Symbolic Pics of the Month of May

The gender-blurring agenda was identified on this site over five years ago. While, at first, this agenda flew under the radar of most people, it ballooned into a global, unavoidable, and all-encompassing phenomenon with massive, real-world effects. This month again, we’ve seen numerous examples of this agenda being pushed on the public – often backed by some of the most powerful organizations in the world.

This agenda is not about “inclusion”, it is about deconstructing basic truths. For instance, here’s the definition of the word “bride”:

A woman just married or about to be married.

With this definition in mind (note that it includes the word “woman”), here’s the cover of Brides Today, a popular magazine in India.

The cover features Alok Vaid-Menon wearing a woman’s bride dress, complete with a beard, hairy chest, and a suggestive hand gesture. He had to be on the cover of a magazine that is specifically made for women. This is what this agenda is truly about.  But that’s not even the worst part: Alok is not some random dude. He is infamous for writing that “little girls can be kinky”.

Alok projecting his pedo obsessions on little girls.

Despite describing literal children as sexual beings, Brides Today felt the need to honor Alok with a second cover.

Global elite agendas can be easily identified by the fact that they are forced on the entire world. India is definitely not spared from this insanity.

As seen in previous articles, nearly every single major brand is showing compliance with the gender-blurring agenda. Every single time, there is backlash and calls to boycott – but that doesn’t matter. In the global elite’s new economic system, compliance is more important than profits.

Adidas recently used a male model (with a bulging crotch) to promote its women’s swimwear line. This ad caused controversy and calls to boycott but, as stated above, it doesn’t matter. The agenda is bigger than a temporary loss of profits.

In a very similar move, Anthropologie used a man to model a variety of dresses. Of course, comments on Instagram were closed because nearly all comments would have expressed disgust. 

For some reason, this agenda also needs to become an integral part of professional sports. For its annual “Pride Night”, the LA Dodgers invited The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – a group of “drag and trans nuns” who openly mock Christianity. After some public outcry, the Dodgers uninvited the group. However, shortly after, they were re-invited. The Dodgers probably received a call from powerful people.

On Easter Day, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence organize “hunky Jesus” contests which are highly blasphemous to Christians. Ironically, on its day of “inclusion”, the Dodgers invite a group that actively mocks and exclude Christians. 

The gender-blurring agenda is so powerful that it is even corrupting “science” publications.

Scientific American, which once boasted eminent contributors such as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, has officially stopped being “scientific”. In a recent article, the publication claimed that “human sex is not binary”. By doing so, Scientific America replaced scientific facts with the claims of a radical ideology.

s usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place this last month. Not only that, it was performed by some of the most famous and influential people in the world while being disturbed by the largest media conglomerates in the world.

This is the album cover of Kylie Minogue’s new album. It’s basically a big, fat, unapologetic one-eye sign. Also, her fingers are strategically placed to make a triple-6 sign. Furthermore, she uses a diamond to hide one eye which happens to represent high-level Beta Kitten slaves in the elite’s MK system. In short, this cover screams out “industry slave”.

Dolly Parton is 77 years old and she’s been in the music industry for over 56 years. Despite her industry veteran status, she must still show complete compliance.

This is a pic promoting Dolly Parton’s new album titled Rockstar. In 2023, she cannot be a “star” without submitting to the elite. To represent this fact, a star is strategically placed on her face to create a one-eye sign.

To make sure you understand that this is not just a random eyepatch, there’s a second pic of her with one eye hidden. This time it’s a butterfly that happens to represent Monarch mind control.

Mrs. Davis is a series created by a company named White Rabbit Productions (symbolic name). It is about a nun, artificial intelligence, and secret societies. The blatant one-eye sign on this promo image lets you know that the elite approves of its message.

This is a poster promoting the Renaissance World Tour. Beyonce has one eye hidden by a “computery”-type thing, indicating that she’s some type of android … controlled by the elite.

This is Demi Lovato on the cover of Numero. She’s using a crystal ball to hide one eye. That’s because she’s an industry slave and they want you to know it.

Model Bomi Youn makes a blatant one-eye sign on the cover of Vogue South Korea.

Same magazine. Same issue. Same sign.

Same magazine, same issue, same sign. The message: The occult elite is all over South Korea.

In an article about Miriam Cahn, I explained how the occult elite’s sick values and philosophy are on full display in high-level public places. That’s because symbols rule the world. Here are some pictures that are currently exposed inside the European Parliament in Brussels.

The European Parliament is exposing a series of photographs by Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson. This picture depicts Jesus surrounded by apostles dressed as sadomasochistic slaves.

Another picture by Ohlson: A naked “Jesus” in a crucifixion pose while a naked man hangs on to him. Meanwhile, the “artist” is mocking the Eucharist and the Last Supper by pouring wine in a cup. Reminder: This is inside the European Parliament, where the political elite makes big decisions.

The mocking of Christianity and the promotion of Satanism is not only found in official buildings, it is all over mass media.

This is Doja Cat performing at YouTube’s Brandcast event. She was wearing devil horns while images of her fractured face (representing the fractured personas of an MK slave) are displayed in the background. This is in perfect continuation of Doja Cat’s path as an industry slave.

This is Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori modeling a new fashion by Mowalola Ogunlesi who was hand-picked by Kanye to lead the Yeezy GAP team. As you probably noticed there’s a cross on Censori’s butt. That’s the type of outfit Satanists would be happy to wear during Black Masses. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy gave this icon to Pope Francis. As you can see, Baby Jesus is completely blacked out. It is said to represent the “loss of Ukrainian children”. Of course, that is complete BS. This painting represents the erasing of Christ and the fact that it was given to the Pope is highly symbolic. 

The 2023 MET Gala: A Ridiculous Parade of Industry Slaves

The 2023 MET Gala gathered “celebrities” (Freak Fuckers) such as Doja Cat, Bad Bunny, and Lil Nas X. And nearly all of them wore ridiculous or embarrassing outfits. Why is that? Because they’re industry slaves and they’re treated as such. Here’s a look at this yearly parade of industry pawns.

Indeed, this yearly parade of industry pawns wearing ridiculous outfits perfectly showcases the twisted mindset of the elite and its complete disconnection from reality. Organized by one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world (CondeNast), this event also confirms an important fact: To be a star, you need to show submission to the elite and push its agendas. For this reason, numerous celebrities show up at the gala wearing outfits that are either embarrassing, humiliating, or that confirm their status as industry slaves. Just look at the number of men walking around in dresses at the event. It’s basically a ritual of submission.

Furthermore, there are always bizarre events surrounding the gala which hint at something twisted happening behind the scenes. For instance, this year, a mysterious celebrity was carried out of the hotel wrapped in plastic, as if it was a dead body.

We still don’t know who was this person. Some commentators claim that this was an actual dead body and a ritual sacrifice that took place before the event.

Here’s a look at the world’s most expensive puppet show.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld does the one-eye sign in 1987.

Every MET Gala has a theme and this year was all about celebrating Karl Lagerfeld. While this German designer is definitely an icon in the fashion world, his outspoken nature caused him to become a controversial figure.

He was labeled “fatphobic” because he called those who complained about models being too thin  “fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television.” He was labeled “Islamophobic” because he opposed Merkel’s policy of accepting millions of Muslim refugees. He was labeled “homophobic” because he believed that a couple of men raising a child was bizarre. He dismissed the #MeToo movement by saying: “If you don’t want your pants pulled about, don’t become a model.” He also called models “stupid, toxic, and sordid creatures.”

Why would someone with such “problematic” views be celebrated in this elite-sponsored event? Well, that’s because they’re hypocrites and they secretly agree with him. The narratives pushed by mass media are meant for the masses, not the elite. They know that “body positivity” is just a way of encouraging people to be fat and out-of-shape. They also know that mass immigration is part of a globalist plan to weaken nations. They also know that #MeToo was a virtue-signaling circus that purposely ignored pedophiles. And you better believe that they do not respect models. In fact, many of them are Beta Kitten slaves that are exploited in elite circles.

Karl Lagerfeld said things that the elite actually believes behind closed doors. While others get censored or “canceled” for saying such things, Lagerfeld was simply “too big to fail”. He was too close to the top. Despite saying things that went against mass media narratives, Lagerfeld was revered by the elite and its pawns until his death in 2019.

Not only that, he’s still being celebrated in 2023 … by “stupid, toxic, and sordid creatures.”

The 2023 MET Gala

People take pictures of a cockroach that’s roaming around the red carpet at the MET Gala. Such a symbolic way of describing this event.

Other than this fabulous cockroach, what else was there to see at the MET Gala? Fully grown people looking ridiculous. Granted, some of them looked pretty good and classy. But others? Especially industry slaves? Just take a look.

Lil Nas X has been an industry slave for years. And, as seen in previous articles, everything about his act points to him being a male Beta Kitten slave. His “outfit” at the 2023 Met Gala screams out: “I get rammed by industry pervs”.

Like Lil Nas X, Doja Cat hasn’t had a hit record in years. So why is she always in the limelight? Because she’s playing her role as a Beta Kitten slave. And, to celebrate this fact, she attended the Gala as a literal kitten, complete with a prosthetic face.

Speaking of kittens, someone showed up at the Gala dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat Choupette. Can you guess who that was?

It was Jared Leto – a regular at MET Galas. Underneath the cat costume, Leto was in full make-up and dressed like a witch.

Jared Leto wasn’t the only male celebrity that pandered to the gender-blurring agenda. Far from it.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are regulars at the MET Gala. This year, ASAP wore a skirt. Some might say that this is actually a kilt worn by men. Right. But I don’t believe many Scottish men had their kilt drag behind them as if it was a gown.

Is there something more glamorous and feminine than a long dress that drags behind the woman wearing it? Well, at the MET Gala, a bunch of dudes ruined this look for everyone.

Bad Bunny has been pandering to the gender-blurring agenda for years. That’s what he needs to do to remain in the good graces of the elite. At the MET Gala, he walked around with a long flowery thing dragging behind him.

Actor Jeremy Pope also wore a dress that dragged behind him.

Burna Boy is a Nigerian singer. What is he doing there? I don’t know. One thing is for sure, he had to have this feminine thing dragging behind him. He’s Burna Girl now.

Harvey Guillen really arrived at the MET Gala thinking that he was the belle of the ball.

