Haiti: An Inconvenient History, an Uncomfortable Truth. “Until Haiti spoke, no Christian nation had abolished slavery”

Frederick Douglas, a former slave and the U.S. President’s special envoy to Haiti, said this at the opening of the Haitian Pavillion, Chicago World’s Fair, in 1893. The speech probed the soul of Christendom to judge itself in front of the world. Is today’s world, once again, asking for this?

When Haiti defeated France, the country was declared the first Black Republic in 1804 and destroyed the slave trade. Haiti became a beacon of freedom for humanity. The Haitian constitution was an iconic example of the first bill of human rights. Haiti was a hero nation, in the nineteenth-century world.

The nation of Haiti should be a global pilgrimage site for generations of human beings born free, thanks to Haiti’s courageous spirit, and heroic sacrifice. But when people think of Haiti today, they think of hunger, not heroism. How did the Haitian brand of David beating Goliath come to this?

By standing against all those who would oppress or exploit humanity, Haiti had sealed its fate. The new country stumbled into a different type of warfare with an enemy who possesses weapons that can alter people’s perception of reality. Haiti became a target of military grade psychological operations.

“Christians believe. Vodou knows” 

This is a Creole proverb for Vodou’s claim to supernatural contact.Does a spiritual technology, known as Vodou, put humanity in direct contact with higher beings? If so, this threatens big religions who want to control what human beings are allowed to believe. Does the Vatican good cop play Vodou as bad cop? Do they need an official devil and Vodou is it? The question that must be answered is, Why is Vodou promoted as evil and who benefits from it?

Hollywood has a profitable genre of movie products that uses Voodoo as the vessel for stories of evil entities who take possession of the human soul to create zombies. “White Zombie” made in 1932 was the first feature length template for this enduringly lucrative theme. In it a young white woman comes to Haiti to reunite with her fiancée. They meet an evil Voodoo adept, Bella Lugosi, who owns a sugar mill full of zombies. A drum beat of fear and terror then assaults our senses. We tell ourselves it’s just a movie but, note to self, “Praise Jesus for white Christianity.”

The strategic ‘demonization’ of African spiritual systems actually started with slavery, centuries before Hollywood reinvented the business model as films for white audiences. In his 1938 master work, The Ancient Kingdom of Dahomey, Melville Herskovits showed us an African civilization of high spiritual development with millennia of cultural continuum. A scholar’s response to Hollywood’s salacious portrayal of Haiti as host for black magic sex rituals, in “White Zombie.” But even massive evidence of a University of Chicago superstar professor’s research, loses to Hollywood ‘Voodoo’. Why this preference for an evil version of Vodou?  

Reimagining Haitian Exceptionalism

Is it irrational to speculate that most people believe Haiti is a backward mess due to Voodou? Is it conspiratorial madness to suggest that this message, repeated in regular cinematic rituals, is designed to zombify the minds of Western citizens to see Vodou as evil and the sole cause of the Haitian tragedy. Is it a shameless plot to blame the victims for our brutally criminal history?

Good versus Evil 

This paradigm is the engine of ideological subversion since ancient times. Populations must be convinced that there’s a threat, evil barbarians who must be eliminated. The Africans weren’t threatening anyone in Europe and their spears were no match for European firepower. So, how do you demonize an enemy who doesn’t threaten you but also doesn’t want to be enslaved somewhere across the ocean, never to see home again? The slavery business had to be sold to European Christians as a net positive, with nothing that might incriminate us during the exit interview that awaits all Christians. A marketing challenge!

European slave traders and governments who sponsored them created an African brand for the calming of any European guilt. Their version of the African male is a dangerous savage, an uncivilized sorcerer with mysterious access to demons, the sworn enemies of Jesus Christ and His Church. Slavery became a sacred obligation, a mission that should reap rewards in eternity.

This vile propaganda worked because Europe was a Christian civilization and needed a Christian motive to justify slavery. Enslavement would be God’s platform for the conversion of all Africans to Christianity. Slavery was marketed as a consecrated duty to the white man’s burden and a kind of imperial benevolence to exorcise these ‘black devils’ and get them worshipping the white gods. The strategic chutzpah cancelled the sin of profiting from the slave’s lifelong free labor to his owner.

