Q and Trump’s House Agents Coming for the Bidens ?

The new GOP majority won’t be sworn in for another 6 weeks, but they are already attacking “Biden” very aggressively on some VERY serious matters.

NOVEMBER 18, 2022

NY Times:

Republicans Lay Out Biden Investigations

The Biden administration has been bracing for congressional investigations, cognizant of the serious political threat posed by even a narrow Republican majority in the House.

In a recent “keep your chin up” ANYT article published after the disappointing “Red Splash” Congressional Election results, we wrote:

“Republicans still seem on track to win control of the House — a position from which investigative committees (chaired by MAGA operatives) may launch attacks. — As was the case during the demoralizing post-2020 Election period, it is likely that more such “benefits” and revelations from the November 8th fraud will become visible as 20/20 hindsight kicks in during the coming days and weeks.”  (emphasis just added)

It’s already happening (toot-toot — nailed one this time). After NINE days of “counting,” the razor-thin Republican capture of the House is now “official” (proving that the White Hats are indeed capable of blocking just enough voter fraud when they need to).  The New York Slimes explains what is about to happen:

“Hours after winning control of the House, Republicans began laying out plans on Thursday for investigations of President Biden, his administration and his family. On Capitol Hill, the incoming Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Representative James R. Comer of Kentucky, said the panel would focus on trying to link Mr. Biden to the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. (emphasis added)

1. Powerful Chairman Elect James Comer belongs to Trump. // 2. Headline above — from Democrat.org — says it all.

The reality of a hard-core Trump operative chairing a House Oversight Committee — a powerful body with broad subpoena powers — investigating Hunter Biden‘s vast criminal dealings and laptop (“accidentally” left at a repair shop) — with all its explosive child sex & drug imagery — portends that we are about to enter the tape-delay-for-normies phase of “The Storm” which has already taken down much of the Deep State. The imposter “Joe Biden” is about to face the make-believe political and personal destruction which the real Biden (and many others) are or have already received at Gitmo Bay prison.

Do not worry about RINO Republicans watering this down and mucking it up. We say that with supreme confidence because the roster of the soon-to-be-in-control majority Republicans on this committee reads like a “Who’s Who” of MAGA “extremists,” each endorsed by Trump himself. In addition to Chairman Comer, we have Jim Jordan (OH), Paul Gosar (AZ), Jody Hice (GA), Virginia Foxx (NC), Michael Cloud (TX) and — as confirmed by the soon-to-be Chairman Comer himself — the fire-breathing Q Anon Princess Margorie Taylor Greene (GA) will be added to the committee in January! Before the rise of Trump (and pre Q) these were the type of marginalized “far right”  Republicans who would consider themselves fortunate to be even holding a House seat at all — let alone be permitted to serve on such an important committee. But now, these “extremists” will soon be wielding unanimous majority control of the powerful body.

* Note: The one wishy-washy Republican RINO on the committee, Bob Gibbs (OH), decided to “retire” after a Trump-endorsed candidate was suddenly pitted in a primary race against him a few months ago. How conveeenient!

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy WAS Establishment scum, but The Donald — who openly mocks him as “My Kevin” — has owned his ass ever since 2019 (think Senator Geary in “The Godfather II). McCarthy is also threatening Biden now.

It could get very bad for the Biden Crime Family. Scenes of sadistic rape and battering of prepubescent Chinese girls — perpetrated by the drug-mad, money-mad and easily blackmail-able Hunter Biden — are said to be on that laptop —

After 5 years of patient and cunning maneuvering, all of The Donald’s “conspiracy theorists” are now in position to steer the investigations of the House Oversight Committee.

This all links back to a number of “prophetic” Q posts from years past which foretold of Biden being hunted down (presumably by Trump’s House Oversight agents) in an investigation which will likely, in due course, unravel money laundering, bribery and human sex trafficking on an immense level that will shock the world and lead to the ignominious end of “Joe Biden” — and so many others linked to The Ukraine crime scene.

Most compelling was that pair of Q posts which asked, rhetorically,  what would happen if Biden were to become elected and all the Ukraine and China dirt then surfaced while he was president. In hindsight (“future proves past”) that proves that Q / The White Hats knewin advance that “Biden” was going to be elected “by fraud” (which they permitted and monitored) in 2020, and then to eventually be destroyed via an investigation into his dirty business dealings. “It had to be this way,” as Q often says.