Fashion designer Raul Lopez wore a dress and heels. Of course he did.

Male model Alton Mason wore this bridal dress thing. In weddings, the veil historically represents the purity of the bride before the honeymoon. I wonder what happened to him at the after-party.

Kim Petras is a transgender singer who is mostly known for being featured in Sam Smith’s song Unholy. As seen in my article about the 2023 Grammy Awards, this song is just blatantly satanic. That is why Kim Petras is getting media attention: Agenda pushing.

Jordan Roth is a producer who oversees five Broadway theaters. However, at the MET Gala, he was just another creepy dude in a dress.

NBA player Russell Westbrook looks like he wore his auntie’s church clothes at the gala. They love to see male athletes in women’s clothes.

They also love to see women athletes in men’s clothes.

Brittney Griner is mostly known for being jailed in Russia for drug possession. Upon release, she became a hero and she quickly used her platform to promote the inclusion of biological males in women’s sports. And that is why Pam Grier is at the MET Gala: Agenda pushing.

Kristen Stewart showed up looking like a 15-year-old boy with a mullet. Gender-blurring agenda.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union came out looking like villains in a low-budget children’s movie. But why are they even there? Wade hasn’t played in the NBA in years. I mean, I don’t see Charles Barkley walking around the red carpet wearing a cape.

This is why the Wades are at the MET:

At age 12, Wade’s son changed his name to Zaya and identified as a girl. That’s the only reason why they’re at the MET Gala. Gender-blurring agenda.

Janelle Monae came out wearing this goofy outfit. Some of these celebrities have to just be embarrassed.

Monae’s looked changed drastically at the after-party.

Monae was in sex slave mode at the after-party.

Yup, the gala was followed by an after-party. And, like every year, there was a weird, Eye Wide Shut, sex party vibe to this thing.

Kendall Jenner went to the after-party wearing a sheer dress and a thong. She’s was in sex slave mode.

Rita Ora: Sex slave mode.

Rihanna showed up at the after-party showcasing her baby bump. That baby already performed at the Superbowl and attended a MET Gala.

Dr Dre throws up the devil horns at the after-party.

Lizzo is always at elite-funded events. She arrived at the after-party in the worst Marilyn Monroe costume ever. I think.

Lizzo then performed in front of an Egyptian portal similar to those found in Masonic lodges. This is all occult elite stuff.

In Conclusion

MET Galas are vain and ridiculous events that are completely disconnected from reality. As such, covering them might seem like a waste of time. However, when one grasps the amount of wealth and power behind this thing, one understands that it is a reflection of the forces that literally control the world.

While the guests parading around the gala are wealthy and influential in their own right, they are controlled by people that are even more wealthy and influential than them. These celebrities exist to serve their interests. And, when they stop being useful, they’re out of the limelight and a new pawn takes their place.

And that is why Lil Nas X walked around butt naked at the MET Gala.

The Hidden Messages in “Blonde”: Marilyn Monroe’s Life as an Industry Slave…

“Blonde” was described by movie critics as being boring, exploitative, and even misogynistic. But there is more to this movie than meets the eye. Through hints and symbolism, “Blonde” describes Marilyn Monroe’s life as an industry slave … and makes Ana de Armas relive all of her trauma all over again.

Most reviews of Blonde describe the movie as a long, difficult, and miserable experience. Deemed unnecessarily cruel and dehumanizing by many, the hate towards the Blonde culminated in two Razzie awards nominations: Worst Picture and Worst Director.

Interestingly enough, Blonde might also win an Oscar. Indeed, Ana de Armas (who plays the role of Marilyn) was nominated for Best Actress. This leads us to a profound existential question: Can an actress be exceptionally good in a movie that is exceptionally bad?

Well, for many, good acting equals lots of crying. If that’s the case, then throw the Oscar right at Ana de Armas because she cries in nearly every scene of the movie. It is honestly overwhelming.

Not only is this excessive crying exhausting to watch but it genuinely gets one concerned about the toll of this role on the actress herself. It is at this point that one realizes that there’s also something “off” about Blonde: It is not a biographical movie, it is torture porn. It is not about Marilyn Monroe’s life, it is about watching Ana de Armas suffer through trauma, turning the movie’s viewers into some kind of sadistic voyeurs.

While the offputting disposition of this movie caused it to accumulate terrible reviews, it does accurately reflect Hollywood’s bizarre, perverted, and obsessive relationship with Marilyn Monroe.

Because Monroe has a special status to the Hollywood elite: She is the ultimate industry slave prototype, the precursor of the modern industry slave. And Blonde was all about Ana de Armas becoming yet another celebrity undergoing “Marilyn Monroe programming”.

Prototype of the Modern Industry Slave

kimmonroe The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Left: Monroe sings “Happy Birthday” to JFK wearing the iconic “diamond dress”. Right: Kim Kardashian wears this very dress at the MET Gala (with blonde hair).

If you’ve read previous articles on this site (especially my series of articles The Hidden life of Marilyn Monroe), you are probably aware of the dark truth about Marilyn Monroe: She was a Monarch mind control slave that was completely controlled by the Hollywood elite from a young age.

Marilyn Monroe was an orphan, and during her infancy the Illuminati/CIA programmed her to be a Monarch slave. Before becoming an actress, while she was still a stripper, she spent time with the founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey. Victims of LaVey have pointed him out as a mind-control programmer. (…)

Marilyn was allowed to have no personal life, outside of the dictates of her programmers and her masters. The programmers and users bore down so hard on controlling Marilyn that they repeatedly came close to driving her insane.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Controlled Slave

Monroe’s entire life was tightly controlled by her handlers and one way to keep MK slaves under control is to make them endure terrible traumas (i.e. forced abortions). Furthermore, according to occult researchers, Monroe was a Presidential Model – a sex slave programmed to “service” powerful people, including JFK himself. Considering the fact that, in the MK system, diamonds are used to identify Presidential Models, the diamond dress seen above takes on a much darker meaning.

While Netflix advertised Blonde as a “fictionalized” take on Monroe’s life, it does depict some of these hidden facts about her life. However, instead of being informative or eye-opening, the movie turns Marilyn’s suffering into a disturbing form of “entertainment”.

In short, this is all about cementing Marilyn’s legacy as an industry slave prototype. Monroe was not merely an MK slave, she was THE MK slave. And the lives of countless modern celebrities follow Monroe’s script (i.e. Britney Spears). In fact, nearly all modern “sex kitten” celebrities have to “channel” Marilyn at one point or another in their career. It has become a bizarre Hollywood initiatory ritual.

And Ana de Armas went all in.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn

blonde20 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

In Blonde, Ana de Armas looks like Marilyn Monroe. But she mostly looks like Ana de Armas (disguised as Marilyn).

Considering the fact that Ana de Armas was nominated for an Oscar for this role, one would think that she was indistinguishable from the original Marilyn. But that is not the case. She was very distinguishable. While the hair, makeup, and wardrobe are rather spot-on, de Armas’ Cuban accent is simply too obvious to ignore.

The net result: There is no suspension of disbelief. It rather feels as if we’re watching Ana de Armas – in disguise – reliving Monroe’s life as a Hollywood MK slave.

For instance, in Blonde, Marilyn gets her first role after an “audition” with a Hollywood executive named Mr. Z.

blonde1 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Marilyn is bent over and raped by Mr. Z as she appears to be dissociating (a defense mechanism of MK slaves).

The character of Mr. Z appears to be a reference to the actual 20th Century Fox film producer Darryl F. Zanuck. Although there are no official records of him raping Monroe, he was known for exchanging sexual favors for roles (he even called actresses “studio hookers”).

When Monroe gets pregnant with the son of Charlie Chaplin, she’s encouraged to get an abortion. On her way to the hospital, she changes her mind. However, everyone ignores her. In other words, she was forced to get this abortion.

blonde3 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

In a particularly upsetting scene, we see Monroe undergoing an abortion as she repeats to the doctors “my mind’s my own to change”. However, everything about that scene confirms that her mind was definitely not her own. Furthermore, the massive spotlight makes it look as if she’s filming a movie scene, hinting at the fact that this traumatic event is part of her “role” as Monroe.

blonde4 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

During the abortion, Monroe finds herself inside her childhood home (she’s dissociating). The burning home represents her core persona being destroyed by the trauma.

In Blonde, even Monroe’s iconic flying skirt moment is tainted with pure misery.

blonde5 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Sad, ominous music plays in the background as we see Ana de Armas cosplay Monroe’s moment in slow motion.

blonde6 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Throughout the film, scenes of Marilyn’s adoring fans have a nightmarish quality to them. These men look angry, menacing, and nearly possessed.

After the skirt stunt, Monroe gets beaten by her husband Joe DiMaggio for “showing her crotch to everybody”. There is no joy in this movie, only suffering.

The Baby And the Roses

After divorcing DiMaggio, Monroe marries playwright Arthur Miller and gets pregnant. There’s some interesting symbolism surrounding this pregnancy and it involves red roses.

blonde7 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

As Marilyn is cutting roses in her garden, she talks to her unborn baby. It replies that it’s the same baby that was aborted previously.

People in mass media complained about that scene, calling it “anti-abortion”. Yup, amid all of the awfulness on display in that movie, these people find a way to get offended by a mother talking to her unborn child. By doing so, they’re completely missing the true meaning of these scenes.

Of course, the worse happens to Monroe. She falls down, hits her stomach, and kills the baby.

blonde8 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

After falling down, Marilyn’s rose-patterned dress gets bloody.

blonde9 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

After losing her baby, Marilyn is in a room that’s completely wallpapered with roses. Also, her mirrors are broken – a classic symbol representing the fragmenting of an MK slave’s persona after trauma.

The omnipresence of red roses in these scenes gives the death of this baby a ritualistic dimension. The subtle message: It was less an accident than it was a blood sacrifice.

blonde11 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

After the loss of the baby, Monroe is so traumatized and dissociative that she doesn’t recognize her husband, as illustrated by the creepy blur effect on his face.

To keep the highly depressed and unstable Monroe productive, she’s drugged by her handlers on movie sets.

blonde10 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

As Monroe breaks down, she is injected with a cocktail of drugs, namely Benzedrine and Codeine. Meanwhile, her make-up artist Allan Whitey” Snider tells her that he’ll “conjure Marilyn within the hour”. That means that he’ll trigger her alter-persona.

