Trump Declares Open “Lawfare” On Fake News

OCTOBER 04, 2022

NY Times:
 Trump Files a Defamation Suit Against CNN

The former president has a history of threatening, and occasionally filing, lawsuits against media organizations whose coverage he deems unfair.

BY Michael M. Grynbaum

The Donald is suing the pink panties off of CNN ($475 Million) — a network which one of his allies is now open-secretly in charge of. Times scribbler Michael M. Grynbaum explains:

“The lawsuit alleges a “campaign of dissuasion in the form of libel and slander” that, Mr. Trump asserts, has recently escalated “as CNN fears the plaintiff will run for president in 2024.

The 29-page suit cites numerous times when CNN hosts and guests criticized Mr. Trump over his policies and his questioning of the 2020 presidential election result. It also laments that some guests have invoked Adolf Hitler and the history of Nazi Germany in criticizing Mr. Trump’s behavior.

A footnote in the lawsuit shows that Mr. Trump’s representatives contacted CNN in July to give notice of prospective litigation and request that the network stop referring to Mr. Trump’s comments about the 2020 election as “lies.”  (emphasis added)

If a media organization like CNN can be sued for calling Trump’s claims about 2020 “lies,” then it logically entails that every other vessel of the Judenpresse Armada can be just as easily targeted for defamation. Indeed, that is exactly what Trump just promised in a recent Truth Social post.

As the pro-Trump billionaire, John Malone, cleanses CNN of its most outspoken Marxist filth, the Trump lawsuit attacks from the outside.
The big-name scum of what was once 24/7 anti-Trump CNN — all gone!

This good news of this lawsuit is actually a perfect follow-up to the piece we published yesterday — about how Trump trapped the Piranha Press in the baited fish net marked “Election Denial.”  With all of the indisputable evidence proving voter fraud (and still plenty more to come!), we don’t see how CNN can squirm out of a charge of slander / libel. It seems to this amateur “legal scholar” that in order to defend their mendacious mantra of “Big Lie,” they will actually have to disprove forensic and video-taped facts like those presented in the documentary film “2000 Mules.” How can they?  And lawsuits also mean DISCOVERY — which may spell big trouble for the perps, particularly if Trump and the all-knowing White Hats know exactly what to ask for.

The Left is already spinning this as a covert attack on the first amendment which will have a “chilling effect” on “freedom of the press.” Dontcha’ just love the way in which these rats, when cornered, always invoke the very US Constitution which they are dedicated to subverting? But that manufactured argument simply won’t fly because there is no right to damaging slander and treasonous subversion. However this plays out, the enemies of the people now understand that (((they))) had better be careful with continuing to push the lie of “The Big Lie.”

One more thing, in closing. — Q also specifically told us that lawsuits were going to be a weapon in their epic war against the Deep State. With “Elon Musk” now locked into a lawsuit with Twitter over its fake accounts, and Trump’s legal attack on CNN (and more media outlets to come) over “The Big Lie” — there is now more reason than ever to “trust the plan.”

Trump promises more anti-media lawsuits to come — and it’s all about “The Crime of the Century” which he will not let go unexposed.
It’s about time the illusion-makers were held accountable — though civil actions will not be enough. They must, in due time, face a firing squad.
Q: “Rest assured, some (MSM) will be arrested as deep cover agents.”

Hawaii Attorneys Suing: COVID Vaccines Killed Nearly 45,000

A group of attorneys filed a lawsuit against the state of Hawaii on behalf of 1,200 first responders who are protesting the state’s vaccine mandate for government workers.

Hawaii Attorneys Suing: COVID Vaccines Killed Nearly 45,000

One of the lawyers representing the emergency responders recently listed data backing their decision to forego taking the experimental Covid jabs.

“The tests we’ve seen around the country from doctors are showing that almost 45,000 people that got these vaccinations were dead in 72 hours,” attorney Michael Green said at a Thursday press conference.

During the press conference, Honolulu Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai also spoke in an emotional testimony describing the pressure of having to choose between the shot and losing his job.

I have to choose between that career that I’m committed to or put in an experimental drug that I don’t know what it’s gonna do to me in my body, or I got to give all that up,” Pelekai said. “I spent the last 20 years of my life and 37 years watching my dad do this job, and because I didn’t want to put an experimental drug in my body, I got to give that all up?”

KHON 2 covered the lawsuit in the following news report:

As the globalist tyranny America is currently seeing spread across the country increases, so does the resistance from We The People.


Health freedom advocates file informed consent lawsuit to exempt all persons from mandatory vaccination

Attorneys Greg Glaser and Ray Flores are taking on the vaccine industry with a new lawsuit. If successful, all Americans will have the right to exempt themselves from forced vaccination if they so choose, regardless of the reason.

While Americans are already protected under the Constitution from unsolicited invasion of bodily autonomy by the government, the suit seeks to reiterate and reestablish this in the specific context of vaccines. On Feb. 22, Glaser and Flores will appear in Federal Court to request a court order recognizing the role that vaccines play in the children’s health epidemic and exempting all persons from mandatory vaccination.

It also aims to emphasize the importance of real control group studies that compare the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated. Images of the court documents as filed are available at this link. One of them shows that unvaccinated adults enjoy 1,248 percent better health than vaccinated adults. Similarly, unvaccinated children enjoy 1,099 percent better health than vaccinated children. (RELATED: This study came to similar conclusions.)

All vaccines are experimental, dangerous and not worth the risk

Highlighting statements made by President Donald Trump back in October about how “the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself,” the suit emphasizes the fact that vaccines simply do not live up to the claims made about them, in terms of both safety and efficacy.

A 2020 Pilot Survey Data Comparison provides numerical proof that vaccines “are causing an exponential increased risk of chronic illness in America. There is simply no denying, based on the available evidence, that unvaccinated people are orders of magnitude healthier than vaccinated people. “Vaccines are a reasonable suspect in America’s pandemic of chronic diseases and disorders,” another section of the suit explains.

“Vaccines include legally classified neurotoxins in amounts that have never been proven safe. Vaccines are experimental because they have never followed the scientific method for testing with true placebos or a control group of entirely unvaccinated individuals.” Another chart outlining chronic disease rates over the years depicts a sharp uptick right around the time that the government vaccine program really started to expand.

The introduction of the adult vaccination schedule also brought about a precipitous increase in adult-onset chronic illness. By definition, all vaccines are experimental because none of them have been properly safety tested, and nobody can say for sure how each individual person will react to them.

All vaccine regulatory approvals are supported by: • Fake placebos (so-called ‘placebos’ that contain neurotoxins) • Fake controls (so-called ‘controls’ of people who are also vaccinated) • Short-term testing windows (so-called ‘tests’ with monitoring periods as short as 3 days) • Long-term passive surveillance of vaccine injuries (so-called “surveillance” with an unknown to approximately 99% failure rate of reporting) “In this manner, vaccine science has not even evolved enough to recognize the basic dictionary definition of words, let alone become advanced enough to reach the status of ‘settled science,'” Glaser and Flores explain.

Another thing worth considering is the fact that many vaccines now come from communist China. Glaser and Flores warn that these communist Chinese vaccines have “infiltrated the United States,” and now account for more than 50 percent of the global active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) market. Communist China “has more than 500 companies registered to sell in the U.S. and 10 times that many serving its own market,” they further explain.

“China ranks second among countries that export drugs and biologics to the United States.” It is certainly worth your time to read through the lawsuit as it contains plenty of data and information showing that vaccines are dangerous and do not work as claimed. Be sure to share the link with your friends and family. To learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines, be sure to check out Sources for this article include: