Donald Trump is Batman

NOVEMBER 16, 2022

NY Times: 

Declaring Run, Trump Ignores Party Setbacks.

Trump’s “big announcement” at Mar-a-Lago yesterday turned out to be a huge “nothing-burger.” We learned that he will be running for president again in order to “make America great again.”  Surprise, surprise — a real shocker there, eh? There is discouragement among a fair number of the digital warriors of Trumplandia. How can we even talk about 2024 when the elections of 2018, 2020 and 2022 were stolen, without any repercussions, in such flagrant manner?

What made Trump’s strange, low energy, cliched, platitude-filled announcement especially confusing was its contrast to his recent “Truths” these past few days and weeks. On Truth Social, Trump (or someone approved by Trump) has been in full “Beast Mode” — posting Q slogans and doctored images of himself wearing Q lapel pins; screaming about mail-in ballot and machine fraud; warning of a coming “storm;” threatening retribution to his enemies; and even re-posting some of Q’s actual quotes that others copied and attached images to. There was one “meme” that Trump posted a few days ago in which Q, in 2017, wrote of Trump being sickened with Satanic elites and “children being kidnapped, drugged, raped” and “mass murders to satisfy to Moloch!”

On Truth Social, Trump is now an unchained, anti-NWO, conspiracy-busting Q super-hero. But at Mar-a-Lago, and even at his pep rallies, it’s the same old tiresome and relatively tame blah blah for simpletons:

“The system is rigged — make America great again — I had the lowest unemployment rate among Blacks, Hispanics & Latinos ever — the highest stock market ever — America was feared by our enemies — blah blah blah.

Why the almost “split-personality” disconnect? Answer: Donald Trump is Batman!

The Trump who just announced his 2024 run at Mar-a-Lago — a man who  seemed younger, shorter, and to have a suddenly different hairstyle – is really torturing the piss out of the Backseat “Are we There Yet?” Chorus with this 2024 stuff.

But the Trump of Social Media has escalated from merely linking to Q-Anon accounts to re-truthing literal Q posts about world domination and Satanic sacrifices.

Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire based in “Gotham City” (New York). As a child, he witnessed the murder of his parents — a traumatic event which ultimately led him, in adulthood, to create the Batman persona and take vengeance against criminals in general. Unlike other “super heroes” who possess supernatural powers of some sort, Wayne’s Batman relies exclusively on intellect and innovative weaponry which he designed himself.

Wayne / Batman conceals his secret war on crime by playing the part of a superficial playboy. Though he does indeed help crime victims through his Wayne Foundation, he remains better known as a celebrity socialite. No one would ever guess that this almost clownish character was waging a secret and dangerous nighttime war against the super-villains of Gotham!

Do you see the similarities between “The Donald” and “The Batman?”

1. “The Batman” vengefully watches over “Gotham City.” // 2. Bruce Wayne — pretending to be drunk at a party as he sips ginger ale. // 3. No one suspects what Bruce / Batman is really up to — which is exactly how he needs it to be.

Q had told us, way back in 2017, that Trump’s role in “The Storm” must be concealed from Normiedom. The hatred for the man among such a large element of the nation’s politically polarized population required him to divert the press and the public with things like “mean tweets,” and now, talk of 2024 — while the White Hats continue to do what needs to be done in the shadows. For all we know, Trump already played out his main role during his 4-year presidency — in which he thwarted a number of dangerous Deep State schemes and secretly arrested / executed a bunch of villains before handing emergency power over to Military Intelligence on his way out the door.  It’s even possible that Trump — who would be 78 at the time of the 2025 inauguration and 82 at the end of another term — may already be retired comfortably, under military protection and actually done with politics — now replaced by imposters and CGI for recent appearances which have struck us as very strange.

TS member “TheRealMizG” — in an attempt to calm some of our nervous friends — posted:

“Just because Trump announced his intention to run in 2024 doesn’t mean Biden will remain in office until then. We don’t know how this will play out; and it’s designed that way. If we know, the Bad Guys know. The idea is to keep them panicked.”

Indeed. As far as “The Plan” goes, nothing has really changed because, as Q has said many times all along: “The Military is the only way.” Going forward, let our enemies, the normies, the squawkers of Conservative Inc. and our lesser right wing brethren fixate on politics, the 2024 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) and elections in general. We will continue to monitor the cunning Batman at Truth Social and his sidekick Q  — and not get too distracted by the strategically buffoonish (and, quite frankly, imposterish) “Bruce Wayne” of Mar-a-Lago.

Note: This may or not mean anything — but I was just alerted by a loyal reader that Trump did not specifically announce a run for 2024, but rather, just his “candidacy” (no dates). Here’s what he declared:

“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. I am running because I believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be.”

Q Post # 4: October 29, 2017: “POTUS must remain neutral.” (just like Bruce Wayne)

1. Who are you, Batman?  // 2. The real Trump is a 6′ 3″ bear of a man — and his daughter Tiffany is 5′ 8.” How can she be taller than her father (7-inch heels???) in this (and other) photos from this past weekend’s “wedding?” This man looks like he’s wearing high heels himself!  // 3. From Mar a Lago — That is NOT the face of Melania Trump.