Then, things manage to get worst.

JFK’s Sex Slave

While it is usually said that JFK had an “affair” with Monroe, Blonde clearly depicts a different situation: Marilyn was his Beta Kitten slave.

blonde12 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Secret service agents forcibly carry Marilyn to JFK’s room as she asks if she’s “meat to be delivered”. Pretty much.

When she enters JFK’s room, the viewers are treated to one of the movie’s most controversial scenes: A long, drawn-out, close-up shot of Marilyn performing fellatio on JFK. While this is happening, we hear Marilyn’s dissociative thoughts.

“Who brought me here … to this place? Was it Marilyn? But why does Marilyn do these things? What does Marilyn want? Or is it a movie scene?”

blonde13 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

For a brief moment, we see Marilyn “servicing” JFK on the big screen of a movie theatre.

This is one of these scenes that are actually about Ana de Armas and not Marilyn Monroe. It is de Armas who performed this near-pornographic scene (disguised as Monroe) for the masses to see. She’s a descendant of the Marilyn Beta Kitten prototype.

After the fellatio, JFK hits Marilyn in the screen goes blank.

blonde14 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

When Marilyn wakes up, she’s bloody and completely out of it, strongly hinting at the fact that she was violently raped. Evidently, this was not simply an “affair”. Marilyn was a slave in an elite sex trafficking ring.

Then, Marilyn gets pregnant with JFK.

blonde15 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Law enforcement agents snatch her from her house and force her to get yet another abortion. You don’t want to know what the occult elite does with these aborted fetuses.

blonde16 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Faced with more trauma, Marilyn dissociates yet again.

Then, things manage to get worse.

The Death House

blonde17 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Blonde recreated Marilyn’s infamous death photo … inside the actual room she died in.

In past articles, I highlighted how mass media loves recreating Marilyn’s death photo (i.e. Madonna). There’s something about this broken celebrity laying dead next to bottles of pills that excites the Hollywood elite.

In Blonde, Ana de Armas not only recreates this picture, but she also relives Marilyn’s last days inside the actual house where she died. This situation has “bad mojo” written all over it and that’s exactly what happened. In an interview, the movie’s director Andrew Dominik said:

‘We were chasing her ghost around. We started filming the movie on the anniversary of the day that she died which was not planned, I only realised it the day before.

‘When we were shooting on that first day it was the apartment that she had lived in with her mother. The room she dies in the film is the room she died in. Her dust is everywhere in Los Angeles. It definitely took on elements of being like a séance. ‘She transported me to a different time and place. Ana has definitely channeled her.’
– Daily Mail, Ana de Armas felt the spirit of Marilyn Monroe ‘close to us’ when filming Blonde in her old house

Notice that the director said that de Armas “channeled” Marilyn. That’s the word they always use when a celebrity follows Marilyn’s programming.

blonde18 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

As Marilyn walks around her room in a dazed, dissociative state, unidentified “agents” lurk in the shadows.

On numerous occasions during the movie, we hear telephones ringing. At one point, when she answers, we hear strange sounds. Other than reminding us that Marilyn was under constant surveillance, MK slaves can be triggered remotely through phones using specific sounds. None of this is spelled out in the movie, but it’s there.

Finally, after watching her suffer for nearly three hours, Marilyn swallows a bunch of pills and dies.

blonde19 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

In this scene, we see a juxtaposition of Monroe’s dead body with a recreation of a picture from her “In bed with Marilyn” photoshoot.

While Norma Jane is dead, the Marilyn Monroe alter persona lives on.

In Conclusion

Although Blonde is said to be a “fictionalized” version of Marilyn’s story, it is possibly the most accurate depiction of her actual life ever seen on film. Through subtle and not-so-subtle scenes, Blonde hints at the forces that controlled Monroe’s entire life and the traumas she was subjected to as an industry slave.

With that being said, the movie cannot be described as informative or eye-opening. It is rather exploitative. It is not about exposing the dark side of the industry, it is more about watching Ana de Armas – disguised as Marilyn – reliving the traumas and humiliations of Marilyn.  Indeed, in the span of three hours, we see Ana de Armas get raped, drugged, beaten, humiliated, and everything in between.

The movie puts on the suffering on screen but explains none of it. It doesn’t want to wake us up, it wants us to feel some of that sadistic satisfaction these people feel when they subject stars to outright torture. In a strange way, Ana de Armas was subjected to actual trauma. And, for this sacrifice, she got rewarded by the all-important Academy with an Oscar nomination.

Guest on French TV Show Said That Celine Dion and Other Celebs Take Adrenochrome … and Mass Media Lost It

The French TV show “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” invited Gérard Fauré aka “the ex-dealer of Paris” to discuss the bizarre actions of a French comedian. He ended up shocking the panel by claiming that major celebs consume adrenochrome to remain young.

Touche Pas à Mon Poste (TPMP) is a highly popular French TV show where guests are invited to discuss current events. In the past weeks, one event captured the attention of French media: The car accident of comedian Pierre Palmade and the revelations that ensued.

Here’s a quick summation of what happened:

On 10 February 2023, Palmade was responsible for causing a car accident, colliding head-on with another vehicle traveling on the other lane near Villiers-en-Bière in the south of Seine-et-Marne. Palmade was sent to the hospital in critical condition at the Kremlin-Bicêtre’s hospital but recovered the next day, and his life was no longer in danger. The other car was carrying a pregnant woman, her brother-in-law, the driver of the vehicle, and his six-year-old child. Due to trauma of the accident, the 27-year-old woman was taken to the hospital, where she had an emergency cesarean section. Her seven-months old baby died.
– Wikipedia, Pierre Palmade

24270421lpw 24270424 article pierre palmade Guest on French TV Show Said That Celine Dion and Other Celebs Take Adrenochrome ... and Mass Media Lost It

Pierre Palmade

Following the car accident, it was revealed that two people fled Palmade’s car. They were “escort boys”, young prostitutes Palmade had hired to engage in chem sex with. Furthermore, Palmade tested positive for enormous doses of cocaine and other drugs.

To make things worse, a few days later, people close to Palmade accused him of viewing and possessing pedophilic pornographic material which prompted the launch of an investigation. In other words, Palmade was involved in typical occult elite degeneracy.

To discuss this affair, the French TV show TPMP invited a guest who knows all about this degeneracy: Gérard Fauré.

Gérard Fauré Spills the Beans

1540299256659 unnamed 7 e1678818854781 Guest on French TV Show Said That Celine Dion and Other Celebs Take Adrenochrome ... and Mass Media Lost It

Faure in the 1980’s.

Dubbed “l’ancien dealer de Tout-Paris” (the ex-dealer of Paris), Fauré sold drugs to prominent French figures, including celebrities and politicians. In 2016, Fauré started publishing controversial books that claimed to unveil the secrets of people he used to deal with – mainly in politics and show-business. The charges include massive consumption of drugs (mainly cocaine), sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia, child molestation, child trafficking, murders, and assassinations.

When Fauré was invited to discuss the Palmade affair on TPMP, things got VERY real. Here’s part of the interview (it’s in French).

During the interview, Fauré stated that he attended a party at Palmade’s house and was disturbed by the number of young boys in attendance. Then, after stating that Palmade consumed copious amounts of cocaine along with MDMA and amphetamines, Fauré said that he might also be into adrenochrome as well – a statement that was followed by massive gasps in the studio.

Another guest (who seemed less outraged than the others) stated that the adrenochrome “conspiracy theory” is rather plausible. She explained that the substance is extracted from children’s blood and is consumed by rich and powerful people to remain youthful.

Fauré claimed that several celebrities consume adrenochrome on a regular basis and named Celine Dion as a prime example. In recent months, Fauré stated that Dion’s mysterious degenerative illness was due to her abusive consumption of adrenochrome.

When asked by an incredulous guest where these sacrificed children come from, Fauré answered that they’re mainly kidnapped. He stated that over 58,000 children are kidnapped in France every year and that only two-thirds are found. He then asked: Where is the remaining third?

Later, Fauré stated that he testified in a case where a woman was looking to sell her daughter to an adrenochrome lab in Dijon. Seemingly on a roll, he added that Yves St-Laurent and other people in the fashion industry were pedo criminals.

When Fauré mentioned the name of France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the interview was cut short. One can only wonder what he was about to say.

Media Meltdown

As Fauré’s revelations caused studio guests to nearly faint, the French mass media establishment completely melted down. Disaproving responses came quickly.

First, of course, the show TPMP dissociated itself from Fauré’s statements and took to Twitter to condemn him.

During the interview, Fauré stated that he attended a party at Palmade’s house and was disturbed by the number of young boys in attendance. Then, after stating that Palmade consumed copious amounts of cocaine along with MDMA and amphetamines, Fauré said that he might also be into adrenochrome as well – a statement that was followed by massive gasps in the studio.

Another guest (who seemed less outraged than the others) stated that the adrenochrome “conspiracy theory” is rather plausible. She explained that the substance is extracted from children’s blood and is consumed by rich and powerful people to remain youthful.

Fauré claimed that several celebrities consume adrenochrome on a regular basis and named Celine Dion as a prime example. In recent months, Fauré stated that Dion’s mysterious degenerative illness was due to her abusive consumption of adrenochrome.

When asked by an incredulous guest where these sacrificed children come from, Fauré answered that they’re mainly kidnapped. He stated that over 58,000 children are kidnapped in France every year and that only two-thirds are found. He then asked: Where is the remaining third?

Later, Fauré stated that he testified in a case where a woman was looking to sell her daughter to an adrenochrome lab in Dijon. Seemingly on a roll, he added that Yves St-Laurent and other people in the fashion industry were pedo criminals.

When Fauré mentioned the name of France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the interview was cut short. One can only wonder what he was about to say.

Media Meltdown

As Fauré’s revelations caused studio guests to nearly faint, the French mass media establishment completely melted down. Disaproving responses came quickly.

First, of course, the show TPMP dissociated itself from Fauré’s statements and took to Twitter to condemn him.

