RFK Jr. Announces 2024 Campaign

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday in Boston, his family’s longtime base of power, announcing his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

NY Times: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Makes His White House Run Official
Robert Kennedy Jr. was nearly 10 years old when his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, had his head blown off by CIA-Mossad snipers on November 22, 1963. He was 14 1/2 years old when his father, Robert Kennedy Sr. was murdered by the same Cabal (framing a Palestinian) while on his way to the US presidency in 1968. So, for RFK Jr. — much like his cousin JFK Jr. (murdered by Killary Clinton’s Mafia in 1999) — this struggle against The Cabal is deeply personal. Because we have long believed that RFK Jr. is in league with Trump and the Q team, the announcement of his presidential campaign for 2024 ought not be taken seriously. Instead, it should be interpreted as a strategic flanking attack upon the “bad guys” coming from within the ranks of well-meaning, semi-sane but deluded Democrat voters.

Naturally, this type of historical context would be omitted from a Slimes article. After all, JFK and RFK were each killed by a “lone nut gunman,” and John-John was a reckless pilot, dontcha’ know? (rolling eyes) But the Slimes’ lies of omission — the most effective type of lie there is — don’t end there. The juiciest parts of RFK Jr.’s announcement speech were completely ignored. Here’s an example of the media template controlled crap fed to the readers:

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced a presidential campaign on Wednesday built on re-litigating Covid-19 shutdowns and shaking Americans’ faith in science.

In a rambling speech lasting nearly two hours, Mr. Kennedy, 69, …. aimed criticisms at the pharmaceutical industry. … For Mr. Kennedy, the cause is vaccine skepticism, which he cloaked in terms of truth-seeking and free speech, a crusade that in the past led him to falsely link childhood vaccines to autism. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, he sought to undermine public trust in vaccines…. Both Facebook and Instagram took down accounts of a group he runs for spreading medical misinformation.

Family members have accused Mr. Kennedy of sowing distrust in the science behind vaccines. His campaign has appalled members of his famous Democratic clan.”

Crazy, single-issue, anti-vax, “conspiracy theorist” Uncle Bobby who doesn’t understand science. But is that really all there was to his “rambling speech” and to his campaign?

Robert Kennedy Jr. was nearly 10 years old when his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, had his head blown off by CIA-Mossad snipers on November 22, 1963. He was 14 1/2 years old when his father, Robert Kennedy Sr. was murdered by the same Cabal (framing a Palestinian) while on his way to the US presidency in 1968. So, for RFK Jr. — much like his cousin JFK Jr. (murdered by Killary Clinton’s Mafia in 1999) — this struggle against The Cabal is deeply personal. Because we have long believed that RFK Jr. is in league with Trump and the Q team, the announcement of his presidential campaign for 2024 ought not be taken seriously. Instead, it should be interpreted as a strategic flanking attack upon the “bad guys” coming from within the ranks of well-meaning, semi-sane but deluded Democrat voters.

Naturally, this type of historical context would be omitted from a Slimes article. After all, JFK and RFK were each killed by a “lone nut gunman,” and John-John was a reckless pilot, dontcha’ know? (rolling eyes) But the Slimes’ lies of omission — the most effective type of lie there is — don’t end there. The juiciest parts of RFK Jr.’s announcement speech were completely ignored. Here’s an example of the media template controlled crap fed to the readers:

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced a presidential campaign on Wednesday built on re-litigating Covid-19 shutdowns and shaking Americans’ faith in science.

In a rambling speech lasting nearly two hours, Mr. Kennedy, 69, …. aimed criticisms at the pharmaceutical industry. … For Mr. Kennedy, the cause is vaccine skepticism, which he cloaked in terms of truth-seeking and free speech, a crusade that in the past led him to falsely link childhood vaccines to autism. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, he sought to undermine public trust in vaccines…. Both Facebook and Instagram took down accounts of a group he runs for spreading medical misinformation.

Family members have accused Mr. Kennedy of sowing distrust in the science behind vaccines. His campaign has appalled members of his famous Democratic clan.”

Crazy, single-issue, anti-vax, “conspiracy theorist” Uncle Bobby who doesn’t understand science. But is that really all there was to his “rambling speech” and to his campaign?

President John F. Kennedy with his nephew, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
RFK Sr. & Jr.
They killed his uncle and his father — and Bobby Jr. knows it.

I went to the original source (imagine that!) and listened to RFK’s entire speech. Surprise surprise — it was NOT just a nearly 2-hour rant about “anti-vax” — which he only touched upon for a few minutes. There were many other truth bombs dropped by RFK that “they” evidently don’t want you to know about. Though not mentioned in this particular speech, RFK has stated that the CIA killed both his uncle and father; and that the CIA, Johns Hopkins University, the WHO and the Bill Gates Foundation conspired to stage “Covid” as a pretext for establishing totalitarian control over the population.

The key points of RFK’s ‘rambling speech’ (which, in spite of a few liberal bromides here and there, was actually quite impressive) are summarized below:

* The government lies.
* The media lies.
* Everyone now knows that the government and media lie.
* The media-government complex attacks alternative media sources because they feel threatened by them.
* The government and many large corporations now conspire together.
* JFK and RFK were opposed to involvement in the Vietnam War.
* The New York Times was opposed to RFK’s campaign in 1968.
* Politicians divide people by class and race.
* The Covid lockdowns were unnecessary and deadly.
* Economic distress causes 30,000 excess deaths per 1 point of increased unemployment.
* Lockdown-related weight gain and suicide also increased the death rate.
* Deep State operatives lied to JFK about the Bay of Pigs (Cuba) and nearly triggered World War III.
* JFK wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces.”
* The US should not support “regime change” in Russia, and should seek to end the war in Ukraine.
* Is Ukraine being used as a pawn in a proxy war? (asked rhetorically)
* War, bailouts and lockdowns were paid for with money-printing, which caused the current inflation.
* Inflation is a government tax on the poor and middle class.
* The US killed 1 million Iraqis.
* The US destabilized Syria and drove refugees into Europe.
* The Democrats are becoming the party of warmongering “neocons with woke bobble-heads” — not JFK Democrats.

Tell it, Bobby. Tell it! —- because Sulzberger’s seditious censoring Times sure as hell won’t.

*note: It was very interesting (and very telling) to observe that RFK Jr. barely laid a glove on Trump (only a few obligatory but vague soft shots) while savaging the neo-cons, the CIA and the Democrats.

RFK Jr. and Trump operative Tucker Carlson get along very well.
Trump and JFK Jr. were friends.
Q suggests that HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) killed JFK Jr., and the 1999 plane crash was, for Trump, “the start.”

“It’s Time For The Scientific Community To Admit We Were Wrong About COVID & It Cost Lives”

Real “mea culpa”, ongoing and rapid revision of history, or further narrative management with regard ‘amnesty’ over what “the others” did to those who thought for themselves over the last few years…

In no less a liberal rag than Newsweek, Kevin Bass (MS MD/PHD Student, Medical School) has penned a quite surprising (and ‘brave’) op-ed saying that “it’s time for the scientific community to admit we were wrong about COVID and it cost lives…”

As a medical student and researcher, I staunchly supported the efforts of the public health authorities when it came to COVID-19.

I believed that the authorities responded to the largest public health crisis of our lives with compassion, diligence, and scientific expertise. I was with them when they called for lock-downs, vaccines, and boosters.

I was wrong. We in the scientific community were wrong. And it cost lives.

I can see now that the scientific community from the CDC to the WHO to the FDA and their representatives, repeatedly overstated the evidence and misled the public about its own views and policies, including on natural vs. artificial immunityschool closures and disease transmissionaerosol spreadmask mandates, and vaccine effectiveness and safety, especially among the young. All of these were scientific mistakes at the time, not in hindsight. Amazingly, some of these obfuscations continue to the present day.

But perhaps more important than any individual error was how inherently flawed the overall approach of the scientific community was, and continues to be. It was flawed in a way that undermined its efficacy and resulted in thousands if not millions of preventable deaths.

What we did not properly appreciate is that preferences determine how scientific expertise is used, and that our preferences might be—indeed, our preferences were—very different from many of the people that we serve. We created policy based on our preferences, then justified it using data. And then we portrayed those opposing our efforts as misguided, ignorant, selfish, and evil.

We made science a team sport, and in so doing, we made it no longer science. It became us versus them, and “they” responded the only way anyone might expect them to: by resisting.

We excluded important parts of the population from policy development and castigated critics, which meant that we deployed a monolithic response across an exceptionally diverse nation, forged a society more fractured than ever, and exacerbated longstanding heath and economic disparities.

A students adjusts her face-mask at St. Joseph Catholic School in La Puente, California on November 16, 2020, where pre-kindergarten to Second Grade students in need of special services returned to the classroom today for in-person instruction. – The campus is the second Catholic school in Los Angeles County to receive a waiver approval to reopen as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. The US surpassed 11 million coronavirus cases Sunday, adding one million new cases in less than a week, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP

Our emotional response and ingrained partisanship prevented us from seeing the full impact of our actions on the people we are supposed to serve. We systematically minimized the downsides of the interventions we imposed—imposed without the input, consent, and recognition of those forced to live with them. In so doing, we violated the autonomy of those who would be most negatively impacted by our policies: the poor, the working class, small business owners, Blacks and Latinos, and children. These populations were overlooked because they were made invisible to us by their systematic exclusion from the dominant, corporatized media machine that presumed omniscience.

Most of us did not speak up in support of alternative views, and many of us tried to suppress them. When strong scientific voices like world-renowned Stanford professors John Ioannidis, Jay Bhattacharya, and Scott Atlas, or University of California San Francisco professors Vinay Prasad and Monica Gandhi, sounded the alarm on behalf of vulnerable communities, they faced severe censure by relentless mobs of critics and detractors in the scientific community—often not on the basis of fact but solely on the basis of differences in scientific opinion.

When former President Trump pointed out the downsides of intervention, he was dismissed publicly as a buffoon. And when Dr. Antony Fauci opposed Trump and became the hero of the public health community, we gave him our support to do and say what he wanted, even when he was wrong.

Trump was not remotely perfect, nor were the academic critics of consensus policy. But the scorn that we laid on them was a disaster for public trust in the pandemic response. Our approach alienated large segments of the population from what should have been a national, collaborative project.

