “raising of the debt ceiling.” Instead of “holding the line on spending,” McCarthy made a deal with Biden. “Mike! Mike! I thought you said McCarthy was placed under the submission of Trump and the White Hats! He just sold us out on muh debt ceiling!

(palm to face, sighing, shaking head).

Kevin McCarthy — or “Kevin McCarthy” — did NOT make any “deals” with “Joe Biden” because the real Biden — as we have capably demonstrated countless times (herehereherehere) — was Gitmo’d and replaced by a White Hat actor a long time ago. Congress isn’t even in session! Therefore, this meaningless “debt ceiling” comedy is all just theater featuring actors to keep Normiedom amused and distracted as the Gitmo roundups and tribunals — and probably, executions — continue unabated.

 Whatever comes out of this drama, understand that it was scripted this way as occupied, fenced-in Washington, DC remains under a Continuity of Government (COG) emergency government administered by the military.

Of course — and this is perfectly understandable — it is difficult for even some of the most intelligent and experienced conspiracy analysts to wrap their minds around this surreal state of affairs. To be perfectly candid with “you guys,” there are days when your favorite reporter / historian here starts to waver for a bit (“nah, this can’t be happening.”) — but then, after checking and re-checking the math, always returns to the inescapable reality of COG. Every darn indicator supports the belief that “the plan” is chugging right along.

Military veteran, country singer, “new kid on the block,” and probable White Hat agent Derek Johnson has done excellent work in digging up publicly available FEMA documents, Executive Orders, military manuals / codes explaining how the current military occupation (which we saw coming in late 2020) is being executed legally and secretly (which we did not foresee).

  1. Q post about “actors” and “movies” from 5 years ago // 2. Resident “Biden” deserves both an Academy Award and a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Q himself once posted: “The ending won’t be for everybody.” Even after the public element of “The Storm” arrives and passes, few will ever believe that most of it was done on “tape delay,” and later presented as if it were live. Therefore, for the benefit of the doubters and disbelievers, let uspretend, for argument’s sake, that the “Biden” – “McCarthy” – Freedom Caucus circus which we are witnessing is real as we review why this debt ceiling circus wouldn’t matter anyway.

First of all, the rapidly rising US National Debt, as of today, currently stands at an astonishingly unpayable $31.5 TRILLION. To put both that number as well as the rate of recent growth into proper perspective, consider the fact that it was only in 2008 when the  iconic U.S. National Debt Clock in Manhattan had to be tinkered with because the debt exceeded a “mere” $10 trillion. An extra digit was needed. Some further perspective — there are only 133 million working Americans to sustain this Marianas Trench of red ink that equates to nearly $100,000 for every man, woman and child in America — and there are now 60 million over-65’s sucking on the untouchable “non-discretionary” twin teats of Social Security and Medicare. So you see, the idea that this crisis can be resolved or even contained by “cutting spending” is almost as absurd as the conventional Demonrat claim that “taxing the rich” will do the trick. No. Only a national bankruptcy / debt forgiveness combined with fundamental transformation of both fiscal and monetary policy can deactivate this ticking time bomb.

So, even if we were to accept that “Biden” and “McCarthy” are real and that Congress actually is in session — this would still be all just theater. What difference would a few more trillion in borrowing make at this point? It’s all unpayable anyway! Ignore this silly side show about “muh debt ceiling.” We shall have to wait and see what fundamental currency, debt, spending and tax solutions will be implemented when Trump “returns” in full “authoritarian” mode.

The illustration with the football field and Statue of Liberty standing next to a block of $100 bills only represents $10 Trillion.

The current U.S. National Debt is $31 Trillion!

Only a bankruptcy reorganization and a radical “Jacksonian” intervention in the monetary system itself can free us of this burden.

11 Signs That Global Conflict Could Soon Spiral Completely Out Of Control

The world seems to be gripped by a really bad case of war fever.  National leaders all over the globe are rattling their sabers, and that should deeply alarm all of us.  The last time that there was a “world war”, tens of millions of people died.  This time around, it could be hundreds of millions or even billions of people.  Today, we literally possess the ability to destroy all of humanity.  So a worldwide conflict in which nuclear weapons are used should be avoided at all costs, but unfortunately those that are running things seem absolutely determined to push us toward such a conflict anyway.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been so many alarming developments.  The following are 11 signs that global conflict could soon spiral completely out of control…

#1 Russia just signed a deal to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus

The defense ministers of Russia and Belarus on Thursday signed a document on the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory, the state-run TASS news agency reported, citing the Defense Ministry of Belarus.

Russia will retain control over its non-strategic nuclear weapons stationed in neighboring Belarus, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a document-signing event with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin in Minsk.

“Russia will not transfer nuclear weapons to the Republic of Belarus: control over them and the decision to use them remains with the Russian side,” he said.

#2 U.S. and Taiwanese officials have reportedly been talking about bringing Taiwan under the “nuclear umbrella” of the United States.  Needless to say, such a move would make war with China much more likely…

There seems to be a growing demand for a US ‘nuclear umbrella’ in Taiwan amid increasing belligerence by China in the Asia Pacific region.

The desire for such a ‘nuclear umbrella’ against a potential invasion by China – which is already provided to Japan and South Korea by the United States (US) – has reportedly received support from defence experts in Taiwan.

The US ‘nuclear umbrella’ will not see the deployment of atomic weapons in Taiwan, but will see the world’s ‘sole superpower’ respond in kind to a nuclear attack by China during an invasion of the island nation.

#3 The Russians have just issued an arrest warrant for U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham…

Russia’s Interior Ministry on Monday issued an arrest warrant for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham following his comments related to the fighting in Ukraine.

In an edited video of his meeting on Friday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that was released by Zelenskyy’s office, Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, noted that “the Russians are dying” and described the U.S. military assistance to the country as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”

#4 A senior Taliban commander is boasting that “we will conquer Iran soon”

The Taliban threatened on Sunday that it could conquer Iran as tensions increase over water disputes between Afghanistan and Iran, leaving at least three people dead.