Something to think about…

The Red Splash Turns Purple? Don’t Worry.

NOVEMBER 14, 2022

NY Times Headlines:

How the 2022 Midterms Became a Squeaker

Democrats Hold the Senate, as Cortez Masto Ekes Out a Victory in Nevada

The rank & file of Trumplandia — yours truly included — were disappointed when last week’s anticipated Red Tsunami broke ashore as only a Red Splash. Now, after SIX full days of “discovering” ballots — almost all of them for Demonrats — even that Red Splash has turned neutral purplish as Trump helplessly declares “Fraud! —  Machines Rigged! — It’s 2020 all over again!” — on his social media platform.

The unexpected turn-of-events is so demoralizing that this time around, it’s not just the Sunshine Patriots and the usual members of the whiny Backseat “Are We There Yet” Chorus who are frantically pulling the stop wire on the Trump Train. Some heretofore patriotic stout hearts are, quite understandably, losing hope. Not us.

As was the case after the predicted Trump victory that didn’t happen in 2020, I misread the timing of an ending which is not for us to know yet. To somehow conclude from erroneous forecasts (which we should have refrained from) that the “Bad Guys” therefore have won the war is a classic example of a “non sequitur” (a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous  statement.)

Never forget that “The Storm” is a sophisticated, multi-year, international military operation (a war, in essence) and NOT a political movement. Though the political component of this war is an essential subordinate element, of course — it is Trump and the Military Intel White Hats — not the digital army, nor our favorite politicians — who control the adaptable timetable and constantly use misdirection plays so clever that even we the faithful get thrown off from time to time.

1. Media mockery over Trump’s failed Red Wave is intended to demoralize you. Why allow the enemy into your head? // 2. The Cabal’s 250-year-old worldwide Mafia is not something that can be so easily uprooted in a few years. // 3. The Q Boys work on their tactics and their timeline, not ours.

Let us assess — with neither false hope nor impatient pessimism — where we are today versus one week ago:

* The emergency Military Government — hiding behind an imposter “Joe Biden” and an imposter “Nancy Pelosi” — remains in place. If the election didn’t change that, then how can one say that “we lost?”
Republicans still seem on track to win control of the House — a position from which investigative committees (chaired by MAGA operatives) may launch attacks.
Numerous Republican politicians and “conservative” influencers (Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Ben Shapiro, New York Post, Candace Owens, Winsome Sears, Trey Gowdy, Mo Brooks et al) were induced into outing themselves by turning against the “defeated” Trump. This smoke-out is invaluable to Trump and the movement.
Many Republican cowards at the federal, state & local levels — too afraid or simply unwilling to even speak out, let alone legally contest, this latest election fraud are also revealing themselves as useless and expendable.
More people than ever before (over 60% according to a Rasmussen poll) now believe that the electoral system is prone to fraud and badly in need of reform. The media lie about “The Big Lie” is all but finished after this latest fiasco.
Further economic hardships may be unavoidable in 2023 – no matter who controls Congress. Best to allow the coming difficulties to continue to be blamed on stumbling mumbling “Biden” and the Demonrats — and the Fed — ( which Q, just 3 days ago, threatened to “put an end to”) — until the death blow is ready to be delivered.

As was the case during the demoralizing post-2020 Election period, it is likely that more such “benefits” and revelations from the November 8th fraud (which we believe was thoroughly monitored and documented by the White Hats) will become visible as 20/20 hindsight kicks in during the coming days and weeks. Evil is still being slowly exposed to more and more sleeping normies every day.

To those who say:

“But they already have all the evidence of voter fraud from 2018 & 2020. Why not just end these sons of bitches NOW?!

A logical response, in terms of a football analogy, might be:

“Against an adversary this powerful, this resourceful, and this deceptive, it would be prudent to continue attacking and running up the score — rather than replacing the starters with the second string and running out the clock.”

Hold the line, patriots. Trump is holding the cards, and he is NOT going to quit on us. That’s a forecast that we will make.

Trey Gowdy — Candace Owens — Paul Joseph Watson —- Just a few of the “far right” influencers who were smoked out after the election “disaster” as activated rats disloyal to Trump.

The entrenched NWO will come roaring back to supremacy the moment the White Hats take the boot off of their necks. Running up the score (evidence gathering) as if the game is still tied is the wise approach. // 2. It is not yet time to deliver the “knockout” blow.

The Truth About Armistice Day: 11-11-11 of 1918 (Veteran’s Day)


Most Americans know November 11 as “Veterans Day” — the day we honor the poor chumps who have “died for our freedom”as well as the living ones who knew not and know not of the dark powers that have placed the awesome force of the U.S. Department of Offense at the disposal of the New World Order. We do not intend that  as an insult to our vets — but that is the tragic historical reality of the situation, whether one can handle the truth or not. 

Few people know that the date originated as, and still coincides with “Armistice Day” — commemorated every year to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and deceived and defeated Germany in a railway carriage at Compiègne, France — 104 years ago.

Make a mental note of the famous railway carriage of 11-11-1918. It is where Germany was tricked into capitulating, triggering celebrations throughout France, the U.K. and the U.S.