And we paid the price. The rage of the those marginalized by the expert class exploded onto and dominated social media. Lacking the scientific lexicon to express their disagreement, many dissidents turned to conspiracy theories and a cottage industry of scientific contortionists to make their case against the expert class consensus that dominated the pandemic mainstream. Labeling this speech “misinformation” and blaming it on “scientific illiteracy” and “ignorance,” the government conspired with Big Tech to aggressively suppress it, erasing the valid political concerns of the government’s opponents.

And this despite the fact that pandemic policy was created by a razor-thin sliver of American society who anointed themselves to preside over the working class—members of academia, government, medicine, journalism, tech, and public health, who are highly educated and privileged. From the comfort of their privilege, this elite prizes paternalism, as opposed to average Americans who laud self-reliance and whose daily lives routinely demand that they reckon with risk. That many of our leaders neglected to consider the lived experience of those across the class divide is unconscionable.

Incomprehensible to us due to this class divide, we severely judged lock-down critics as lazy, backwards, even evil. We were dismissed as “grifters” who represented their interests. We believed “misinformation” energized by the ignorant, and we refused to accept that such people simply had a different, valid point of view.

We crafted policy for the people without consulting them. If our public health officials had led with less hubris, the course of the pandemic in the United States might have had a very different outcome, with far fewer lost lives.

Instead, we have witnessed a massive and ongoing loss of life in America due to distrust of vaccines and the healthcare systema massive concentration in wealth by already wealthy elitesa rise in suicides and gun violence especially among the poor; a near-doubling of the rate of depression and anxiety disorders especially among the younga catastrophic loss of educational attainment among already disadvantaged children; and among those most vulnerable, a massive loss of trust in healthcarescience, scientific authorities, and political leaders more broadly.

My motivation for writing this is simple:

It’s clear to me that for public trust to be restored in science, scientists should publicly discuss what went right and what went wrong during the pandemic, and where we could have done better.

It’s OK to be wrong and admit where one was wrong and what one learned. That’s a central part of the way science works. Yet I fear that many are too entrenched in group-think—and too afraid to publicly take responsibility—to do this.

Solving these problems in the long term requires a greater commitment to pluralism and tolerance in our institutions, including the inclusion of critical if unpopular voices.

Intellectual elitism, credentialism, and classism must end. Restoring trust in public health—and our democracy—depends on it.

The problem was not people’s ignorance of the facts, it was the organized antagonism and censorship against anyone presenting data that was contradictory to the mandate agenda. This is setting aside proclamations like those from the LA Times, which argued that mocking the deaths of “anti-vaxxers” might be necessary and justified.  After two years of this type of arrogant nonsense it’s hard to imagine people will be willing to pretend as if all is well.

The active effort to shut down any opposing data is the root crime, though, and no, it can never be forgotten or forgiven.

People are still livid…

One cannot help but notice that the timing of the Atlantic’s appeal for passive forgetfulness and now this op-ed mea culpa coincides with the swiftly approaching end of the COVID emergency declarations, amid a growing political backlash to the last two years of meaningless lock-downs and mandates, and Democrats were instrumental in the implementation of both.  A large swath of the population sees one party as the cause of much of their COVID era strife.  

Perhaps the mainstream media is suddenly realizing that they may have to face some payback for their COVID zealotry?  “We didn’t know! We were just following orders!”  It all sounds rather familiar.

¿Los trágicos destinos de estrellas mundiales como Celine Dion y Justin Bieber abrirán los ojos de sus fans?

Celine Dion y Justin Bieber, mismos destinos trágicos tras las inyecciones contra el coronavirus

Respaldada por la desinformación de los medios de comunicación y la ciencia falsa, la vacuna de ARNm se presentó como una solución para frenar la pandemia. Ampliamente documentada, la vacuna contra la COVID-19 ha desencadenado desde un inicio, en diciembre de 2020, una tendencia al alza en la mortalidad y morbilidad. La evidencia es abrumadora.

Los gobiernos nacionales de todo el mundo le están mintiendo a la gente, a las poblaciones a las que supuestamente sirven.

A continuación se muestra el incisivo y franco artículo de la Dra. Nicole Delépine sobre el trágico destino de Celine Dion Justin Bieber 

Este es también un mensaje de solidaridad con toda la Humanidad, en particular con los niños y jóvenes adolescentes.

En nombre de las víctimas de la vacuna, esperamos sinceramente que artistas de renombre y estrellas mundiales se unan a la campaña mundial y adopten una postura firme contra la vacuna contra la COVID-19.

Estamos exigiendo que la vacuna de ARNm COVID-19 se suspenda de inmediato en todo el mundo. Si tiene dudas, lea el bombazo Informe secreto de Pfizer, que ahora es de dominio público (publicado bajo FOI). 

Por favor, reenvíe este artículo.

Michel Chossudovsky, Centro de Investigación Sobre Globalización (Global Research), 17 de junio de 2022



Dada la cantidad de seguidores de Celine Dion en Twitter (924.200 suscriptores), en Facebook más de un millón y otras redes, podemos esperar que las desgracias de esta fabulosa cantante afecten a más personas que las webs oficiales de EudraVigilance o du Vaers más difíciles de consultar y alertará a algunos de ellos. Aunque sólo sea para infundir una duda fértil…

¿Lo que le sucedió? Por el momento su familia y/o sus agentes están alimentando su cuenta con recordatorios de sus discos o conciertos etc. Pero por qué este silencio, estas eternas cancelaciones de conciertos por el momento pospuestos a septiembre de 2023. ¿Quién cree todavía en ello? 

 @jjdenoual   2 de noviembre de 2021

“¡Después de su segunda inyección de la vacuna contra el coronavirus, Céline DION quedaría paralizada y habría cancelado todos sus conciertos! ¡Pero radio silencio en los medios, porque sería pánico entre todos los vacunados! »

@Rideaubleu 31 de octubre de 2021

Así recapitulamos  el delirio: un bombero vacuna a una niña de 12 años, para celebrar la dosis 100.000. Al niño le ofrecen entradas para el concierto de Celine Dion, concierto que fue cancelado porque la cantante que pidió vacunas está paralizada. No, no es una broma”.

Celine Dion, su misteriosa enfermedad vinculada a la vacuna Covid, revelación SHOCK de Bob Kennedy Jr (ilestencoretemps.fr)  

Nuestros compañeros de la revista Public publicaron recientemente que la cantante de 53 años estaría aquejada de una singular enfermedad llamada neuropatía de fibras pequeñas, patología que Celine Dion habría contraído hace un año,  al poco tiempo de ser vacunada contra el Covid.enlace que se está   haciendo” abiertamente. Sin embargo, no se conoce que presente los factores predisponentes descritos para esta enfermedad (mutaciones en los genes SCN9A y SCN10A, síndrome metabólico, VIH, enfermedad celíaca, síndrome de Sjögren, amiloidosis, enfermedad inflamatoria crónica intestinal, enfermedades infecciosas, hepatitis C, enfermedad de Lyme, hipotiroidismo, trastornos del sistema inmunitario).

¿Otra coincidencia?

De confirmarse este rastro de la vacuna, Céline sería, como millones de personas, víctima de una “conspiración” mundial, como argumenta Bob Kennedy Jr, que ha dedicado un libro a este tema.

El 21 de mayo, Céline declaró: “Animo a todos a que se vacunen porque creo que en este momento es la única forma de restablecer la inmunidad en todo el mundo. “. ¿Qué sabía ella? ¿Cómo se atreve a afirmar semejante aberración?   ¿Le hubiera gustado que yo la   reemplazara para cantar en el escenario? Cada uno tiene su trabajo, sus habilidades.

 Esta mezcla de géneros a través de la manipulación de los lobbies y los medios debe detenerse. 

El 19 de mayo de 22, Celine Dion confirma lo que todos temían sobre su estado de salud: “ Lamento mucho tener que cambiar las fechas de la gira en Europa nuevamente; la primera vez fue por la pandemia, ahora es por mi salud  , dijo la cantante, ahora de 54 años.

“ Para ser honesto, no puedo esperar, pero aún no estoy listo…”   “Hay algo importante. Estos famosos espasmos empiezan a ser sumamente preocupantes  ”

“ Nos preguntamos si ella no está leyendo un mensaje, nos sentimos extremadamente tristes, como la robótica ”, comentó la columnista canadiense Sophie Durocher luego de ver el breve extracto.

“ Si una artista del calibre de Celine Dion pospone, no es porque tenga un pequeño dolor de cabeza, hay algo mayor. Estos famosos espasmos empiezan a ser sumamente preocupantes ”, continuó ante el micrófono de una emisora ​​de radio local.

“¡ Millones de dólares están en juego!” Tendrás que hacerte la pregunta. ¿Volverá Celine Dion a los escenarios?, se pregunta.

Según el tabloide británico “The Express”, Celine Dion sufre de distonía. Una patología que se caracterizaría por contracciones musculares, que se producían de forma involuntaria y prolongada.

En definitiva, todos estos comentarios confirman la alta probabilidad de una enfermedad neurológica posvacunal, evocando el caso de Mauricette con   Creutzfeld Jacob o una enfermedad relacionada. Lo que fue aún más impactante y   negado por un tiempo fue que Celine Dion se había convertido en la tenaz defensora de la inyección experimental hasta el punto de imponer la vax a sus espectadores en concierto. ¡Ella realmente creía en ello y fue víctima de su creencia! La vacunación” se convirtió en religión.
¡Qué tristeza, qué error, qué aberración! Cómo artistas alejados de la verdadera medicina y probablemente demasiado cercanos a los delirios periodísticos impuestos por laboratorios ávidos de vender, pueden entrar en esta manipulación hasta el punto de perder finalmente su vida en ella, en todo caso durmiendo y ya su vida de artista . 

La corrupción no se limita a la corrupción financiera sino que afecta todas las facetas del alma humana, el deseo de agradar, de aconsejar, de ser salvadores, etc. Una trágica historia que se repite una y otra vez a medida que pasan los días y el efecto tóxico de estos productos experimentales se arraigan en el cuerpo. 

Después de Celine, Justin Bieber

Un segundo ejemplo se produjo aquella noche del 10 de junio del 22

Agencia de medios de Francia:

“Justin Bieber   había presentado un concierto a favor de las vacunas pseudo covid el 27 de junio de 2020 organizado   por Global Citizen Ursula con el apoyo de von der Leyen, presidenta de la Comisión Europea, Melinda Gates, presidenta de la Alianza Global para Vacunas y vacunas ( Gavi), Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, o Derrick Johnson (presidente de la NAACP). »

El joven Justin Bieber había pedido, al igual que Céline, a sus espectadores en concierto una triple vacunación anti-covid . Recordemos que se trata de una estrella del pop de 28 años -que cuenta con 5,392 millones de seguidores en las redes sociales-. Uno puede imaginar la capacidad de influencia de estas estrellas manipuladas por las grandes farmacéuticas y/o fideicomisarios. 

