Usual Suspects Keep Memory of KKK Alive

NY Times: The Rise and Fall of a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan

Book Review: A FEVER IN THE HEARTLAND: The Ku Klux Klan’s Plot to Take Over America, and the Woman Who Stopped Them

by Timothy Egan

Oh look! A new book is out about the Ku Klux Klan. Now there’s an original topic to write about. (rolling eyes)

The “usual suspects” just can’t let go of the long-gone white-hooded bogeyman that is the KKK. In terms of sheer piss-inducing scare power, the KKK ranks second only to “zee Nazis” when it comes to stirring up white guilt in the malleable minds of the bewildered boobs of the overlapping tyrannical Kingdoms of Libtardia and Normiedom. A “chilling” excerpt from the book review: 

“In Indiana the Klan found its fullest expression: its largest membership rolls, its greatest influence on civic life. “The Klan owned the state,”  …. As a narrative, “A Fever in the Heartland” is gripping; as a rumination on the moral obscenity of white supremacy — whatever guises it wears — the book is damning.

This moronic, Middle School-drivel isn’t even worth rebutting because “you guys” already know the cliches and slogans; and this latest book holds no interest for us either. It’s the same old tiresome routine: White-rural-people-bad. But the article does offer us an ideal “teachable moment” for correcting historical misconceptions about the “dominance” of the Ku Klux Klan — all three versions of it.

Libtard author Timothy Egan (whose wife is Jewish) is an occasional op-ed contributor to Sulzberger’s Times — which is now puffing up his book about the 1920’s KKK. 

The Klansmen and “zee Nazis” — eternal bogeymen (now played by CIA agents) used to scare the Normies.

The First KKK

The first Klan was founded in Tennessee soon after the end of the U.S. Civil War, in 1865, by former officers of the Confederate army. It started as a men’s social club. About a year later, the KKK’s purpose transformed from that of a mere fraternal order to a self-defense force for oppressed and politically disenfranchised Southern Whites. Decentralized Klans spread across the South, targeting and intimidating interloping Northern politicians and their politically active black front-men. As portrayed in the immensely popular 1915 silent film, “The Birth of a Nation,” the KKK also defended and avenged the White women who were being raped and murdered by Blacks. The Klan had limited success in driving some of the scoundrels out of politics before fading in the early 1870’s —  due partly to its lack of central organization and also to the fact that a normal post-war order of things had been restored by then.

The Second KKK

In 1915, the second Klan was founded atop Stone Mountain, Georgia, based in large part upon the  The Birth of a Nation film. When the film was shown in Atlanta that year, the revived Klansmen paraded to the theater in white robes and pointed hoods – just like in the movie. Marching in parades was an activity of the new Klan that had not existed in the original 1860’s version.

This KKK appealed to new members mainly as a fraternal organization for WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). It grew rapidly nationwide, spreading to every state both North & South. The Second KKK preached “One Hundred Percent Americanism” and demanded clean politics and strict moral codes. Its appeal was directed exclusively toward WASPs. The group viewed Jews, Blacks, Catholics and newly arriving Southern and Eastern European immigrants as racially impure and carriers of subversive ideas. At its peak in the mid-1920’s, the KKK claimed to include 4 million men and female auxiliary groups — most of them having joined just for social reasons, with some being too hard-core for other Americans to stomach. Like its forerunner, KKK 2.0 also faded away after a short life — in the 1930’s.

The Third KKK

The “Ku Klux Klan” name was again picked up by numerous independent local groups opposing the Communist-led “civil rights movement” and forced desegregation in the 1950’s-60’s. Early on in version 3.0, Fed infiltrators not only neutralized the KKK, but surely must have engineered false flag acts in order to discredit the anti-civil rights backlash and generate sympathy for subversive operatives like Marxist Loser King instead. For the past 50 years, KKK 3 has existed mainly as either a few unconnected groups of bored good ol’ boys donning the robes now & then and adopting highways stretches  for litter-cleaning; or Marxist / Deep State provocateurs who want simple-minded “people of color” and panty-wetting libtards to believe that there is an “invisible empire” of secret Klansmen hiding under every rock.

The Birth of a Nation movie depicts the First Ku Klux Klan rescuing White women from Black rapists. Call it “racist,” but innocent Southern Whites did indeed endure some nasty stuff during the Reconstruction Era. 

The Second Ku Klux Klan, though mainly a social group, espoused the ideals of “America First” and anti-Globalism / anti-Communism. Unlike most of today’s “Scofield Bible” Southern Christians, KKK 2 mistrusted the Jews. 

The Third Ku Klux Klan: A few remnant true believers, but mostly false-flagging Jewish Marxists and Feds.

And now you know the real story of the KKK that you’ll not get from the anti-White Jews and their hired goy at the “paper of record.” To sum it up; Version 1 was a short-lived heroic reaction to the Carpetbaggers (who were often Jewish) and freed Negro oppression of Whites; Version 2 was a short-lived social club which reacted to the already observable Jewish / Marxist war on Whites, America and Christianity; and Version 3 was (and remains) a total non-phenomenon of tiny sporadic groups forming out of nostalgia or attention-seeking and also, in many cases, false-flagging feds or commies.

The KKK, during its very brief spasms, has never actually influenced the course of American political history in any meaningful or lasting way. Ironically, its exaggerated “bogeyman” image remains far more useful to the Left than it ever did to the “America First” movement. And yet, if one were to only read the Jew York Times or listen to its preferred “scholars,” he’d come away with the impression that ‘the Klan” has been wielding its invisible might for 150 uninterrupted years now — the last few years of which under the new cover of “Trumpism.”

What a joke.

The idiotic KKK propaganda of the Judenpresse continues to work on libtards and normies.

RFK Jr. Announces 2024 Campaign

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday in Boston, his family’s longtime base of power, announcing his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

NY Times: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Makes His White House Run Official
Robert Kennedy Jr. was nearly 10 years old when his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, had his head blown off by CIA-Mossad snipers on November 22, 1963. He was 14 1/2 years old when his father, Robert Kennedy Sr. was murdered by the same Cabal (framing a Palestinian) while on his way to the US presidency in 1968. So, for RFK Jr. — much like his cousin JFK Jr. (murdered by Killary Clinton’s Mafia in 1999) — this struggle against The Cabal is deeply personal. Because we have long believed that RFK Jr. is in league with Trump and the Q team, the announcement of his presidential campaign for 2024 ought not be taken seriously. Instead, it should be interpreted as a strategic flanking attack upon the “bad guys” coming from within the ranks of well-meaning, semi-sane but deluded Democrat voters.