The official cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning — the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” … 11-11-11 of 1918. Off topic here for a moment, but three decades later, the Allied “D-Day (Devil’s Day) invasion of Normandy was launched at the “sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month” of 1944 — 6-6-6. Globalists just love their Satanic symbolism, don’t they?

As the top-of-page headline of the 1918 Sulzberger’s Slimes shows – (yes, even back then, the Ochs-Sulzberger Crime Family owned “the paper of record’!”) – Berlin was immediately “Seized by Revolutionists” (Jewish-led Communists). Leading the “German” counterparts of the murderous “Russian” Bolsheviks who had already seized Petrograd / St. Petersburg and other areas of Russia (October 1917, “Red October”) were Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

To make a long story short, the Red Revolution was quickly put down by the brave volunteers of the German “Freikorps.” Red Rosa and Kommie Karl soon got what was coming to them. In 1919, the bitch was beaten with rifle butts and thrown into a nearby river, while Liebknecht was forced to step out of the car he was being transported in and then shot.

1- Arrogant Communists Luxemburg and Liebknecht strut through Berlin, thinking they were about to brutally lord over defeated Germany. The heroic Freikorps boys put an end to that notion! // 2- Freikorps boys party it up after taking care of business. (Wish these MEN would come back and show their pussified great grandsons how to take care of the “migrants” — and Merkel too!)

Though spared from Communist takeover, Germany could not be saved from the cruel punishment of the Jewish-banker-dictated / hunger-blockade-imposed Treaty of Versailles which was to come. The loss of territory, the theft of its African colonies, the “ethnic cleansing” of Western Prussia, the isolation of Eastern Prussia, the hunger, the hyper-inflation, the imposed war guilt, the debauchery and degradation of the Weimar Republic years and so much more — it all began with the inexplicable, unnecessary and total surrender of 11-11-18.

We say “inexplicable” because, at the time of the armistice / surrender, not one square inch of German territory had been occupied by the Allies. Though it is certainly true that the tide of war had begun to turn (due to America’s entry), there was no need to capitulate  — not when 120,000 Americans had already died after just 7 months of fighting with an additional 200,000 wounded!

A certain highly-decorated and twice-injured (badly) war hero was not pleased by the treason of 11-11-1918 and its horrible aftermath. He soon took to political activism in order to right the wrongs.

“We must call to account the November Criminals of 1918. It cannot be that two million Germans should have fallen in vain and that afterwards one should sit down as friends at the same table with traitors. No, we do not pardon, we demand – Vengeance! “
Hitler, Munich Speech, September 1922

So, who or what forces prompted Germany’s bizarre decision to just lay down its substantial arms and suddenly retreat from the Western frontiers? Three groups:

1. The internal force of Jewish-led Marxists (Luxemburg, Liebknecht et al) and ambitious libtards who wanted Germany to lose and become a “democracy” or even a full blown Communist state.
2. The internal force of Zionists (who overlapped with #1) who wanted Germany to lose so that British forces could be freed up to take Palestine away from Ottoman Turkey — Germany’s ally.
3. The internal force of deluded war-weary German fools who blindly trusted in Woodrow Wilson’s empty promises of a fair and just “peace without victors.”

After the capitulation and collapse of Germany, the Jewish-led home-front betrayal – which cost the German military the war – came to be known as “The Stab in the Back” — depicted in 1920’s cartoons above.

The railroad car armistice / treason of 11-11-1918 did not sit well with Hitler. When the Judeo-British-French troublemakers started their crap again in 1939-1940, the revived German Reich put a quick end to World War II on the European continent — or so it seemed until Stalin and FDR got into the act. And where do you think Hitler arranged for the signing of the 1940 armistice with France to take place? Have a look at the scene:

Justice – back to the same railway carriage where the infamy of 11-11 occurred! That’s how you do it!

Unfortunately for Germany, Europe, and the whole world, Germany’s victory in 1940 was short-lived. And the subsequent post-war punishment of Germany would make the post-World War I horrors seem merciful by comparison. The world is still suffering today from the New World Order which was constructed upon the corpses of the many millions who died in those closely-related genocides that were the two wars.

The traitors and fools who delivered Germany to disaster in 1918 set the “world stage” for the horrors that are still unfolding to this day — and would surely have led to World War III had it not been for the peace-making presidency of Donald Trump. What a mess they made in 1918! That is why Hitler coined the term, “The November Criminals” to describe this greasy and pathetic bunch who signed onto 11-11-18.

They love to toy with us with their symbols, hints, and demonic numerology. 

Other famous “eleven” dates — 11-22-1963, JFK shot in the SIDE of his head.
9-11-2001, hinted at in a 1997 episode of “The Simpsons.”

The Trump-DeSantis “Split?” — Real, or Staged?

A Trump-DeSantis “Split?”

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

NY Times Headlines:

Trump Under Fire From Within G.O.P. After Midterms
*Trump Threatens to Reveal Unflattering Information About DeSantis if He Runs*The Trump-DeSantis Feud Just Got Worse

From whence this sudden love and hype from the Marxist Media for the very conservative and just re-elected Governor of Florida, Ronald DeSantis? Also joining the “DeSantis is the Future” parade are certain luminaries of the Conservative Inc. talkacracy and some “conservative” Republicans. The spin of these shysters — be they from the Left or the controlled Right — goes something like this: “Election 2022 was a disaster for Trump but a great triumph for DeSantis. It’s time to move on past Election Denial and look to the future.”