Ya había experimentado una alerta   sobre las inyecciones, luego de las complicaciones de su esposa Hailey quien, a pesar de su corta edad, había sufrido un derrame cerebral posiblemente después de la vacunación.

Esperemos que sus jóvenes fans se hagan algunas preguntas en esta ocasión y duden en ir a inyectarse de nuevo. 

¿Por qué mecanismo de pensamiento tortuoso se había transformado en un traficante de inyecciones, del cual no sabía nada, sobre todo porque todos los elementos estaban ocultos? La única certeza comprobable era que estas sustancias eran experimentales, como lo demostró de inmediato el sitio clinictrials.gov. 

Siguen ahí y habrá que esperar hasta 2023 para obtener los datos oficiales de las pruebas. Pero actualmente tenemos gracias a la justicia estadounidense de parte de los documentos ocultos de Pfizer que revelan el engaño que debería hacer prohibir cualquier continuación de las inyecciones. Y los datos ingleses proporcionados por la ONS inglesa también demuestran el peligro letal para la población de las inyecciones.

Así el 10 de junio 22 nos enteramos vía Twitter 

Tras  su compañero, Justin Bieber se encuentra a su vez gravemente enfermo y obligado a interrumpir su gira. Triple vacunado, había pedido a sus fans planes completos de vacunación para asistir a sus conciertos. »

O a través de @vl_plus   Después de que su esposa Hailey fuera hospitalizada por un coágulo de sangre en el cerebro marieclaire.fr/hailey-bieber-…

es el propio Justin Bieber quien padece una misteriosa enfermedad que “empeora” e incluso le obliga a suspender sus conciertos….mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-…

@AldoSterone111     Justin Bieber cancela sus conciertos. Él está muy enfermo. Su cara está paralizada… Parece un vacante. dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/art…11/06/2022 00:48

@NaraShi138767941/3) 06/08/22 Justin Bieber de 28 años pospone sus shows

[Ver el texto en inglés del Daily Mail:

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10905347/Justin-Bieber-reveals-suffered-facial-paralysis-Ramsay-Hunt-syndrome.html ]

Escribió en Instagram:

“  No puedo creer que esté diciendo eso. Hice todo para mejorar pero mi enfermedad está empeorando”  

La estrella de 28 años no ha dado detalles sobre su misteriosa enfermedad  .

www-uol-com-br.translate.goog/splash/noticia… pic.twitter.com/w3YBHqOeyg   06/09/2022 

En definitiva, nuestro famoso y guapo cantante está desfigurado   por una parálisis facial bien descrita en las complicaciones de la vacunación anti-covid bajo el nombre de parálisis de Bell. Presentarlo bajo el nombre de síndrome de Ramsay puede ser erudito, pero no cambia el hecho.

Qué desgracia haber enfermado a estos hermosos jóvenes que tenían el futuro por delante y que, además, creyeron útil advertir a los demás de este absoluto delirio.

©  Instagram/Justino

Según un especialista en enfermedades infecciosas, el herpes zoster de Justin Bieber apareció a lo largo de los dos nervios de la cara, el facial y el auditivo, por eso el cantante tiene problemas para hablar y seguramente para oír. Instagram/Justin Bieber

Debemos exigir a las autoridades mundiales el cese total de estas peligrosas inyecciones, cuyas tragedias empiezan a conocerse a corto y medio plazo (miocarditis, muerte súbita de atletas en carrera, etc., enfermedad cercana al mal de las vacas locas). ) y desconocido a largo plazo.

La evolución rápidamente fatal de los cánceres que han sido curados durante muchos años o de   los cánceres recientes se ve cada vez más después de las inyecciones, particularmente la tercera.   Recuerde que en la primera fase de vacunación, solo el 5% de los lotes se vieron afectados por accidentes vacunales. Placebos, diferentes dosis e ingredientes. No sabemos. Lo que sí es cierto es que a partir de la tercera dosis denominada de refuerzo, los accidentes parecen más frecuentes, y más rápidos aunque también podemos distinguir variedades geográficas, lo que sugiere diferencias en los lotes.  Ruleta Rusa… ¿De verdad te atrae? 

Transferido de The Uncensored Truth en Telegram

 “Justine Bieber: parálisis facial…   La estrella canadiense de 28 años ha tenido que cancelar dos (o más) fechas de la gira de Toronto debido a esta complicación que le está provocando una parálisis en parte de su rostro.

En el video subido a la red social Instagram, Justin Bieber aparece de frente a la cámara, sin poder pestañear su ojo derecho, con la boca medio tapada. 

“Ya no puedo sonreír de este lado, parte de mi cara está paralizada” 

Con sus 240 millones de suscriptores en instagram, se ve obligado a cancelar el resto de su gira. https://t.me/LaveriteNcensureeTchat/908367  enlace de vídeo

Se me rompe el corazón por tener que posponer estos próximos shows (órdenes médicas). A toda mi gente, los quiero mucho y voy a descansar y mejorar”. 

En el clip publicado el viernes, Justin mostró los efectos devastadores de su diagnóstico, ya que su ojo no parpadeaba, no podía sonreír y la fosa nasal no se movía del lado derecho de su rostro.

Él explicó:

“Así que tengo una parálisis completa en ese lado de mi cara. Entonces, para aquellos que están frustrados con mis cancelaciones de próximos shows, obviamente no puedo hacerlo físicamente. Es bastante serio como puedes ver . »


En conclusión, deseamos a estos artistas ya las muchas otras víctimas de las inyecciones   la mejor recuperación posible. No obstante, esperemos que en el futuro los   artistas, deportistas, políticos, asociaciones, etc. eviten lanzar campañas publicitarias de vacunas y/o medicamentos (supuestos milagros), y/o proyecciones, etc. no tienen los datos de fondo (a menudo ocultos). A cada uno su trabajo.

Dra. Nicole Delépine

Queridos amigos, lamento anunciar un genocidio: Dra. Naomi Wolf sobre el “Informe confidencial” de Pfizer

He estado en silencio durante algunas semanas. Perdóname.

La verdad es que me he quedado casi sin palabras —o el equivalente literario de eso— porque recientemente he tenido la poco envidiable tarea de tratar de anunciar al mundo que en efecto, un genocidio —o lo que he llamado, torpemente pero urgentemente, se está produciendo una “muerte de bebés”.

Los Voluntarios de Investigación de Documentos de WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer, un grupo de 3000 médicos altamente acreditados, RN, bioestadísticos, investigadores de fraudes médicos, clínicos de laboratorio y científicos de investigación, han estado produciendo informe tras informe, como sabrán, para decirle al mundo lo que es en los 55.000 documentos internos de Pfizer que la FDA había pedido a un tribunal que mantuviera en secreto durante 75 años.

Por orden judicial, estos documentos fueron revelados a la fuerza. Y nuestros expertos están sirviendo a la humanidad leyendo estos documentos y explicándolos en términos sencillos. Puede encontrar todos los informes de los Voluntarios en DailyClout.io.

Las mentiras reveladas son impresionantes.

Los voluntarios de WarRoom/DailyClout han confirmado:

que Pfizer (y, por lo tanto, la FDA) sabían en diciembre de 2020 que las vacunas MRNA no funcionaban , que “disminuían en eficacia” y presentaban “fracaso de la vacuna”. Un efecto secundario de vacunarse, como sabían un mes después del lanzamiento masivo de 2020, fue “COVID”.

Pfizer supo en mayo de 2021 que el corazón de 35 menores se había dañado una semana después de la inyección de MRNA, pero la FDA implementó la EUA para adolescentes un mes después de todos modos, y los padres no recibieron un comunicado de prensa del gobierno de los EE. UU. sobre los daños cardíacos hasta agosto de 2021, después de que miles de adolescentes fueran vacunados. [Ver esto ]

Pfizer (y por lo tanto la FDA; muchos de los documentos dicen “FDA: CONFIDENCIAL” en el límite inferior) sabía que, contrariamente a lo que los portavoces altamente pagados y los médicos comprados aseguraban a las personas, el MRNA, la proteína de punta y las nanopartículas de lípidos hicieron no se quedó en el sitio de la inyección en el deltoides, sino que pasó, dentro de las 48 horas, al torrente sanguíneo, de ahí a alojarse en el hígado, bazo, glándulas suprarrenales, ganglios linfáticos y, si es mujer, en los ovarios. [Ver esto ]

Pfizer (y, por lo tanto, la FDA) sabía que la vacuna Moderna tenía 100 mcg de MRNA, nanopartículas de lípidos y proteína de punta, que era más de tres veces la dosis de 30 mcg de Pfizer para adultos ; los documentos internos de la compañía muestran una tasa más alta de eventos adversos con la dosis de 100 mcg, por lo que dejaron de experimentar internamente con esa cantidad debido a su “reactogenicidad” (palabras de Pfizer), pero nadie les dijo a todos los millones de estadounidenses que recibieron la primera y la segunda dosis de Moderna de 100 mcg, y los refuerzos .

Pfizer distorsionó a los sujetos del ensayo para que casi las tres cuartas partes fueran mujeres, un género que es menos propenso al daño cardíaco. Pfizer perdió los registros de lo que pasó con cientos de sujetos de prueba.

En los ensayos internos, hubo más de 42 000 eventos adversos y más de 1200 personas murieron. Cuatro de las personas que fallecieron, fallecieron el día que les inyectaron.

Los eventos adversos registrados en los documentos internos de Pfizer son completamente diferentes de los informados en el sitio web de los CDC o anunciados por médicos corruptos, organizaciones médicas y hospitales. Estos incluyen grandes columnas de dolor en las articulaciones, dolor muscular (mialgia), masas de efectos neurológicos que incluyen esclerosis múltiple, Guillain Barre y parálisis de Bell, encefalia, todas las iteraciones posibles de coagulación sanguínea, trombocitopenia a gran escala, accidentes cerebrovasculares, hemorragias y muchos tipos de rupturas de membranas de todo el cuerpo humano.

Los efectos secundarios que Pfizer y la FDA conocían, pero usted no, incluyen problemas de formación de ampollas, erupciones cutáneas, culebrilla y condiciones herpéticas (de hecho, una variedad de condiciones de formación de ampollas que extrañamente presagian los síntomas de la viruela del simio).