Naturally, this type of historical context would be omitted from a Slimes article. After all, JFK and RFK were each killed by a “lone nut gunman,” and John-John was a reckless pilot, dontcha’ know? (rolling eyes) But the Slimes’ lies of omission — the most effective type of lie there is — don’t end there. The juiciest parts of RFK Jr.’s announcement speech were completely ignored. Here’s an example of the media template controlled crap fed to the readers:

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced a presidential campaign on Wednesday built on re-litigating Covid-19 shutdowns and shaking Americans’ faith in science.

In a rambling speech lasting nearly two hours, Mr. Kennedy, 69, …. aimed criticisms at the pharmaceutical industry. … For Mr. Kennedy, the cause is vaccine skepticism, which he cloaked in terms of truth-seeking and free speech, a crusade that in the past led him to falsely link childhood vaccines to autism. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, he sought to undermine public trust in vaccines…. Both Facebook and Instagram took down accounts of a group he runs for spreading medical misinformation.

Family members have accused Mr. Kennedy of sowing distrust in the science behind vaccines. His campaign has appalled members of his famous Democratic clan.”

Crazy, single-issue, anti-vax, “conspiracy theorist” Uncle Bobby who doesn’t understand science. But is that really all there was to his “rambling speech” and to his campaign?

Robert Kennedy Jr. was nearly 10 years old when his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, had his head blown off by CIA-Mossad snipers on November 22, 1963. He was 14 1/2 years old when his father, Robert Kennedy Sr. was murdered by the same Cabal (framing a Palestinian) while on his way to the US presidency in 1968. So, for RFK Jr. — much like his cousin JFK Jr. (murdered by Killary Clinton’s Mafia in 1999) — this struggle against The Cabal is deeply personal. Because we have long believed that RFK Jr. is in league with Trump and the Q team, the announcement of his presidential campaign for 2024 ought not be taken seriously. Instead, it should be interpreted as a strategic flanking attack upon the “bad guys” coming from within the ranks of well-meaning, semi-sane but deluded Democrat voters.

Naturally, this type of historical context would be omitted from a Slimes article. After all, JFK and RFK were each killed by a “lone nut gunman,” and John-John was a reckless pilot, dontcha’ know? (rolling eyes) But the Slimes’ lies of omission — the most effective type of lie there is — don’t end there. The juiciest parts of RFK Jr.’s announcement speech were completely ignored. Here’s an example of the media template controlled crap fed to the readers:

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced a presidential campaign on Wednesday built on re-litigating Covid-19 shutdowns and shaking Americans’ faith in science.

In a rambling speech lasting nearly two hours, Mr. Kennedy, 69, …. aimed criticisms at the pharmaceutical industry. … For Mr. Kennedy, the cause is vaccine skepticism, which he cloaked in terms of truth-seeking and free speech, a crusade that in the past led him to falsely link childhood vaccines to autism. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, he sought to undermine public trust in vaccines…. Both Facebook and Instagram took down accounts of a group he runs for spreading medical misinformation.

Family members have accused Mr. Kennedy of sowing distrust in the science behind vaccines. His campaign has appalled members of his famous Democratic clan.”

Crazy, single-issue, anti-vax, “conspiracy theorist” Uncle Bobby who doesn’t understand science. But is that really all there was to his “rambling speech” and to his campaign?

President John F. Kennedy with his nephew, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
RFK Sr. & Jr.
They killed his uncle and his father — and Bobby Jr. knows it.

I went to the original source (imagine that!) and listened to RFK’s entire speech. Surprise surprise — it was NOT just a nearly 2-hour rant about “anti-vax” — which he only touched upon for a few minutes. There were many other truth bombs dropped by RFK that “they” evidently don’t want you to know about. Though not mentioned in this particular speech, RFK has stated that the CIA killed both his uncle and father; and that the CIA, Johns Hopkins University, the WHO and the Bill Gates Foundation conspired to stage “Covid” as a pretext for establishing totalitarian control over the population.

The key points of RFK’s ‘rambling speech’ (which, in spite of a few liberal bromides here and there, was actually quite impressive) are summarized below:

* The government lies.
* The media lies.
* Everyone now knows that the government and media lie.
* The media-government complex attacks alternative media sources because they feel threatened by them.
* The government and many large corporations now conspire together.
* JFK and RFK were opposed to involvement in the Vietnam War.
* The New York Times was opposed to RFK’s campaign in 1968.
* Politicians divide people by class and race.
* The Covid lockdowns were unnecessary and deadly.
* Economic distress causes 30,000 excess deaths per 1 point of increased unemployment.
* Lockdown-related weight gain and suicide also increased the death rate.
* Deep State operatives lied to JFK about the Bay of Pigs (Cuba) and nearly triggered World War III.
* JFK wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces.”
* The US should not support “regime change” in Russia, and should seek to end the war in Ukraine.
* Is Ukraine being used as a pawn in a proxy war? (asked rhetorically)
* War, bailouts and lockdowns were paid for with money-printing, which caused the current inflation.
* Inflation is a government tax on the poor and middle class.
* The US killed 1 million Iraqis.
* The US destabilized Syria and drove refugees into Europe.
* The Democrats are becoming the party of warmongering “neocons with woke bobble-heads” — not JFK Democrats.

Tell it, Bobby. Tell it! —- because Sulzberger’s seditious censoring Times sure as hell won’t.

*note: It was very interesting (and very telling) to observe that RFK Jr. barely laid a glove on Trump (only a few obligatory but vague soft shots) while savaging the neo-cons, the CIA and the Democrats.

RFK Jr. and Trump operative Tucker Carlson get along very well.
Trump and JFK Jr. were friends.
Q suggests that HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) killed JFK Jr., and the 1999 plane crash was, for Trump, “the start.”

The Military is the Only Way?

The observable living laboratory of history has shown, time and time and time again — that when there comes that moment, in the course of human events, in which the political situation becomes so intolerably bad and downright dangerous — that the military often intervenes to put a stop to the madness. It’s like that memorable line in the 2000 film, “Gladiator,” when the hero, General Maximus, in making his case for a military coup against the evil Roman Emperor Commodus, tells a skeptical Senator: “The time for half measures and talk is over, Senator.”

Though Gladiator was partly fictional (there was actually a Roman general named Maximus and he was indeed killed by the degenerate Emperor Commodus), the phenomenon of righteous military coups has been played out repeatedly and, in more contemporary times, almost always at the 11th hour of a total communist takeover. Indeed, it has happened so many times in so many different countries, that one would expect a military coup attempt, successful or not, just when the New World Order Cabal was about to close its final deadly deal upon the world. The Globalists have always feared this possibility because they know, in spite of whatever corrupt agents that they may control within the military, a substantial remnant that values “quaint and outdated” virtues such as patriotism, honor, courage, duty etc., might always organize and make a last minute move against the Cabal. Following are just a few historical precedents:

*France: 1799: War hero Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the left-wing “Directory” and cracks down on the Reds (the Jacobins). The British and the Rothschilds then incite numerous wars to remove Napoleon, who had banned the Jews from lending money.