Of course, the real agenda here is to get rid of Trump. Even if DeSantis is “legit,” he is simply not the force of nature that Trump is, and therefore, would be easier to defeat (especially after alienating Trump loyalists) or at least easier to control. DeSantis’s role in this manufactured “feud” is not clear. He may be an innocent party — or he may be secretly working with Trump (the man who made him) — or he may have developed higher ambitions of his own now. But as for Trump, it seems obvious to us that he is once again baiting his internal enemies (who never seem to learn any lessons) into yet another mole hunt — not unlike the great smoke-em-out of post-January 6th.

On consecutive days, the “conservative” New York Post exalted DeSantis (DeFuture) and then proclaimed the end of “Trumpty Dumpty.”

1. “Conservative” Ben Shapiro (cough cough) wasted no time in blaming Trump for the “disaster” which actually flipped the House for MAGA and probably the Senate too. // 2. Make-believe Trumper Mike Cernovich flipped quickly as well, telling 1 Million Twitter followers: “The country doesn’t care about the 2020 election. Trump can’t move on, oh well. Bye. We don’t have to suck up to him anymore.” // 3. Kayleigh McEnany (Trump’s former press secretary & current FOX News star) said that DeSantis should be invited to campaign for Herschel Walker for the Georgia runoff in December, but would not say if Trump should be. (here)

It was Trump who initiated the “feud” by referring to DeSantis as “DeSanctimonious” at one of his rallies. The comment surprised and confused the audience because DeSantis is highly regarded in MAGAland, and he has never given any indication that he opposes Trump. Like a cat foolishly chasing a laser pointer, the Deep State took Trump’s bait and created the “Trump-DeSantis” split which, like every other “get Trump” initiative, will also fail because Trump was behind it all along.

In the meantime, never forget what The Donald said to Charlie Rose on his PBS show way back in 1992:

“I used to say that someday I’d like to maybe lose everything for a period of time, just to see who is loyal and who is not loyal... You can’t guess it. You really can’t predict it. You think certain people would be loyal no matter what, and it turns out that they are not.”

“I’m so loyal to people, that when somebody is slightly disloyal to me, I look upon it as a great act of horror…… I love getting even with people. Given the opportunity, I will get even with people who are disloyal to me.”

Let us see what other ambitious scoundrels, cowardly weaklings and hidden traitors will imprudently hop aboard the DeSantis 2024 bandwagon in the coming weeks and months.

1. Trump’s laser pointer makes the media cats do whatever he wants them to do. // 2. Trump, 1992: “You really can’t predict it. You think certain people would be loyal no matter what, and it turns out that they are not.” (video here)

Did Kanye Expose Hollywood “Personal Trainer” Harley Pasternak as an MK Handler?

Ye recently posted on social media a text message he received from his “personal trainer” Harley Pasternak. And it was not about doing more push-ups. Pasternak threatened to internalize Ye and to get him drugged out of his mind. Are those the words of a “personal trainer” … or an MK handler?

The chaotic path of Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) in the entertainment industry is also a revealing one. The bizarre events and controversies surrounding the rapper, combined with his outspoken nature, have provided rare glimpses into the dark side of Hollywood. And, in his latest outburst, Ye exposed yet another important fact: A great number of celebrities are literally mind-controlled by powerful handlers. And he knows this because he’s one of them.

On November 3rd, Ye tweeted a forceful text message he received from his “personal trainer” Harley Pasternak. Judging by the contents of this message, Pasternak has much more power over Ye than telling him to do one more sit-up. He’s apparently in total control of his life. To quote one of Ye’s songs: No one man should have all that power.

Here’s the tweet.

In the text message, Pasternak threatens to institutionalize and medicate the crap out of Ye, even stating that he’ll be back in “Zombieland forever” (drug-and trauma-induced dissociation). Obviously, those are not the words of a regular personal trainer. Those are the words of a handler who exerts extreme power over a celebrity who happens to be insanely rich and influential.

The text message refers to Ye’s 2016 internment where he was handcuffed and forcibly hospitalized at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

TMZ’s headline when Ye was forcibly hospitalized.

Guess where Ye was when this happened? At Harley Pasternak’s house. Guess who called authorities because Ye was “acting erratically”? Harley Pasternak.

The house that firefighters and police responded to is owned by Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer with clients that come to him. Pasternak was seen leaving his house Monday night, but would not comment on West.
– NBC Los Angeles, “Rapper Kanye West Hospitalized in LA After Canceling Saint Pablo Tour

Here’s a TMZ video of Pasternak leaving his house after Ye was taken away. He was not talkative.

The drugs and “treatments” administered to Ye during his internment were so severe that he reportedly suffered memory loss in the months that followed. As explained in previous articles, this “symptom” is a hallmark of MKULTRA-style programming using electroshock therapy.

Since this ordeal, Ye was never the same. And, in the text message above, Pasternak threatened to send Ye back to this chamber of horrors. How can a “personal trainer” exert such power on one individual? It’s only possible when the trainer is actually a handler.