Los documentos internos muestran que Pfizer (y, por lo tanto, la FDA) sabían que los verdugones rojos o la urticaria eran una reacción común al PEG, un alérgeno derivado del petróleo en los ingredientes de la vacuna, uno que ciertamente no debe ingerir. De hecho, el PEG es un alérgeno tan grave que muchas personas pueden sufrir un shock anafiláctico si se exponen a él. Pero a las personas con alergia al PEG no se les advirtió que no se vacunaran ni sus médicos las observaron atentamente, con el EpiPen en la mano. Se quedaron a su suerte.

Pfizer sabía que la “exposición” a la vacuna se definía, en sus propias palabras, como contacto sexual (especialmente en el momento de la concepción), contacto con la piel, inhalación o lactancia. [Ver esto ]. Los ‘verificadores de hechos’ pueden negar esto todo lo que quieran. Los documentos hablan por sí solos.

Por supuesto, las personas que han tratado de plantear cualquiera de estos temas han sido descalificadas, reprendidas por el presidente, llamadas locas y severamente castigadas.

Los atletas, los estudiantes universitarios y los adolescentes se están derrumbando en los campos de fútbol y fútbol. Los médicos se retuercen las manos y expresan mistificación. Pero la presentación ante la SEC de BioNTech muestra un hecho sobre el cual los CDC y la AMA no dicen una palabra: desmayarse tan violentamente que puede lastimarse es uno de los efectos secundarios lo suficientemente importantes como para que BioNTech lo destaque ante la SEC.

Pero no para destacarnos a ti ya mí.

Pude procesar todo esto y seguir simplemente informando. Pero en las últimas semanas el horror me venció. Porque ahora, los Voluntarios, bajo el excelente liderazgo de la Gerente de Programa Amy Kelly, han confirmado que hay un genocidio en marcha, intencionalmente o no. Y la periodista israelí Etana Hecht ha añadido su propio análisis soberbio. Aquí está el resumen de la Sra. Hecht de los hallazgos de los Voluntarios:

Haga clic aquí para leer.

Parece que sí puede haber un genocidio fortuito. La reproducción en sí está dirigida, intencionalmente o no, por las vacunas de ARNm. Y si sabe que se daña la reproducción, y que se dañan los bebés y los fetos, y sabe que esto es a escala, que todos en Pfizer y en la FDA que leyeron estos documentos sabían, y si no se detiene, entonces eso es ¿No se convertirá finalmente en un genocidio?

Los voluntarios de WarRoom/DailyClout han confirmado que las nanopartículas de lípidos, las diminutas cubiertas grasas duras que contienen el MRNA, atraviesan la membrana amniótica. Eso significa que entran en el entorno fetal, por supuesto. (También atraviesan la barrera hematoencefálica, lo que puede ayudar a explicar los accidentes cerebrovasculares posteriores a la vacunación con MRNA y los problemas cognitivos que estamos viendo). Los Voluntarios profundizaron en los informes de los documentos de Pfizer sobre el embarazo y descubrieron que la garantía de que la vacuna es “segura y eficaz” para las mujeres embarazadas se basó en un estudio de 44 ratas francesas, seguidas durante 42 días (los científicos que dirigieron el estudio son accionistas o empleados de BioNTech). [Ver esto ]

Los voluntarios descubrieron que, si bien las mujeres embarazadas fueron excluidas de los estudios internos y, por lo tanto, de la EUA sobre cuya base se aseguró a todas las mujeres embarazadas que la vacuna era “segura y eficaz”, unas 270 mujeres quedaron embarazadas durante el estudio. Más de 230 de ellos se perdieron de alguna manera en la historia. Pero de las 36 mujeres embarazadas cuyos resultados se siguieron, 28 perdieron a sus bebés.

Los Voluntarios descubrieron que un bebé murió después de ser amamantado por una madre lactante vacunada y se descubrió que tenía el hígado inflamado. Muchos bebés amamantados de madres vacunadas mostraron agitación, malestar gastrointestinal y retraso en el desarrollo (crecimiento) y estaban desconsolados.

Escucho informes anecdóticos de estos síntomas en bebés amamantados de madres vacunadas, ahora, de todo el país.

Los documentos de Pfizer también muestran que algunas madres vacunadas habían suprimido la lactancia o no podían producir leche en absoluto.

Los médicos, por supuesto, están perplejos por todo esto. Perplejo.

La base de datos del NIH tiene un estudio preliminar que demuestra que hay cantidades insignificantes de PEG en la leche materna de las mujeres vacunadas. [Ver esto ]

Pero, ¿qué es una cantidad insignificante de un producto derivado del petróleo en la leche materna, cuando eres un pequeño recién nacido sin inmunidades que acaba de llegar al mundo? La preimpresión del NIH en sí misma informó niveles más altos de malestar gastrointestinal e insomnio en los bebés estudiados, y una madre tenía niveles elevados de PEG en la leche materna, y la letra pequeña concluye que se necesitan más estudios:

“Se necesitan estudios más grandes para aumentar nuestra comprensión de la transferencia de PEG a la leche humana y los efectos potenciales después de la ingestión por parte del bebé. Aunque el consenso de expertos establece que existe un riesgo potencial mínimo o nulo para el bebé debido a la vacunación materna contra el COVID-19( 20 , 21 ), los síntomas menores que se informaron (cambios en el sueño y síntomas gastrointestinales) podrían investigarse más a fondo en estudios futuros para determinar si están relacionados con la vacunación”.

Dado que ningún bebé murió en el breve período de tiempo del pequeño estudio, el estudio concluyó que los bebés lactantes no sufrieron efectos nocivos reales de las madres vacunadas. Pero el estudio no siguió a estos pobres bebés, con su insomnio reconocido y su malestar gastrointestinal confirmado, para ver si realmente “prosperaron”: aumentaron de peso y se desarrollaron normalmente.

Con una ciencia tan defectuosa, se les aseguró a las mujeres que las vacunas eran “seguras y efectivas” para ellas y sus bebés lactantes.

Pero, cuatro de las mujeres lactantes vacunadas en los documentos de Pfizer informaron leche materna “azul verdosa”. No estoy inventando esto. Y el bebé lactante que murió, con el hígado inflamado, el caso ha sido enterrado; no ha aparecido en los titulares.

Coincidentemente, o no, la MISMA FDA que hizo la vista gorda ante los grandes daños a los humanos y a la subcategoría de madres y bebés, en los documentos de Pfizer, declaró que Abbot, un importante productor de fórmula para bebés en los EE. UU., tenía que cerrar su fábrica. [Ver esto ]

Coincidentemente, con poca fórmula disponible y con algunas o muchas (no sabemos) madres vacunadas que tienen leche materna comprometida, resulta que Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson y Mark Zuckerberg han invertido en una empresa emergente llamada “BioMilq ”, que produce leche materna cultivada en laboratorio a partir de células mamarias. [Ver esto ]. Los informes de esta puesta en marcha incluyen este lenguaje similar a Frankenstein como si fuera normal :

“El equipo de BIOMILQ crea su producto a partir de células extraídas de tejido mamario humano y leche, donadas por mujeres de la comunidad local, que reciben a cambio una tarjeta de regalo de Target”. [Ver esto ]

Como si todo esto no fuera lo suficientemente horrible, la Sra. Hecht extrajo estudios de tres países (Canadá, Escocia y ahora Israel) para mostrar que los bebés mueren de manera desproporcionada, durante y después de 2021, en países altamente vacunados, y que los recién nacidos mueren de manera desproporcionada. si tienen madres vacunadas versus madres no vacunadas.

En Escocia, altamente vacunada, casi el doble de la cantidad de bebés que murieron en 2021 en comparación con las cifras de referencia. 

En Ontario, Canadá, 86 bebés murieron en 2021, frente a una línea de base de cuatro o cinco; esta fue una mortandad de bebés tan grave que un parlamentario valiente llevó el tema al Parlamento. [Ver esto ].

En Israel, en el Hospital RamBam de Haifa, hubo un 34 % más de abortos espontáneos y mortinatos en mujeres vacunadas que en mujeres no vacunadas.

Haga clic aquí para leer.

La Sra. Hecht también señala que la desregulación menstrual en mujeres vacunadas ahora está totalmente confirmada por muchos estudios, con un promedio de un día adicional de sangrado al mes (un efecto secundario sobre el que advertí en marzo de 2021, que a su vez me hizo llamar por un comentarista de CNN y eliminado permanentemente de Twitter).

No tienes que saber más que biología de octavo grado para saber que un ciclo menstrual desregulado, sin mencionar la acumulación de proteínas en pico en los ovarios, sin mencionar el atravesamiento de las membranas del cuerpo, incluido el saco amniótico, por diminutas grasas duras. Las nanopartículas de lípidos, sin mencionar el PEG en la leche materna, afectarán la fertilidad, la salud fetal, el parto y el bienestar o la angustia gastrointestinal de los bebés y, por lo tanto, su capacidad o fracaso para prosperar (y mucho menos para vincularse).

Y ahora, los bebés se están muriendo. Ahora escale los datos de Canadá, Escocia e Israel a todas las naciones vacunadas del mundo.

¿Qué hacemos con todo esto?

Sabiendo como lo sé ahora, que Pfizer y la FDA sabían que los bebés estaban muriendo y que la leche materna se estaba decolorando con solo mirar sus propios registros internos; sabiendo como sé que no alertaron a nadie y mucho menos detuvieron lo que estaban haciendo, y que hasta el día de hoy Pfizer, la FDA y otras entidades demoníacas de “salud pública” están presionando para vacunar con MRNA a más y más mujeres embarazadas; ahora que están a punto de imponer esto a las mujeres en África y otras naciones de bajos ingresos que no buscan las vacunas MRNA, según el CEO de Pfizer, Bourla, la semana pasada en el WEF, y sabiendo que Pfizer está presionando e incluso puede recibir una EUA de EE. UU. para desde bebés hasta niños de cinco años: debo concluir que estamos ante un abismo de maldad que no se veía desde 1945.

Así que no sé ustedes, pero yo debo cambiar de marcha con este tipo de conocimiento inefable a otro tipo de discurso.

No estoy diciendo que esto sea exactamente como encontrar evidencia de los experimentos del Dr. Mengele; pero digo, con estos hallazgos, que ahora la comparación puede no ser tan excesiva.

Estos antihumanos en Pfizer, hablando en el WEF; estos antihumanos en la FDA; saber lo que saben; tienen como objetivo el milagroso cuerpo femenino, con su capacidad de concebir, gestar, dar a luz y nutrir la vida. Están apuntando a la capacidad del cuerpo femenino para sostener a un ser humano recién nacido con nada más que a sí mismo. Están apuntando a la membrana amniótica, los ovarios que liberan el óvulo, están apuntando a la linfa y la sangre que ayudan a mantener la producción de leche materna, están apuntando al feto en el útero, indefenso.