* Russia: 1917: The Bolshevik Revolution is opposed by a large faction of the military (the Whites). Unfortunately, a large portion of the military also backs the Reds — leading to a bloody civil war in which the Reds — through use of terror and with the help of “western” bankers — will ultimately prevail.

* Germany: 1918: During the chaos of the German collapse, the Reds capture Berlin and plot to spread the revolution to other cities. It is World War I military veterans, the Freikorps, which saves the day and then executes the top plotters (cough cough).

* Spain: 1938: As Spain leans further and further Red, General Franco leads a group of Spanish generals who overthrow the corrupted and pro-communist government. As was the case in Russia, a bloody civil war ensues, only this time, the good guys will win.

Those were the most significant anti-communist / anti-Globalist military coup events in Europe. Countless others happened throughout Africa, South America and Asia — with many of the states having multiple coups: Haiti, Cuba, Panama, El Salvador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Malaysia, Burma / Myanmar, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Sudan and a bunch more countries too numerous to list.

Be assured that The Cabal and its agents are keenly aware of this history.

1. General Maximus: “The time for half measures and talk is over.” // 2. General Bonaparte overthrows the leftist Directory. // 3.  General Franco saves Spain from the Reds and the invading Jewish volunteers.

Soros puppet Obama (a modern day Commodus) carried out an unprecedented purge of patriotic generals and admirals. Why?

Cue the pundits of permanent pessimism:

“But but, Luis… this is the United States of America. The military doesn’t intervene in domestic affairs! It’s over, we’re doomed. No one will save us. … Q was muh psyop to get us to do nothing.”

That is not correct, my dear friends. First of all, although the US military has never carried out an actual coup, there was indeed, in 1933, a plot involving business leaders and veterans against FDR’s communist clique. The scheme, which came to be known as “The Business Plot,” never got past the conceptual stage because the retired military leader that the “right wing” plotters attempted to recruit, Smedley Butler, would have none of it. It wasn’t an actual military plot, but the idea was there, at least in theory.

Besides that, there have been several precedents involving the US Army closely monitoring subversive activities and even busting up a few movements. After reviewing these cases, a reasonable person would have to conclude that the potential for a military coup in America has always existed. Did not the Globalist villain, Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the farewell address penned by his commie pinko academic egghead brother, Milton Eisenhower; and his commie pinko academic egghead speechwriter, Malcolm Moos, actually “warn” us as much?

From “Ike’s” parting speech which the Left has ever since fawned over so much:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

Again, let us establish and consider historical precedents of the US Military acting ON ITS OWN to monitor and/or suppress Red subversion:

* 1932: The US Army Crushes the Red “Bonus Army” Plot

The Communists organized 40,000 protesters, half of them World War I veterans, to camp out in DC and demand their WW1 bonuses, which weren’t due to them until years later. President Hoover sent General Douglas Macarthur to monitor the situation. According to an Army Intelligence report, the Reds intended to occupy the Capitol permanently and instigate fighting — as a signal for communist uprisings in all major American cities. Macarthur, on his own initiative, knowing from intelligence that this was a budding Red insurrection, cracked down hard by burning down the shacks and tents, and dispersing the mob once and for all.

* 1932: The US Army’s Venona Project Monitors FDR’s Communists

Details of the Venona Project — which ran from 1943-1980 — were not declassified until 1995. The Venona communication intercepts were part of a  counterintelligence program secretly initiated by the US Army’s Signal Intelligence Service, later rolled into the National Security Agency (NSA). The Army, unbeknown to even US Presidents,  had been watching the communist traitors of both the US and the UK all along — essentially confirming what Senator Joseph McCarthy had been warning about during the 1950’s.

* 1960’s: US Army Agents Penetrate the 60’s War Protests
Throughout the 1960s, about 1,500 Army undercover agents posed as “hippies” for the purpose of monitoring the Red subversives who were, under the phony pretext of promoting “peace,” radicalizing the anti-war movement. The Army also utilized agents to pose as press photographers, newspaper reporters, and television newsmen during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Universities were another target of Army intelligence. Agents enrolled as students in  “Black Studies” programs and also spied on Communist professors. By 1970, Army Intelligence had files on the political activities of 100,000 commies and commie sympathizers.

* 2011: The US Army Helps Put an End to “Occupy Wall Street”

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was a 59-day left-wing movement against “economic inequality” that had begun in Zuccotti Park, located near Wall Street’s financial district. With the sympathetic support of the Communist President Obama, OWS soon spread to other cities. The “spontaneous” protests lasted from September – November 15, 2011. It was no secret that elements of the FBI and Homeland Security infiltrated OWS — a fact which lefties openly whined about after OWS fizzled out. But what has yet to be declassified is the fact that, once again, the Army, on its own initiative, played some hardball with the Red leaders.

No doubt about it, boys and girls. The “White Hats” of the US military, though limited in their ability to take action upon surveillance activities, has indeed been doing what they can to protect us from these Marxist monsters.

Having established this critical context of past and recent history, is it really that outlandish of a “conspiracy theory” to expect that the US Military — faced with the final death blow that was to be dealt to the republic by the “inevitable” 8-year Hell-on-Earth presidency of Killary Rotten Clinscum — would not say, “enough is enough” and finally stage the necessary coup which we on the “far right” have always understood to be our only hope? It would be a gross dereliction of duty — treason by inaction — if the military did not act!

Now, here’s the twist. A traditional bang-bang-shoot-em-coup in 2016, while the Deep State was still at full strength — or even in 2021 as I had anticipated, while the Deep State was still at partial strength — would surely have led to a split within the ranks of the military as well as the population at large. A full blown Spanish Civil War scenario would have followed, leaving cities ravaged and millions dead. Instead, the generals and admirals wisely launched a sophisticated “irregular warfare” coup. To that end, Donald Trump was installed as the frontman tasked with using the power of his office to then secretly grant full emergency power to the military until the storm is completed, and can then be “replayed” and explained to a public which will be ready to hear it.

As was the case during the 1960’s, this operation has enlisted 1000s of secret operatives — some posing as “bad guys” (Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, James Comey, AOC, Ilan Omar et al) — some openly playing the role of “good guys” (Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert et al.) and some wearing sophisticated skin masks to temporarily fill in for Deep Staters (Hillary, Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Musk, Macron et al) who have already been sent to Gitmo (many of them executed, I Hope).

“Luis, you’ve lost your mind?” —- Have I?

If one can imagine it, then the US Military — with its unlimited resources, unlimited manpower, unlimited geniuses, and indomitable technological skills — could, given enough years of planning, surely execute it. This scenario, spelled out for us by Q, certainly “fits” the developing world situation. Dig up the Eisenhower Brothers from the pit of Hell and ask them — they’ll tell you.

Trust the plan.

