Bolsonaro and Lake Target Election Fraud

NOVEMBER 23, 2022

NY Times:

The Question Menacing Brazil: Coup or No Coup?

 Kari Lake Claims Arizona Voters Were Disenfranchised.

Since the widespread 1800’s inception of this political system referred to as “democracy” (a form of government in which the predatory “elite” utilize vote-seeking political front men to allow the manipulated masses to think that they are in charge) Marxists and run-of-the-mill crooks worldwide — under the protection of Fake News — have resorted to voter fraud to enhance their numbers. And following every stolen election, intimidated conservatives / centrists — “for the good of the country” — have always stood down and “graciously” congratulated their opponents — sometimes after meekly expressing “concerns” about “irregularities” before capitulating nonetheless. You see, nobody wants to be flogged by the screeching surround-sound Judenpresse for being a “sore loser” or a “conspiracy theorist,”. As surely as night follows day, a “right wing” capitulation always follows a “left wing” election theft. Until now, that is.

Seven weeks have passed since the Brazilian presidential election was stolen, and two weeks have passed since the farce in Arizona. Not only have the two key defrauded figures, Trump allies Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Kari Lake of Arizona NOT capitulated — but they are now escalating the situation. Arizona and Brazil are poised to bust the international vote rigging phenomenon wide open — and we believe this is by pre-planned design of the White Hats.

1. Every Election Day, the dead rise to vote for the  Demonrat ticket. // 2. The “Brazilian Trump” // 3. The Arizonan Trumpette


Claiming “serous failures” in the voting machines, Bolsonaro — backed by millions of Brazilians who have taken to the streets to demand military intervention — has just filed a legal petition demanding that the votes from many of the machines be annulled. Citing analysis done by a company hired by his party, the complaint asserts that removing the illegitimate votes would give Bolsonaro the victory. The Globalists are now frantically spinning in defense of the voting machines — which only calls more attention to the troubling fact that elections in many countries have come to be so dominated by hackable or programmable machines now. In pointing to the machines, Bolsonaro — who began warning of voter fraud over a year before what many had expected to be his easy re-election — is taking this controversy to a place no other national leader has heretofore dared to go. The parallels between Trump’s “helpless” advance warning of 2020 and the final result and Bolsonaro’s exact repeat of the act indicate that these were both sting operations. Keep your eye on Brazil.


Also citing failures in the voting machines, as well as chicanery with the ballots, the lovely Lake — along with “defeated” Attorney General candidate Abe Hamedeh and “defeated” Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem — are also mounting a legal challenge and showing zero signs of capitulation. To the contrary, Ms. Lake — who revealed just yesterday, on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, that she is in communication with Trump over this matter — is openly threatening Arizona officials with dire consequences if they go ahead and certify the results. Lawyers working for Lake have also threatened Maricopa County officials (here). We did a piece on these Trump-approved “election denier”Arizona “bad asses” back in August. (here) Like Bolsonaro’s boys in Brazil — and totally unlike Republican’ts of years ago – the Arizona trio ain’t having it. Keep your eye on Arizona.

No Surrender! Bolsonaro and Lake are actually intensifying their respective (and likely coordinated) fights.

Kari Lake’s post from November 23rd talks about a “crime” and ongoing coverup— not incompetence or glitches.

Tying this all in to our favorite prophet / prognosticator — Q of Q Anon fame — his most recent post of November 18th preceded both the announcement of the Bolsonaro legal challenge in Brazil and the escalation of the threats coming from Lake & friends in Arizona. A bit of clarification of some of the terms in that post:

* “Runbeck” is an Arizona-based ballot printing company headed by Kevin Runbecka Demonrat donor.

* “Dominion” Voting Systems  provides electronic voting machines and tabulators.

“SOS” refers to the 50 state “Secretaries of State” — an important position which oversees elections and, dating back to 2006, had been specifically targeted for infiltration by a George Soros scheme known as the Secretary of State Project.

“Ascension”(don’t quote us on this one) has been claimed by some “anons” to refer to a space program which has been monitoring computer-based fraud.

As always, keep your eye on Q, just in case…

Q and Trump’s House Agents Coming for the Bidens ?