Following the sequence with Gérard Fauré during the program “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” this evening, we remind you that his statements are only binding on him. We condemn the comments made by our guest on the air. #TPMP

Then, various media pundits publicly complained to Arcom (France’s Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication) which launched an investigation. While the channel’s parent company will most likely receive a massive fine, some government officials actually hinted at not renewing C8’s license which will expire in 2025. That means that the channel would be completely off the air. That’s an extreme form of censorship.

Of course, countless TV shows and news articles across France refuted Fauré’s claims while depicting him as a serial liar. Considering his shady past, assassinating his character is not a difficult task.

In short, Fauré struck a massive nerve in France. Judging mass media’s response, this topic is completely off-limits. Everyone involved in this TV segment will most likely receive exemplary punishments to make sure this doesn’t happen ever again … which means that Fauré is most likely on to something.

What If? The Nightmarish Reign of Madam President Clinton

2017 – present
(They never thought she’d lose.)

Welcome to my prophetic nightmare — the one that didn’t come true.

Like most of “you guys,” I shall never forget Election Night, November 8th, 2016 — albeit for a different reason. It was memorable not for the unexpected excitement over the unforeseen unfolding and shocking final defeat of Satanic Witch Killary Clinton (not a metaphor, seriously, the bitch worships Satan). I didn’t even stay up to watch the historic event. No, the permanent memory was the sense of foreboding, despair and despondence I keenly felt when going to bed early that night. You see, none of us knew about Q and the White Hats acting as Trump’s invisible “guardian angels” back then.

My partner at the time was surprised to see me turn in so early and asked why I wasn’t going to stay up to watch some of the results. I told her that both the polls and the vote itself were rigged, and that there was no way that (((the powers that be))) would ever allow her to lose. Imagine my shock the following morning!

I had truly believed that it was over before it began, and that publication on my Blog and articles would in due time be branded as illegal “hate speech” by Killary’s wicked regime. Indeed, months prior to the election, Killary herself openly spoke about the importance of working with “our friends in the technology world” to deny online space to “terrorists.”


“You’re going to hear all of the usual complaints—you know, ‘freedom of speech,’ etc., but if we truly are in a war against terrorism and we are truly looking for ways to shut off their funding, shut off the flow of foreign fighters, then we’ve got to shut off their means of communicating.”

Now, once one understands that “Islamic Terrorism” was created and controlled by the very same “usual suspects” who created and controlled the Clinton Crime Syndicate, the question arises: Who would be the real targets of Killary’s internet censorship proposal? Hmmm? Look in mirror. Hell’s Bells of “terrorist” censorship were tolling for thee, boys and girls! No doubt about it, the horrible harridan, the loony lesbian, the crooked communist was fixin’ to close down the “digital army” of truthers once and for all.

But even such a personal disappointment I could bear because it would have been nothing compared to the Hell-on-Earth that she — in service to her dark lord — was plotting to visit upon humanity. For the benefit of the “black-pilled” holdouts who still refuse to acknowledge what the rise of Trump saved us all from, let us pretend that ‘Madam President” is now in the 7th year of her 24/7 glorified crisis-presidency, and review her “accomplishments.” As you go through these points, understand that very little, if any, of this is conjecture or retroactive “prophecy.” This is basic “if-then” flowchart stuff.

1. Me on Election Night, 2016 — expecting Killary to win and being declared a “far right terrorist” in the near future. // 2. Trump “Ditched the Witch” and shocked the world. // 3. Simple flowchart logic reveals where we’d all be by now in the 7th year of our sainted and untouchable “Madam President.”

A basic knowledge the power players behind that Satanic Witch and an understanding of the history of the Clinton Crime Family are all one needs to logically infer the points of this “what if” scenario with near certainty. If Killary was in Year 7, then most or all of the following would likely have happened by now:

  • As of 2020, American ATM’s would have been churning out the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman face on them — not Andrew Jackson’s. All of the other bills were set for “diversity” modification on the backs as well. In your face, White Man! But it was Trump who ignored the pressure and reversed Obama’s order.
  • Race tension and riots, stirred up by Al Charlatan and the BLM operatives — with Killary tacitly encouraging the mayhem and capitalizing upon it.
  • The ISIS proxy war with Syria would either have toppled Assad or led to war with Russia, Iran and China in the Middle East.
  • The Korean Cold War — with potential to bring the US into war against China — would still be a trigger point.
  • Ukraine would have been a member of NATO by now — another World War 3 trigger point.
  • The Supreme Court would have a young 6 out of 9 Marxist majority, with one compromised “centrist” and isolated conservative justices Thomas and Alito both in their 70’s.
  • The record number of satisfactory to excellent Federal judges appointed by Trump would not be there today — their positions held by vicious Marxist Jews and nasty lesbians instead.
  • The U.S. would be fully implementing the economically destructive policies of the Paris Climate Accords — including the colossal carbon credit scam and both seen and hidden taxes.
  • The U.S. would have joined the sovereignty-killing TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)
  • The enormous blackmail operation that was Epstein-Maxwell-Wexner Mossad Island would still be in business with no end in sight. Bill Clinton himself was a regular at Epstein-Mossad Island!
  • With Epstein Island still in business and the US still fully engaged in the Middle East, Israeli warmongering toward Lebanon and Iran would have reached new levels of intensity and insanity.
  • The US would still be in Afghanistan.
  • Murderous drone bombings would still be happening all over the Central Asia and Africa.
  • The CIA-Mossad international proxy army known as ISIS would still be stirring up chaos in as many as 30 different nations.
  • CIA “Color Revolutions” would still be destabilizing nationalist governments the world over.
  • “Obama Care” — which was planned to fail — would have been replaced by the total communistic system which Killary, as First Lady, wanted to impose (along with a European-style 22% VAT tax) on the United States in 1993.
  • Roe vs Wade / unlimited abortion would still be in effect.
  • “Hate Speech” and “Holocaust Denial” laws — prompted by false flag vandalism attacks — would have been imposed by now along with total Internet censorship.
  • There would be no border wall (Trump’s was mostly completed and will be totally completed upon his return).
  • The EPA would be exercising its authority to control CO2 “emissions” and cripple the energy sector.
  • The Demonrats would have rigged permanent majority control of the House and Senate by now.
  • The GOP “opposition” would be led by weak traitors such as Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, the Cheneys, the Bushes et al. (all of whom were publicly humiliated and then disempowered by Trump).
  • People like Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo and so many other Deep State villains who “fell into the Trump Quicksand” would still be prominent.
  • The Killary administration would have been packed with angry abusive lesbians at all levels.
  • The Communist John Brennan — or someone even worse — would still be heading the CIA.
  • The Congressional Freedom Caucus would have remained marginalized as “far right kooks” — instead of now running Congress.
  • There would NOT currently be an unfolding investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption — a trail of fraud that is ultimately going to lead to Obama, Clinton herself and above.
  • Voter fraud would have been expanded and protected to such an extent that any challenge to the Establishment would have been mathematically impossible by now.
  • The vast, secret, international child abduction, torture, rape and murder industry would have expanded massively with one of its chief practitioners in the White House.
  • School shootings (which were all CIA hoaxes) would still be going on and semi-automatic rifles probably banned by now.
  • The Covid Hoax would still have been launched (probably after 2020). The lockdowns, I-phone “contact tracing,” “stimulus” payments, “variants” and mandatory “self quarantines” would have lasted up to 5 years as the broken world anxiously waited for the magic vaccine.
  • The Killary-Gates vaccine would have been MANDATORY, genocidal for 10-15% of humanity, and contained tracking chips to monitor and control us in Orwellian fashion.
  • Covid dissenters would have been subjected to forced isolation in detention camps which Killary once joked about as “fun camps for adults.” (Satanists love to telegraph their evil intentions by joking about them.)
  • Total demoralization and neutralizing of conservatives with no means of communicating or spreading truth online — Jack Dorsey still at Twitter and no Gab, BitChute, Rumble, Minds, Sovren, Q posts or Truth Social either.
  • The epic mass misery, war, death, disease, poverty, pessimism, fear and hunger would have positioned the normies of the world up for an easy and accepted transition into “The Great Reset” — a glorious One World Order in which we would “own nothing” and “be happy” packed into storage-unit-sized apartments in herded urban areas and eating fried insects.

And there are more, many more, horrors that we can add to the list — as well as the ‘X-factor” nasty surprises we would not have been able to foresee.

The hate-filled nasty witch glows in the presence of evil Globalist billionaires — all of whom have been attacked and taken down under Trump. (Weinstein is in prison and I believe that Soros and Gates are also in Gitmo — Killary as well.)

1. Totally in league with Klaus Schwab. // 2. The wretched race-hustler / vote fraudster Al Charlatan would have had the ear of “Madam President.” // 3. Imagine the Queen of child-sex-trafficking in the White House!

Do the points of the retroactive forecast not constitute an accurate and objective picture of where the world would be right now with that Satanic, child killing, blood-drinking, lesbian bitch from Hell lording over us and, by extension, the world? Is this in any way an exaggeration of the scope of this Hellish Hag’s evil intent, or that of her NWO bosses?

Did not her first reign as co-president (1993-2001) — during which she and her tranny Attorney General, Janet Reno, roasted and suffocated 76 innocent American men, women and children alive at Waco, Texas — reveal what she was capable of? Did not the likes of George Soros, Mike Bloomberg and Klaus Schwab, in essence, say — both in spoken word and in writing for the consumption of their fellow “elites” — that this was their plan for the world? Is this not what that infamous mural image at the creepy Denver Airport depicts? Do any of the “never-Trumpers” of the “far right” care to dispute the “if-then” validity of the points from the above-listed retroactive forecast?

Donald Trump — who also speaks in code — was NOT exaggerating when he talked about “saving the world” from an “invisible enemy” and “saving 100 million lives.” Actually, his tireless peacemaking and early Covid-lockdown-busting may have saved BILLIONS of lives.

And yet, hearing some of the “black-pilled” among our ranks continue to make inadvertently careless common cause with the Council on Foreign Relations, the US Communist party, the Church of Satan, Soros, Rothschild, the New York Slimes, Hollyweird and Jewish Quackademia by viciously dumping on Trump — whose epic, extremely difficult, dangerous, strategic and time-consuming task isn’t even finished yet — is as astonishing as it is disappointing.