Celebrity Handler

Throughout the years, Harley Pasternak worked with a long list of celebrities, many of which were discussed on this site for being industry slaves such as Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, and Gwen Stefani.

Another notable client of his was Brittany Murphy who died in mysterious circumstances. Another notable client of his was Mac Miller who also died in mysterious circumstances.

Shortly after Mac Miller’s death due to an “overdose”, Pasternak told mass media that the rapper was not depressed or suicidal. He’s very involved in these people’s lives.

Pasternak also worked with Ellen Page (who became a transgender man), Megan Fox (who drinks blood in rituals), Miley Cyrus (a child-star MK slave), Katy Perry (an industry slave who recently malfunctioned), and, of course, Kim Kardashian (the figurehead of Hollywood’s most prominent coven).

In short, Pasternak appears to be a link between Hollywood stars and the occult elite that seeks to control them. What better cover for such an operation than a “personal trainer”?

More Than a Trainer

From 2005 to 2007, Pasternak worked at Canada’s Department of National Defense, more precisely at the Defence and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine (DCIEM).

The DCIEM studies the cognitive and psychological response of humans to drugs and other stimuli to create better soldiers. Some of the objectives of the DCIEM are:

  • Human systems integration
  • Human performance in stressful environments
  • Simulation and modeling of the human in complex military systems
  • Human issues in command and control
  • Team performance and collaborative behavior
  • Psychology of malicious intent
  • Social and cultural factors influencing behavior

In the following video, Pasternak explains how he studied the effects of powerful drugs on soldiers while he was working for the Canadian government.

Pasternak said:

“Working for the military, I wasn’t governed by the same laws that the typical person was, so I could look at the impact of certain drugs that are not everyday things.”

It is precisely in those covert military programs that operate outside of the law that MKULTRA-style experiments take place.

Coincidentally enough, it is this branch of the Canadian military that infamously issued grants to Dr. Ewan Cameron during the 1950s and 1960s to conduct research on … MKULTRA.

According to the Canadian government, approximately 80 patients at the Allan Memorial Institute underwent depatterning. The treatment involved putting patients into a prolonged period of sleep for several days through the administration of barbiturates (drugs that depress the central nervous system) and LSD. This was followed by massive doses of electroshock therapy over the course of several weeks, ultimately reducing patients to a childlike state.
– The McGill Tribune, Declassified: Mind Control at McGill

This sounds like the kind of “treatment” underwent by Ye when he was forcibly hospitalized. The ordeal left him with severe memory loss and changed him forever. Many other celebrities who are bizarrely “hospitalized” or sent to “rehab” undergo similar reprogramming.

In Conclusion

By posting a simple text message, Ye revealed an important fact about Hollywood: Several celebrities are attached to handlers who act as a liaison between them and the occult elite that owns Hollywood. These handlers are deeply embedded into the lives of these celebrities and exert great power over them. If need be, these handlers can “punish” these celebrities in the cruelest ways possible.

In past articles, we’ve seen examples of such individuals. For instance, after the bizarre death of Whitney Houston, the shady Hollywood handler Raffles Van Exel was identified as a powerful (and destructive) influence over her life (he actually admitted to removing evidence from her hotel room after she was found dead). 

Sam Lutfi, another “insider” who lurks around numerous celebrities, was deeply involved in the personal lives of Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears right when they descended into MK-fueled breakdowns. He was also said to be a controlling figure who did not hesitate to resort to threats when these celebrities disobeyed.

Harley Pasternak appears to be playing a similar role to many other celebrities. His threat of getting Ye internalized and “drugged out of his mind” is a clear indication that his role goes way beyond fitness. The fact that he even mentioned his children hints at the immense control he has over Ye’s personal life and the cruelty he is capable of.

I guess this is what happens when your “personal trainer” has a background in psychological warfare and the study of powerful drugs on soldiers. Because, in a way, these celebrities are nothing more than soldiers … on the battlefield of cultural warfare.

The Red Splash

NOVEMBER 09, 2022

NY Times:

Republicans Gain Ground in Push to Take House as Democrats Hold Off Red Wave

Republicans picked up momentum in their drive for the House majority, but Democrats held crucial seats, dashing projections of a blood bath

The happy news: MAGA Republicans (not neo-cons / RINO’s) will soon control the US House of Representatives – the most powerful branch (on paper, at least) of the Federal government. This will give Trump’s soldiers control of committees and formidable powers of investigation into things like voter fraud. The other House of Congress — the US Senate — may also break Republican, pending a December runoff vote in Georgia.

The disappointing news: The highly anticipated ‘Red Wave” mass destruction of the Demonrat Party did not materialize — as evident and rampant voter fraud again took place from coast to coast.

So, what does this “Red Splash” all mean? Looking at this matter logically, either the “Patriots Are In Control” — or they are NOT in control (or perhaps some point in between?) If the “White Hats” have the upper hand, then we may infer that the Great Election Theft of 2022 — just like that of 2020 — was allowed to happen for a higher purpose. Or, perhaps the Deep State retains many pillars of strength. Members of the whiny “Are We There Yet?” back seat chorus (who began barraging me late last night) may not wish to hear this; but we shall still have to wait until the end of the movie to know precisely how the movie ends.