Están apuntando al entorno mismo del feto humano, uno de los espacios más sagrados de esta tierra, si no el más sagrado.

Y ellos lo saben.

No sé ustedes, y no estoy haciendo proselitismo, pero como sabrán si me leen aquí, en estos días apocalípticos, recurro a la oración. Empecé a decir en público, una vez que tuve que enfrentar el hecho de la mortandad de los bebés, que este es un tiempo bíblico; y me refiero al Antiguo Testamento Bíblico.

Es un tiempo como el de la construcción de la Torre de Babel, de arrogancia masiva contra los planes divinos. Hombres como Bill Gates manipulan y buscan superar las mejores obras de Dios en un laboratorio tras otro, y los Tech Bros “interrumpen” la competencia humana por sus bienes y servicios no buscados, apuntando a los procesos humanos y arruinando los cuerpos creados a la imagen de Dios. Dios.

Es un tiempo como aquel cuando las diez plagas asaltaron a los egipcios en Éxodo 11:4-6:

 Entonces Moisés dijo: “Esto es lo que dice el Señor: ‘Alrededor de la medianoche recorreré todo Egipto.  Todo primogénito en Egipto morirá, desde el primogénito de Faraón, que se sienta en el trono, hasta el primogénito de la esclava, que está en su molino, y también todo primogénito de las bestias.  Habrá fuertes lamentos por todo Egipto, peores de los que ha habido o habrá nunca más. 7”

Esta fue la peor plaga de todas, la matanza de los primogénitos.

Es un tiempo de ha-Satan —Satanás— “que va y viene por la tierra, y […] anda por ella”, como lo describe Job 2.

Es una época en la que los demonios deambulan por los espacios humanos, aunque ellos mismos se ven lo suficientemente humanos, engreídos con sus trajes italianos en los paneles del Foro Económico Mundial.

Ha-Satanás – y sus ejércitos: arruinando la concepción, la leche, la menstruación, el toque, el acunar al infante por su madre, arruinando la alimentación del infante; arruinando a los propios bebés.

Leo mucho los Profetas en estos días, porque ¿cómo podría no hacerlo? Estoy buscando lo que la escritora Annie Lamott llamó “Instrucciones de funcionamiento”. ¿Qué haces cuando la humanidad misma está amenazada? ¿Cuando existen batallones profesionales y departamentos burocráticos de personas que actúan con anatema hacia la raza humana?

Seguramente debe haber una pista.

Así que releí mucho la historia de Noé y el Libro de Ester en estos días; Releí Jeremías.

Hemos estado aquí antes. Vergonzosamente a menudo, cuando se trata de eso.

La historia es siempre la misma, al menos en la Biblia hebrea (en el Nuevo Testamento, por supuesto, Dios salta hasta el final y da vuelta la trama).

Al menos en la Biblia hebrea, Dios siempre está tratando de llamar nuestra atención, siempre, al parecer, simplemente pidiéndonos que caminemos junto a él; simplemente pidiéndonos que guardemos sus mandamientos que no son demasiado desafiantes; no, de hecho, pidiendo mucho.

Jeremías 1:13:

Volvió a mí la palabra del Señor: “¿Qué ves?”.

“Veo una olla que está hirviendo”, respondí. “Se está inclinando hacia nosotros desde el norte”.

14  El Señor me dijo: “Desde el norte se derramará calamidad sobre todos los habitantes de la tierra. 15  Voy a convocar a todos los pueblos de los reinos del norte –declara el Señor.

“Sus reyes vendrán y establecerán sus tronos
a la entrada de las puertas de Jerusalén;
vendrán contra todos sus muros circundantes
y contra todas las ciudades de Judá.
16  Pronunciaré mis juicios sobre mi pueblo
a causa de su maldad al abandonarme,
al quemar incienso a otros dioses
y al adorar lo que sus manos han hecho.

En la Biblia hebrea, de todos modos, las matemáticas son simples. Nos volvemos, escuchamos y somos salvos; o seguimos sin cuidado, adorando lo que nuestras propias manos han hecho, putas a otros dioses, a “la ciencia”, a las mentiras de los medios; al narcisismo de la convención, en estos días, se podría decir, y por lo tanto estamos perdidos.

Hemos estado casi perdidos, una y otra vez.

Esta vez realmente podría ser la última vez; estos monstruos en los laboratorios, en los paneles transnacionales, son muy hábiles; y tan poderoso; y su trabajo oscuro es tan extenso.

Si Dios está allí, de nuevo, después de todas las veces que hemos puesto a prueba su paciencia, ¿y quién sabe? – ¿Le tenderemos una mano a cambio, nos agarraremos en el último momento de este abismo y simplemente encontraremos la manera de caminar junto a él?

¿O esta vez, al perder a los bebés, y sin embargo seguir adelante descuidadamente, estaremos verdaderamente perdidos nosotros mismos?

The Untold Story Of The Monkeypox

Once upon a time…

…along came The Monkeypox virus!


Symptoms may include a desire to swing from tree to tree, to pick breakfast bugs off your mate, and to screech, yell, and generally monkey around. But seriously….

According to the Centers for Disease Creation (CDC), the agency that created at least eight Genus categories of Pox Diseases, Monkeypox is called a “rare disease.” However, Monkeypox cannot be considered “rare,” if the CDC also claims that Monkeypox is spreading.

Before anyone could say Monkeypox jjab patent, the U.S. government swooped in to purchase over $100 million in jjabs to treat both Monkeypox and Smallpox.

After all, where there is a will, there is a jjab patent!

In February 2021, patent application #20210260182 was filed for RECOMBINANT POXVIRUS BASED VACCINE AGAINST SARS-CoV-2 VIRUS. This is a combination pox/COVID jjab patent filed over a year ago:

The terms “chimeric” or “engineered” or “modified” (e.g., chimeric poxvirus, engineered polypeptide, modified polypeptide, engineered nucleic acid, modified nucleic acid) or grammatical variations thereof are used interchangeably herein to refer to a non-native sequence that has been manipulated to have one or more changes relative a native sequence.

In some embodiments, the SARS-CoV-2 protein is inserted into the Thymidine Kinase (TK) locus (Gene ID HPXV095; positions 992077-92610; SEQ ID NO: 1) of the horsepox virus or the synthetic horsepox virus.

Then came the newly patented pox-combo Omicron jjab. Of course, other labs are developing tests for Monkeypox virus. Get read for the temperature checks. You know the routine.

Chapter 2: Animalpox Stories

The official story from the CDC is that “Monkeypox” was discovered in 1958 “when two outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research” … and injected with Smallpox.

Not too long ago, in 2018, the Horsepox virus had its heyday when researchers told the story of the”infectious virus” synthesized in a lab. Symptoms may include a desire to neigh, snort, and gallop with the herd. But seriously…  Horsepox was said to be the cousin of the Smallpox virus, which health authorities claimed had been eradicated from the planet in 1980. Why eradicate one “deadly” virus only to revive its cousin? What is the purpose of Franken-science?

The official answer was “to develop cancer treatments and jjabs,” especially since the current Smallpox jjab (Variola) has some serious adverse side effects, including death. Note: nothing is ever said about curing cancer, only about “developing treatments and jjabs.” From the 2018 paper, Synthetic viruses — Anything new?:

…it comes as no surprise that it is possible to generate infectious viruses by using synthesized DNA fragments. The first synthetic virus, poliovirus, was produced by Wimmer and colleagues and made us aware of the fact that we entered a new era of reverse genetics that allows for the generation of synthetic viruses without the need for a nucleic acid template.

Chapter 3:  “A New Era Of Reverse Genetics”

Many scientific papers published since 2018 have questioned the wisdom of engineering viruses from deadly Smallpox, which they admit could lead to the reemergence of Smallpox, as well as to future pandemics. What if the lab-created monkey virus or the horse virus escaped into the wild? What then?

Previously, scientists had blamed monkeys, as well as other species, for the consequences of their genetic experiments: in monkeys (SV40); in pigs (Swine flu (H1N1)); in birds (Avian flu (H5N1) different from Chickenpox; and in insects (Zika mosquito borne virus).

Note: the same molecular signature, protein (PB1-F2), is present in both the 1918 Spanish flu virus and in the highly lethal h5N1 chicken viruses. Coincidence?

These synthesized varieties were not selected to become “epidemics,” only beta tests on behavioral dynamics; except for the Swine Flu Epidemic, which resulted in a mass jjab campaign, and was subsequently repealed after widespread jjab injuries and deaths [See my 2018 blog Beware the Horsepox Vaccine!].

With many stories in the media, it is important to know that there is something called The Species Barrier. Even in the Age of Ignorance, the Species Barrier still exists, and The UK Dictionary defines it as:

The natural mechanisms that prevent a virus or disease from spreading from one species to another.

In short, people cannot “catch” diseases from animals, birds, reptiles, insects, vegetables, or minerals. But, as long as people have short attention spans, and continue to be misled by the story, animals will continue to be wrongly blamed and punished for human-engineered, chimeric experiments.

Why create animalpox outbreaks that appear go viral?

The ultimate purpose of any “viral threat” is to roll out the “jjab solution.” And what exactly is the reason to push an agenda of jjabs? To engineer consent to reengineer humanity for deeper control: Monkey see-Monkey do. Therefore, any true global “viral threat” is not complete without a patented, engineered, controllable, injectable chimeric virus, coming soon to a city near you.

Chapter 4: The Twist — Monkeypox Rash

Back to the monkeys!

The media generates associations by first showing computer-generated images of microscopic cells that appear to be bacteria (not viruses). Then, they release images of raised blisters or a rash labelled as “Monkeypox.” Looking closer, any image labelled “Monkeypox” could double as  an image labelled Shingles.

Is there a relationship between the pox and the rash, or is it between the COVID jjab/boosters and the rash?

Because the world complied so quickly to the illegal Coronavirus countermeasures, brought on by governments around the world, there is no need to wait years for the next epidemic! The “flying monkeys” are here to do the bidding of their creators.

Will Monkeypox parties be next?

What the WHO and CDC have not disclosed is that jjab ingredients are widely known to cause rashes, often a full body rash. A jjab-associated rash is a consequence of an influx of toxins to the body that results in a suppressed immune system. Frequent Strep Throat infections are another indication of a suppressed immune system. A.S.I.A is not a continent when it comes to jjab damage. A.S.I.A is Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, (ie, induced by toxins), where adjuvants are jjab ingredients (eg. aluminum sulphate). Keep this in mind. Do your own research.