In a video released by the Taliban, a senior commander in the terrorist organization running Afghanistan warned that the Taliban would fight the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard “with more passion” than they fought the US forces. He added that the Taliban “will conquer Iran soon if the Taliban’s leaders give the green light.

#5 Israel has doubled the number of attacks on Iranian targets inside Syrian territory in recent months

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Monday said that he has “doubled the attacks on Iran in Syria” during his several months in office.

Gallant also revealed Tehran’s secret sea war against Israel, presenting new photographic evidence of five different ships it is using to establish another front against the Jewish state.

#6 Hezbollah just conducted major military exercises very close to the border with Israel

The military exercise was unusual not only because it was made public — nearly 400 people attended, including Hezbollah supporters and several journalists — but also because it was conducted only 12 miles north of the Israeli border, just outside an area where militias are not allowed to operate under a UN Security Council resolution adopted in 2006.

#7 Most Americans don’t realize this, but U.S. troops will soon be deployed in Peru

Unbeknown, it seems, to most people in Peru and the US (considering the paucity of media coverage in both countries), US military personnel will soon be landing in Peru. The plenary session of Peru’s Congress last Thursday (May 18) authorized the entry of US troops onto Peruvian soil with the ostensible purpose of carrying out “cooperation activities” with Peru’s armed forces and national police.

#8 Violent clashes in Kosovo have resulted in more than two dozen NATO troops being injured…

NATO-led troops and police clashed with protesters in Northern Kosovo Monday amid an ongoing standoff between ethnic Albanian authorities and local ethnic Serbs who ignored warnings not to seize municipality buildings.

The violence comes after Kosovo’s police raided Serb-dominated areas in the region’s north and seized local municipality buildings over the weekend. The demonstrations have led to injuries on both sides, which more than two dozen NATO troops injured.

#9 The U.S. military is building a brand new base in northern Syria.  Apparently the U.S. occupation of large portions of Syrian territory is not going to end any time soon

The US-led anti-ISIS coalition is building a new military base in Syria’s northern province of Raqqa, The New Arab reported, citing a source close to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The US backs the SDF and keeps about 900 troops (officially at least) in eastern Syria, allowing the US to control about one-third of Syria’s territory. The report said there are currently about 24 US-led military sites spread throughout eastern Syria.

#10 North Korea is claiming that the U.S. and South Korea have just conducted an “invasion rehearsal”

The South Korean and U.S. militaries conducted large live-fire drills near the border with North Korea on Thursday, despite the North’s warning that it won’t tolerate what it calls an invasion rehearsal on its doorstep.

The drills, the first of five rounds of live-fire exercises through mid-June, mark 70 years since the establishment of the military alliance between Seoul and Washington. North Korea typically reacts to such major South Korean-U.S. exercises with missile and other weapons tests.

#11 Due to “security concerns”, dozens of “satellite phones for emergency communication” are being issued to members of the U.S. Senate…

Amid growing concerns of security risks to members of Congress, over 50 senators have been issued satellite phones for emergency communication, people familiar with the measures told CBS News. The devices are part of a series of new security measures being offered to senators by the Senate Sergeant at Arms, who took over shortly after the assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The satellite phone technology has been offered to all 100 senators. CBS News has learned at least 50 have accepted the phones, which Senate administrative staff recommend senators keep in close proximity during their travels.

We have never seen such a dramatic measure ever be taken before.

Are they preparing for something?

I wish that I knew.

But what I do know is that we are certainly living during a time of “wars and rumors of wars”, and it definitely isn’t going to take much to push us over a line that will never be able to be uncrossed.

But for now, most people in the western world simply are not paying attention to what is going on.

Most of them just assume that our leaders are wise, competent and will be able to keep us out of any sort of nuclear conflict.

Symbolic Pics of the Month of May

The gender-blurring agenda was identified on this site over five years ago. While, at first, this agenda flew under the radar of most people, it ballooned into a global, unavoidable, and all-encompassing phenomenon with massive, real-world effects. This month again, we’ve seen numerous examples of this agenda being pushed on the public – often backed by some of the most powerful organizations in the world.

This agenda is not about “inclusion”, it is about deconstructing basic truths. For instance, here’s the definition of the word “bride”:

A woman just married or about to be married.

With this definition in mind (note that it includes the word “woman”), here’s the cover of Brides Today, a popular magazine in India.

The cover features Alok Vaid-Menon wearing a woman’s bride dress, complete with a beard, hairy chest, and a suggestive hand gesture. He had to be on the cover of a magazine that is specifically made for women. This is what this agenda is truly about.  But that’s not even the worst part: Alok is not some random dude. He is infamous for writing that “little girls can be kinky”.

Alok projecting his pedo obsessions on little girls.

Despite describing literal children as sexual beings, Brides Today felt the need to honor Alok with a second cover.

Global elite agendas can be easily identified by the fact that they are forced on the entire world. India is definitely not spared from this insanity.

As seen in previous articles, nearly every single major brand is showing compliance with the gender-blurring agenda. Every single time, there is backlash and calls to boycott – but that doesn’t matter. In the global elite’s new economic system, compliance is more important than profits.

Adidas recently used a male model (with a bulging crotch) to promote its women’s swimwear line. This ad caused controversy and calls to boycott but, as stated above, it doesn’t matter. The agenda is bigger than a temporary loss of profits.

In a very similar move, Anthropologie used a man to model a variety of dresses. Of course, comments on Instagram were closed because nearly all comments would have expressed disgust. 

For some reason, this agenda also needs to become an integral part of professional sports. For its annual “Pride Night”, the LA Dodgers invited The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – a group of “drag and trans nuns” who openly mock Christianity. After some public outcry, the Dodgers uninvited the group. However, shortly after, they were re-invited. The Dodgers probably received a call from powerful people.

On Easter Day, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence organize “hunky Jesus” contests which are highly blasphemous to Christians. Ironically, on its day of “inclusion”, the Dodgers invite a group that actively mocks and exclude Christians. 

The gender-blurring agenda is so powerful that it is even corrupting “science” publications.

Scientific American, which once boasted eminent contributors such as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, has officially stopped being “scientific”. In a recent article, the publication claimed that “human sex is not binary”. By doing so, Scientific America replaced scientific facts with the claims of a radical ideology.

s usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place this last month. Not only that, it was performed by some of the most famous and influential people in the world while being disturbed by the largest media conglomerates in the world.