On an optimistic note, Q’s posts of November 7 & 8 — coordinated with Trump own “truths” on election day — gave clear, last minute warning of the coming voter fraud. This indicates that the fraud was again induced and allowed to happen for a higher purpose, perhaps (if we’re reading Q correctly), some sort of military intervention.

The fact remains that many prominent Deep Staters have already been removed from the world stage and disappeared as the NWO crime syndicate grows weaker by the day. So let’s everybody just settle down, stop whining and see what plays out. An unexpected twist in the road does not a dead-end make.

Video: The “Death Tsunami” Is Here. “You should never ever take any Covid shot anymore”. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

We are living in an ever-more intense “Death Tsunami”; Dr. Sherry Tenpenny tells us.

She says in the UK, 1 in 73 people who got the shot are already dead, according to US government data. She adds, about a 1,000 people a week die, as a result of the coerced vaxx campaign.

About 900 professional athletes have already died – and the number is rapidly increasing, mostly from myocarditis, a result of the vaxxes.

When they first started with the shots in early 2021, Dr. Tenpenny says, we saw hundreds of people with electronic charges – Instagram pics with keys and other metal pieces, clinging to arms and foreheads. You may remember having seen such photos.

This is clearly the result of heavy doses of Graphene Oxide in the shots.

She suggests, they may have changed the formula of the injections, as such pics have largely disappeared – but the substance is still there.

This looks like the first lots were sort of “trial balloons”. They got away with them. Nobody stopped them.

Graphene Oxide, when exposed to hydrogen, takes on a magnetic charge. Dr. Tenpenny refers to hundreds of scientific documents testifying to this.

She reminds us that “they” want 3 to 5 billion people to be eliminated from the planet.

It’s a “slow killing”– sometimes very, very painful. Most people don’t connect the dots.

What Dr. Tenpenny says is substantially the same as expressed as a warning to the world earlier by Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer.

Dr. Tenpenny ends by recommending that anybody who is listening to this – or gets the message otherwise, should never ever take any Covid shot anymore.

Definitely NO BOOSTERS!

This cautioning also applies to simple flu shots, or combinations of flu-Covid shots – which are now being marketed. Because all these shots – “they” don’t tell you – will contain killer formulas.

See this.

Conclusion, yes, indeed, just about a year after the extremely forced shots began – mass-dying started – the death tsunami is flooding humanity, literally.

See this brief 2-minute video.

“Sir” Evelyn de Rothschild Is Dead

In the grand scheme of things, “Sir” Evelyn’s crooked clan outranked the Windsor Family.

1931-2022NOVEMBER xx, 2022NY Times: Evelyn de Rothschild, Scion of Banking Dynasty, Dies at 91

Initially showing little promise, he eventually joined the family firm and rose to chairman, wielding vast influence in Britain’s financial and political affairs.

Heads up, Satan. Incoming! And oh what a big fish it is! The Slimes obituary, though flattering, actually confirms the historical generational power of this wretched clan.

From the article:

“Evelyn de Rothschild, who as a London scion of the European banking dynasty helped Britain privatize its railroads, steel and coal in the tradition of his ancestors, who had helped finance the acquisition of the Suez Canal and the defeat of Napoleon, died on Monday evening at his home in London. He was 91.

Sir Evelyn’s father was the chairman, and his great-great-grandfather the founder, of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, the British branch of the family banking empire that began in 18th-century Frankfurt, Germany, and that, with its networks of couriers and spies, financial wizardry and political alliances, spread across Europe, making fortunes and influencing the destinies of nations for 200 years.”
(emphasis added)

Wow! Sure sounds like a “conspiracy theory” to me — “antisemitic even!” 

1. Q has exposed, attacked and even threatened the Rothschild family many times (here) — I know he was old, but might the “White Hats” have taken him out on the day of “The Blood Moon?” // 2 & 3. Two centuries ago, Evelyn’s great-great-grandfather financed the take-down of Napoleon and (using insider advance information) the takeover of Britain in the same move.

More of what sounds like “conspiracy theory” — from the article:

“Like his forebears, he promoted strong ties with Britain’s government, news media and financial and business communities. He became chairman of The Economist and director of Lord Beaverbrook’s newspaper group, chairman of the British Merchant Banking & Securities House Association and a financial adviser to Queen Elizabeth II, who knighted him in 1989.”

Government, media, financial adviser to recently departed Queen, royal connections —- move along — nothing to see here.

More “antisemitism”  —

“Since the 1760’s, when the patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded the dynasty in Frankfurt and sent four of his five sons — the five arrows in the family crest — to establish four more businesses in London, Paris, Vienna and Naples, the Rothschilds had been a partnership whose wealth and family ties had been a bulwark.”

Oh not that old canard about the five sons running the banking operations out of the five great capitals of Europe at the time? Come on, man. That’s ‘Nazi” stuff!

This parasitic Satanic filth has been at the core and at the pinnacle of the New World Order conspiracy movement and all of its sub-conspiracies for about 220 years. As one generation passes, a new one takes its place. But this time around, it may no longer be the case. Rothschild’s NWO — thanks in no small measure to its exposure by Q and the maneuvering of Trump & Putin — is weakening. 