1. Very early in Satanist Killary’s first term as co-president, in 1993, the Feds attacked a harmlessly eccentric Christian sect with tanks and mass-murdered 76 of them (17 of them little children) for no reason at all. // 2. Long before Big Mike Obama, 6′ 2″ strong-jawed, broad-shouldered AG Janet Reno stood eye to eye with Al Gore and Bill Clinton, both 6′ 2″ as well.

Madam President’s Program (thwarted by Donald Trump)
World War III + widespread fear and poverty + MANDATORY Gates vaccine (after 5-year lockdown) with pure poison and injected microchips = New World Order.

But but Batman… I read online that Trump is a Globalist. Why didn’t he get rid of the Deep State when he was president? And what about muh bump stocks, and muh Israel, and…… SMACK! — “A vast, deeply-rooted, centuries-old global Mafia is not legally dismantled, by the letter of the law, in a day!”

The One-Eye Sign: Its Origins and Occult Meaning

Why are there so many pictures of celebrities hiding one eye? It is definitely not random. In fact, the One-Eye sign has a profound meaning and proves an important fact about the powers that be. This article looks at the origins and the meaning of the unescapable One-Eye sign.

The One-Eye sign is one of the most recurrent themes in mass media. Throughout the years, this site has highlighted hundreds upon hundreds of clear instances where major artists, models, celebrities, politicians and public figures posed with one eye hidden.

The sign is everywhere: In music videos, on magazine covers, on movie posters, in advertisement and so forth. The sheer number of these pictures is simply staggering. Considering these facts, the repeated occurrence of the One-Eye sign simply cannot be the result of coincidence. Indeed, there is a clear effort to have this sign displayed everywhere.

So, why is this sign everywhere and what does it mean? Here’s a look at the timeless and transcendental symbol of the Eye.

An Archetypal Symbol

A Turkish “nazar” amulet used to repel “evil eye” curses. Similar charms can be found in Portugal, Brazil, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, parts of North India, Palestine, Morocco, southern Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania, the Balkans, the Levant, Afghanistan, Syria, and Mexico.

The human eye has been used as a symbol since the dawn of civilization. It can be found across all ages and cultures. Carl Jung identified the eye as a classic “archetypal symbol” – an image that is embedded in humanity’s “collective unconscious”. According to his theory, humans instinctively respond to archetypal symbols and unconsciously assign to them a specific meaning.

“Eyes are probably the most important symbolic sensory organ. They can represent clairvoyance, omniscience, and/or a gateway into the soul. Other qualities that eyes are commonly associated with are: intelligence, light, vigilance, moral conscience, and truth. Looking someone in the eye is a western custom of honesty. In this way covering of the eyes, by wearing a helmet, sunglasses, etc. can mean mystery, not seeing the complete truth, or deceit. The eye often means judgment and authority.”
– Dictionnary of Symbolism, University of Michigan

In nearly all cultures, the symbol of the eye is associated with spiritual concepts such as divinity (the Eye of Providence), spiritual illumination (the Third Eye) or magic (the evil eye).

“The eye symbolizes seeing and light, and therefore consciousness itself. The eye is the part of us that beholds the universe and sees our place in it. It is knowledge, awareness and wisdom. The eye takes in light, the pure energy of the universe, and presents it to the inner spirit. It is the gateway, indeed the very union, between the self and the cosmos.”
– Peter Patrick Barreda, Archetype of Wholeness – Jung and the Mandala

In the Bible, Jesus referred to the eye as the “lamp of the body”.

“The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”
– Matthew 6:22-23

The symbol of the eye always had a mystical and spiritual dimension assigned to it. As the popular saying goes: Eyes are the windows to the soul. For this reason, the symbol of the eye is particularly important in occult circles and Mystery schools.

Sun God

Since the dawn of civilization, the symbol of the eye and the sun (aka the “eye in the sky”) are associated with divinity. In Ancient Egypt, the symbols of the Wadjet, the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra are all associated with the solar god.

A classic depiction of the Egyptian Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus.

“The early sun god was named Horus. When Ra took over the title of sun god, he was also known as “Ra-Horakhty or Ra, who is Horus of the 2 horizons.”

It was in a battle with Set that Horus lost the use of one eye. Thoth restored the eye, and this was when Horus was also named Wadjet.”
– Ancient Pages, Eye Of Horus – Powerful, Ancient Egyptian Symbol With Deep Meaning

Because the symbol of the eye is associated with the sun – a proxy of divinity – the esoteric eye has a peculiar quality: It is “all-seeing”.

The archetype of the all-seeing one-eyed sun god can also be found in other ancient cultures. In Persia, Ahura Mazda was considered to be the creator of Earth, the heavens, and humankind, as well as the source of all goodness and happiness on earth. He was said to have “the sun for an eye”.

“The supreme god Ahura Mazda also has one Eye, or else it is said that ‘with his eyes, the sun, moon and stars, he sees everything.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

In Norse mythology, Odin was known as the ‘Allfather’ (or father of the gods). He was represented as an old man with one eye.

An ancient depiction of Odin.

Odin is yet another representation of a one-eyed creator sun god.

“The Supreme, invisible Creator of all things was called All-Father. His regent in Nature was Odin, the one-eyed god. The Norwegians regarded Balder the Beautiful as a solar deity, and Odin is often connected with the celestial orb, especially because of his one eye.”
– Ibid.

Western Occultism

Considering the fact that Western occultism was greatly influenced by the esoteric teachings of the civilizations above, the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye made its way into orders such as the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons.

Masonic symbols under the All-Seeing Eye.

“Albert Mackey writes that the All Seeing Eye is “an important symbol of the Supreme Being, borrowed by the Freemasons from the nations of antiquity.” The All Seeing Eye is a symbol representing the watchful gaze of God. It reminds us that every thought and action is to be recorded by the Grand Architect of the Universe, and that we are bound to our obligations in spirit as well as in blood.”
– James E Frey, 32°, Midnight Freemasons

Due to the heavy influence of Freemasonry on the historical events of the past centuries, the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye was included on prominent documents such as the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and the Declaration of Human Rights.

Left: The reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. Right: The Declaration of Human Rights.

“If any one doubts the presence of Masonic and occult influences at the time the Great Seal was designed, he should give due consideration to the comments of Professor Charles Eliot Norton of Harvard, who wrote concerning the unfinished pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye which adorned the reverse of the seal, as follows: “The device adopted by Congress is practically incapable of effective treatment; it can hardly (however artistically treated by the designer) look otherwise than as a dull emblem of a Masonic fraternity.”
– Hall, op. cit.

The symbol of the eye was also adopted by several powerful secret societies such as the O.T.O.

The seal of the O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis).

That being said, does the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye actually represent God – as in the Judeo-Christian God? Well, this is where things get … occult (occult means hidden). The prominent American Freemason Albert Pike wrote that the true meaning of occult symbols is only revealed to high-level initiates.

“It is in its antique symbols and their occult meaning that the true secrets of Freemasonry consist. But these have no value if we see nothing in the symbols of the blue lodge beyond the imbecile pretenses of interpretations of them contained in our monitors.  People have overlooked the truth that the symbols of antiquity were not used to reveal but to conceal.  Each symbol is an enigma to be solved, and not a lesson to be read. How can the intelligent Mason fail to see that the blue degrees are but preparatory, to enlist and band together the rank and file Masonic army for purposes undisclosed to them, that they are the lesser mysteries in which the symbols are used to conceal the truth?”
– Albert Pike, Legenda and Readings of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Manly P. Hall, another prominent Freemason wrote that the All-Seeing Eye esoterically represents the ultimate goal of occultism: To attain divinity through one’s own means. This is done through the activation of the pineal gland – the Third Eye.

“Operative Masonry, in the fullest meaning of that term, signifies the process by which the Eye of Horus is opened. In the human brain there is a tiny gland called the pineal body, which is the sacred eye of the ancients, and corresponds to the third eye of the Cyclops.”
– Hall, Op. Cit.

In Islam

In Islamic eschatology, the end-times figure named Al-Masīḥ ad-Dajjal (“the false messiah, liar, the deceiver”) is said to be blind in his right eye. By pretending to be the Messiah, the Dajjal would deceive and take over the world. For these reasons, the Dajjal bears great similarities with the Antichrist in Christianity.

The coming of the Dajjal would be preceded by several signs such as: People will stop offering the prayers; dishonesty will be the way of life; falsehood will become a virtue; people will mortgage their faith for worldly gain; usury and bribery will become legitimate; there will be acute famine at the time; there will be no shame amongst people; many people will worship Satan; there will be no respect for elderly people and people will start killing each other without any reason.

The Modern One-Eye Sign

Considering the fact that the world today is ruled by what we call the “occult elite” (because of its ties with occult orders), it is no surprise that its main symbol is found everywhere. However, it is all done in a deceitful way. Today’s entertainment industry thrives on control, manipulation, and distortion. It is also all about debasing the masses from everything that is true, pure and healthy. Today, the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye is now about a select group of people oppressing, monitoring and controlling the world population.

George Orwell’s book 1984 is a blueprint for elite control and censorship. Appropriately enough, nearly all editions feature an All-Seeing Eye.

While the All-Seeing Eye is esoterically associated with the opening of the Third Eye to attain spiritual illumination, the One-Eye sign made by celebrities is about the exact opposite: Hiding and incapacitating  an eye. The symbolism of this gesture is powerful.

Katy Perry hiding one eye with the Eye of Horus in her video Dark Horse.

When you hide one eye, you effectively block half of your vision. In symbolic terms, you become half-blind to the truth. By hiding one eye, celebrities symbolically “sacrifice” a vital part of their being for temporary material gain. And, since eyes are the “windows to the soul”, this gesture symbolizes the partial or total loss of one’s soul.

In Mind Control

The One-Eye sign is also an important symbol in the occult elite’s secret obsession: Monarch mind control. Known by many as project MKULTRA, mind control aims to turn humans into slaves through abuse, trauma, and programming. There is an actual culture revolving around Monarch mind control, complete with its own universe of symbols. And the One-Eye sign is part of it.

This is a painting by Kim Noble, a survivor of trauma-based mind control. This painting is called The Naming and relates to the naming of an alter persona.

This painting named I-Test also visually describes the trauma and programming of an MK slave.