Prior to the COVID injections, a rash was not indicated as a symptom of “Coronavirus,” which is a family of cold/flu viruses. According to officials, Coronaviruses can produce runny nose, sore throat, headache, fever, cough, and a general feeling of being unwell. True viruses, those not engineered in a lab, cannot survive outside the cell, they cannot transmit an infection because they are not alive (like bacteria). In this way, viruses are exosomes, produced by the cell in response to a toxic exposure, to help to clean the cell to regain balance and health.

Exosome biogenesis is a mechanism of protein quality control, and once released, exosomes have activities as diverse as remodeling the extracellular matrix and transmitting signals and molecules to other cells. This pathway of intercellular vesicle traffic plays important roles in many aspects of human health and disease, including development, immunity, tissue homeostasis, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Search “Exosome” on Pubmed and find more than 23,000 results. If we search results for “rash” from COVID injections more than a hundred studies are revealed. Search and find the same trend for Measles Vaccine-Associated Rash Illness, MMR Vaccine-Associated Rash Illness, and Shingrix for Herpes Vaccine. Just know that Shingles can result from the Shingles jjab, just like COVID can result after the COVID jjab, just like Measles rash and Mumps can result from the MMR jjab.

Chapter 5: Contradiction And Discrimination

With so many contradictions in the story, did someone forget to edit?

The World Health Organization (WHO) claims the Monkeypox “outbreak” is containable, while the CDC urges new recommendations based on only “3 possible cases” of rash in the U.S. Other countries are reporting their own rashes. Today, 19 countries are tracking and reporting Monkeypox numbers; similar to the Coronavirus protocol. Some countries are already urging people to self-isolate.

Is Monkeypox a runaway train before it got started?

More contradictions: some countries claim the pox spreads through respiratory droplets, while other reports claim the Monkeypox spreads through sex, with specific warnings that target gay and bisexual men. Which is it? The WHO writes:

While the virus itself is not a sexually transmitted infection, which are generally spread through semen and vaginal fluids, the most recent surge in cases appears to have been spread among men who have sex with other men, WHO officials said, emphasizing that anyone can contract monkeypox.

Is that science or science fiction? Are we back to HIV-AIDS? Did we ever leave it?

Was the HIV virus “discovered” in 1984 by Dr. Robert Gallo so he could develop a jjab decades later when the world would be more receptive to injections?

Recall, in the 1980s, after the 1976 Swine flu Fiasco, jjab hesitancy would have stopped people from accepting mass experimental jjab campaigns. Without jjab hesitancy, bring on the HIV injections that can be taken two months apart!

Any injection, jjab or experimental, should be documented as safe before use. However, since 1986, jjab makers have been off the hook for damages from their products. If jjab makers do not stand behind their products why should anyone else?

Another contradiction: Neither HIV or Coronavirus has ever been isolated or proven to exist as a pathogen. However, according to the 2003 British Medical Journal, fragments of DNA identical to that of ‘HIV’ are found in all human beings. For more backstory on HIV-AIDS story, read the 2014 article, Questioning the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis: 30 years of dissent.

“The HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hellof a mistake”- Kary Mullis, 1996, p. 14..– Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1993, inventor of PCR test.

With so many stories still unfinished, has Monkeypox arrived on the scene as a hoax? A test of humanity? Another virus that divides and discriminates against bisexual and gay men? What about the devastation of 500,000 deaths caused by the prescription Opioid Epidemic from 1999 to 2019 that continue? What about more than 150 people who die each year from taking the OTC, FDA-approved drug Tylenol?

Chapter 6: Nature Rules

Nature has always ruled and Nature will continue to rule, but only if Nature’s Law is followed. Nature does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, politics, education, jjab status, or sex. Only patented lab-created viruses do.

Just because the media stories report on a Monkeypox viral threat, does not mean that humans need fear monkeys or eradicate them, like they did when they agreed to put chickens into lockdown from Pennsylvania to France then exterminated them out of fear.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear freezes people’s ability to be reasonable and rational. Fear separates and isolates. Fear masks identity. Fear disconnects humans from Nature, from each other, and from themselves. Going forward, if choosing fear, refrain from making any decisions or they will be made for you.

Perhaps humans should fear only humans with a god-complex, those who would unleash a lab-created/patented monkeypox/ Smallpox/ Horsepox/ SARS-CoV2 virus into the population via injection for the purpose of reverse genetics.

Forget the Horsepox and Monkeypox stories. Could humanity be looking at a re-deployment of the original Smallpox?

The end?

International Criminal Grand Jury Investigation: ‘Psychopathic’ Globalists Used COVID To Commit ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

By Jamie White,

An international coalition of lawyers and judges convened a hearing to prosecute the “crimes against humanity” perpetrated by governments who used the COVID-19 pandemic as the pretext.

international criminal grand jury investigation ‘psychopathic’ globalists used covid to commit ‘crimes against humanity’

The group, called the Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion, gathered in Germany on Saturday to detail the many human rights violations inflicted by politicians around the world during the COVID pandemic under the directive of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

“This case, involving the most heinous crimes against humanity committed under the guise of a corona pandemic, looks complicated only at first glance,” said German attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich in his opening statement.

Fuellmich elaborated in great detail how the COVID pandemic was engineered by the establishment to usher humanity into a technocratic system under their control.

“One, there is no corona pandemic, but only a PCR test ‘plandemic’ fueled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world’s population,” Fuellmich explained. “This agenda has been long-planned.”

“Its ultimately unsuccessful precursor was the swine flu some 12 years ago, and it was cooked up by a group of super rich psychopathic and sociopathic people who hate and fear people at the same time, have no empathy, and are driven by the desire to gain full control over all of us, the people of the world,” he continued, adding that they’re using “governments and the mainstream media” to spread “panic propaganda 24/7.”

Fuellmich noted that the coronavirus can be treated with Vitamin C and D, Zinc, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine — all substances dismissed and demonized by the mainstream media and medical establishment since the pandemic’s outset to see through their “ultimate goal” of getting everyone on the planet to take the “lethal experimental injections.”

Fuellmich then pointed out how the WEF has captured world governments through it’s “Young Global Leaders” program to carry out its Great Reset agenda.

“Our governments are not our governments anymore, rather they have been taken over by the other side through their main platform, the World Economic Forum, which had started to create their own global leaders through their ‘Young Global Leaders’ program as early as 1992,” Fuellmich said, citing Bill Gates and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its first graduates.

The final pieces of the COVID puzzle involve “population control” and the dissolution of national sovereignty with the replacement of a One World Government and single currency, Fuellmich argued.

“This involves population control which, in their view, requires both a massive reduction of the population and manipulating the DNA of the remaining population with the help – for example – of mRNA experimental injections,” Fuellmich said.

“But it also requires the deliberate destruction of democracy, of the rule of law, and of our constitutions through chaos so that ultimately, we will agree to losing our national and cultural identities and instead will accept a One World Government under the UN – which is now under the full control of them and their World Economic Forum – a digital passport through which each and every move is monitored and controlled, and one digital currency which we will only be able to receive from one World bank — theirs, of course,” he added.

Watch Reiner Fuellmich’s opening statement on BitChute.com:

Fuellmich then recommended indictments for six major figures:

The Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion states that their investigation will “serve as a model legal proceeding to present to a jury (consisting of the citizens of the world) all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against ‘leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices’ who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic.”

From the PCPO website:

The People’s Court of Public Opinion’s investigation’s purpose is twofold: On the one hand it is to serve as a model proceeding and get indictments against some of the criminally and civilly responsible figure heads of these Crimes against Humanity.

And on the other hand it is – through showing a complete picture of what we are facing, including the geopolitical and historical backdrop – to create awareness about the factual collapse of the current, hijacked system and its institutions, and, as a consequence the necessity for the people themselves retaking their sovereignty, and the necessity to first stop this plandemic’s measures by refusing to comply, and the necessity to jump-start their own new system of health care, education, economics and judiciary, so that democracy and the rule of law on the basis of our constitutions will be reestablished.

Watch the full hearing:

Johns Hopkins Study: 99% Of All Covid Prior Infections Resulted In ‘Natural Immunity’ That Lasted At Least 650 Days

Johns Hopkins university this week dropped a quiet bombshell of a study that went widely ignored in the mainstream media [as always!].

Dr. Marty Makary, spearheading a team at Johns Hopkins to do the work that the CDC and NIH refuse to do, showed that 99% of unvaccinated people known to have Covid infections had robust “natural immunity” that did not diminish for at least 650 days.

johns hopkins study 99% of all covid prior infections resulted in ‘natural immunity’ that lasted at least 650 days

Of 1580 individuals invited to undergo serologic testing, 816 (52%) did so between September 24, 2021, and November 5, 2021. Participants had a mean age of 48.0 years, 421 (52%) were women, and 669 (82%) were White (Table). Fourteen percent reported routine mask use in public. Anti-RBD and anti-N antibody presence/absence were correlated (95%; Cohen κ=0.908).

Among 295 reported COVID-confirmed participants, 293 (99%) tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (≥250 U/mL, 44%; ≥500 U/mL, 27%; ≥1000 U/mL, 15%). A median of 8.7 (IQR, 1.9-12.9; range, 0-20) months passed since reported COVID-19 diagnosis. The median anti-RBD level among those who tested positive was 205 (IQR, 61-535) U/mL. There was no evidence of association between time after infection and antibody titer (0.8% increase [95% CI, –2.4% to 4.2%] per month, P = .62) (Figure).

Among 275 reported COVID-unconfirmed participants, 152 (55%) tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (≥250 U/mL, 18%; ≥500 U/mL, 12%; ≥1000 U/mL, 6%). The median level among those who tested positive was 131 (IQR, 35-402) U/mL.

Among 246 reported no-COVID participants, 11% tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (≥250 U/mL, 2%; ≥500 U/mL, 2%; ≥1000 U/mL, 2%). The median level among those who tested positive was 82 (IQR, 19-172) U/mL.

The charts included in the study reveal the story. As you can see, for three different types of important antibodies, about 95% of people with prior infections retained all three. 99% had the anti-RBD positive type of antibody.

99% had the anti rbd positive type of antibody

Most importantly of all, this is clear indisputable evidence that natural immunity is far more durable than vaccinated immunity: The Covid protection lasted for 650 days with no noticeable decline.