African slavery stands as an early iteration of the, “It’s for their own good!” school of foreign policy.  

“Men made fortunes and were esteemed as good Christians. Until Haiti spoke the church was silent, the pulpit dumb.” — Frederick Douglas

Slavery was an untouchable issue because it was a gold rush, an official policy to plunder the wealth of others under the cover of virtue signaling. Not much has changed. Haiti is exploding again. The International Community calls it a humanitarian crisis and will send soldiers to pacify the population. 

The Haitian national character of a violent people incapable of self-government will be reconfirmed. Haiti’s noble birth as a champion of human rights is long forgotten. Noble Haiti has been replaced by a Haiti of black thugs killing each other in an open-air penal colony. What caused this tragic transformation? The imperial playbook prescribes cultural demoralization of the targeted country, as preparation for the stage of resource plunder, cultural genocide and state capture. Haiti is a text book example of this process.

What is there in Haiti to plunder?

Why is the third largest U.S. Embassy on the planet in Port au Prince? 

Is Haiti a threat?

Is there something Haiti isn’t telling us?

Why is Haiti always in decline while surrounded by successful island nations of the Caribbean Community?

Why hasn’t Hollywood ever made any movies about Haiti’s history-changing and world-improving achievements in the liberation of the human soul from bondage?

Why are we told Haitian Voodou is evil when it was Christian nations who got rich from slavery? What’s wrong with all of this?

“Slave traders lived and died, funeral sermons preached over them, they went to heaven among the just.” — Frederick Douglas

Killing Napoleon…Again

JUNE 7, 2022

NY Times:
Napoleon Isn’t a Hero to Celebrate

“Professor” Marlene L. Daut “Phd” teaches “African Diaspora Studies” at the University of Virginia. That alone — neither supporting research nor footnotes needed — absolutely proves that she talks out of her ass and hates “The White Man” (even though she is married to a White “cuck”).

The latest target of the “cancel culture” Napoleon Bonaparte — who, Hitler defied the House of Rothschild and was forced into protracted defensive warfare against Britain and her allies.

Daut’s ignorance, on full display in this Op-Ed piece for the NY Times, is as appalling as her bigotry. Join us for a well-deserved bitch-smacking of this hateful hell-cat.

1. The untaught anti-White professorette (who clearly happens to have an abundance of White DNA) wishes to teach us about Napoleon. // 2. Read book by M. King // 3. Scene from 1934 Hollywood film, The House of Rothschild, depicts the cunning Brothers Rothschild dictating to “The Allies” the conditions for their financing of the war to topple Napoleon.

Daut: After statues of enslavers and colonizers were toppled, defaced or taken down across Europe and the United States, France decided to move in the opposite direction.
Analysis: Reading between the lines here, it is clear that Ms. Daut approves of physical and cultural vandalism.

Daut: The year 2021 was hailed by many museums and institutions in the country as the “Year of Napoleon” to commemorate France’s biggest tyrant.
Analysis: The “tyrant” actually liberated his people from usury; expanded educational opportunities for the children of common folk; opened up advancement based upon merit; and was universally beloved by the people of France — except for the Illuminati / Red Jacobin scum who tried to kill him.

Daut: As a Black woman of Haitian descent and a scholar of French colonialism, I find it particularly galling to see that France plans to celebrate the man who restored slavery to the French Caribbean.
Rebuttal: As a Hispanic Man of European (Spain), Black (Africa) and Taino Indian (Puerto Rico) descent and a “scholar” of real history, I find it particularly galling to have to listen you crybabies trash history and when our Black ancestors also practiced slavery. That’s the way it was back then — get over it!

Daut: He was an architect of modern genocide, whose troops created gas chambers to kill my ancestors.
Rebuttal: “Gas chambers?” — You too? Oy vey — or shall we say “Sacre bleu.” Did the French use Zyklon B too?