Proof of Absolute Control by the Occult Elite

The omnipresence of the One-Eye sign in mass media also serves another purpose: It proves that all outlets of mass media are owned by a very small, elite group. Indeed, in order to have the same exact sign appear consistently and repeatedly across all media platforms and across the world, there needs to be a centralized source of power that forcibly makes this happen.

Think about the amount of money, power, and influence that is required to have all of these celebrities perform this specific gesture in videos and photoshoots. Now, ponder on the amount money, power, and influence that is required to have this specific sign plastered across magazine covers, movie posters, music videos and anything else that might reach the eyes of the masses.

In short, this symbol represents the global elite and all of its agenda: The debasing of the human psyche, the promotion of satanism, the normalization mind control, the normalization of transhumanism, the blurring of genders and more. The ultimate goal: Straying the masses as far away as possible from Truth, health, and balance.

In Conclusion

The symbol of the eye is an archetype that transcends time and space. Perhaps because humans instinctually respond to gazing eyes, there is something about that symbol that is jarring yet fascinating. While, in ancient times, the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye was often equated with the sun god, it gradually became a symbol of the power of the secret societies that shaped history in the last centuries.

Nowadays, the entertainment industry revels in the twisting and corruption of powerful symbols in the pursuit of its debasing agenda. The omnipresence of the One-Eye sign now symbolizes the omnipresence of the occult elite. It is them saying: “Look at who we control”.

That being said, there is a silver lining here. The One-Eye sign is a convenient way of identifying media to avoid because it is most likely drenched in the occult elite’s debasing agenda.

The 2023 Grammy Awards, Host of the Sam Smith Satanic Ritual

While the 2023 Grammy Awards featured Beyonce, Jay-Z, Harry Styles and Lizzo, the main star of the show was Sam Smith and the ritualistic drama he carried out throughout the ceremony Here’s a look at the intense symbolism of the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Grammy trophies are said to be the “music industry’s highest honor” and the Grammy Awards are said to be “music’s biggest night”. With that being said, the 2023 Grammys centered around an outright Satanic ritual. What does this say about the music industry as a whole?

If it sounds like I’m engaging in “satanic panic” (as the media loves to say), rest assured that I am not panicking at all. That is simply the most factual and objective way of describing what happened during the 2023 Grammy Awards.

As explained in previous articles, modern award ceremonies are highly choreographed affairs where a limited number of actors are used to carry out a specific narrative. This year, the “star” of the show was definitely Sam Smith. Throughout the show, Sam Smith carried out a ritualistic drama that encompasses the occult elite’s favorite obsessions: The gender-blurring agenda mixed with outright satanism. Then, other actors such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Harry Styles, and Lizzo played their part in the overarching narrative. Here’s a look at the 2023 Grammys.

The Sam Smith Ritual Drama

Promotion for Sam Smith’s tour features a blatant One-Eye Sign. The message: He’s controlled by the occult elite.

The ritual drama surrounding Sam Smith was timed rather precisely. About ten days prior, the release of his video I’m Not Here to Make Friends caused controversy due to its highly sexual content featuring transgender dancers. Then a slew of mass media articles defended Smith, calling his critics homophobic, transphobic, and even fatphobic (because he took on weight).

With this perfectly timed media attention, the stage was set for Smith’s Grammy ritual which started before the show even started.

Before the show, Smith looked as if he was the “master of ceremonies”, complete with a scepter and a top hat. Everyone was aggressively dressed in ritualistic red.

In an article about the 2009 MTV Awards, It was explained that red was the color of sacrifice in occult rituals and this color code was used all over the music industry. Nothing has changed. In fact, it is only more blatant. Smith’s overwhelmingly red attire indicated that he was a “chosen one” to partake in one of the occult elite’s mega-rituals.

At the ceremony, Smith and Kim Petras quickly won an award for the song Unholy.

Kim Petras wears a red wedding gown, complete with a veil. Ritualistically married to the industry.

While accepting the award, Petras announced being the first transgender woman to win a Grammy. This had to happen. The gender-blurring agenda needs to move forward in mass media.

Strange fact: Petras also mentioned a friend named Sophie who died two years ago. Considering the occult context and the red garments (symbolic of blood sacrifice in occult circles), this mention of a dead friend was bizarre. Remember when Kanye said that people close to celebrities die as a sacrifice to allow them to reach a higher level in the industry? It might not be the case in this particular situation, but the overall “energy” remains.

Later, the Sam Smith / Kim Petras ritual was taken to another level.

Not Madonna

Later, Madonna came on stage (with her brand new and slightly horrifying face) to present Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance.

As stated in previous articles, Madonna is the Grand Priestess of the music industry. The fact that she presented Sam Smith’s Unholy performance was an indication that some occult elite garbage was about to go down. And it did.

The performance began with Sam Smith and his transgender minions forming a “magic circle” on stage.

Then, Smith makes a 666 hand sign. 

As a fire burns in the background (it’s hell), Smith puts on a top hat with devil horns. This is officially a tribute to Satan on national television.

Meanwhile, Kim Petras is inside a cage during the entire performance while singing about “wanting a Balenciaga daddy”.

Despite being celebrated as the first transgender woman to win a Grammy, the cage is a strong reminder of Petras’ actual status in the industry: A slave used to push a narrative.

Sam Smith is not in a better situation.

At the end of the performance, Smith is “consumed” by his circle of minions. The message: Selling your soul ends in self-destruction.

Immediately after this satanic performance (I mean IMMEDIATELY after), we’re told that the show was brought to you by Pfizer. The timing of this thing was rather mind-blowing.

As you can see, Sam Smith, Kim Petras, and the song Unholy were the stars of the show. There were other stars, and they’ve all played their parts in pushing agendas.

The Fans

None of these “fans” gave a crap about music.

One particularly cringy segment of the Grammys was “The Fans”, where some regular people debated on who should win the award for best album of the year. While one would expect these people to say things like “this artist has a great voice” or “I loved the chord progression on this song”, none of their arguments were about the music. It was all about how many “agenda boxes” these artists checked.

For instance, the fan who advocated for Bad Bunny said:

He dresses up in drag, he kisses his backup dancers of any gender and dismantles machismo. As a queer latino woman, this is so important to me because he’s starting conversations and normalizing inclusivity”.

As she’s talking, we see pictures of Bad Bunny wearing dresses, as if it was the most glorious thing that happened in the history of music.

Styles definitely continued his trend of wearing feminine clothing (which appears to be custom-made to humiliate him) at the Grammys.

Then, Lizzo’s fan talked about “body image” (Lizzo is fat) and Brandi Carlile’s fan talked about her being LGBTQ+. In short, this segment perfectly reflected the sad state of today’s music industry. It is not about talent or innovation, it is about what agenda boxes they check.

The Royal Couple

The two other major actors at the Grammys were Beyonce and Jay-Z. And, as expected, they were treated as the industry’s royal couple. Every single time Beyonce was mentioned, people lost their minds and came close to losing consciousness. They simply could not believe they were in the presence of this goddess.

Shortly prior to the Grammys, Beyonce gave a private performance in Dubai where she was given the full “goddess” treatment, complete with sun rays around her head.

Appropriately enough, at the 2023 Grammys, Beyonce broke the record for the most Grammy wins of all time. It had to happen.

After basking in Beyonce’s infinite glory, the Grammys ended in a symbolic matter with the song GOD DID which prominently features Jay-Z.

The song begins with DJ Khaled saying that nobody believed in them, but God did. Considering the satanic ritual we’ve just witnessed, the concept of this song is a nice change of pace. While the verses of Rick Ross and Lil Wayne somewhat followed that concept, things change drastically in Jay-Z’s verse which closes up the entire show.

Jay-Z and his acolytes sit on a large table that’s overflowing with food and bottles which represents them being blessed. It is also reminiscent of the Last Supper, with Jay-Z sitting in the middle.

The lyrics of Jay-Z’s verse perfectly fit the general theme of the Grammys. Indeed, throughout his verse, Jay-Z does not say “God did”, he says “Hov did”. And that’s highly symbolic.

Hov is Jay-Z’s nickname, which is short for Jayhova. And Jayhova is a reference to Jehovah which is the proper name of God in the Old Testament. In other words, Jay-Z is saying that he is God himself – a core concept of Luciferian beliefs.

Therefore, in his verse, God did not accomplish anything, he did. Because he’s a god. During his lengthy verse, Jay-Z says:

These ain’t songs, these is hymns ’cause I’m Him
It’s the Psalm 151, this the New Testament
The Book of Hov
Jesus turned water to wine, for Hov, it just took a stove

In these lines, Jay-Z says “I’m Him”, which is a word used to describe God. He talks about creating Psalm 151 (there are actually 150 Psalms in the Bible) and writing the Book of Hov. Finally, he raps about transforming water to crack using a stove, the same way Jesus turned water to wine.

In short, in a song that’s supposed to be about praising God, Jay-Z completely flips its meaning to give it a deeply Luciferian meaning where he becomes God through his own means. It was an appropriate ending to this Satanic celebration called the Grammys.

In Conclusion

Throughout the years, I’ve constantly highlighted two of the occult elite’s favorite agendas: Gender-blurring and normalizing satanism. But lots of people do not see (or think I’m imagining things). Well, on “music’s biggest night”, we’ve witnessed a bunch of men dressed as women wearing devil horns and carrying out an all-out satanic ritual as fire burns all around. How can they make this more blatant?

None of this is new, nor a fluke, or a coincidence. Year after year, the themes and the symbols are stubbornly recurrent and are becoming increasingly obvious for all to see. There’s always been a satanic element in the music industry but things are clearly being taken to another level.

Of course, none of this is organic. The events of the Grammys were all scripted to create a specific narrative. The song Unholy HAD to feature a transgender singer. The song HAD to win a Grammy and the performance HAD to be a satanic ritual. That performance HAD to create some controversy which HAD to be dismissed by mass media as the ramblings of crazy people.

In short, the 2023 Grammys perfectly reflected the sad state of the music industry as it is being eaten away by the occult elite’s incurable disease.

The Occult Meaning Of “Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio”

Warning: Ginormous spoilers ahead!

Guillermo del Toro is a movie director known for combining fairy tales with elements of horror, in a distinctive visual style that tends towards the grotesque. He is also known for crafting stories that take place in oppressive contexts where fascism, fatherhood, and Christianity are recurrent themes. His latest movie – Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio – perfectly encapsulates all of these characteristics. In fact, the movie is so quintessentially Guillermo del Toro that his name is embedded right in the movie’s title.