Watch the necklines, they indicate masks!
“Joe Biden” — ” Kamala Harris”  — “Killary Clinton”

1. Army Intel has entire BRIGADES (3,000 to 5,000 in a brigade) of trained assets at their disposal!  Naval, Marine, Air Force and National Guard Units also employ thousands (each) in Intel work.

The Movie Continues: Trump Prepares to Surrender

NY Times: Trump Prepares to Surrender as Police Brace For Protests

As the long movie approaches the beginning of a long and exciting finale, the barking jackals of the Judenpresse — who, by now must surely suspect that Trump and the White Hats have engineered this whole charade — appear to have no choice but to go along with it now. The Slimes has gone wall-to-wall with the event which Trump is already capitalizing upon, both in terms of rallying support and raking in the donations. The Slimes provides a review of the key players (all of them White Hat actors) and the timelines of “StormyGate.” Let’s recap the recap, with a bit of decoding spin.

In January 2018, the Wall Street Urinal broke the story that “actress” Stormy Daniels had an affair with Donald Trump and was paid “hush money,” during election year 2016, to keep quiet about it. On March 6, Daniels, accompanied by her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, filed a lawsuit against Trump. Avenatti quickly became the darling of the Left, and openly mulled about running for president in 2020.

The pair claimed that the non-disclosure agreement that Stormy (actual name: Stephanie Clifford) had signed in reference to the alleged affair was invalid because Trump had never personally signed it. Trump lawyer and long-time loyalist, Michael Cohen, supported the allegation, but claimed that he paid her off with his own money, not Trump’s nor campaign money. On April 9, FBI agents raided Cohen’s office and seized tax documents and business records relating to several matters, including payments to Daniels. This is when Cohen “turned on” Trump.

To make a long story short, thanks to the alleged “investigation” into an alleged “hush money” payment over an alleged “affair” — and to the extent to which it influenced the election of 2016 and to the extent that subsequent actions to cover it all up were allegedly unlawful — we have now arrived at the “indictment” and expected “arrest” of Donald Trump. Take this one to the bank, boys and girls: the living martyr Trump’s coming counter-punch and engineered backlash against the Deep State will be devastating.

There are no coincidences.

* Note:  At the direction of the script writers, “Stormy” (The Storm, get it?) Daniels has since recanted her allegations; and “Michael Avenatti” was sentenced (imaginary) to Federal prison for fraud.

The White Hat Award Nominees
Best Actress: “Stormy” Daniels // Best Actor: Michael Avenatti // Best Supporting Actor and the Roy Cohn Righteous Jew of the Year Award: Michael Cohen // Best Director: Donald Trump

Trump’s rallying of the entire Republican voter base — and many “independents” as well — to his support wasn’t the only objective of this operation. Just as important are the precedents which are now being set, specifically, the investigation and indicting of ex-presidents over actions which may have influenced a past election. If “they” can do it to Trump, then now we can do it to Clinton, Obama, Bush et al.

This is a counter-punch combined with a boomerang. Trump’s enemies have an epic ass-kicking in store for them — and no one save for a handful of the most diehard libtards will be coming to the defense of those who are about to finally get a taste of their own medicine. Poetic, and ironic, justice.

There are no coincidences.

A “spontaneous” Color Revolution is brewing over this — but this time, the Globalists (as planned) will be on the receiving end of the assault.

Well, lookie here — It looks like Trump and his “rival,” Ron DeSantis, are closing ranks and making up now — I really hate to say “I told you so” (no I don’t)…. but
I bloody told you so!

What If? The Nightmarish Reign of Madam President Clinton

2017 – present
(They never thought she’d lose.)

Welcome to my prophetic nightmare — the one that didn’t come true.

Like most of “you guys,” I shall never forget Election Night, November 8th, 2016 — albeit for a different reason. It was memorable not for the unexpected excitement over the unforeseen unfolding and shocking final defeat of Satanic Witch Killary Clinton (not a metaphor, seriously, the bitch worships Satan). I didn’t even stay up to watch the historic event. No, the permanent memory was the sense of foreboding, despair and despondence I keenly felt when going to bed early that night. You see, none of us knew about Q and the White Hats acting as Trump’s invisible “guardian angels” back then.

My partner at the time was surprised to see me turn in so early and asked why I wasn’t going to stay up to watch some of the results. I told her that both the polls and the vote itself were rigged, and that there was no way that (((the powers that be))) would ever allow her to lose. Imagine my shock the following morning!

I had truly believed that it was over before it began, and that publication on my Blog and articles would in due time be branded as illegal “hate speech” by Killary’s wicked regime. Indeed, months prior to the election, Killary herself openly spoke about the importance of working with “our friends in the technology world” to deny online space to “terrorists.”


“You’re going to hear all of the usual complaints—you know, ‘freedom of speech,’ etc., but if we truly are in a war against terrorism and we are truly looking for ways to shut off their funding, shut off the flow of foreign fighters, then we’ve got to shut off their means of communicating.”

Now, once one understands that “Islamic Terrorism” was created and controlled by the very same “usual suspects” who created and controlled the Clinton Crime Syndicate, the question arises: Who would be the real targets of Killary’s internet censorship proposal? Hmmm? Look in mirror. Hell’s Bells of “terrorist” censorship were tolling for thee, boys and girls! No doubt about it, the horrible harridan, the loony lesbian, the crooked communist was fixin’ to close down the “digital army” of truthers once and for all.

But even such a personal disappointment I could bear because it would have been nothing compared to the Hell-on-Earth that she — in service to her dark lord — was plotting to visit upon humanity. For the benefit of the “black-pilled” holdouts who still refuse to acknowledge what the rise of Trump saved us all from, let us pretend that ‘Madam President” is now in the 7th year of her 24/7 glorified crisis-presidency, and review her “accomplishments.” As you go through these points, understand that very little, if any, of this is conjecture or retroactive “prophecy.” This is basic “if-then” flowchart stuff.

1. Me on Election Night, 2016 — expecting Killary to win and being declared a “far right terrorist” in the near future. // 2. Trump “Ditched the Witch” and shocked the world. // 3. Simple flowchart logic reveals where we’d all be by now in the 7th year of our sainted and untouchable “Madam President.”