Trust the plan? Hell yes. No matter what the unpredictable twists and turns may be, the general advance of the White Hats (and corresponding retreat of the Globalists) remains clearly discernible and observable. It’s sounding very Q-ish now — and getting very real. Yall’ Sunshine Patriots may want to hop back aboard the Q Train at the next stop — whilst ye of the whiny Backseat “Are We There Yet” Chorus pipe down and take a nap for a while.

Just one month before the 2020 Presidential Election — a contest which all of Q Anondom was absolutely certain that Trump was going to win in a landslide — Q cryptically told us (posts 4821 & 4822) that Biden / “Biden”  would be installed and then taken down over his family’s crooked deals. We weren’t listening because we weren’t expecting such an amazing twist in “the movie.”

Recent Q Post, pre-election day 2022, Nov 6: Q — evidently knowing that the House would go Republican (in spite of the massive fraud) targets Hunter and Joe Biden —- and now, Trump’s House Oversight Committee will be doing exactly that.

The Trump-DeSantis “Split?” — Real, or Staged?

A Trump-DeSantis “Split?”

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

NY Times Headlines:

Trump Under Fire From Within G.O.P. After Midterms
*Trump Threatens to Reveal Unflattering Information About DeSantis if He Runs*The Trump-DeSantis Feud Just Got Worse

From whence this sudden love and hype from the Marxist Media for the very conservative and just re-elected Governor of Florida, Ronald DeSantis? Also joining the “DeSantis is the Future” parade are certain luminaries of the Conservative Inc. talkacracy and some “conservative” Republicans. The spin of these shysters — be they from the Left or the controlled Right — goes something like this: “Election 2022 was a disaster for Trump but a great triumph for DeSantis. It’s time to move on past Election Denial and look to the future.”

Of course, the real agenda here is to get rid of Trump. Even if DeSantis is “legit,” he is simply not the force of nature that Trump is, and therefore, would be easier to defeat (especially after alienating Trump loyalists) or at least easier to control. DeSantis’s role in this manufactured “feud” is not clear. He may be an innocent party — or he may be secretly working with Trump (the man who made him) — or he may have developed higher ambitions of his own now. But as for Trump, it seems obvious to us that he is once again baiting his internal enemies (who never seem to learn any lessons) into yet another mole hunt — not unlike the great smoke-em-out of post-January 6th.

On consecutive days, the “conservative” New York Post exalted DeSantis (DeFuture) and then proclaimed the end of “Trumpty Dumpty.”

1. “Conservative” Ben Shapiro (cough cough) wasted no time in blaming Trump for the “disaster” which actually flipped the House for MAGA and probably the Senate too. // 2. Make-believe Trumper Mike Cernovich flipped quickly as well, telling 1 Million Twitter followers: “The country doesn’t care about the 2020 election. Trump can’t move on, oh well. Bye. We don’t have to suck up to him anymore.” // 3. Kayleigh McEnany (Trump’s former press secretary & current FOX News star) said that DeSantis should be invited to campaign for Herschel Walker for the Georgia runoff in December, but would not say if Trump should be. (here)

It was Trump who initiated the “feud” by referring to DeSantis as “DeSanctimonious” at one of his rallies. The comment surprised and confused the audience because DeSantis is highly regarded in MAGAland, and he has never given any indication that he opposes Trump. Like a cat foolishly chasing a laser pointer, the Deep State took Trump’s bait and created the “Trump-DeSantis” split which, like every other “get Trump” initiative, will also fail because Trump was behind it all along.

In the meantime, never forget what The Donald said to Charlie Rose on his PBS show way back in 1992:

“I used to say that someday I’d like to maybe lose everything for a period of time, just to see who is loyal and who is not loyal... You can’t guess it. You really can’t predict it. You think certain people would be loyal no matter what, and it turns out that they are not.”

“I’m so loyal to people, that when somebody is slightly disloyal to me, I look upon it as a great act of horror…… I love getting even with people. Given the opportunity, I will get even with people who are disloyal to me.”

Let us see what other ambitious scoundrels, cowardly weaklings and hidden traitors will imprudently hop aboard the DeSantis 2024 bandwagon in the coming weeks and months.

1. Trump’s laser pointer makes the media cats do whatever he wants them to do. // 2. Trump, 1992: “You really can’t predict it. You think certain people would be loyal no matter what, and it turns out that they are not.” (video here)