This is the album cover of Kylie Minogue’s new album. It’s basically a big, fat, unapologetic one-eye sign. Also, her fingers are strategically placed to make a triple-6 sign. Furthermore, she uses a diamond to hide one eye which happens to represent high-level Beta Kitten slaves in the elite’s MK system. In short, this cover screams out “industry slave”.

Dolly Parton is 77 years old and she’s been in the music industry for over 56 years. Despite her industry veteran status, she must still show complete compliance.

This is a pic promoting Dolly Parton’s new album titled Rockstar. In 2023, she cannot be a “star” without submitting to the elite. To represent this fact, a star is strategically placed on her face to create a one-eye sign.

To make sure you understand that this is not just a random eyepatch, there’s a second pic of her with one eye hidden. This time it’s a butterfly that happens to represent Monarch mind control.

Mrs. Davis is a series created by a company named White Rabbit Productions (symbolic name). It is about a nun, artificial intelligence, and secret societies. The blatant one-eye sign on this promo image lets you know that the elite approves of its message.

This is a poster promoting the Renaissance World Tour. Beyonce has one eye hidden by a “computery”-type thing, indicating that she’s some type of android … controlled by the elite.

This is Demi Lovato on the cover of Numero. She’s using a crystal ball to hide one eye. That’s because she’s an industry slave and they want you to know it.

Model Bomi Youn makes a blatant one-eye sign on the cover of Vogue South Korea.

Same magazine. Same issue. Same sign.

Same magazine, same issue, same sign. The message: The occult elite is all over South Korea.

In an article about Miriam Cahn, I explained how the occult elite’s sick values and philosophy are on full display in high-level public places. That’s because symbols rule the world. Here are some pictures that are currently exposed inside the European Parliament in Brussels.

The European Parliament is exposing a series of photographs by Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson. This picture depicts Jesus surrounded by apostles dressed as sadomasochistic slaves.

Another picture by Ohlson: A naked “Jesus” in a crucifixion pose while a naked man hangs on to him. Meanwhile, the “artist” is mocking the Eucharist and the Last Supper by pouring wine in a cup. Reminder: This is inside the European Parliament, where the political elite makes big decisions.

The mocking of Christianity and the promotion of Satanism is not only found in official buildings, it is all over mass media.

This is Doja Cat performing at YouTube’s Brandcast event. She was wearing devil horns while images of her fractured face (representing the fractured personas of an MK slave) are displayed in the background. This is in perfect continuation of Doja Cat’s path as an industry slave.

This is Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori modeling a new fashion by Mowalola Ogunlesi who was hand-picked by Kanye to lead the Yeezy GAP team. As you probably noticed there’s a cross on Censori’s butt. That’s the type of outfit Satanists would be happy to wear during Black Masses. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy gave this icon to Pope Francis. As you can see, Baby Jesus is completely blacked out. It is said to represent the “loss of Ukrainian children”. Of course, that is complete BS. This painting represents the erasing of Christ and the fact that it was given to the Pope is highly symbolic. 

1954: Joe McCarthy vs. Ike’s Corrupted U.S. Army

During the Army-McCarthy confrontation of 1954, Joe Welch — corrupt sleazeball attorney representing the Red-infiltrated U.S. Army — launched a prepared platitude which the Fake News of the day had, and Fake Historians ever since have, misrepresented as “the beginning of the end” for the great anti-Communist Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy.

Welch’s self-righteously dramatic “Have you no sense of decency, Sir?” quickly became and remains the stuff of Libtard legend. Welch’s grandstanding snippet is taught in schools and the event is replayed (out of context) on TV crockumentaries to this day.  It’s even got its own Real History Channel trademark now — “Have you no sense of decency, Sir?”

Now if any of the circle-jerk repeater “historians” of today would take the initiative to actually examine original-source history (the only way to uncover real history) in the full context of things, he would soon understand that Welch’s theatrical accusation that McCarthy was lacking in “decency” was not the protestation of a righteous man; but rather, a classic, textbook case of a caught-red-handed liar feigning moral indignation toward the investigator. McCarthy’s questioning of Welch was neither out of order nor outside the boundaries of “decency”, at all! To the contrary, as you shall see, it was Welch who raised his voice, turned hostile and displayed “indecency.”

The Joe Welch performance was nothing but a rigged drama act.

The Army–McCarthy hearings came about due to McCarthy’s allegations of Red penetration of the Army and the Army’s counterattacks upon McCarthy’s assistant, Roy Cohn. Joseph Welch was a partner at Hale and Dorr, the Boston law firm hired to represent the Army. Prior to the start of the hearings, Welch had tapped Fred Fisher as the junior attorney to assist him during the hearings. It was soon discovered that Fisher, while in Harvard Law school, had joined the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) – a known Communist front organization if ever there was one! (here)

McCarthy was understandably suspicious over the fact that the Army’s chosen law firm tried to assign a Communist – or at least a Communist “fellow traveler” – to confront and confound a Senate Committee tasked with exposing Communists within the ranks of the very government which the Army is supposed to answer to. (Welch had to withdraw Fisher from the case.) In a very calm and civil tone (video linked down below), McCarthy (an ex-Judge) questioned Welch about his Communist boy Fisher. That’s when the grandstanding and oh-so-offended Welch, animated and agitated, put on the self-righteous and aggressive victimization act which the press, court historians, and Hollywood have made so famous.

Point of Order (1964) – Cherry-picked clips of the Army-McCarthy hearings include
“Have you no sense of decency, Sir?Picture

Tail Gunner Joe (1977) Burgess Meredith played Joe Welch in a badly distorted TV movie about the Army-McCarthy hearings. — “Have you no sense of decency, Sir?” 

Blah, blah blah — circle jerk “historians” repeat each other’s errors.

Welch accused McCarthy of “recklessness” and “cruelty” — accusations which stick to this day. But was Joe McCarthy really being “reckless” and “indecent” in his exchange with Attorney Welch? We present — You decide.