A basic knowledge the power players behind that Satanic Witch and an understanding of the history of the Clinton Crime Family are all one needs to logically infer the points of this “what if” scenario with near certainty. If Killary was in Year 7, then most or all of the following would likely have happened by now:

  • As of 2020, American ATM’s would have been churning out the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman face on them — not Andrew Jackson’s. All of the other bills were set for “diversity” modification on the backs as well. In your face, White Man! But it was Trump who ignored the pressure and reversed Obama’s order.
  • Race tension and riots, stirred up by Al Charlatan and the BLM operatives — with Killary tacitly encouraging the mayhem and capitalizing upon it.
  • The ISIS proxy war with Syria would either have toppled Assad or led to war with Russia, Iran and China in the Middle East.
  • The Korean Cold War — with potential to bring the US into war against China — would still be a trigger point.
  • Ukraine would have been a member of NATO by now — another World War 3 trigger point.
  • The Supreme Court would have a young 6 out of 9 Marxist majority, with one compromised “centrist” and isolated conservative justices Thomas and Alito both in their 70’s.
  • The record number of satisfactory to excellent Federal judges appointed by Trump would not be there today — their positions held by vicious Marxist Jews and nasty lesbians instead.
  • The U.S. would be fully implementing the economically destructive policies of the Paris Climate Accords — including the colossal carbon credit scam and both seen and hidden taxes.
  • The U.S. would have joined the sovereignty-killing TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)
  • The enormous blackmail operation that was Epstein-Maxwell-Wexner Mossad Island would still be in business with no end in sight. Bill Clinton himself was a regular at Epstein-Mossad Island!
  • With Epstein Island still in business and the US still fully engaged in the Middle East, Israeli warmongering toward Lebanon and Iran would have reached new levels of intensity and insanity.
  • The US would still be in Afghanistan.
  • Murderous drone bombings would still be happening all over the Central Asia and Africa.
  • The CIA-Mossad international proxy army known as ISIS would still be stirring up chaos in as many as 30 different nations.
  • CIA “Color Revolutions” would still be destabilizing nationalist governments the world over.
  • “Obama Care” — which was planned to fail — would have been replaced by the total communistic system which Killary, as First Lady, wanted to impose (along with a European-style 22% VAT tax) on the United States in 1993.
  • Roe vs Wade / unlimited abortion would still be in effect.
  • “Hate Speech” and “Holocaust Denial” laws — prompted by false flag vandalism attacks — would have been imposed by now along with total Internet censorship.
  • There would be no border wall (Trump’s was mostly completed and will be totally completed upon his return).
  • The EPA would be exercising its authority to control CO2 “emissions” and cripple the energy sector.
  • The Demonrats would have rigged permanent majority control of the House and Senate by now.
  • The GOP “opposition” would be led by weak traitors such as Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, the Cheneys, the Bushes et al. (all of whom were publicly humiliated and then disempowered by Trump).
  • People like Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo and so many other Deep State villains who “fell into the Trump Quicksand” would still be prominent.
  • The Killary administration would have been packed with angry abusive lesbians at all levels.
  • The Communist John Brennan — or someone even worse — would still be heading the CIA.
  • The Congressional Freedom Caucus would have remained marginalized as “far right kooks” — instead of now running Congress.
  • There would NOT currently be an unfolding investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption — a trail of fraud that is ultimately going to lead to Obama, Clinton herself and above.
  • Voter fraud would have been expanded and protected to such an extent that any challenge to the Establishment would have been mathematically impossible by now.
  • The vast, secret, international child abduction, torture, rape and murder industry would have expanded massively with one of its chief practitioners in the White House.
  • School shootings (which were all CIA hoaxes) would still be going on and semi-automatic rifles probably banned by now.
  • The Covid Hoax would still have been launched (probably after 2020). The lockdowns, I-phone “contact tracing,” “stimulus” payments, “variants” and mandatory “self quarantines” would have lasted up to 5 years as the broken world anxiously waited for the magic vaccine.
  • The Killary-Gates vaccine would have been MANDATORY, genocidal for 10-15% of humanity, and contained tracking chips to monitor and control us in Orwellian fashion.
  • Covid dissenters would have been subjected to forced isolation in detention camps which Killary once joked about as “fun camps for adults.” (Satanists love to telegraph their evil intentions by joking about them.)
  • Total demoralization and neutralizing of conservatives with no means of communicating or spreading truth online — Jack Dorsey still at Twitter and no Gab, BitChute, Rumble, Minds, Sovren, Q posts or Truth Social either.
  • The epic mass misery, war, death, disease, poverty, pessimism, fear and hunger would have positioned the normies of the world up for an easy and accepted transition into “The Great Reset” — a glorious One World Order in which we would “own nothing” and “be happy” packed into storage-unit-sized apartments in herded urban areas and eating fried insects.

And there are more, many more, horrors that we can add to the list — as well as the ‘X-factor” nasty surprises we would not have been able to foresee.

The hate-filled nasty witch glows in the presence of evil Globalist billionaires — all of whom have been attacked and taken down under Trump. (Weinstein is in prison and I believe that Soros and Gates are also in Gitmo — Killary as well.)

1. Totally in league with Klaus Schwab. // 2. The wretched race-hustler / vote fraudster Al Charlatan would have had the ear of “Madam President.” // 3. Imagine the Queen of child-sex-trafficking in the White House!

Do the points of the retroactive forecast not constitute an accurate and objective picture of where the world would be right now with that Satanic, child killing, blood-drinking, lesbian bitch from Hell lording over us and, by extension, the world? Is this in any way an exaggeration of the scope of this Hellish Hag’s evil intent, or that of her NWO bosses?

Did not her first reign as co-president (1993-2001) — during which she and her tranny Attorney General, Janet Reno, roasted and suffocated 76 innocent American men, women and children alive at Waco, Texas — reveal what she was capable of? Did not the likes of George Soros, Mike Bloomberg and Klaus Schwab, in essence, say — both in spoken word and in writing for the consumption of their fellow “elites” — that this was their plan for the world? Is this not what that infamous mural image at the creepy Denver Airport depicts? Do any of the “never-Trumpers” of the “far right” care to dispute the “if-then” validity of the points from the above-listed retroactive forecast?

Donald Trump — who also speaks in code — was NOT exaggerating when he talked about “saving the world” from an “invisible enemy” and “saving 100 million lives.” Actually, his tireless peacemaking and early Covid-lockdown-busting may have saved BILLIONS of lives.

And yet, hearing some of the “black-pilled” among our ranks continue to make inadvertently careless common cause with the Council on Foreign Relations, the US Communist party, the Church of Satan, Soros, Rothschild, the New York Slimes, Hollyweird and Jewish Quackademia by viciously dumping on Trump — whose epic, extremely difficult, dangerous, strategic and time-consuming task isn’t even finished yet — is as astonishing as it is disappointing.

1. Very early in Satanist Killary’s first term as co-president, in 1993, the Feds attacked a harmlessly eccentric Christian sect with tanks and mass-murdered 76 of them (17 of them little children) for no reason at all. // 2. Long before Big Mike Obama, 6′ 2″ strong-jawed, broad-shouldered AG Janet Reno stood eye to eye with Al Gore and Bill Clinton, both 6′ 2″ as well.

Madam President’s Program (thwarted by Donald Trump)
World War III + widespread fear and poverty + MANDATORY Gates vaccine (after 5-year lockdown) with pure poison and injected microchips = New World Order.