Guillermo del Toro’s version of Pinocchio is rather dark, creepy, and off-putting. While those who are familiar with the director’s style probably expected it, I’m convinced that quite a few parents thought that this would be a children’s movie. I mean, it can easily be found in the “kids” section of Netflix.

The movie’s thumbnail, as seen on Netflix. It definitely looks like a children’s movie … until one realizes that Pinocchio’s nose is rather … phallic.

While everything about this movie – from the source material to the stop motion visual style – screams out “children’s movie”, del Torro himself said that it was not made for children.

“It’s not necessarily made for children, but children can watch it.”

Sure, children can watch it, but don’t expect them to see the cute, rounded Pinocchio of the classic Disney movie. Nope, del Torro’s version of Pinocchio is an off-putting, jittery, and unstable pile of twigs whose limbs keep bending in all kinds of unnatural ways. Also, he dies several times during the movie. Furthermore, the story spends lots of time dwelling on dark concepts such as war and mortality while taking place in a universe that’s populated with lots of creepy creatures. In short, this movie can easily turn into nightmare fuel for children.

But beyond the overall creepiness of this movie, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio communicates a profound occult message. And that was to be expected from del Toro.

In my 2010 article about del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, I looked into the intense occult symbolism of the movie. I won’t explain the entire thing here however, in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This screenshot sums up Pan’s Labyrinth: The horned god Pan “initiates” a young girl named Ophelia. And it’s all very creepy.

Pan’s Labyrinth shares several similarities with Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio: It takes place in a fascist regime (Franco’s Spain), the main character is a child and there’s a horned monster acting as a guide throughout. More importantly, the movies share a similar “moral of the story”.

A Very Different Pinocchio

Carlo Collodi’s Le Avventure di Pinocchio published in 1883.

In my article about Disney’s Pinocchio, I explained that the original story was written by an Italian Freemason named Carlo Collodi. In an essay called Pinocchio, mio Fratello (Pinocchio, my Brother) Italian Freemason Giovanni Malevolti writes:

“There are two ways to read “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. The first is what I would call “profane” where the reader, most probably a child, learns about the mishaps of the wooden puppet. The second is a reading from a Masonic point of view, where heavy symbolism will complete, without replacing, the simple and lineary narration of events”.
– Giovanni Malevolti, Pinocchio, mio Fratello (free translation)

When one reads Collodi’s story from a Masonic point of view, the story of Pinocchio is about esoteric initiation. After rejecting the pitfalls and temptations of the material world, Pinocchio becomes a “real boy” – a spiritually illuminated being. Indeed, the protagonist ascends to a form of godhood through self-improvement in a narrative that’s in line with Freemasonry’s Gnostic philosophy. In fact, the name Pinocchio is believed to be constructed from the words pino (pine tree) and occhio (eye) – a reference to the pineal gland (which contains the word pine). In occult teachings, spiritual illumination is said to be achieved through the activation of the pineal gland.

Despite some differences, Disney’s 1940 movie adaptation of this story kept all of the esoteric elements intact. Considering the fact that Walt Disney was rumored to be a Freemason, some argue that he perfectly understood the story’s occult meaning and, for this reason, he purposely selected this tale for Disney’s second animated ever.

With all of that being said, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio does not follow Collodi’s narrative at all. It is not about improving one’s flaws anymore, it is about the rest world accepting the. Thus, if Collodi’s Pinocchio can be described as “gnostic”, del Toro’s version can be described as “crypto-satanic”.

Here’s a look at the movie.


Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio takes place in Mussolini’s Italy prior to World War II. Despite this ominous context, old man Geppetto is living his best life with his son Carlo.

Carlo and his father spend lots of time at their local church where Geppetto was commissioned to build a large crucifix. And, yup, that priest has creepy features – that’s part of del Toro’s narrative.

Then, tragedy strikes.

pinocchio2 The Occult Meaning of "Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio"

The village is bombed by planes from an unnamed country and the church burns down … with Carlo still in it.

The movie makes it clear that the last thing seen by Carlo was the crucifix. The message: Jesus did not save him.

There are joints on Jesus’ shoulders – not unlike a marionette. Pinocchio will be likened to Jesus on numerous occasions throughout the movie.

Carlo’s death leads Geppetto to spiral into complete despair. Until he creates a replacement. An unholy replacement.

Unholy Creation

Geppetto spends years crying and drinking next to his son’s tombstone. Clearly, his Christian faith did not help him go through this ordeal.

But one day, Geppetto gets angry and cuts down the pine tree that grew from a pinecone he planted when Carlo died.

Geppetto feverishly chops and bangs at pieces of wood in order to recreate Carlo … until he passes out drunk. Should children be watching this weirdness?

Then, supernatural beings get involved in the creation of Pinocchio. Sebastian J. Cricket (del Toro’s version of Jimeney Cricket) says:

“In my many wondering on this Earth, I’ve learned that there are old spirits living in the mountains, in the forests, who rarely involve themselves in the human world. But sometimes they do.”

The spirits are depicted as eyeballs flying around the Earth. This reference to the occult elite’s favorite symbol (the all-seeing eye) is a hint telling us that this story fits their current agenda.

Then, the Wood Sprite materializes to give life to Pinocchio.

This is not the Blue Fairy from Disney’s Pinocchio. First, she’s wearing a mask, leading us to ask: What is hidden behind it? Second, she doesn’t have eyes – just light emitting from the eye sockets. However, there are eyeballs all over the spirit’s wings.

In short, this thing is rather creepy. With that being said, the makers of the movie chose the perfect actress to voice the Wood Sprite. Can you guess who?

Tilda Swinson. She creeps me out.

When Geppetto wakes up, he makes first contact with Pinocchio. And it is not wholesome.

Pinocchio pops out of nowhere, all unstable, with his limbs bending in upsetting ways. Also, there’s a hole where the heart should be.

In short, one can characterize the creation process of Pinocchio as “unholy”. And the church-going people of the village immediately realized it.

When Geppetto brings Pinocchio to the church, people call the puppet the “work of the devil”.

The church people also call Pinocchio “demon”, “witchcraft” and “mallochio” (evil eye). Then, the priest berates Geppetto.

“This is a House of God! You drunken fool! You carving this thing while our blessed Christ hangs unfinished all these years? Take that unholy thing away. Take it away now!”

When one understands the occult subtext of the movie, those calling Pinocchio “the work of the devil” are literally correct. However, considering the fact that Pinocchio and Geppetto are the protagonists of the movie, the church people are portrayed as ignorant and close-minded rubes. To cement the fact that the church is bad, it is lumped together with Mussolini’s fascist regime.

The priest, Podesta (an officer of Mussolini’s regime), and his son all give the same salute. The message: They are part of the same system.

The fact that Pinocchio was rejected by the church causes him to wonder why Jesus Christ is so special in the eyes of the people.

In this scene, Pinocchio compares himself to Jesus by observing that “he’s made of wood too”. Furthermore, the scene purposely showcases the nails on Pinocchio’s back … not unlike the nails on Jesus.

As the movie progresses, we see more subtle yet obvious links between Pinocchio and Jesus.

At one point, Pinocchio is “crucified” by Count Volpe.

And, like Jesus, Pinocchio resurrects. Several times. And it’s definitely not God doing the resurrecting.


Throughout the movie, various forces attempt to exploit Pinocchio’s unique characteristics for their own benefit. Like in the original story, Count Volpe recruits Pinocchio to join the circus. While, at first, Volpe spoils Pinocchio, he quickly becomes abusive. Also, he uses him for pro-Mussolini propaganda. Then, Podesta, who realizes that Pinocchio cannot die, recruits him to become a soldier.

In both cases (and others), Pinocchio disobeys orders and ends up dead. Then, he goes through a strange process that brings him back to life.

Each time Pinocchio dies, he’s transported by creepy, half-skeleton rabbits who sing an ominous song about death.

Then, Pinocchio goes through a door that symbolically depicts the infinite cycle between life and death.

Inside, Pinocchio meets Death – the sister of the Wood Sprite.

Death wears a mask similar to the Wood Sprite’s (what hides behind it?). It also has gigantic horns inside which are numerous eyeballs. There’s definitely a Baphomet/Satan vibe happening here.

Guess who voices Death?

Tilda Swinton. She really creeps me out.

Death explains to Pinocchio that he was not supposed to be alive and, since he can never truly die, he’ll never be a “real boy”. However, in order to save his father, Pinocchio agrees to become a mortal. Then, he drowns.

While Pinocchio was supposed to be dead for good, the Wood Spirit resurrects him again. They really like that unholy creation.

The movie ends the same way it began: With a grim focus on death and tombstones.

Pinocchio outlives his father and the cricket. 

Then, the children who watched that movie go to bed with these images in their minds.

The (Twisted) Moral of the Story

Unlike the original story (and the Disney movie), Pinocchio never becomes a “real boy”. He never learns from his mistakes and he never improves himself. In fact, he even embraces his flaws to get out of difficult situations.

In the original story, Pinocchio is trapped inside a whale to eventually emerge transformed. This bit refers to the biblical tale of Jonah and the Whale which symbolically represents spiritual rebirth.

Jonah emerges from the whale with the Word of God.

In del Toro’s version, Pinocchio escapes the whale by purposely lying, which causes his nose to grow to the point of becoming a giant pole. This difference from the original story is highly symbolic. Instead of emerging spiritually transformed, Pinocchio effectively sins to get out of the sea monster.

In the end, Pinocchio does not change, it is those around him who do. In a final epiphany, Geppetto says to Pinocchio:

“I was trying to make you someone you were not. So don’t be Carlo or anyone else. Be exactly who you are. I love you exactly as you are.”

This is a heartwarming moment … until we realize that Geppetto is actually talking to an unholy, artificial creation with a hole instead of a heart.

In Conclusion

In many ways, del Toro’s retelling of the classic tale of Pinocchio is in line with the current narrative in popular culture. Instead of valuing self-improvement (whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual), we are told to embrace flaws and deviance. Instead of pushing toward what is good and natural, we are told to accept the wrong and the unnatural. And, sometimes, the outright evil.