650 days natural immunity after covid 19 infection

‘This Ends The Debate’: Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta.

As Becker News reported in October, Dr. Makary was leading a study that would force the CDC and NIH to do their jobs and not merely act as vaccine salesmen.

“The NIH should be doing a long-term study of natural immunity instead of torturing thousands of beagle puppies, including cutting their voice box to avoid barking sounds (sick),” he said. “All taxpayer funded. All our health agencies need fresh new leadership.”

“My Johns Hopkins research team is leading a long-term study of natural immunity because the NIH and CDC are not doing it,” he added. “They have $50 billion and 30,000 employees and yet can’t seen to conduct one of the most important studies we need done to inform the public.”

That he did. Now, even the CDC is admitting that natural immunity exists. This constitutes yet another “we told you so” in the now extremely long list that can be compiled by critics of The Science.

Source: BeckerNews.com / Reference: JamaNetwork.com

The COVID Narrative is Falling Apart

By James Stansbury

Joe Biden claims this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and wants everyone in the world vaxxed with the “safe and effective” vaccines.  In addition, he plans to distribute millions of “effective” N-95 masks.  Anyone paying attention knows this is a big lie.  Masks may be a comforting placebo, but even the N95s  don’t work as advertised.  And new revelations about dangerous vaccine side effects have surfaced despite media suppression.     

New Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin made masks and vaccinations optional for state employees and public schools.  Immediately some parents, teachers, and school boards threw a hissy fit (at least seven lawsuits have resulted so far).  Meanwhile, those who voted for him see this as much-needed relief from a pandemic that has run its course.   

Why is there so much disagreement? The late Malcolm Muggeridge put it this way; “People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to.”  Think about it; the Left and their media allies have terrified our children and ordinary citizens so much that they desperately want to believe masks and vax mandates are the only answer.  Anyone who disagrees must be silenced, socially destroyed, or even allowed to die by withholding organ transplants or life-saving therapeutics. 

I was taught the only way to fight a lie is with the truth.  However, I also know those who placed all their hope in the big COVID lie will do whatever it takes to silence anyone who disagrees.  Just ask Joe Rogan about being silenced. It is nearly impossible to overcome emotion with facts, but I will present some anyway:

1). Alarming vax side effects reported by military whistleblowers.  This story made a few waves last week when Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) included a mention in his five-hour Senate hearing. The information came from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), a mundane accounting tool used to track all medical diagnoses of military personnel and dependents for insurance billing purposes.  DMED did better than the CDC’s ineffective Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  Following is a summary of the most alarming vax side effects:

  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack) — 269% increase
  • Cancer diagnoses — 300% increase
  • Miscarriage — 300% increase
  • Bell’s palsy — 291% increase
  • Congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) – 156% increase
  • Female infertility — 471% increase
  • Pulmonary embolisms — 467% increase
  • Neurological issues — 1,000% increase

2). Athletes are mysteriously dying of sudden heart attacks:  In Dec. 2021, Lorphic News, a non-traditional news source reported on the extraordinary number of physically fit, fully vaccinated athletes experiencing fatal heart attacks.  This claim was systematically denied by most news sources.  However, a chart compiled by the Federation Internationale de Football [soccer] Association (FIFA) confirms this is real and like the above military data, is based on a large sample size.  FIFA has member athletes from 209 countries and has routinely tracked athlete health data for 20 years.  Their long-term data confirms a fivefold increase in sudden cardiac deaths in only six months of 2021.

In the above sample, Australia had the most severe police state lockdowns, mask mandates, and a high vax rate of around 80%.  After some initial success, it has suddenly gone from near zero cases and deaths to having an explosion in both.  Since spring of 2021 Sweden, noted for its minimal mandates, had maintained near-zero cases and deaths as a result of achieving herd immunity early.  All that changed when for reasons unknown Sweden pushed vaccinations despite the herd immunity achievement.  As a result, Sweden’s flat-lined case and death rate also spiked, thus indicating its herd immunity achievement is compromised by vax negative efficacy.  

4). Omicron provides long-lasting natural immunity:  A peer-reviewed article titled “Cross-reactive memory T cells associate with protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection in COVID-19 contacts” published Jan. 10 in the scientific journal Nature provided a warning and some encouragement:

Once widespread infection (such as the Omicron wave) occurs across the world, the virus will eventually circulate endemically, meaning that infections may still happen but with milder symptoms and much less mortality.

There are two reasons that the transition from pandemic to endemic didn’t happen until Omicron: 1) all the widely used vaccines are based on the spike protein, which doesn’t induce a protective long-lasting T-cell response, and 2) natural immunity wasn’t widespread.

In other words, the current vaccines too narrowly target only the original Alpha spike protein and ignore the rest of the virus proteins.  This inhibits the production of long-lasting memory T-cells that can more readily adapt to new variants and this omission for those most heavily vaccinated appears to have changed omicron from mild to more dangerous. 

Conclusions:  Considering the dangerous vax side effects described above, it’s time to recognize that COVID is becoming endemic like the closely related common cold or seasonal flu.  This means the safest way for the unvaccinated to produce the necessary long-lasting memory T-cells may be by catching omicron. 

For those facing omicron with an immune system weakened by multiple vaxxes and boosters, age, or comorbidities, an emergency use authorization by the FDA for the therapeutics (chiefly ivermectin) India used could be a lifesaver.  However, the political climate today makes FDA authorization unlikely — many hospitals have already allowed patients to die rather than try these proven, safe therapeutics.  And last week, effective monoclonal antibody treatments have mysteriously lost their FDA approval.  

Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to fortify your immune system with a daily dose of over-the-counter vitamin D3, C, and zinc (all are included in India’s COVID kit).  Around 80 to 85 percent of people who died from COVID were deficient in these vitamins and the most vulnerable are senior citizens and the obese (because fat cells absorb vitamin D before it can reach where needed).  I’m no doctor so ask yours for dose rates since each can vary widely by weight, age, etc.   We are still on our own for an early treatment option so it may be better to contact an organization of rebel doctors like the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).  

U.K. PM Boris Johnson did the right thing by ending all vax and mask mandates and letting nature take its course. (The Remnant features an excellent analysis of the politics behind the COVID tyranny.) Denmark has just followed his lead.  Will 50,000 fearless Canadian truckers succeed in bringing a strong enough emotion to Canada or the U.S. to end the mandates? 

Reference: https://www.americanthinker.com/

Inventor Of The MRNA Technology: There’s An Obvious Attempt To Hide The Truth About The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Robert Malone, physician and inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, said that there is an obvious attempt to hide the truth about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Malone told Kristi Leigh in an interview that the U.S. data is compromised at multiple levels by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

inventor of the mrna technology there’s an obvious attempt to hide the truth about the covid 19 pandemic

“It’s compromised by the CDC’s official position that there have been no vaccine related deaths. That is completely untenable,” said Malone, who also pointed out that it is not only the U.S. database that is contaminated but also the British, Scottish, German, Atlantic, Norwegian and Israeli databases.

“But the CDC still insists that there have been no vaccine related deaths. The CDC is willfully ignorant. And they have placed a whole bunch of different strategic initiatives, like redefining what is the disease, redefining when you’re vaccinated, how long that vaccine window, you’re not considered fully vaccinated until you’re over 14 days after jab number two.”

Malone continued:

“And so everything else is considered the same as unvaccinated. It’s just a bunch of data manipulation and management… And we know that is a transparent attempt to hide the truth.”

Leigh, an award-winning TV news journalist, agreed with Malone.

“They compare the number of three seasons, almost three seasons of COVID to one season of flu, and they leave that part out. They talk about hospital capacity, but they don’t factor in the staffing shortages and issues, since you’re pushing so many people out. I mean, it’s so much,” added the TV host, podcast contributor and news analyst.

Malone also took a shot at the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test manipulation being done and the huge stack of financial incentives provided to hospitals.

“They’re paying doctors directly to support the dominant narrative. They [doctors] are getting cash in the form of thousands of dollars. If the pharmaceutical industry did this directly, it would be a crime, right? Absolutely a crime,” Malone lamented.

“But doctors are getting paid to go along with the dominant narrative. Hospitals are getting paid to overrepresent those dying of this disease, rather than having been infected potentially within the hospital also.”

The well-known immunologist and virologist also slammed the hospitals who are now hiding information on their profit margins.

“They’re making money over this thing. They have strong financial incentives and continuing it. It is all up and down the entire pharmaceutical, medical complex food chain. Everybody is making big cash off of this, except the people that are out there trying to treat people with expensive drugs,” Malone said.

Leigh also brought out the issue about the “hidden data narrative” with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), wherein data could be hidden from the public for 55 years, and why you can’t sue those companies who made the COVID-19 vaccines for its adverse effects.

Malone told Leigh: “The vaccine companies will not manufacture and sell the vaccine to any company who doesn’t agree to complete indemnification. They have to be completely protected from risk, or they won’t do it. That is not the sign of the safe and effective product.”

The mRNA vaccine technology inventor added that there are terms and conditions in the agreement made by the company and the government that require any safety data be hidden for long periods of time.

COVID Vaccines Cause Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

In a video released last July, Malone warned that the COVID vaccines are causing antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and worsen the immune response.

Malone said ADE has happened in all coronavirus vaccines developed and has been a serious concern among vaccine experts from the start of the mass COVID vaccine rollouts.

He also sounded the alarm on how COVID restrictions and mandates in Western countries like the U.S., Canada, and Austria are suppressing civil liberties. Malone warned that governments are using the COVID pandemic as a “platform for advancing other agendas.”

“The future of global totalitarianism is here, it’s just not evenly distributed,” Malone said in an interview with Steve Bannon. He cited Austria’s nationwide vaccine mandate as the most egregious example of a government’s totalitarian approach to a public health emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch Dr. Robert Malone in the video below as he talks about how the vaccinated people are actually more at risk during the pandemic.


People Don’t ‘Trust The Science’ Because Too Many Scientists Are Liars With Agendas

By Brandon Smith

There has been an unfortunate shift in Western educational practices in the past few decades away from what we used to call “critical thinking.” In fact, critical thinking was once a fundamental staple of US colleges and now it seems as though the concept doesn’t exist anymore; at least not in the way it used to.

Instead, another form of learning has arisen which promotes “right thinking”; a form of indoctrination which encourages and rewards a particular response from students that falls in line with ideology and not necessarily in line with reality.

people don’t 'trust the science' because too many scientists are liars with agendas

It’s not that schools directly enforce a collectivist or corporatist ideology (sometimes they do), it’s more that they filter out alternative viewpoints as well as facts and evidence they do not like until all that is left is a single path and a single conclusion to any given problem. They teach students how to NOT think by presenting thought experiments and then controlling the acceptable outcomes.