But but Batman… I read online that Trump is a Globalist. Why didn’t he get rid of the Deep State when he was president? And what about muh bump stocks, and muh Israel, and…… SMACK! — “A vast, deeply-rooted, centuries-old global Mafia is not legally dismantled, by the letter of the law, in a day!”

The Flying Phantoms of 9/11 Did the Impossible

Were it not for the unexpected 2016 rise of Donald Trump and the White Hats, the nearly two-decade long, post 9/11 horror show known as “The War on Terror” would still be raging now in the Middle East and Central Asia — from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria to Sudan to Somalia and beyond. Out of the ruinous reign of Bush 2 and Mr. & Mr. Obongo, the never-ending wars and “ISIS” proxy wars would surely have spread throughout Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe by now, had the likes of Soros and Killary and McStain and Satanyahoo not been stopped. No 9/11 = no “War on Terror.” This is why a proper understanding of who really orchestrated the attacks of 9/11, 2001 remains relevant to this day. 

When unpacking the mountain of Deep State (CIA & Mossad) lies propping up the “official story,” most “conspiracy theorists” correctly focus, for simplicity’s sake, on the impossibility of the following absurdities:

* Skyscrapers disintegrating into instant powder and dust at free-fall speed
A 3rd skyscraper (not struck by an “airplane”), collapsing at zero-resistance speed later that afternoon
* A commercial airliner supposedly penetrating the Pentagon without leaving a trace of debris

Of course, there are scores of other smaller — though still gaping — holes in the 9/11 story which have filled up entire books. But for reasons of sheer obviousness and for purposes of easy normie-friendly explanation, the above points would have to be considered in the top rank — the top three — on the BS scale with which any healthy-minded newbie to the subject can be persuaded to at least scratch his head and ask for more information.

The mighty towers EXPLODED into instant powder and aerosol. 

The forgotten 600-feet-tall WTC 7 was not hit by anything, yet collapsed at free-fall speed in a perfect controlled demolition.

Where is the bloody commercial airliner at the Pentagon???

As for this 9/11 expert, there’s a 4th “nail in the coffin” of the Deep State fable which should rank with the aforementioned three items when it comes to in-your-face obviousness — specifically, the manifest impossibility of poor to mediocre SMALL PLANE flight STUDENTS performing such precise “top gun” maneuvers with MASSIVE commercial airliners. Though many a pilot has gone on record to confirm the impossibility of what these flying phantoms are said to have accomplished (here), it doesn’t take an aviation expert to figure this one out.

Apart from the fact that there were no “suicide hijackers” — and that FBI chief (and closet White Hat)Robert Mueller had even confirmed that stolen identities of Arabs were used for the attacks — three of the characters said to be piloting planes received their training at a small plane school in Florida called Hoffman Aviation. A 4th was the only one to attend a commercial plane flight school with simulators — the Pan Am International Flight Academy in Arizona — but according to his instructors, his flying skills were extremely poor.

Here’s the breakdown of where the flying circus clowns with stolen identities went to flight school and where they “crashed”:

Pan Am Academy (Arizona)
Hanni Hanjor // Pentagon plane // “very weak flying skills”

Huffman Aviation (Florida)(small planes)Mohammed Atta // WTC North Tower / perfect strike

Marwan al-Shehhi // WTC South Tower / perfect strikeZiad Jarrah // 

Crashed into a Pennsylvania field after “heroic passengers” struggled with hijackers.
 The only reason that these “Muslims” (Israelis posing as Muslims) enrolled in the flight schools was to establish a record of having done so in advance of the big event and the official fable that was to follow. These small plane novices absolutely DID NOT and absolutely COULD NOT execute such maneuvers with lumbering commercial airliners. Aside from that, no traces of planes were visible at the Pentagon or in Pennsylvania; and hollow aluminum tubes cannot cleanly penetrate through massive solid steel walls as if they were made of paper — but I digress. Come on, normies. THINK!

A Huffman Aviation plane for teaching students

No way, no how —-  just no!

“The planning of the attacks was technically and organizationally a master achievement—to hijack four huge airplanes within a few minutes and within one hour, to drive them into their targets, with complicated flight maneuvers. This is unthinkable, without years of support from state intelligence services.”

– Andreas von Bulow
former head of the parliamentary commission overseeing Germany’s secret services.

Lets Look Back “Trump’s Inauguration Day Death Threat to the Globalists”

Inauguration Day / January 20, 2017

Sometimes, unusual and inexplicable events only begin to make sense after an amount of time and subsequent events have passed. This is especially true when it comes to coded messages. One such case was the unusual, sudden and fleeting appearance of military officers behind the newly inaugurated Donald Trump on January 20, 2017.

Many observers were baffled — with some on the Left “troubled” by it. The World Socialist Web Site whined as follows:

“A strange and disturbing sequence took place behind President Donald Trump as he delivered his inaugural address Friday, which has gone virtually without comment in the news media.

Early in his address, ten military officers walked up and stood behind the president so they would prominently appear with Trump in the camera shots beamed across the US and the world. After 45 seconds, a Marine officer prompts the sailors and soldiers to leave, and they walk away.”

The unusual incident prompted two comments during the New York Times live blog of the address. Jon Meacham, a presidential historian and the current executive editor at publisher Random House wrote, “The military guard behind him seems unusual; am I right?”

It certainly was unusual, but even then, it was clear to some of us that the brief presence of the officers had to have some theatrical purpose. Only now, with years of hindsight (and 5000 posts from Q since the start date of October, 2017) making our vision clearer, do we see what the “Sicilian Message” — happening at the precise moment when Trump was speaking about “transferring power from Washington and giving it back to you, the people” — really meant. You see, only the military would be able to “transfer power” from the Globalists.

It wasn’t for about another 8 months when Trump — surrounded by Generals and Admirals at a White House event — uttered the cryptic and then well-publicized phrase on October 5, 2017: “This (the military people) represents the calm before the storm.” A few weeks later, on October 28, the military operation known as Q kicked off by posting in a sub-forum of 4-chan titled, ‘The Storm.” For those that later followed the Q / Q Anon phenomenon, the Inauguration Day mystery of the appearing and disappearing officers was a mystery no more. The military (aka White Hats) “standing behind” Trump, has a “plan” to “transfer power back to the people.” So simple to see now, in hindsight. But there is still more to the “Sicilian Message” of Inauguration Day, 2017 — and it’s some pretty wild stuff.

Watch Trump’s “Calm Before the Storm” military threat
October 5, 2017 / 0:38

Fake News was rattled by  Trump’s cryptic “Storm” threat, but didn’t know what to make of it.

Now, back to the “party crashers” of Inauguration Day. Two officers flanking Trump had horizontally striped braids across their caps — one yellow & blue; the other yellow & black. The former represents the colors of Military Intelligence (the boys who gather the dirt on the bad guys) — and the latter, Judge Advocate General — aka “JAG” (the boys who prosecute the bad guys at Military Tribunals outside of the US Court System (Gitmo)).

