Hamas vs Israel: Why Now?

After Years of Quiet, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exploded. Why Now?

Regarding the sudden unexpected outbreak of violence between Hamas and the shitty Israel Sulzberger’s Slimes is asking the very question that’s been on my mind Why now? It does seem strange that after years of relative calm while Trump was president, the rocketeers of Gaza and the missile-men of Israel are exchanging fire again.

Of course, Israel with the American arsenal always inflicts more death and damage than the rocketeers ever can — which leads to the next question: Whether as a “first blood” strike or as a retaliation, why does Hamas even bother to fire harmless rockets into Israel? The only thing that a Hamas rocket has ever achieved was to give Bibi and his crowd an international platform for crying: “Oy vey. We Jews are being persecuted again! How can we ever make a two-state peace deal with the Palestinians when they want to push us into the sea!” — as they respond with hi-tech missiles and bombs sure to kill a bunch of civilians for every one Hamas fighter. It doesn’t make any strategic sense at all, and never has  — unless you look at it from another perspective — that is, within the context of the factional Globalist vs Zionist rivalry among Cabal criminals and killers.

1 & 2. Every harmless rocket is met with a powerful Israeli missile — so why even give Israel a pretext for bombing Gaza?
Soon after World War I, the British Mad Dog (Winston Churchill) once wrote an article about the differences between Jewish Bolsheviks and Jewish Zionists (although the factions do overlap).

We have our suspicions about Hamas. The fact that the organization opposes Israel does not in and of itself make it a noble and heroic force for liberation. The real “tell,” as they say in poker parlance, lies in the fact that the George Soros faction of the “Kosher Nostra” seems to support Hamas — not out of any concern for Palestinian rights, you understand — but rather, as a way to maintain constant tension in the region and tarnish ultra-nationalist “Bibi” by making him look like a heavy-handed thug (which he certainly is). A 2007 editorial such as the following — from GeorgeSoros.com — is very telling:

* America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas
By George Soros (article here)

Soros reveals that Hamas is not monolithic, and actually has two wings — a military one, and a political one. He doesn’t say that the military faction works for the Israeli hardliners, but he does say (correctly) that its ill-advised attacks provoke “heavy handed” responses from Israel. But Soros has nothing but praise for the political end of Hamas, which he describes as “moderate” while calling for its inclusion in an Israeli “unity government.” In other words, the Globalists have got paid agents embedded within  Hamas — and Bibi probably does as well!

… And from the opposing Zionist / Israel First viewpoint:

* Bloomberg News (August 16, 2016)
The Soros Plan: Marginalize Israel (article here)

That article explains how Soros’s philanthropy and left-wing activists are designed to isolate nationalist Israel with boycotts and sanctions.

Bolshevik Soros wants Israel under Globalist control
Zionist “Bibi” is an ultra-nationalist expansionist.
Bibi’s son tweeted out an “anti-Semitic” cartoon depicting Soros Globalists controlling the world. David Duke was so amused by the irony of it all that he retweeted it.

Another self-professed champion of “Palestinian liberation” is the infamous cop-killing communist terrorist of 1960s / 70s Weather Underground fame –Obama’s Chicago mentor and ghostwriter, William Ayers (here). His angle is the same as that of Soros, specifically, to use the legitimate grievances of the Palestinians as a means to attack ultra-nationalist Zionists. It’s sort of how the Left used the issue of racial segregation to push their phony “civil rights” agenda — as if they ever cared about “African-Americans .”

With this critical contextual information now understood, we ought not automatically cheer for Hamas (tempting as it may be) simply because part of the organization appears to be at odds with the shitty little state that has used and abused America so much; while other Hamas agents may even be working for Israel. It’s quite a tangled web of double-agent intrigue which we need to unravel; but the recent flare-up does smell to us of a struggle between rival crime bosses (Soros & Bibi) — both of which have an interest in undoing the progress that Trump had made as far as pacifying the region and clearing a path for a fair “two-state solution.” And caught in this crossfire among psychos, as always, the good and long-suffering people of Palestine.

Soros and friends (or also Bibi and friends) can buy up Arab agents just as easily as they can European or American puppets.

2 & 3. The New World Order seeks dominion over every nation, including Israel. Their influence over Palestinian Liberation Inc. is part of that plan, even if it comes at the cost of a few hundred lives of poor Palestinian pawns every now and then.


Idiot #1: I read in the New York Times today that Hamas and Israel are fighting again.

Idiot #2: That conflict had been quiet for a while. I wonder why they are fighting again now?
Me:  Because somebody high-up pushed a fucking button, IDIOTS That’s why!

  Nothing ever happens “spontaneously” in this world.