The new GOP majority won’t be sworn in for another 6 weeks, but they are already attacking “Biden” very aggressively on some VERY serious matters.

NOVEMBER 18, 2022

NY Times:

Republicans Lay Out Biden Investigations

The Biden administration has been bracing for congressional investigations, cognizant of the serious political threat posed by even a narrow Republican majority in the House.

In a recent “keep your chin up” ANYT article published after the disappointing “Red Splash” Congressional Election results, we wrote:

“Republicans still seem on track to win control of the House — a position from which investigative committees (chaired by MAGA operatives) may launch attacks. — As was the case during the demoralizing post-2020 Election period, it is likely that more such “benefits” and revelations from the November 8th fraud will become visible as 20/20 hindsight kicks in during the coming days and weeks.”  (emphasis just added)

It’s already happening (toot-toot — nailed one this time). After NINE days of “counting,” the razor-thin Republican capture of the House is now “official” (proving that the White Hats are indeed capable of blocking just enough voter fraud when they need to).  The New York Slimes explains what is about to happen:

“Hours after winning control of the House, Republicans began laying out plans on Thursday for investigations of President Biden, his administration and his family. On Capitol Hill, the incoming Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Representative James R. Comer of Kentucky, said the panel would focus on trying to link Mr. Biden to the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. (emphasis added)

1. Powerful Chairman Elect James Comer belongs to Trump. // 2. Headline above — from — says it all.

The reality of a hard-core Trump operative chairing a House Oversight Committee — a powerful body with broad subpoena powers — investigating Hunter Biden‘s vast criminal dealings and laptop (“accidentally” left at a repair shop) — with all its explosive child sex & drug imagery — portends that we are about to enter the tape-delay-for-normies phase of “The Storm” which has already taken down much of the Deep State. The imposter “Joe Biden” is about to face the make-believe political and personal destruction which the real Biden (and many others) are or have already received at Gitmo Bay prison.

Do not worry about RINO Republicans watering this down and mucking it up. We say that with supreme confidence because the roster of the soon-to-be-in-control majority Republicans on this committee reads like a “Who’s Who” of MAGA “extremists,” each endorsed by Trump himself. In addition to Chairman Comer, we have Jim Jordan (OH), Paul Gosar (AZ), Jody Hice (GA), Virginia Foxx (NC), Michael Cloud (TX) and — as confirmed by the soon-to-be Chairman Comer himself — the fire-breathing Q Anon Princess Margorie Taylor Greene (GA) will be added to the committee in January! Before the rise of Trump (and pre Q) these were the type of marginalized “far right”  Republicans who would consider themselves fortunate to be even holding a House seat at all — let alone be permitted to serve on such an important committee. But now, these “extremists” will soon be wielding unanimous majority control of the powerful body.

* Note: The one wishy-washy Republican RINO on the committee, Bob Gibbs (OH), decided to “retire” after a Trump-endorsed candidate was suddenly pitted in a primary race against him a few months ago. How conveeenient!

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy WAS Establishment scum, but The Donald — who openly mocks him as “My Kevin” — has owned his ass ever since 2019 (think Senator Geary in “The Godfather II). McCarthy is also threatening Biden now.

It could get very bad for the Biden Crime Family. Scenes of sadistic rape and battering of prepubescent Chinese girls — perpetrated by the drug-mad, money-mad and easily blackmail-able Hunter Biden — are said to be on that laptop —

After 5 years of patient and cunning maneuvering, all of The Donald’s “conspiracy theorists” are now in position to steer the investigations of the House Oversight Committee.

This all links back to a number of “prophetic” Q posts from years past which foretold of Biden being hunted down (presumably by Trump’s House Oversight agents) in an investigation which will likely, in due course, unravel money laundering, bribery and human sex trafficking on an immense level that will shock the world and lead to the ignominious end of “Joe Biden” — and so many others linked to The Ukraine crime scene.

Most compelling was that pair of Q posts which asked, rhetorically,  what would happen if Biden were to become elected and all the Ukraine and China dirt then surfaced while he was president. In hindsight (“future proves past”) that proves that Q / The White Hats knewin advance that “Biden” was going to be elected “by fraud” (which they permitted and monitored) in 2020, and then to eventually be destroyed via an investigation into his dirty business dealings. “It had to be this way,” as Q often says.