This observation was first brought to our attention by a reader, without sourcing. But a visit to an online military apparel store confirmed the meaning of these braids. It’s true. So you see, not only were Trump and the White Hats telegraphing what they were intending to do to the Deep State Globalists — they were also telling us how they were going to do it! Who knew?

Trust the plan.

Secret Courtrooms and 848 National Guard soldiers stationed at Gitmo for 9 months at a time? Only the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces can deploy NG units outside of their states and the country. Why doesn’t “Biden” simply stop the development of Gitmo with an Executive Order, as he had promised during his campaign? Answer: Again, because Donald Trump is the acting CIC, not that actor in a mask!

 The East Palestine-Ukraine White Hat Psyop

FEBRUARY 23, 2023

NY Times: Biden’s Surreal and Secretive Journey Into a War Zone

NY Times:Trump Visits East Palestine, Seeks Contrast With Biden

Now one-year old, “the latest thing” in the Ukraine is — given the limited memory of the minuscule minds of the captive subjects of American Normiedom — no longer “the latest thing.” Oh sure, yeah yeah, “Putin bad” and “I Stand With Ukraine” are still the popular sentiments that manifest in “polls,” but the erection is long gone by now as fewer and fewer people support wasting taxpayer money over there. Nobody wants an actual NATO vs Russia shooting war. And even if the U.S. was to actually push for such a confrontation, the current political configuration in Germany, France and Italy would preclude the major European states from following. With the possible exception of some of the blind generational Russia-haters in Poland (who, evidently, learned nothing from 1939), no one in Europe wants World War III either.

As I have said from the very start of Russia’s successful limited action, there isn’t going to be World War III because Trump and the Patriots are in control. So then, what does “Joe Biden” actually hope to achieve with his alleged visit to Ukraine and his escalation of war talk? The key — the “Rosetta Stone” — to understanding the recent antics of this stumbling, mumbling, bumbling imposter is the realization that he is indeed an imposter acting according to the White Hats’ scripting of events. If you’re not quite “there yet,” (understandable) then our take on his bizarre visit to Kiev won’t make much sense to you. Underlying assumptions are everything. We have to go with our eyes because sight triumphs over incredulity.

*Note: It’s very interesting how the Times headline, described “Biden’s” trip as “surreal and secretive” — with the article describing an “anonymous train” sneaking into Kiev whilst people thought “Biden” had just finished eating at “an Italian restaurant in DC” with his wife.

1. White hat operative “Joe Biden” in skin mask. // 2. Different face and different signature. // 3. Fake White House set.

Is any of this real? “Biden” sneaks out of “an Italian restaurant in DC” to bring his love, his encouragement and US taxpayer money to the little green clown in Ukraine. Doesn’t this actor own an actual suit?

If our take on imitation / CGI “Biden” and no regional / world war is correct, then the next logical question is this: Why is this operative slandering Russia and still encouraging Ukrainian aggression? How does this benefit Trump and “the plan?” There has to be an answer, right? There is, and we think we have a solid hypothesis as to where this cheesy drama is ultimately heading. The clues come to us from Trump’s own statements and Truth Social posts about the Ukrainian situation as well as the recent toxic train derailment in “East Palestine,” Ohio (interesting town name).

The following headlines constitute the key data points.

The Hill


NY Times



Typo “leftover” copied / pasted from (Axios)

“Biden” in Fukraine pissing away US taxpayer money while Trump visits “East Palestine” to give comfort to and supply bottled water (at his own expense) for the forgotten Americans in the heartland? This was NOT a good look for “Biden,” to say the very least. And oh what a contrast between him and the “ex-president” who puts America first! And oh what a “coincidence” that a tiny town called “East Palestine” should feature so prominently in this White Hat pysop. Is this a coded swipe at the deceitful (((usual suspects))) who have always insisted that a place called Palestine never really existed by that name? We now suspect that the train derailment was also part of this play and that it wasn’t really “toxic.”

Another element to this slowly unfolding psyop-for-the-good-of-sleeping-Normiedom is Trump’s repeated claim that he could end the war in the Ukraine quickly and easily. We believe that is exactly what is going to happen, in due time. The only question is, will Trump the Peacemaker “end” the war as a “private citizen” and thus embarrass “Biden” on the “world stage,” — or will peace be achieved after his official return as Commander-in-Chief.

What a movie! Stay tuned, boys and girls.

*Editor’s Note: The never-ending circus of tiresome diversions such as the air balloon drama, the UFOs, the train derailment, the Ukraine visit etc. may not be the Deep State diversions that many of our fellow “conspiracy theorists” suspect. The White Hats also have an interest in diverting the news cycle whilst the investigations and secret arrests — as appear to be supported by unusual air traffic between the US and Gitmo — continue unabated.

The notion that these people suggest that Palestine never existed, its just fucking stupid.

  Xi Has Crushed the CIA Scum of Hong Kong

Times Caption: A show of support in 2021 for 47 Hong Kong democracy advocates charged with subversion. Organized dissent of any kind is now dangerous in the city.

FEBRUARY 06, 2023

NY Times:How China Dealt a ‘Knockout Blow’ to Its Opponents in Hong Kong. Beijing used a national security law to quash dissent. Now another warning is being sent, with the mass trial of what was once Hong Kong’s political opposition.

The former British colony of Hong Kong had been a battleground in the factional war between Xi Jinping and China’s corrupt Shanghai Clique and also the CIA. The “spontaneous” Umbrella Revolution of 2014 (with offshoot protests lasting until 2021) was the last gasp of Deep State subversion in Hong Kong. The Times article – though portraying the cleansing of Hong Kong as some sort of mass “anti-democratic” persecution – reveals for us the totality of Xi’s triumph in Hong Kong:

“Boisterous demonstrations all but disappeared. Newsrooms were raided and shuttered. Labor unions, pro-democracy coalitions and other civil society groups disbanded, one after another.

Chinese officials have used the national security law, as it is called, to crack down on dissent in Hong Kong. In the last two years, more than 200 people have been arrested under the law, and more than 3,000 have been prosecuted on other charges over their roles in anti-government protests.

Xi allowed them to show their cards; then he caught them all and had them charged with subversion. Hong Kong is now at peace, and truly Chinese, as it should be.

Deep State media — in a frantic effort to hold on to their Hong Kong outpost — pimped the “spontaneous” CIA / Soros / Shanghai Clique “student-led” “Umbrella Revolution” protests hard. It failed.

The Shanghai Clique and the CIA stirred up the trouble in Hong Kong and worked to subvert Xi Jinping. The patient and cunning Xi (Trump’s ally) crushed them.