For example, a common and manipulative thought experiment used in schools is to ask students to write an “analysis” on why people do not trust science or scientists these days. The trick is that the question is always presented with a built-in conclusion – that scientists should be trusted, and some people are refusing to listen, so let’s figure out why these people are so stupid.

I have seen this experiment numerous times, always presented in the same way. Not once have I ever seen a college professor or public school teacher ask students: “Should scientists today be trusted?”

Not once.

This is NOT analysis, this is controlled hypothesis. If you already have a conclusion in mind before you enter into a thought experiment, then you will naturally try to adjust the outcome of the experiment to fit your preconceived notions. Schools today present this foolishness as a form of thinking game when it is actually propaganda.

Students are being taught to think inside the box, not outside the box. This is not science, it is anti-science.

Educational programming like this is now a mainstay while actual science has taken a backseat. Millions of kids are exiting public schools and universities with no understanding of actual scientific method or science in general.

Ask them what the equations for Density or Acceleration are, and they’ll have no clue what your are talking about. Ask them about issues surrounding vaccination or “climate change”, and they will regurgitate a litany of pre-programmed responses as to why the science cannot be questioned in any way.

In the alternative media we often refer to this as being “trapped in the Matrix,” and it’s hard to think of a better analogy. People have been rewarded for so long for accepting the mainstream narrative and blindly dismissing any other information that when they are presented with reality they either laugh at it arrogantly or recoil in horror. The Matrix is so much more comfortable and safe, and look at all the good grades you get when you say the right things and avoid the hard questions and agree with the teacher.

Given the sad state of science in the West these days surrounding the response to covid as well as the insane and unscientific push for forced vaccinations, I thought it would be interesting to try out this thought exercise, but from an angle that is never allowed in today’s schools:

Why don’t people trust the science and scientists anymore?

This is simple: Because too many scientists have been caught lying and misrepresenting their data to fit the conclusions they want rather than the facts at hand. Science is often politicized to serve an agenda. This is not conspiracy theory, this is provable fact.

That’s not to say that all science is to be mistrusted. The point is, no science should be blindly accepted without independent examination of ALL the available facts. This is the whole point of science, after all.

Yes, there are idiotic conspiracy theories out there when it comes to scientific analysis, but there are a number of scams in the world of science as well.

The usual false claim is that the average person is ignorant and that they don’t have the capacity to understand scientific data. I do find it interesting that this is the general message of the trust-science thought experiment. It fits right in line with the mainstream and government narrative that THEIR scientists, the scientists they pay for and that corporations pay for, are implicitly correct and should not be questioned. They are the high priests of the modern era, delving into great magics that we dirty peasants cannot possibly grasp. It is not for us to question “the science”, it our job to simply embrace it like a religion and bow down in reverence.

Most people have the capacity to sift through scientific data as long as it’s transparent. When the facts are obscured or spun or omitted this causes confusion, and of course only the establishment scientists can untangle the mess because they are the ones that created it. Let’s look at a couple of examples directly related to human health…

GMO Crops And The Corporate Money Train

The propaganda surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms is relentless and pervasive, with the overall thrust being that they are perfectly safe and that anyone who says otherwise is a tinfoil hat crackpot. And certainly, there a hundreds if not thousands of studies which readily confirm this conclusion. So, case closed, right?

Not quite. Here is where critical thinking is so useful and where reality escapes the indoctrinated – Who paid for these studies, and do they have a vested interest in censoring negative data on GMOs?

Well, in the vast majority of cases GMO studies are funded by two sources – GMO industry giants like Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta, or, government agencies like the FDA and EPA. Very few studies are truly independent, and this is the problem. Both the government and corporations like Monsanto have a vested interest in preventing any critical studies from being released on GMO’s.

Monsanto has been caught on numerous occasions hiding the dangerous health effects of its products, from Agent Orange to the RGBH growth hormone used in dairy cows. They have been caught compiling illegal dossiers on their critics. The industry has been caught multiple times paying off academics and scientists to produce studies on GMOs with a positive spin and even to attack other scientists that are involved in experiments that are critical of GMOs. Research shows that at least half of all GMO studies are funded by the GMO industry, while the majority of the other half are funded by governments.

There has also long been a revolving door between GMO industry insiders and the FDA and EPA; officials often work for Monsanto and then get jobs with the government, then go back to Monsanto again. The back scratching is so egregious that the government even created special legal protections for GMO companies like Monsanto under what is now known as the Monsanto Protection Act (Section 735 of Agricultural Appropriations Bill HR 993) under the Obama Administration in 2013. This essentially makes GMO companies immune to litigation over GMOs, and the same protections have been renewed in different bills ever since.

Beyond the revolving door, the government has approved many GMO products with little to no critical data to confirm their safety. Not only that, but in most cases the government has sovereign immunity from litigation, even if they’ve been negligent. Meaning, if any of these products is proven to cause long term health damage the government cannot be sued for approving them unless there are special circumstances.

If they could be held liable, you would be damn sure the FDA would be running every conceivable test imaginable to confirm GMOs are definitively safe without any bias attached, but this is not the case. Instead, the government actively propagandizes for GMO companies and uses hired hatchet men to derail any public criticism.

I, for one, would certainly like to know for sure if GMOs are harmful to the human body in the long term, and there is certainly science to suggest that this might be the case. There have been many situations in which specific GMO foods were removed from the market because of potentially harmful side effects. Endogenous toxins of plants with modified metabolites are a concern, along with “plant incorporated protectants” (plants designed to produce toxins which act as pesticides).

There is data that tells us to be wary, but nothing conclusive. Why? Because billions of dollars are being invested by corporations into research designed to “debunk” any notion of side effects.

If the same amount of funding was put into independent studies with no bias, then we might hear a different story about the risks of GMOs. All the money is in dismissing the risks of GMOs; there’s almost no money in studying them honestly.

The science appears to be rigged to a particular outcome or narrative, and that is lying. Science is supposed to remain as objective as possible, but how can it be objective when it is being paid for by people with an agenda? The temptation to sell out is extreme.

Covid Vaccines And The Death Of Science

I bring up the example of GMO’s because I think it is representative of how science can be controlled to produce only one message while excluding all other analysis.

We don’t really know for sure how dangerous GMOs are because the majority of data is dictated by the people that profit from them and by their friends in government.

The lack of knowing is upheld as proof of safety – but this is not scientific. Science and medicine would demand that we err on the side of caution until we know for sure.

The same dynamic exists in the world of covid vaccines. Big Pharma has a vested interest in ensuring NO negative information is released about the mRNA vaccines because there is a perpetual river of money to be made as long as the vax remains approved for emergency use by the FDA. It may be important to note that the FDA has said it will take at least 55 YEARS to release all the data it has on the Pfizer covid vaccines, which suggests again that there is a beneficial collusion between the government and corporate behemoths.

In the meantime, anyone that questions the efficacy or safety of the vax is immediately set upon by attack dogs in the media, most of them paid with advertising dollars from Big Pharma. These attacks are not limited to the alternative media; the establishment has also gone after any scientist or doctor with questions about vaccine safety.

There are clear and openly admitted ideological agendas surrounding covid science which have nothing to do with public health safety and everything to do with political control. When you have the head of the World Economic Forum applauding the covid pandemic as a perfect “opportunity” to push forward global socialist centralization and erase the last vestiges of free markets and individual liberty, any rational person would have to question if the covid science is also being rigged to support special interests.

Luckily, the covid issue is so massive that it is impossible for them to control every study. Instead, the establishment ignores the studies and data they don’t like.

The virus is being hyped as a threat to the majority of the public and as a rationale for 100% vaccination rates, by force if needed. Yet, the median Infection Fatality Rate of covid is only 0.27%. This means that on average 99.7% of the population at any given time has nothing to fear from the virus. This is confirmed by dozens of independent medical studies, but when was the last time you heard that number discussed by mainstream government scientists like Anthony Fauci?

I’ve never heard them talk about it. But how is it scientific to ignore data just because it doesn’t fit your political aims? Again, deliberate omission of data is a form of lying.

What about the multiple studies indicating that natural immunity is far superior in protection to the mRNA vaccines? What about the fact that the countries with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest rates of infections and their hospitalizations have actually increased? What about the fact that the states and countries with the harshest lockdown and mask mandates also have the highest infection rates? What about the fact that the average vaccine is tested for 10-15 years before being approved for human use, while the covid mRNA vaccines were put into production within months? That is to say, there is NO long term data to prove the safety of the covid vax.

These are easily observable scientific facts, but we never hear about them from corporate scientists or government scientists like Fauci. Instead, Fauci argues that criticism of his policies is an attack on him, and attacking him is the same as “attacking science.” In other words, Fauci believes HE IS the science.

And doesn’t that just illustrate how far science has fallen in the new millennium. Real scientists like Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR technique, call Fauci a fraud, but they are ignored while Fauci is worshiped.

The Global Cooling, Global Warming And Now Climate Change Fraud

I can’t even get into climate change “science” here, I would have to write an entire separate article about the fallacies perpetrated by global warming academics (did you know that global temperatures have only increased by 1 degree Celsius in the past century? Yep, just 1 degree according to the NOAA’s own data, yet, institutions like the NOAA continue to claim the end of the world is nigh because of global warming).

The stringent bottleneck on science today reminds me of the Catholic church under Pope Innocent III when church authorities forbade common people from owning or reading a bible. These laws remained in effect well into the 13th century. Instead, the peasants were to go to church and have the texts read to them by specific clergy. Often the bible readings were done in Latin which most people did not speak, and interpreted however the church wished.

It was only the invention of the printing press in the 1400s that changed the power dynamic and allowed bibles to be widely distributed and information to spread without church oversight. Much like the creation of the internet allows the public to access mountains of scientific data and methodologies at their fingertips. The free flow of information is an anathema according to the establishment; they argue that only they have the right to process information for public consumption.

Cultism requires excessive control of data and the complete restriction of outside interpretations. As information becomes openly available the public is then able to learn the whole truth, not just approved establishment narratives.

Science is quickly becoming a political religion rather than a bastion of critical thought. Conflicting data is ignored as “non-science” or even censored as “dangerous.” Government and corporate paid studies are treated as sacrosanct. Is it any wonder that so many people now distrust the science? Any reasonable person would have questions and suspicions. Those who do not have been indoctrinated into a cult they don’t even know they are a part of.