Trust the plan? Hell yes. No matter what the unpredictable twists and turns may be, the general advance of the White Hats (and corresponding retreat of the Globalists) remains clearly discernible and observable. It’s sounding very Q-ish now — and getting very real. Yall’ Sunshine Patriots may want to hop back aboard the Q Train at the next stop — whilst ye of the whiny Backseat “Are We There Yet” Chorus pipe down and take a nap for a while.

Just one month before the 2020 Presidential Election — a contest which all of Q Anondom was absolutely certain that Trump was going to win in a landslide — Q cryptically told us (posts 4821 & 4822) that Biden / “Biden”  would be installed and then taken down over his family’s crooked deals. We weren’t listening because we weren’t expecting such an amazing twist in “the movie.”

Recent Q Post, pre-election day 2022, Nov 6: Q — evidently knowing that the House would go Republican (in spite of the massive fraud) targets Hunter and Joe Biden —- and now, Trump’s House Oversight Committee will be doing exactly that.

The Red Splash Turns Purple? Don’t Worry.

NOVEMBER 14, 2022

NY Times Headlines:

How the 2022 Midterms Became a Squeaker

Democrats Hold the Senate, as Cortez Masto Ekes Out a Victory in Nevada

The rank & file of Trumplandia — yours truly included — were disappointed when last week’s anticipated Red Tsunami broke ashore as only a Red Splash. Now, after SIX full days of “discovering” ballots — almost all of them for Demonrats — even that Red Splash has turned neutral purplish as Trump helplessly declares “Fraud! —  Machines Rigged! — It’s 2020 all over again!” — on his social media platform.

The unexpected turn-of-events is so demoralizing that this time around, it’s not just the Sunshine Patriots and the usual members of the whiny Backseat “Are We There Yet” Chorus who are frantically pulling the stop wire on the Trump Train. Some heretofore patriotic stout hearts are, quite understandably, losing hope. Not us.

As was the case after the predicted Trump victory that didn’t happen in 2020, I misread the timing of an ending which is not for us to know yet. To somehow conclude from erroneous forecasts (which we should have refrained from) that the “Bad Guys” therefore have won the war is a classic example of a “non sequitur” (a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous  statement.)

Never forget that “The Storm” is a sophisticated, multi-year, international military operation (a war, in essence) and NOT a political movement. Though the political component of this war is an essential subordinate element, of course — it is Trump and the Military Intel White Hats — not the digital army, nor our favorite politicians — who control the adaptable timetable and constantly use misdirection plays so clever that even we the faithful get thrown off from time to time.

1. Media mockery over Trump’s failed Red Wave is intended to demoralize you. Why allow the enemy into your head? // 2. The Cabal’s 250-year-old worldwide Mafia is not something that can be so easily uprooted in a few years. // 3. The Q Boys work on their tactics and their timeline, not ours.

Let us assess — with neither false hope nor impatient pessimism — where we are today versus one week ago:

* The emergency Military Government — hiding behind an imposter “Joe Biden” and an imposter “Nancy Pelosi” — remains in place. If the election didn’t change that, then how can one say that “we lost?”
Republicans still seem on track to win control of the House — a position from which investigative committees (chaired by MAGA operatives) may launch attacks.
Numerous Republican politicians and “conservative” influencers (Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Ben Shapiro, New York Post, Candace Owens, Winsome Sears, Trey Gowdy, Mo Brooks et al) were induced into outing themselves by turning against the “defeated” Trump. This smoke-out is invaluable to Trump and the movement.
Many Republican cowards at the federal, state & local levels — too afraid or simply unwilling to even speak out, let alone legally contest, this latest election fraud are also revealing themselves as useless and expendable.
More people than ever before (over 60% according to a Rasmussen poll) now believe that the electoral system is prone to fraud and badly in need of reform. The media lie about “The Big Lie” is all but finished after this latest fiasco.
Further economic hardships may be unavoidable in 2023 – no matter who controls Congress. Best to allow the coming difficulties to continue to be blamed on stumbling mumbling “Biden” and the Demonrats — and the Fed — ( which Q, just 3 days ago, threatened to “put an end to”) — until the death blow is ready to be delivered.