In del Toro’s movie, Pinocchio represents an artificial, unholy force that exists in society. And those who reject it are the evil ones – until they change. But Pinocchio doesn’t change. And, when he dies, a horned Baphomet creature brings him right back. Why strive for perfection through effort, discipline, and sacrifice when you can just wallow in your general foulness?

In short, while the original Pinocchio was about transcending the pitfalls of the material world, Guillermo del Toro’s version is all about embracing them … which happens to be the very basis of satanism.

Occult Pics of the Month…

Here we’ll see Madonna thinks she’s Jesus, Harry Styles is being a creep, Jamie Lee Curtis has disturbing art in her home and more proof that mass media is trying hard to normalize everything satanic.

Madonna was recently featured in Vanity Fair. And, as the Grand Priestess of the music industry, was celebrated by basically mocking Christianity.

On the cover of Vanity Fair’s Icon issue, Madonna is depicted as the Virgin Mary. This is nothing new, Madonna has been doing this for decades (her name is a literal reference to the Virgin Mary). However, this photoshoot takes symbolism further. In Christian imagery, the Virgin Mary is sometimes portrayed as sorrowful and in tears, with seven swords piercing her heart. These swords represent the Seven Sorrows of Mary – sad events that marked her life (i.e. the Crucifixion of Jesus). With all of that being said, is this image of the Grand Priestess of the industry co-playing the Virgin Mary blasphemous? Check out this next pic before you decide.

This picture recreates The Last Supper, with Madonna playing the role of Jesus. She’s surrounded by 11 “disciples” (why not 12?) and they’re all women. Well, the second one from the left appears to have a hairy chest, so they probably slipped a transgender disciple in there (even Biblical stories have to comply with the gender-blurring agenda). If you look closely, Madonna is actually standing on the table and she made a mess underneath her. In short, this is all about desecration.

In this picture, Madonna holds hands with some dude wearing a dress. The message: Madonna’s true “religion” is the occult elite’s madness.

As usual, the One Eye Sign was all over the world last month, constantly reminding us that the occult elite controls all facets of mass media and the celebrities it creates. Here is a small fraction of the one-eye signs that popped up in the past weeks.

Cho Gue-sung plays for the South Korean national soccer team. Then, he went viral on social media because of his good looks. It did not take long before Vogue made him hide one eye using a soccer ball. The message: We recognized his star potential and we recruited him.

In 2009, I’ve published an article about a Paramore music video that was blatantly about Monarch programming. In that article, I’ve pointed out that Hailey Williams does the one-eye sign constantly. Thirteen years later, Williams released a new album … and it 100% revolves around the one-eye sign.

The cover of Hayley Williams’ album Petals for Armor emphasizes one of her eyes in a very clever and creative way (sarcasm). But wait, maybe the cover has nothing to do with the one-eye sign. Maybe it’s just “art” that I’m too dumb to get. Let’s look at another pic from the album.

A big, fat, unmistakable one-eye sign. 

Fortnite is played by millions of children around the world. Promo material of the video game’s latest season heavily revolves around the one-eye sign. The message: The occult elite is definitely not ignoring video games in its quest for total media control.

Time and time again, this site has proven that luxury brands are 100% on board with the occult elite’s symbolism and sick agendas (see Balenciaga). And Gucci keeps releasing highly symbolic (and highly questionable material).

Everything about this pic from Gucci’s “Cosmogenie” campaign is Masonic: The Masonic checkerboard pattern floor, the 90 degrees position of the model’s feet, the white gloves, the arch, and the two pillars. In short, Gucci is paying homage to its occult elite owners.

Gucci’s HA HA HA campaign featured Harry Styles looking like some pedo weirdo who stands around while wearing a t-shirt with a teddy bear on it. And, for no reason at all, there’s a baby crib mattress in the background. Why?

Why is there so much emphasis on that toddler mattress? Why do they insist on being creepy with kiddie stuff?

Speaking of which, Dust magazine is constantly weird and creepy with children.

The cover of this issue of Dust features the gloved hands of an adult forcing open the eyes of a child. There’s nothing “cute” about this thing – it points directly to abuse.

This is another Dust cover from a few years ago. It features industry witch Marina Abramovic creepily covering the eyes of a shirtless child. They’re telling you what the occult elite is doing to children.

For some reason, people in and around Hollywood cannot stay away from “art” depicting children in strange, bizarre settings.

Jamie Lee Curtis posted on Instagram some pictures of her house. Nearly all of the comments went in the same direction: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT PICTURE ON THE WALL?

The picture depicts a naked child awkwardly crammed inside a tub (or something). After some backlash, Curtis deleted the post and claimed that the “artist” who did this was the child’s mother. Whatever. The real question is: Who in their right mind even thinks of purchasing such a thing to hang in an office space?

There’s a new lounge in Dubai and it’s very cool and trendy. The name: Illuminati. The logo: The occult elite’s favorite symbols.

Located at V Habtoor Hotel, Illuminati is touted as “UAE’s first luxury experiential lounge”. I guess the “experience” revolves around a bunch of Sick Fuckers taking selfies in a setting that regurgitates the rituals and symbols of the occult elite. 

The city of Boston recently unveiled a sculpture dedicated to Martin Luther King. Its name: “Embrace Boston”. Despite its name, nobody embraced this thing. Some claim that it looks like a penis while others say it looks like a turd. No matter on which side of this debate you side with, this thing actually “embraces” an important aspect of the elite’s agenda. Last year, I posted the 1963 List Of Communist Goals which describes how to destroy a nation from within. Here are two of these goals: 22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.” This is what the sculpture is truly about.

Why are Globo-Satanists Selling Off Assets

DECEMBER 16, 2022

NY Times Headline: Elon Musk Sells Another Big Chunk of Tesla Stock

Twitter’s owner has now sold $23 billion worth of Tesla stock this year, much of it after he pledged in April to stop selling shares to finance his deal to acquire the social media company.

Drawing upon careful study of Q posts and real world observations, has been saying for some time now that the artificially hyped-up Globalist con-artist Elon Musk has either been replaced with Deep Fakery or put under obedient submission to the White Hats. Either scenario would necessarily entail the commandeering of his suddenly explosive — and very Q-ish sounding — Twitter feed as well as his assets. This story about yet another sale of Tesla stock — making $23 Billion for the year — certainly fits our theory.

From the Slimes article:“If Tesla shareholders were already worried that Elon Musk was too distracted by his new chief executive position at Twitter, they now have more reason to be upset: Mr. Musk disclosed on Wednesday that he had sold another $3.6 billion worth of Tesla stock, possibly to prop up his embattled social network.Mr. Musk has now sold $23 billion worth of Tesla stock this year, much of it after he pledged in April to stop selling shares to finance his Twitter deal.”All of a sudden, Mr. “Musk” doesn’t even seem to care about his electric baby? Tesla Motors stock has plunged — in part due to the selloffs of both him and his crooked Leftist brother, Kimbal Musk— and in part due to his Twitter fixation — far in excess of the broader market drop (61%!). The article quotes from a tweet by Leo KoGuan, one of Tesla’s biggest individual investors:

“Tesla needs and deserves to have working full-time C.E.O.”

And as “Musk” moves further and further to the “far right,” one would expect that fewer libtards — who would have been predisposed to buying a Tesla to curb “Climate Change” — will be buying their EV’s from Tesla.

A publicity-seeking international “rock star” who had everything handed to him is suddenly biting the hand that created him. It makes no sense — unless…..

1. Crooked Kimbal Musk (a Tesla Board member & admitted Democrat) donated to the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump; and had previously given money to Killary Clinton. But that was before the brothers (or their new masters) started selling off Tesla shares. // 2. Musk’s mother, May Musk flashes the one-eye and other occult symbols. // 3. Tesla shareholder Leo KoGuan bet big on Musk — and made a fortune. But now he is pissed off because Musk no longer seems focused on Tesla.

As for this phenomenon of “elites” selling off assets, referring to our Q notes we find the following revelation about Rothschild’s assets and “fire sales” — and the corresponding headlines.

Why did the Rothschilds sell off a massive “Hunting Estate” (hunting humans?) — that had been held by their family for 200 years — to the virtually unheard of “Prinzhorn Family.” Somewhere in the old Q files you’ll find a post about “P” be above “R.” The Prinzhorns?

*Note:  Both before and since the sale, Q had posted many exposures as well as threats against the mighty Rothschilds. (here)

Other suspected Cabalists known to have strangely sold off (or had sold off for them by controllers?) expensive property or collectibles include the credibly suspected child rapist Tom Hanks, Satanic Witch Madonna, Satanic lesbian Ellen DeGeneres and the disappeared (according to a trusted source) and then reappeared “ill” Bruce Willis.

Headlines below:

The suspected boy-rapist Hanks loved his old cars. Why sell them off

Hanks’s volleyball from Cast Away had Satanic torture symbolism painted on it — depicting a skinned alive face.

As much as I disdain using unnamed sources, we have it on excellent authority from a direct source that something very strange was going on regarding Mr. Willis — even months before he (or someone else?) began selling off his expensive properties. I have further learned that some of his associates were known to have used Satanic hand gestures in photos.

The Billionaire Satanist buys a mansion and then sells it off 1 year later? What is she into house flipping for extra cash now?

1. In addition to his cars and his beloved Airstream mobile trailer, Hanks also sold off his cherished volleyball. A Satanic ritual (“frazzledrip” ) is said to involve the live skinning of the victims face (Killary & Huma have been alleged to have done this on video) // 2. After selling off $65 Million of property, Bruce Willis was reported to have been interested in selling off his image to be used for Deep Fakery. // 3. Madonna — also replaced by Deep Fakery (quite obvious!) — flipped her new mansion just one year after buying it.

Frazzeldripping child abuser Ellen (or her White hat masters) sold off THREE multi-million dollar properties in 2022!

To wrap this up in a nice neat package, we take you back to Trump’s Executive Order #13818, signed in December of 2017. The title of that order was:  Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.” The title says it all now, doesn’t it?

It does appear that Satan’s assets have been more than just frozen, but actually seized and being put to good use. Billions of dollars — as well as captured identities — now belong to The Donald and the patriots.

1. Like no other president before, Trump went after “Human Rights Abusers” & “Corrupt Actors” since Day 1. // 2. Trump recently re-posted this image from “Patriots in Control” to his Truth Social page.

Elon Musk