There are many ignorantly sincere mouthpieces from Conservative Inc.  who had seized upon Hong Kong’s “democracy movement” for the purpose of espousing “anti-Communism” (Xi’s dynamic pro-business system is actually fascist, not Marxist!). Ignore these superficial provincial clowns who are so lacking in intuitiveness and inquisitiveness that they failed to take notice that in “standing with Hong Kong” — as they now “stand with Ukraine” — they were making common cause with all of the various Rothschild-Soros Left fronts, the Council on Foreign Relations, Time Magazine, The Economist (UK), The New York Slimes, The Washington Compost, Barack Obongo, Nancy Pelosi, Killary Clinton et al.

Then there are the voices of deliberate deception — those CIA-affiliated disinformation specialists who oh-so-convincingly dwell amongst us on the “far right,” but whose true purpose is to spit at China from another direction. The fast-growing Epoch Times— with its pro-Umbrella Revolution articles and its bizarre anti-China / anti-Xi obsession — falls into this category. The wolves at Epoch — no matter how “pro-Trump” they may “sheep-dip” themselves as — are not to be trusted on certain matters.

As far as we can tell — after monitoring Xi for ten years now — he is on the side of Trump & Putin in this epic war against The New World Order. Hopefully, Xi can liberate the libtarded Globalist-occupied island of Taiwan next. True to form, “conservative” Epoch Times is rabidly pro-Taiwan too.

* Note: The incredibly well-funded Epoch Times and the super-heavily-promoted Shen Yun propaganda spectacles are both owned by the Falun Gong “spiritual movement.” Falun Gong, we are convinced, works with the CIA, and was denounced as an “evil cult” by the Chinese government.

FREE copies of the China-bashing Epoch Times and Shen Yun propaganda ads are everywhere. Who is funding Falun Gong’s slick anti-Xi marketing blitz?

Occult Pics of the Month…

Here we’ll see Madonna thinks she’s Jesus, Harry Styles is being a creep, Jamie Lee Curtis has disturbing art in her home and more proof that mass media is trying hard to normalize everything satanic.

Madonna was recently featured in Vanity Fair. And, as the Grand Priestess of the music industry, was celebrated by basically mocking Christianity.

On the cover of Vanity Fair’s Icon issue, Madonna is depicted as the Virgin Mary. This is nothing new, Madonna has been doing this for decades (her name is a literal reference to the Virgin Mary). However, this photoshoot takes symbolism further. In Christian imagery, the Virgin Mary is sometimes portrayed as sorrowful and in tears, with seven swords piercing her heart. These swords represent the Seven Sorrows of Mary – sad events that marked her life (i.e. the Crucifixion of Jesus). With all of that being said, is this image of the Grand Priestess of the industry co-playing the Virgin Mary blasphemous? Check out this next pic before you decide.

This picture recreates The Last Supper, with Madonna playing the role of Jesus. She’s surrounded by 11 “disciples” (why not 12?) and they’re all women. Well, the second one from the left appears to have a hairy chest, so they probably slipped a transgender disciple in there (even Biblical stories have to comply with the gender-blurring agenda). If you look closely, Madonna is actually standing on the table and she made a mess underneath her. In short, this is all about desecration.

In this picture, Madonna holds hands with some dude wearing a dress. The message: Madonna’s true “religion” is the occult elite’s madness.

As usual, the One Eye Sign was all over the world last month, constantly reminding us that the occult elite controls all facets of mass media and the celebrities it creates. Here is a small fraction of the one-eye signs that popped up in the past weeks.

Cho Gue-sung plays for the South Korean national soccer team. Then, he went viral on social media because of his good looks. It did not take long before Vogue made him hide one eye using a soccer ball. The message: We recognized his star potential and we recruited him.

In 2009, I’ve published an article about a Paramore music video that was blatantly about Monarch programming. In that article, I’ve pointed out that Hailey Williams does the one-eye sign constantly. Thirteen years later, Williams released a new album … and it 100% revolves around the one-eye sign.

The cover of Hayley Williams’ album Petals for Armor emphasizes one of her eyes in a very clever and creative way (sarcasm). But wait, maybe the cover has nothing to do with the one-eye sign. Maybe it’s just “art” that I’m too dumb to get. Let’s look at another pic from the album.

A big, fat, unmistakable one-eye sign. 

Fortnite is played by millions of children around the world. Promo material of the video game’s latest season heavily revolves around the one-eye sign. The message: The occult elite is definitely not ignoring video games in its quest for total media control.

Time and time again, this site has proven that luxury brands are 100% on board with the occult elite’s symbolism and sick agendas (see Balenciaga). And Gucci keeps releasing highly symbolic (and highly questionable material).

Everything about this pic from Gucci’s “Cosmogenie” campaign is Masonic: The Masonic checkerboard pattern floor, the 90 degrees position of the model’s feet, the white gloves, the arch, and the two pillars. In short, Gucci is paying homage to its occult elite owners.

Gucci’s HA HA HA campaign featured Harry Styles looking like some pedo weirdo who stands around while wearing a t-shirt with a teddy bear on it. And, for no reason at all, there’s a baby crib mattress in the background. Why?

Why is there so much emphasis on that toddler mattress? Why do they insist on being creepy with kiddie stuff?

Speaking of which, Dust magazine is constantly weird and creepy with children.

The cover of this issue of Dust features the gloved hands of an adult forcing open the eyes of a child. There’s nothing “cute” about this thing – it points directly to abuse.

This is another Dust cover from a few years ago. It features industry witch Marina Abramovic creepily covering the eyes of a shirtless child. They’re telling you what the occult elite is doing to children.

For some reason, people in and around Hollywood cannot stay away from “art” depicting children in strange, bizarre settings.

Jamie Lee Curtis posted on Instagram some pictures of her house. Nearly all of the comments went in the same direction: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT PICTURE ON THE WALL?

The picture depicts a naked child awkwardly crammed inside a tub (or something). After some backlash, Curtis deleted the post and claimed that the “artist” who did this was the child’s mother. Whatever. The real question is: Who in their right mind even thinks of purchasing such a thing to hang in an office space?

There’s a new lounge in Dubai and it’s very cool and trendy. The name: Illuminati. The logo: The occult elite’s favorite symbols.

Located at V Habtoor Hotel, Illuminati is touted as “UAE’s first luxury experiential lounge”. I guess the “experience” revolves around a bunch of Sick Fuckers taking selfies in a setting that regurgitates the rituals and symbols of the occult elite. 

The city of Boston recently unveiled a sculpture dedicated to Martin Luther King. Its name: “Embrace Boston”. Despite its name, nobody embraced this thing. Some claim that it looks like a penis while others say it looks like a turd. No matter on which side of this debate you side with, this thing actually “embraces” an important aspect of the elite’s agenda. Last year, I posted the 1963 List Of Communist Goals which describes how to destroy a nation from within. Here are two of these goals: 22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.” This is what the sculpture is truly about.