McCarthy has asked Welch about Fred Fisher and his membership in the Communist NLG.

Welch: Until this moment, Senator, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Fred Fisher is a young man who went to the Harvard Law School and came into my firm and is starting what looks to be a brilliant career with us. Little did I dream you could be so reckless and so cruel as to do an injury to that lad. It is true he is still with Hale and Dorr. It is true that he will continue to be with Hale and Dorr. It is, I regret to say, equally true that I fear he shall always bear a scar needlessly inflicted by you. If it were in my power to forgive you for your reckless cruelty I would do so. I like to think I am a gentleman, but your forgiveness will have to come from someone other than me.

McCarthy: May I say that Mr. Welch talks about this being cruel and reckless. He was just baiting — he has been baiting Mr. Cohn (McCarthy’s legal assistant / later adviser to Trump) for hours —– now I just give this man’s (Fisher’s) record, and I want to say Mr. Welch, that it has been labeled long before he became a member (of Welch’s law firm), as early as 1944…

Welch: Senator, may we not drop this? We know he belonged to the Lawyers Guild. Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

McCarthy: Mr. Welch talks about any sense of decency. It seems that Mr. Welch is pained so deeply — he thinks it is improper for me to give the record – the Communist front record – of a man whom he wanted to foist upon this committee. — Mr.Welch, if I have said anything here which is untrue, then tell me. I have heard you and everyone else talk so much about laying the truth on the table.

McCarthy then tries to ask Welch another question about Fisher. The combative Welch, invoking God, quickly interrupts:

Welch: Mr. McCarthy, I will not discuss this further with you. You have sat within six feet of me and could have asked me about Fred Fisher. You have seen fit to bring it out. And if there is a God in Heaven it will do neither you nor your cause any good. I will not discuss it further. I will not ask Mr. Cohn any more questions. You, Mr. Chairman, may, if you will, call the next witness.

Now, I ask you, dear reader — what was so “cruel” — what was so “indecent” about Senator McCarthy wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery of how and why a Communist lawyer was assigned to represent the U.S. Army during hearings indirectly related to the exposure of Communist moles? One must admit — it is a bit troubling, no, mind-boggling, is it not? Why did Welch over-react and turn so defensive? Answer: Because he was stone-cold busted – that’s why!

The following day, The New York Slimes, The Washington Compost, and the rest of the Piranha Press Fake News whore pack followed “hero” Welch’s lead and denounced McCarthy for his “tactics.” The Fake News of yesteryear became the Fake History of today — taught to every schoolchild in America. Typical!

All throughout the Army-McCarthy hearings – which worried the phony “anti-Communist” President / ex-General Eisenhower – the press smeared McCarthy and misrepresented all the testimonies.

On the other hand, Deep State-connected Welch, the slick sophist and defender of Communists, was hyped up as a heroic fighter for freedom and human rights! 

Proving that crime does indeed pay, the Communist Fred Fisher went on to become a full partner at Welch’s Hale and Dorr. In 1973–74, he served as president of the Massachusetts Bar Association. In 1989, he died in Israel, where he was lecturing.

Joseph Welch, that big-mouth drama queen with the nasty demeanor, became a living legend of the left — even playing a judge in the film Anatomy of a Murder (1959). His wife, Agnes, was also cast in the film, as a juror. He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. Welch also narrated two television shows before his death in 1960.

And what of the great, the good and the misunderstood Joseph McCarthy? President Eisenhower, working behind the scenes, eventually had the anti-Communist hearings killed and McCarthy censured by his Senate colleagues (prominent among them being Senator Prescott Bush – patriarch of that vile Bush Family Dynasty. The “disgraced” Senator McCarthy soon died of a very suspicious and sudden death (poison?) in 1957. He was just 47.

In terms of inducing pure revulsion and hatred, McCarthy’s name ranks second only to that of Adolf Hitler — which tells us all we need to know about both men! As the Roman poet-philosopher Ausonius once observed: “Truth is the mother of hatred.”

Eisenhower and Prescott Bush (and many others) plotted to destroy McCarthy before his investigations could reach up to the New World Order bosses who were ultimately behind the lower-level Communist penetration.

Acting in a film came naturally to a phony poser like Joe Welch. 

Great Quote! — “This must be the product of a great conspiracy, a conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man.” – Joe McCarthy

A libtard named Michael L. urinates on the grave of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy in St. Mary’s Cemetery – Appleton, WI. — a common practice among area Communists & Libtards.

McCarthy’s Senate seat is held today by Commie-Pinko lesbian Tammy Baldwin.

View part of the McCarthy-Welch exchange 

The State of Israel Turns 75 

NY Times: At 75, Israel Has Plenty to Celebrate

By Bret Stephens

Times in-house “conservative” Bret Stephens celebrates the shitty little state’s 75th anniversary by dropping a quintessentially Jewish load of chutzpah manure:

“And for all this (Israel’s current political problems), Israel is doing remarkably well. It helps to remember the circumstances in which the country was born. Israel is a post-colonial state.” (emphasis added)

A “post colonial state?” — You mean, similar to the American colonies which also won their independence from Britain; or maybe like India, Kenya or Pakistan, eh Stephens? Not exactly.

Israel’s 75th provides us a good “teachable moment” for a chronological, crash-course, 10-Point summary of the sordid history of imperialistic Zionism and expansionist Israel. Master these few key points, and you’ll appreciate just how absurd Stephens’ psychologically projected description of Israel as an ex-colony of Britain really is.

Slick propagandist Bret Stephens 

Bret Stephens attempts to create a sympathetic portrayal of Israel by describing its establishment (1948) as that of a “post-colonial state” along the lines of “liberated” Africans, Indians or Pakistanis.

70 A.D.

Having had enough of Jewish intrigue, agitation and ambush attacks upon their soldiers, the Romans sack Jerusalem and expel the surviving rebellious “Babylonian Jews” from their homeland province of Judea. The scattered remnants settle through the Middle East, Southern Europe and North Africa.