As was the case during the demoralizing post-2020 Election period, it is likely that more such “benefits” and revelations from the November 8th fraud (which we believe was thoroughly monitored and documented by the White Hats) will become visible as 20/20 hindsight kicks in during the coming days and weeks. Evil is still being slowly exposed to more and more sleeping normies every day.

To those who say:

“But they already have all the evidence of voter fraud from 2018 & 2020. Why not just end these sons of bitches NOW?!

A logical response, in terms of a football analogy, might be:

“Against an adversary this powerful, this resourceful, and this deceptive, it would be prudent to continue attacking and running up the score — rather than replacing the starters with the second string and running out the clock.”

Hold the line, patriots. Trump is holding the cards, and he is NOT going to quit on us. That’s a forecast that we will make.

Trey Gowdy — Candace Owens — Paul Joseph Watson —- Just a few of the “far right” influencers who were smoked out after the election “disaster” as activated rats disloyal to Trump.

The entrenched NWO will come roaring back to supremacy the moment the White Hats take the boot off of their necks. Running up the score (evidence gathering) as if the game is still tied is the wise approach. // 2. It is not yet time to deliver the “knockout” blow.

The Red Splash

NOVEMBER 09, 2022

NY Times:

Republicans Gain Ground in Push to Take House as Democrats Hold Off Red Wave

Republicans picked up momentum in their drive for the House majority, but Democrats held crucial seats, dashing projections of a blood bath

The happy news: MAGA Republicans (not neo-cons / RINO’s) will soon control the US House of Representatives – the most powerful branch (on paper, at least) of the Federal government. This will give Trump’s soldiers control of committees and formidable powers of investigation into things like voter fraud. The other House of Congress — the US Senate — may also break Republican, pending a December runoff vote in Georgia.

The disappointing news: The highly anticipated ‘Red Wave” mass destruction of the Demonrat Party did not materialize — as evident and rampant voter fraud again took place from coast to coast.

So, what does this “Red Splash” all mean? Looking at this matter logically, either the “Patriots Are In Control” — or they are NOT in control (or perhaps some point in between?) If the “White Hats” have the upper hand, then we may infer that the Great Election Theft of 2022 — just like that of 2020 — was allowed to happen for a higher purpose. Or, perhaps the Deep State retains many pillars of strength. Members of the whiny “Are We There Yet?” back seat chorus (who began barraging me late last night) may not wish to hear this; but we shall still have to wait until the end of the movie to know precisely how the movie ends.

On an optimistic note, Q’s posts of November 7 & 8 — coordinated with Trump own “truths” on election day — gave clear, last minute warning of the coming voter fraud. This indicates that the fraud was again induced and allowed to happen for a higher purpose, perhaps (if we’re reading Q correctly), some sort of military intervention.

The fact remains that many prominent Deep Staters have already been removed from the world stage and disappeared as the NWO crime syndicate grows weaker by the day. So let’s everybody just settle down, stop whining and see what plays out. An unexpected twist in the road does not a dead-end make.

Will The Brazilian Military Save The Day?

NOVEMBER 03, 2022

NY Times:

Refusing to Accept Defeat, Bolsonaro Backers Call on Military to Intervene

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in cities across Brazil, many of them demanding that the military stop the transfer of power to President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

With each passing day, what we are able to piece together from faraway Brazil points more and more toward a controlled military operation in which the Left was purposefully induced into stealing a presidential election. It’s essentially USA 2020 all over again — the difference being that military intervention appears to be more imminent and not at all covert. The Slimes article itself, though condescending and dismissive in its attitude toward the Bolsonaro voters, describes the military dynamic at play:

“They arrived by the tens of thousands on Wednesday, angry and draped in Brazilian flags, massing outside military bases across the country. They were there, they said, to save Brazil’s democracy from a rigged election, and there was only one way to do so: The armed forces needed to take control of the government.

It was an alarming demand in a country that suffered under a two-decade military dictatorship until 1985 — and yet another bizarre twist in the aftermath of Brazil’s polarizing elections.”

The great danger for the Left here lies in the fact that if a military intervention establishes that massive fraud took place, it will call into question election results in countries across the world — for any election in which a Marxist-Globalist candidate won.