Daut: First, some history: In 1794, in the wake of the revolution that transformed France from a monarchy into a republic — France declared slavery’s abolition throughout its territory. But in 1802, Napoleon was in charge and reversed that decision, making France the only country to ever have brought back slavery after abolishing it. …The French only definitively re-abolished slavery in 1848.
Rebuttal: Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Get over it. And by the way, a reader named “Ken” informs us:

“As a Napoleonic scholar I would like to mention that Napoleon did not want to reintroduce slavery in Haiti. He was coerced into it by the reaction to the horrors committed against Whites; and many powerful people in France demanded it.”

Daut: Although Napoleon also destroyed the very republic the French claim to revere when he made himself emperor in 1804….
Rebuttal: Actually, Marlene, what Napoleon and his followers “destroyed” was the murderous atheistic Jacobin tyranny (early Bolsheviks) which called itself a “republic” –as well as the libtarded cousins that replaced them (The Directory). Though he named himself “Emperor,” France in many ways remained an “egalitarian” nation governed fairly by the rule of law (the Napoleonic Code).

Daut: It is still common for the French to lionize him as a hero…
Rebuttal: That’s because it is impossible to totally erase the memory of the great deeds of a great man — even in libtarded France. Give it another 30 years or so, and the legend of Hitler will also rise again (unless the New World Order achieves final victory, that is).

Daut:  … who not only stomped all over Europe at the Battle of Austerlitz….
Rebuttal: What the professorette doesn’t tell you (or probably doesn’t even know herself) is that the Battle of Austerlitz (in which the French soundly defeated the Austrians and Russians) brought an end to the Third Coalition War which the old monarchies of Europe — led by King George III’s British bullies — imposed upon revolutionary France. There would be four more “Napoleonic Wars” instigated against France — always led by Britain and later financed by the House of Rothschild. That is why Napoleon “stomped all over Europe.”

Daut: … but also created the modern legal code and the education system still in use.
Rebuttal: And a damn fine code and a damn system it must have been to serve France for 200 years and counting!

The Napoleonic Code — which Napoleon himself had a direct hand in authoring — has withstood the test of time.

Daut: Things unfolded tragically in Haiti. Under two generals who were sent to the island by Napoleon to, in his words, “annihilate the government of the Blacks,” the French Army was ordered to kill all the people of color in the colony who had ever “worn an epaulet.”
Analysis: Haiti was part of the French Empire. It fell to the Jacobinized Blacks. Many innocent Whites — not all of them slaveholders — were slaughtered. Napoleon had an obligation to protect the innocent French residents — many of whom were actually friendly and sympathetic toward the Blacks and mulattoes of Haiti (from which Ms. Daut is descended).

Daut: My students and colleagues, in both France and the United States, usually respond with shock and horror when I describe how thousands of Black people in Saint-Domingue were so cruelly killed by the French.
Analysis: What this forked-tongue serpent conveniently fails to mention is that both sides waged a brutal struggle. In 1804, after the French failed to retake Haiti, the cruel Haitian General Dessalines ordered the mass massacre of every last French man, woman and child on the island. (That’s why there are no Whites in Haiti today). The “shock and horror” that these Whites — who naively remained in “liberated” Haiti and harbored no animosity toward the Blacks — must have felt when machete-wielding killers went door-to-door at night doesn’t seem to move Ms. Daut to tears though. In fact, she evidently admires the beast Dessalines! (hereand (here)

Daut: Perhaps French leaders should open an inquiry into why Napoleon, a racist and genocidal warmonger….
Rebutal: Napoleon was NOT a warmonger. All seven of the “Coalition Wars” (3-7 aka “The Napoleonic Wars”) were imposed upon France by the old monarchies of Europe — thus compelling Napoleon to occupy other states and install friendly Kings.

Haitian Monster 
Jean-Jacques Dessalines ordered the massacre of every French man, woman and child in Haiti — many of whom had never even been slaveholders and had been friendly with the non-Whites. Dessalines’s legendary cruelty was such that many mulattoes and Blacks feared him as well.

* Dessalines — referred to even by many Haitians as a tyrant — would himself be assassinated in 1806. His body was then stomped upon and mutilated by an angry mob. Haiti has remained misgoverned ever since.