Jewish Rabbis convert the ruling class of the pagan Khazarian Empire(based mainly in what is today Ukraine and southwest Russia). The masses of this Near Asian people — today acknowledged as the Ashkenazim super-majority of Jews — soon follows. The mass conversion greatly enhances the ranks of what had been a dying Judaism — and the new Jews will remain true to their religion / people long after the Russian Empire busts up the Khazarian Empire  in the 960’s.

1000 – 1800’s
Throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, the troublesome wandering Khazars are expelled over 100 times from various kingdoms or nations — including major states such as England (twice), France, Spain & Portugal — and “persecuted” in many others (Prussia, Russia, Poland, Austria etc). The usual complaints against them include usurious money lending, undue influence in affairs of state, disrespect for their Christian hosts, sacrificial murders of Christian children and well-poisoning.

Late 1800’s
Khazarian Zionists — with no ancestral link whatsoever to the Jews of Roman Empire times – begin a movement to establish a Jewish homeland in Arab-dominated Palestine, which at this time falls under the jurisdiction of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. The movement’s nominal leader is Theodore Herzl. The real bosses are the men of the House of Rothschild.

Over a period of about 15 years, and with the permission of Turkey, the “advance guard” of European Jewry — totaling no more than 40,000 — arrive and settle, mainly as farmers, in Palestine. Neither the Turks nor the local Arabs seem to understand that this low-level “Aliyah” represents (by design!) the camel’s hooked-nose under the tent.


As the long-ago-pre-planned “Great War” to restructure the world (1914-1918) breaks down into a stalemate (but with Germany, Austria-Hungary & Turkey holding the advantage over Britain, France, Russia & Italy)  the opportunistic Zionist leaders approach the British with a dirty deal. The scheme — which later took form in the 1917 Balfour Declaration — promises that the Zionists (who owned American President Woodrow Wilson) will bring the mighty United States into the war on Britain’s side. The price which Britain must pay is to take over Palestine from Turkey after the war, and allow the Jews of Europe to migrate there in large numbers — in preparation for an eventual Jewish state.

Between World Wars 1919-1939
Jews from Europe flood into British-ruled Palestine, over the objections of the Arab majority who now see what the game is.

Post-World War 2 Years 1945-1948
Using the pretext of Jewish suffering during World War II  (the Holohoax) Zionist desire for an actual nation-state turns into Zionist demands, backed-up by murderous acts of terror against both the British rulers and the Arab locals. Palestine is partitioned in 1947, and Israel is declared in 1948. The U.S.A., the U.K. and the Soviet Union are quick to recognize the new state.

Arab wars against aggressor Israel and domestic uprisings among Palestinians not only fail to dislodge the new U.S.-armed criminal state, but result in Israel acquiring more and more territory — the ultimate goal being a major expansion of “Greater Israel” into Syria, Iraq and even Egypt. So complete is Israel’s dominance over the Middle East policy of the United States, that the 1967 false-flag attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty (killing 34 U.S. sailors, injuring 171) goes unreported in the U.S. media.

Though the Zionist faction of International Jewry is often at odds with the Globo-Marxist faction, both elements worked together to stage the false-flag attacks of 9/11 — the purpose being to blame it all on Arabs and launch endless wars of expansion in both the Middle East and Central Asia.

1. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. To this day, few Americans know about it. // 2. 9/11/2001: The Israeli Mossad was a major player in framing Arabs for that tragic event.

And that, boys and girls, “in a nutshell” is the untold sad story of how a “desert” (not!) which was once populated by 700,000 Arabs and hardly any Jews at all, has, over the course of just a little more than one century, transitioned from Palestine into “the State of Israel” populated mainly by European Khazars whose ancestors — incredibly — had never even set foot in the “Syria-Palestina” of Roman times.

And to top the whole stinking farce off with a bit of hypocrisy, the small remaining minority of original racial Jews from Roman days, as well as the latter day Sephardi converts (Northern Africa), are treated as second-class citizens by the majority convert, lighter skinned, COLONIALIST Khazar racial ruling class.

This Is What The Great Replacement Looks Like

Very few Americans realize that Biden, and your elected Congressional representatives, continue their dogged determination to replace the majority of Americans with an endless and growing line of refugees from 160 countries around the world.  In April, the U.S. Border Patrol processed 200,000 of them…and sent them to all points of our country.  They live in motels, hotels, U.S. military bases, school gyms, train stations, police stations, abandon buildings with instant Porta-Potties, and private homes.  Soberingly, your tax dollars pay for all of it to the tune of $150,000,000,000.00 (billion) annually.  Not only that, but Congress imports 1,000,000 (million) legal immigrants annually. They add themselves to our welfare rolls with SSI.

Do you realize if this invasion continues under Biden, you’re going to have third world welfare adults, babies and chain-migrated relatives into the 10’s of millions within 25 years?  In other words, you, your city, and your state are being replaced with the poor of the world.  Why isn’t anyone speaking up?  Why are the NGO’s, Catholic Charities, and Lutheran Charities begging for more illegal and legal migrants?  Are they that stupid? Or, are they THAT money hungry?

Worse than that, most Americans remain clueless as to the long-term consequences.

Speaking with Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies, www.cis.org , I learned a great deal.  What’s going on Mr. Bensman?  He said, “In recent days, large crowds of immigrants have formed on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande fully prepared to swim over well-worn crossing spots to Brownsville – but seemingly held back by unarmed Mexican immigration officials.

“Over the course of several recent days in this northeastern Mexican city when perhaps 3,000 immigrants a day swam over to Brownsville with no opposition on either side, a curious pattern became evident. At some sort of signal from the Mexican immigration officers, a group of about 100-150 from the crowd would suddenly stand in unison and rush down the riverbank, past the immigration officers, and swim over to America.

“It turns out that this pattern was far from happenstance. The Center for Immigration Studies asked several of the Mexican immigration officers what was going on and learned that… Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has been coordinating these mass swims with Mexico’s immigration service, INM, at high levels on an encrypted WhatsApp channel…

“The Americans on the other side would ask the Mexicans to hold back the migrants – not because such crossings are illegal and should be blocked and obstructed, but only until the Americans had finished processing the last batch into the country through Brownsville…

“Controlled-flow by the Biden administration’s DHS with Mexico also constitutes a highly unusual U.S. policy that demonstrates formal acquiescence to illegal immigration and an official willingness to accommodate mass illegal immigration rather than stopping, blocking, or deterring it, as required by law.”