The prospect of a military intervention in Brazil offers us a “teachable moment”  about the good old days of those Latin American military “juntas” who knew how to deal with “subversivos.” One such coup occurred in Brazil, in 1964 — and the military rulers remained in oversight of the nation until 1985.

Concerns over Brazilian President Joao Goulart began in 1962, during the presidency of John F Kennedy. JFK worried over Brazil’s slide toward the Marxist Left and concluded that the US should support military forces in opposition to Goulart. At first, the Kennedy administration attempted to work with Goulart and convince him to change his political views and policies to a more pro-Western system. In December 1962, Bobby Kennedy flew to Brazil to meet with Goulart. The two spoke for three hours, with Kennedy outlining “the presence of Communists” as the main American objection to his government.

In March 1963, Kennedy gave Goulart a choice: either he could remove the commie politicians from political power, or the United States would put economic pressure on Brazil. During the final months of 1963, the Kennedy administration began to search for paramilitary forces capable of overthrowing the Goulart government. JFK was assassinated in November of that year, but the coup-plotting continued.

In the early hours of March 31, 1964, General Olímpio Mourão Filho, Commander of the 4th Military Region, ordered his troops to start moving towards Rio de Janeiro.  In the early hours of April 2 the National Congress declared the presidency to be vacant. The leaders of the Senate and the Supreme Federal Tribunal swore in Pascoal Ranieri Mazzilli, as president as the Leftist Goulart exiled himself in Uruguay.

A year after the coup, the Brazilian Communist Party was banned in 1965 — and not legalized again until 1985. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about the glorious coup of 1964 — “in a nutshell.”

Red Wave Incoming! Media Even Accepts It Now

OCTOBER 21, 2022

NY Times:
 Will Gas Prices Doom Democracy?


NY Times: 
Why Republicans Are Surging


One can always tell when the Kosher Cabal is sensing a legitimate threat to its interests by noting those occasions when its token “conservatives” suddenly close ranks by joining the standard Marxist elements. The pair of NY Times stories headlined above – one by open Leftist Paul Krugman — and the other by in-house “Reagan conservative” David Brooks – represent just such a case. Both of these greaseballs not only know that a “Red Wave” Trumpian Republican landslide of epic proportions is due to hit in less than three weeks; but they are evidently so resigned to its inevitability that, rather than deny it,  have chosen to pre-spin the reasons for what is about to happen — with Krugman blaming it on the fluke of high gas prices, and Brooks explaining it as the consequence of clever Republican “class warfare” demagoguery.

Brooks wraps his explanation — which is essentially correct — in with a bit of sarcasm:

The Trumpified G.O.P. deserves to be a marginalized and disgraced force in American life. But I’ve been watching people like Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor in Arizona, tell a very clear class/culture/status war narrative in which common-sense Americans are being assaulted by elite progressives who let the homeless take over the streets, teach sex ed to 5-year-olds, manufacture fake news, run woke corporations, open the border and refuse to do anything about fentanyl deaths and the sorts of things that affect regular people.”

Krugman, also correctly, blames gasoline prices and inflation for the coming end of “democracy.”

“Will the price of gasoline — a price that has very little to do with which party controls the government — nonetheless determine the outcome of the midterm elections, and quite possibly the fate of American democracy?

This year there has been a strong correlation between the price of gasoline and political polls. Americans have been shocked by a sudden surge in inflation.”

Inflation and “wokeness” are indeed killing the Demonrats. Where this devious duo go off of the rails is in suggesting that the Ds ought not be blamed for any of this. The voters know better.

No point in celebrating until the event happens — but neither is there any harm in noting that all statistical indicators are pointing toward the mysterious “D5” event — which Q repeatedly and cryptically foretold in 2018 — as a reference to this moment in time. The D5 was not December 5th of some year (as many of us Q buffs had once speculated), but rather, it seems, a description of the most severe category of avalanches. A D5 snow avalanche is so rare and so severe, that it can actually alter the landscape — a “landslide” — get it?

The D5 indicators — induced by the deliberate buffonery and extremism of the imposter “Joe Biden” with a lot of help from White Hat Jerome Powell’s inflation-fueling / market-crashing Federal Reserve — are by now so conspicuous that even the frightened Judenpresse can’t spin it away — as the “mainstream news” headline show.