Next up on the Rothschild death list: Jacob, age 86.

King Leonidas of Sparta and the Epic Battle of the 300 at Thermopylae

Zack Snyder’s 2007 fantasy historical film, 300, has probably made the Battle of Thermopylae one of the most famous battles of the ancient world. However, the film has more fantasy than history in it. Most people are aware that the leader of the Greeks during the battle was Leonidas of Sparta. Yet, how much do we actually know about King Leonidas, and what happened with ‘the 300’ during the Battle of Thermopylae ?

Who was King Leonidas?

According to ancient Greek historian Herodotus, Leonidas was the son of King Alexandridas and his first wife, an unnamed woman who was also the king’s niece. Leonidas, however, was not the first child, as his father’s second wife bore a son, Cleomenes. Soon after this, Alexandridas’ first wife bore a son as well, Dorieus, who was Leonidas’ elder brother.

After Dorieus was born, the king’s first wife was pregnant with Leonidas, and he was followed by Cleombrotus; although Herodotus suggests that there was an account stating that Leonidas and Cleombrotus were twins.

Leonidas’ ascension to the throne of Sparta in 489 BC was, as described by Herodotus, ‘a result of an unforeseeable situation’. As the third son of Alexandridas, Leonidas’ chances of obtaining the throne were rather slim, and he had no designs on the kingship. Upon the death of Alexandridas, the Spartan throne went to Cleomenes.

The new king, however, died without a male heir. Additionally, Dorieus lost his life on an expedition in Sicily. This meant that Leonidas was the eldest surviving son of Alexandridas, and he was the best person to succeed his bother. Moreover, Leonidas had married Cleomenes’ daughter, Gorgo.

Leonidas I of Sparta. 

The Spartan King Faces Persian Invasions

The new king Leonidas did not have an easy task ahead of him. Several years earlier, the Persians under King Darius I had invaded Greece, primarily in order to punish the city-states of Athens and Eretria, who had supported the cities of Ionia during their revolt against Persian rule. The invasion ended with the decisive Athenian victory at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC, but it was not long before Darius began raising a huge new army with which he intended to return with full force. The threat of another Persian invasion threw the Greek states into alliance though many were still technically at war with each other.

Darius was unable to launch an offensive in Greece immediately because of rebellions in other sectors of his empire, and in 486 BC, while he was quelling these, he was killed in battle. His son, Xerxes, ascended to the throne. Determined to avenge his father’s defeat, Xerxes began to muster forces to once again invade Greece.

By 480 BC, Xerxes had built up an enormous army of some 150,000 men and a navy of 600 ships. He was now ready. In late August or early September of 480 BC, Xerxes launched his offensive upon Greece in what is now known as the Battle of Thermopylae .

The Battle of Thermopylae is the most famous battle of the Second Persian Invasion of Greece and one of the most famous battles in European ancient history. Unlike other battles, however, it was not a victory for the Greeks, but a defeat. Its fame is derived from being one of the most courageous last stands by the vastly outnumbered defending army of Greek city states, led by King Leonidas of Sparta, against the invading Persians under King Xerxes .

Zack Snyder’s 2007 fantasy historical film, 300, has probably made the Battle of Thermopylae one of the most famous battles of the ancient world. However, the film has more fantasy than history in it. Most people are aware that the leader of the Greeks during the battle was Leonidas of Sparta.

A Vision from the Oracle

Herodotus reports that before going into battle at Thermopylae, Leonidas consulted with the famous Oracle of Delphi , who issued a grim prophecy:

For you, inhabitants of wide-wayed Sparta,
Either your great and glorious city must be wasted by Persian men,
Or if not that, then the bound of Lacedaemon must mourn a dead king, from Heracles’’line.
The might of bulls or lions will not restrain him with opposing strength; for he has the might of Zeus.
I declare that he will not be restrained until he utterly tears apart one of these
‘Herodotus’. English translation by A. D. Godley. Cambridge. Harvard University Press. 1920

The Oracle’s prophecy convinced Leonidas that he would not survive the battle against the Persians. Keeping this in mind, he selected only men with living sons for his Spartan contingent, so that should they fall in battle, their sons could carry forward their family lines. En-route to the battlefield, the Spartans recruited several forces from other Greek states.

The Oracle of Delphi’ by John Collier. ( Public Domain )

The Epic Battle of Thermopylae

The Battle of Thermopylae took place over three days. For the first two days, the Greeks were able to hold the front line, preventing the Persians from breaking through the narrow pass. Their longer thrusting spears and their heavy shields and body armor gave them a distinct advantage over the Persians, who were equipped with shorter javelin-type spears , wicker shields, and armor made only of woven linen.

The Greeks employed a phalanx formation, a rectangular mass military formation composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, which was able to block the narrow pass with ease. The Spartans also used a clever strategy in which they pretended to retreat so that the Persians pursued them. They would then turn suddenly to attack. In the confusion they killed many of the enemy, who were caught off-guard. The ‘Immortals,’ the elite troops of the Persian army, had not yet broken the Greek defense.