That’s what Joe Biden and his accomplices are doing to you, your tax dollars and to your community. Eventually, with another 10 or 20 million alien migrants, every community in America will be replaced with third world poverty, illiteracy and welfare recipients.

After spending three weeks on the border, I saw the tons of trash they left in the desert, gullies, riverbeds, riverbanks, and camping areas. They will bring that same “cultural proclivity” into America.  They will trash America because they’ve trashed their own countries.

Thousands of tons of junk that buries the natural landscape in trash and filth—destroys the natural habitat. Here is a 2.0-minute video of what I personally witnessed.  Trashing America:

https://vdare.com/posts/great- replacement-update-garbage- haul-edition-illegals-are- trashing-the-rio-grande-wait- until-they-move-into-your- neighborhood

“Texas National Guardsmen who patrol the area call it “the mattress because the layers of discarded clothing and personal belongings here [are] so thick and rubbery,” Bensman reported.

“The garbage will, of course, “kill everything beneath it” and destroy the area for wildlife.” 

“And you better not fall down: There are syringes, diapers, animal droppings, food, personal sanitation products full of chemicals, non-biodegradable trash of every kind, and  human waste.  And personal documents, and identification all get tossed before being processed.

Do you know what grinds this American citizen?  Answer: I’ll tell you point blank.  Our country is getting screwed, choked, and destroyed by a senile president and/or his handlers…along with a majority of 535 useless U.S. Senators and House members.  These people are working on the total destruction of our society, our laws, our culture, our way of life.

If you think what’s going on in America today is off the charts “crazy”, just hang around for another 10 years to see our country coming off the rails like in East Palestine, Ohio. China or Russia won’t have to conquer us.  We’re being conquered by our own president and Congressional critters.

We’re not going to survive this invasion.  We’re being replaced by a third world horde. It’s going to play out in multiple, ugly and destructive ways across our once great country. I feel sorry for our children.

5 Famous Events in History That Never Really Happened

George Washington Didn’t Chop Down a Cherry Tree

It’s a common American parable: Founding father George Washington got a hatchet as a gift when he was 6 years old and, eager to test out his new tool, he hacked up his father’s cherry tree. The story goes that when Washington’s father discovered the damage, Washington responded, “I can’t tell a lie, Pa; you know I can’t tell a lie. I did cut it with my hatchet.”

His father then delivered a tidy moral: “Glad am I, George, that you killed my tree; for you have paid me for it a thousand fold. Such an act of heroism in my son, is more worth than a thousand trees.”

If that dialogue feels a little too scripted, it’s because it was completely made up after Washington died. Ironically, this fable about honesty was fabricated by biographer and pastor Mason Locke Weems. Responding to public demand for more stories about Washington’s life, Weems embellished his book, The Life of Washington, with many enduring myths, including the ever-popular cherry tree anecdote.

Perhaps what cements this particular story in the Washington mythos more than others is its popularity as a standalone moral tale for children. Minister William Holmes McGuffy simplified the story and included it in his McGuffy’s Readers series, which were used in schools for around a century. The anecdote endures today through political cartoons, commentary, and, of course, countless additional children’s books.

Thomas Edison Didn’t Invent the Light Bulb

What’s a more iconic symbol for an inventor than the light bulb? With 1,093 patents to his name, it’s easy to picture Thomas Edison with a cartoon bulb above his head at all times — especially since he’s sometimes credited with inventing the incandescent bulb. He didn’t invent it, though; he just improved on it.

It took a series of inventors to create a light bulb that was practical for everyday use, and although Edison was responsible for multiple links on that chain, he didn’t do the work alone. Arc lamps, invented by Humphry Davy in the early 1800’s, provided many of the earliest electric street lights, while Scottish inventor James Bowman Lindsay was likely the first to demonstrate a sealed glass bulb that provided constant light through incandescent wires in 1835. In the 1870’s, incandescent bulbs became a hot topic in the science world, and many inventors helped move the technology along, including Joseph Swan, William Sawyer, Albon Mann, and, yes, Edison.

Edison did make some major contributions to the light bulb that we use in our homes today. He patented a long-lasting carbon filament and, along with other scientists, improved its manufacturing process. He also invented the Edison Screw, the twist-in light bulb socket that we still use today.

Marie Antoinette Didn’t Say “Let Them Eat Cake”

The most enduring legend about French Queen Marie Antoinette is that when she was told her people didn’t have bread, she coldheartedly replied, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (“Let them eat cake”). The problem with that legend is that the quote is not directly attributable to her — and some historians believe it would have been out of character for her to say it, anyway.

Versions of the “let them eat cake” story had been circling French monarchs for years, starting at least 100 years before the reign of Marie Antoinette. The same anecdote with a slightly different quote was attributed to Marie-Terese — coincidentally, also the name of Antoinette’s mother and daughter — who married King Louis XIV in 1660. In that case, it was “the crust of the pate” rather than “cake.” In the intervening years, the story was attributed to a variety of French royals before it stuck to Antoinette.

In her book Marie Antoinette: The Journey, biographer Antonia Fraser argues that not only did Antoinette not deliver the famous line, but she also disagreed with the sentiment. While Marie Antoinette’s lavish royal lifestyle was perhaps unseemly in the face of her subjects’ plight, she often expressed a sense of responsibility toward them.

“It is quite certain that in seeing the people who treat us so well despite their own misfortune, we are more obliged than ever to work hard for their happiness,” Antoinette wrote in a letter to her mother.

William Tell Didn’t Shoot an Apple Off His Son’s Head

You probably know the legend of William Tell, or at least the gist of it. During the period of the Old Swiss Confederacy, Tell, a local farmer and renowned marksman, refused to acknowledge Austrian authority and was forced to shoot an arrow at an apple on his son’s head. In case he failed, he saved an arrow for the governor who had ordered him to do so. This, the story goes, inspired resistance to Austrian rule among the Swiss people.

There’s one problem: Many historians say Tell never existed in the first place.