The economic and societal pain that it took to bring the nation to this point over the course of the past 3 years was, and is, the unfortunate and unavoidable “collateral damage” associated with warfare. The alternative of a military coup would have led to a splitting of the military and a Spanish Civil War scenario — a bloodbath. Again, as Q had posted on several post occasions post 2020: “It had to be this way.”  And so it is.

Be sure to get out there and vote against anyone with the D-for-Devil after his / her / its name — even at the local freeholder or dog-catcher level. The D5 Red Wave should mark the beginning of the final act of this nerve-wracking movie. Lets give Messrs. Krugman and Brooks something to really “Oy vey” about!

Italian Election Rocks the New World Order!

“Thank You Italy.”

SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

NY Times:
  Giorgia Meloni Wins Voting in Italy, in Breakthrough for Europe’s Hard Right


Mamma Mia! The screams of Bolshevik butt-hurt emanating from the press over the election of a “far right” female Prime Minister in Italy are reverberating throughout the hollowed heads of western Libtardia. From the opening paragraph of the Times’ Jason Horowitz whine-a-thon:

“Italy turned a page of European history on Sunday by electing a hard-right coalition led by Giorgia Meloni, whose long record of bashing the European Union, international bankers and migrants has sown concern about the nation’s reliability in the Western alliance. Ms. Meloni, the leader of the nationalist Brothers of Italy, a party descended from the remnants of fascism, had led a right-wing coalition to a majority in Parliament, defeating a fractured left.” (emphasis added)

Hmmm. No “hurrahs” for the 45-year-old Giorgia “breaking the glass ceiling” to become the first female Prime Ministerette of macho Italy? Come on now, Whorowitz. This is the type of “historic”  fluff you girlie boys usually get all warm and tingly about, is it not? Youse guys had such a hard-on for “strong women” like Killary, the Frumpy Frau of Germany and that trans donkey down in New Zealand. How about a little love for the Italian babe?

1. “Hard right” — “fascist” — “far right” — male chauvinist pig Horrorshitz has nothing good to say about Giorgia Meloni and her coalition partners. // 2. Meloni:
 “When you no longer have roots, you are  a slave. And when you are a slave, you serve the interests of Soros.”  // 3. The Globalist Press has Giorgia on its mind.

Although the success of the “far right” in Sweden’s elections last week came as delightful news, it doesn’t compare to what just occurred in Italy for the simple reason that Italy is one of Europe’s largest states (pop: 60 million) and largest economies. If Italy “turns its back” (or even just turns sideways) on NATO and the EU, the whole house of NWO cards may topple in Europe — exactly as Q had — when the idea of such a thing seemed unimaginable — accurately forecast as far back as 2017. That being said, infertile, ageing, corrupted and factionalized Italy, like Sweden, still may not be salvageable domestically.

I support the idea of women as political leaders (why not). We should acknowledge this, in a democracy, the placing of softer female masks on the face of the big bad “far right” has certain strategic advantages. And as far as we can tell, Signora Meloni — mother of one out-of-wedlock child by her “significant other” — seems solid in both her political and social positions as she is passionate. Meloni’s political activism dates back to her student days and has been what (((they))) would describe as “fascist” — though she seems to have “moderated” (rolling eyes) in recent years.

We’ll let the lady speak for herself — and then you’ll understand why the likes of Mr. Whorowitz are horrified:

* Giorgia Meloni on God, Family & Country:

A question: “Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it is our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves.

They attack national identity, they attack religious identity. They attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No. I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number. Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators — the perfect consumer.

That is the reason why we inspire so much fear. Because we do not want to be numbers. We will defend the value of the human being because every person has a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable… and like it or not, that is sacred.

We will defend God, country, and family. Those things that disgust people so much. We will do it to defend our freedom because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of financial speculators. That is our mission. That is why I came here today.”

Tell it, Giorgia. Tell it! — Good Christian? well, marry the father of your daughter.

1. When the men are lacking, women must sometimes step up —Meloni with Le Pen of France — who may herself, in the near future, assume high office in France. // 2. If Italy exits the EU — or even just begins to ignore some its dictates — the cherished post WW2 project of the Globalists will, in essence, cease to exist in any meaningful way.