FOUR Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines Have Conveniently Died – Replaced By Pro-Vaxxers

The leaders of three [update: FOUR] different countries died after having stopped the distribution of the experimental Covid-19 jabs. All [four] countries took the decision to distribute the vaccines to their citizens only after their leaders passed away.four presidents who opposed covid vaccines have conveniently died – replaced by pro vaxxers

‘Covid denier’ Haitian President Jovenel Moise with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Wikipedia

One of them was Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated at his home in Port-au-Prince recently by a group of mercenaries.

The Caribbean country has been eligible for free vaccines through the COVAX scheme, run by the World Health Organisation as well as global vaccine charities, but Moise had notably refused the AstraZeneca shots. Only days after his murder, the US dispatched vaccines to Haiti, together with a team of FBI agents.

This means that Haiti is now no longer the only country in the Western Hemisphere not to accept the Covid injection.

Soon after President John Magufuli of Tanzania had declared the vaccines dangerous, he passed away from a “heart ailment”.

In February 2021, his health minister had told the media:

“We are not yet satisfied that those vaccines have been clinically proven safe.”

The death of the immensely popular Magufuli resulted in thousands of mourners crowding into a stadium to view his body.

However, soon after Magufuli’s death, Tanzania ordered a huge shipment of the products worth millions of dollars for its 60 million citizens.

“You should stand firm. Vaccinations are dangerous. If the White man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for AIDS by now; he would have found a vaccination [for] tuberculosis by now; he would have found a vaccination for malaria by now; he would have found a vaccination for cancer by now,” Magufuli had warned in January, 2021.

Magufuli, a former chemistry teacher, also trashed PCR tests by demonstrating how a goat and a papaya fruit had both tested positive for Covid-19. Magufuli’s view on PCR tests is shared by the international trial lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich who has launched a historic class-action lawsuit in Germany and the US against Christian Drosten and the other scientists who created the PCR testing protocol used to “diagnose” Covid-19.

In November, 2020, an appeals court in Portugal had ruled that “the PCR process is not a reliable test for SARS-CoV-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful”.

The judges, Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés, referred to several pieces of scientific evidence showing that in PCR tests with 35 cycles or more the accuracy dropped to three percent, meaning up to 97 percent of positive results could be false positives.

In March this year, an Austrian administrative court acknowledged the limitations of PCR and antigen testing in use currently, ruling that “PCR tests have no diagnostic value”. This view was echoed in April by a German court in Weimar, stating that PCR tests were not “suitable for determining an ‘infection’ with the SARS-CoV-2 virus”. It also ordered the lifting of various restrictions in the region.

Burundi was the second African country to reject Covid shots in February this year. The health minister of the African nation, Thaddee Ndikumana, told reporters that prevention was more important, and “since more than 95 percent of patients are recovering, we estimate that the vaccines are not yet necessary”.

Burundi’s late President Pierre Nkurunziza was harshly criticized for not advancing the notion of injections against SARS-CoV-2.

Remarkably, the current President Evariste Ndayishimiye now describes the virus as Burundi’s “worst enemy”.

In the most vaccinated countries, like Israel, the UK or the Seychelles, and especially in Gibraltar which boasts a 100 percent vaccination rate, the alleged delta variant now doubles every 3 days. Perhaps the current 23 cases is not significant, but 23 cases in an area with 35 000 inhabitants is the equivalent of 45 000 cases per day in a country like France.

And it has been more than a month and a half since 100 percent of the population of Gibraltar was vaccinated with two doses. This “paradise” for the vaccinated vindicates the hesitation of the Africans to take part in the mass experiment.

Also check Madagascar who died March 28, and then his country received their first doses of the VAXX on May 8, 2021 Madagascar’s President Ratsiraka dies on March 28, 2021 and 5 weeks later his country receives their first COVID VAXX on May 8, 2021.

“And also watch CUBA as they have their own VAXX and have not allowed the Globalists VAXX into their country, look what our CIA is doing in their country stirring up the masses. Look for an assassination attempt there as well. Or perhaps they will use the heart attack gun which was shown to congress 20 years ago. Not conspiracy theory, conspiracy fact.”

Source: FreeWestMedia.com