The basic tale we’ve come to associate with Tell is common in European folklore, sometimes predating Tell himself. In several nearly identical versions, spare arrow and all, only the archer (and his oppressor) change; in some, the central figure is a German folk hero, a Danish chieftain, or English outlaw Adam Bell.

Even without that context, many consider the source dubious. The legend was first detailed around 1570, 250 years after it was supposed to have taken place. Later in the story, Tell is part of an oath of freedom and unity with leaders of three different areas. But other accounts of this event, which inspired Swiss Independence Day, say it took place several years earlier — without anybody named “William Tell” present.

However, thanks to works such as Friedrich Schiller’s 1804 play William Tell and the iconic “William Tell Overture” (from a French opera by the same name), Tell is still a household name throughout the world. Just maybe a fictional one.

Paul Revere Was Not The Midnight Rider

Paul Revere gets all the glory for his midnight ride. After all, it’s a stirring tale of patriotism told by a great storyteller.

But one young messenger who called the colonists to arms during a remarkable five-day dash across five states is a mere footnote — a man mentioned in historical documents that didn’t even get his first name right. They called him Trail.

His name was Israel Bissell and he is one of the Revolutionary War’s most unheralded heroes.

Bissell, a 23-year-old postal rider when the war broke out on April 19, 1775, rode day and night with little sleep during an exhausting 345-mile journey from Boston’s western edge to Philadelphia. On the first leg, he rode one horse so hard that the animal collapsed and died beneath him as he arrived in Worcester, roughly two hours after leaving Watertown.

“To arms, to arms. The war has begun,” Bissell shouted as he passed through each little town.

Dozens of other messengers also raced on horseback to spread the word, making it likely that Revere was a composite of these brave men, said J.L. Bell, a Massachusetts writer who specializes in Revolutionary War-era Boston.

In response to their cries, church bells were rung and muskets were fired: British redcoats were attacking. The American Revolution had begun.

But there were no bells pealing for Israel Bissell, whose ride was obscured in history’s annals by Revere’s 20-mile gallop, which was so greatly amplified by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. His 11-verse poem, first published in 1861 as “Paul Revere’s Ride,” became familiar to generations of American schoolchildren because it was a more dramatic story.


We’ve Never been to the Moon

According to Nazi war criminal turned NASA scientist Wernher von Braun’s own calculations, why the Saturn V rocket would have needed to weigh 800,000 tons and been taller than the Empire State Building in NY in order to have reached the moon. The Saturn V rocket weighed just 3,000 tons.

I will stress again, that this is Wernher von Braun’s calculation, not Bart Sibrel’s.

We heve never been to the moon, or anywhere near it.

According to Astronaut Donald Pettit:

“I’ll go to the Moon in a nanosecond, the problem is that we don’t have that technology anymore. We used to, but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again”

Elon Musk Scorches Soros and the ADL 


Washington Post: Musk Says Soros Hates Humanity, Compares Him to Jewish Comic Book Villain

Elon Musk — the White Hat replacement avatar for the probably since-executed Globalist villain “Elon Musk” — has just normalized the “antisemitic” act of attacking one of the untouchables of the Global Jewish Cabal, George Soros. Up until about fifteen years ago, only extreme “far right conspiracy theorists” would dare to touch the “Hungarian” monster. In more recent times, the bobble-heads of Conservative Inc. — enabled by The Donald — started exposing him too. But as of today — with this particular nasty attack on Soros (and subsequent “doubling down” during a TV interview) by the “genius” and “centrist” Elon Musk — countless millions of his worldwide fanboys have been introduced to Soros and given permission to research what he’s really all about.

The attacks on Soros by Tucker Carlson, President Trump and now, Elon Musk have been oh-so-predictably counter-attacked by charges of “antisemitism” so many times now that the smear has lost its effectiveness. Normiedom has been inoculated! Elon Mosk effortlessly shrugged off the Anti-Defamation League‘s counter attack against him by suggesting that the once-fearsome Jewish extortionist group drop the “anti” from its name. At this point, the only thing that the ADL and the screaming Judenpresse are accomplishing is stimulating the curiosity of the mildly astute elements of Normiedom into the “Jewish Question.” Oh how times have changed!

Elon Musk’s possibly rigged twitter “exchange” with a Jewnalist named Brian Krassenstein — known as Trump’s most vicious online nemesis when Trump was posting on Twitter — is posted below.

Magneto — a comic book / movie villain (who is Jewish)

From New York to Tel Aviv, the “usual suspects” are in their usual frenzy over Musk’s brazen attack upon Cabal King George Soros.

The capture of Twitter (foretold by Q as far back as 2018) by “Elon Musk” was a blow uniquely devastating to the Cabal because it simultaneously stripped the Globalists of two key agents (Twitter’s Dorsey & Tesla’s Musk) while flipping the manufactured myth of Musk and the information power of Twitter into the White Hat column. To make an analogy to American football, it was like a fumble recovery with a 99-yard return. Seven points were prevented, and seven were then scored — all on the same play for a devastating 14-point swing. A similar “turnover” is occurring at CNN.

Just seven years ago — when Soros agents Mr. & Mr. Obama were showering billions of taxpayer dollars on the Global Warmist / One Worlder “living legend” con-artist Elon Musk — would you ever have believed that you’d see the day when that very same “Elon Musk” would be publicly calling out George Soros and the ADL as arch-villains?

I keep telling “you guys” — Patriots Are Now In Control. The indicators are everywhere. Just stay calm and be patient.

Soros seated, watching his puppet speak

Soros made Obama — Obama made Musk — now a Musk imposter (his assets seized by the White Hats?) is undoing Soros.

Many Q posts about Soros  —- Soros (GS) may already have been “dealt with.”

Why is Miriam Cahn’s Art Depicting Child Abuse Exposed in Museums? And Why is Macron Defending Her?

The Swiss painter Miriam Cahn caused outraged when she exposed paintings depicting graphic abuse in a Paris museum. While people were horrified by these “works of art”, Emmanuel Macron and the entire media establishment have been praising and defending her. Let’s look at the “art” elite stooges are so vehemently defending.

Warning: This article contains disturbing paintings. 