Top: A Greek phalanx formation. ( Public Domain ) Bottom: Four Persian warriors of ‘The Immortals’, from the glazed brick friezes found in the Apadana (Darius the Great’s palace) in Susa. (Immortels/ CC BY SA 2.0 )


The tide turned when during the battle, a Malian (member of a Greek tribe) named Ephialtes, revealed a path that led the Persians around the mountain towards the back of the defending force. As darkness fell, Xerxes sent his best soldiers to take the path and come around behind the Greek army guarding the pass below.

When word reached Leonidas that their position had been compromised, he made a decision that continues to be the subject of immense analysis and debate – rather than abandon their position and withdraw to the south before the Persians arrived, Leonidas relieved the majority of his army, while ordering the 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians, and 400 Thebans to remain and fight.

It is unclear why he chose to stay, along with his small contingent of Spartans, Thespians, and Thebans. Herodotus represents it as an act of deliberate courage and self-sacrifice carried out in accordance with the oracle’s prophecy. Other historians maintain that he remained in order to give the allied contingents, whom he dismissed (apart from the Thebans and Thespians), time to escape. In any case, there could only be one outcome – their slaughter.

Fall of the 300 Spartans and Their Companions

On the third and final day of the battle, the Persians had moved behind the Greek position and surrounded them in both directions. King Leonidas, as well as every last soldier that stood with him, were killed.

Painting entitled ‘Leonidas at Thermopylae’ (1814) by Jacques-Louis David. This painting combines both historical and legendary elements from the Battle of Thermopylae. ( Public Domain)

When Xerxes came to Leonidas’ corpse at the end of the battle, it is reported that he had his men cut off the head and stick it on a pole, something not customarily done by the Persians, who normally treated a valiant opponent with honor. This was taken by Herodotus as a sign that Leonidas was a huge thorn in Xerxes’ side.

The Battle’s Aftermath

The Battle of Thermophylae was undoubtedly a defeat for the Greeks, which allowed the Persians to continue their march into Greece. They eventually reached and sacked Athens. Nevertheless, the defeat at Thermopylae had turned Leonidas and the men under his command into martyrs. This boosted the morale of the surviving Greek soldiers, who went on to defeat the Persians in the Battles of Salamis and Plataea, which effectively ended the Second Persian Invasion.

Moreover, the battle left a legacy that lasted for millennia, demonstrating the courage of a small number of warriors, who in the face of a much larger enemy, stood their ground until the bitter end.

Remembering the 300 and the Battle of Thermopylae

Next year will be the 2,500th anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae and Sparta mayor Petros Doukas said that some international events have been planned in commemoration. There is an international committee, consisting of historians, politicians, and royals, who are “organizing events truly worthy of Sparta, Leonidas and the 300,” according to Doukas.

Greek Reporter writes that “The Thermopylae commemoration will include scores of events which highlight the achievements of ancient Spartan civilization , including politics, geopolitics, poetry, philosophy, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, Spartan cuisine, and many others.”

A monument in Greece in honor of King Leonidas. ( CC BY SA 3.0 )

US struggling to trace arms given to Ukraine…

With 90% of weapons packages reportedly unaccounted for, American inspectors are relying on Kiev to be honest

Despite having a team of military overseers in the country, the US has only managed to account for around 10% of the weapons systems sent to Ukraine that require special tracking, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. Earlier, Interpol had warned that foreign armaments could end up in the hands of criminals in Europe.

Anonymous US officials told the newspaper that they can only hope to achieve a “reasonable” level of compliance with oversight rules, and will have to be satisfied with “greater than zero” assurances from their Ukrainian colleagues.

Some 22,000 US-provided weapons systems – including Stinger and Javelin missiles – need to be tracked once they enter Ukraine, the report stated. However, US inspectors have only managed to perform two in-person checks in recent months, verifying just 10% of this number. Without these verification, the US is relying on Ukraine to scan arms packages and send a record of their serial numbers to Washington.

US Troops on the ground in Ukraine?

For smaller items such as rifles and body armor, a single American official in Poland signs off on all transfers to Ukraine. Larger weapons systems, such as HIMARS rocket artillery platforms and M777 howitzers, are not subject to inspections.

The Post’s report came hours after a Pentagon official told reporters that in-person inspections had recently started again for the first time since Russia’s military operation began in February. Throughout the intervening months, US media reports suggested that Washington had no idea where its weapons shipments were actually ending up.

One intelligence source told CNN in April that these weapons disappear “into a big black hole” once they enter the country, while CBS News in August quoted a Lithuanian arms supplier as saying that “like 30% of [military aid to Ukraine] reaches its final destination.”

The US has provided $18 billion in military aid to Ukraine since February. Russian President Vladimr Putin has warned that this influx of arms prolongs the conflict while making the US a de-facto participant.

READ MORE: Criminals in Finland obtain weapons from Ukraine – police

Last month, Putin also claimed that “powerful weapons, including portable air defense systems and precision weapons,” are being smuggled out of Ukraine and onto the black market. Up to $1 billion worth of arms are funneled from Ukraine to criminals, terrorists and extremists every month, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, stated in October. 

Russia’s concern over the matter is shared by Interpol. In a briefing in June, agency chief Jurgen Stock cautioned that the sheer volume of arms being pumped into Ukraine “will lead to the proliferation of illicit weapons in the post-conflict phase.”