I had to preface this article with a warning because it will contain horrific paintings depicting various forms of abuse. And many of these paintings clearly include children. These paintings are not on display in some obscure, underground location, they’re on display at the Palais de Tokyo, a “prestigious” contemporary art center in Paris.

One of these paintings (titled Fuck Abstraction!) is so vile that it caused outrage in France. Six major associations – led by the Association de Juristes Pour L’Enfance (Lawyers for Childhood) – sought the removal of this painting on the grounds that French law forbids the exhibition of pornographic representations of minors. The courts ruled against the associations.

Then, an elderly man threw some paint at this painting to protest against it. Following this event, Emmanuel Macron himself took to Twitter to defend this painting.

Macron’s tweet says “Attacking a work of art is attacking our values”.

Here’s the painting that Macron absolutely had to defend.

Fuck Abstraction! depicts a child with bound hands forced to give fellatio to an adult man.

As you can see, this sickening painting graphically depicts a child being raped. This is the painting that the President of France – and many other officials – vehemently defended.

It’s bizarre: The only time these people say “free speech” is to defend pedophilic movies such as Cuties, school library books containing pornographic material, or “art” that literally depicts a pedophile raping a child. In other words, while these people are for the censoring of anything that goes against their agendas, they turn into champions of free speech when people push back against their insane obsession with normalizing pedophilia.

Those who defend Fuck Abstraction! came up with an excuse to appear noble: The painting is said to depict war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

This sounds like utter BS to me. There’s absolutely nothing about this painting that refers to Russia, Ukraine, war, or anything related. Paintings do not require a tweet to explain their meaning. The meaning is conveyed by what exists within the painting. And what millions of people are seeing is a sick and deeply disturbed “artist” who took the time to paint child rape in the most graphic way possible.

Furthermore, the “iT’s aBouT uKraIne” excuse doesn’t explain another important fact: Miriam Cahn painted hundreds of horrific paintings, way before the Ukraine war.

Here’s the dark truth about this situation: Paintings by Miriam Cahn depict the occult elite’s obsession with control, torture and the systematic abuse of children. Her style of painting is eerily similar to artists such as Kim Noble (a victim of Monarch mind control) which also depict horrific abuse in a distinctive style that’s childish yet deeply disturbing.

Here’s a look at Miriam Cahn’s body of work.

Miriam Cahn

This person has some sick, sick thoughts.

Miriam Cahn is a Swiss painter who is described as a “feminist who likes to fight.” Her paintings are said to incorporate “feminism, child-endangering themes, and female rituals featuring violent and shocking representations of sexual organs”. Yes, the official description of her work includes the word “child endangerment”. Despite this fact, Cahn’s paintings have been praised for decades and exposed all over the world.

Going through Cahn’s body of work is like entering the mind of a sick and sadistic person who takes pleasure in watching people suffer. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact message behind each of these paintings. However, there are some clear recurrent themes. And they’re horrific.

An adult holds what a baby that appears lifeless. There’s red (implying blood) around the hand and the waist of the figure. What the hell happened?

This painting depicts a person holding a (possibly dead) baby in the air. And, for some reason, the person’s thumb appears to be right on the baby’s genitals.

This disturbing painting depicts a person being violently raped. Macron thinks that this mess is “our values”.

A naked adult holds a child who appears afraid.

A man shoves his arm up inside a woman … up to his elbow. This is yet another painting depicting abuse/torture. The demonic faces on the characters imply that they’re out of it / possessed / dissociated.

This drawing appears to depict gang rape. If a regular person drew this, they’d immediately be ordered to see a psychiatrist.

Yet another “painting” depicting the sexual abuse of a much smaller person (possibly a minor).

Two adults have sex right next to a naked child who is holding his/her genitals. Are they pedos grooming a child?

A naked man drags by force a child holding a teddy bear-type thing. Cahn (and the elite in general) are obsessed with “loss of children’s innocence” theme.

Two naked adults force a child (who appears scared) to march with them. The adult on the left appears to be playing with his genitals. The figure on the right is holding a baby who appears lifeless.

Cahn made numerous paintings depicting people with their hands in the air – as if they were captive, restrained, and tortured.

Cahn paintings are reminiscent of those by Biljana Djurdjevic which often depict children that are bound as if they were about to be abused. As seen in my Pizzagate article, occult elite psychos (i.e. John Podesta) collect these paintings and hang them in their homes.

I could post many, many other disturbing Miriam Cahn paintings that depict abuse or dead bodies. A trip through her gallery is the stuff of nightmares.

In Conclusion

At this point, some of you might be thinking “What the hell is wrong with VC for making me look at these paintings?”. Well, I’m sorry about that and I sincerely hope that none of us will ever have to look at these things ever again. However, those are not obscure paintings made by a lonely deranged individual. They were made by Miriam Cahn, one of the most renowned painters in the world today. Her works were exposed in the Palais de Tokyo – one of Europe’s most important museums. Furthermore, when one of her paintings was vandalized, Emmanuel Macron himself flew to its rescue and defended it – even saying that it was “part of our culture”. As a reminder, the painting he defended depicted a small child being raped.

When Macron said that this painting was “part of our culture”, he did not mean OUR culture. He meant the occult elite’s sick, sadistic culture that celebrates the systematic abuse of children. It is the culture of those who take part in elite pedo rings and subject slaves to trauma-based mind control. Not only did the elite create an entire art “movement” focused on its insanities, but it is also attempting to normalize it to the masses by putting them on display in “reputable” places.

This painting by LenaTunström depicts people being violently dismembered. The male figure even has his penis cut off. This painting was on display inside the European Parliament.

Throughout history, works of art put on display in museums have reflected the values and the soul of the culture that generated them. What do the paintings seen above say about our culture?

But this is not OUR culture, it is THEIR culture. And, through the power of propaganda, they are attempting to make this OUR culture. To silence those who oppose them, the elite engages in its new favorite tactic: The “far-rightization” of those who question them. Indeed, in the past weeks, countless news articles from France and around the world associated those who opposed paintings depicting child rape with the “far right”.

However, when the powers that be silence the people, the people speak through other means.

“Fuck Abstraction!” spray painted by an elderly man in May 2023.