Filtering NPC’s (Non Player Characters)

You’ve probably heard the term “NPC’s”, referencing neither a video game, nor a certain work of fiction that follows game-like rules. So here is a quick reminder on how you can very rapidly identify them and filter them out so you don’t waste time using logic on the illogical, etc:

1: All NPC variants are very weak and emotional creatures. Merely telling the Truth using hyperbolic language will unmake them. This is why they all seethed over Trump with the exception of the TradCuck variants who instead have the same reaction if you viewed Trump as less than God Emperor.

2: NPC’s do not have any views or convictions of their own. What they have is an admixture of Duck Season morality (they believe the opposite of whatever you do), and a series of preprogrammed responses for stimuli. This is why even milquetoast controlled opposition, for instance Sargon of Akkad or Ben Shapiro will trigger them endlessly at even the slightest reference. It doesn’t matter that it is no effort bait – it’s words as magic spells. “Facts don’t care about your feelings” will work every fucking time.

3: NPC’s are cockroaches. There is never just one, which always makes it really obvious they are NPC’s even for those with otherwise questionable pattern recognition skills. They don’t even try hiding it and will usually all say the same thing in the same way, which also makes it obvious they had no thought process behind their conclusion. Often, the easiest way of detecting a new NPC patch is seeing new dialogue lines spammed dozens, if not hundreds of times from nominally different mouths/keyboards.

4: NPC’s do not have any arguments of their own. If you hard counter their preprogrammed dialogue lines either by trivially rebutting it, or better yet memeing on them in hilarious ways you automatically win. Naturally, NPC’s usually hide on NPC platforms so you can’t do this.

5: Because of the above, manipulating NPC’s is so beyond trivial you’ll often do it by complete accident. They are aimless, drift-less, weak, emotional creatures after all. Imagine you are piloting a boat through the water. Anything both smaller and near you will be dragged along, right? Same concept. If you actively try, you can make them do anything within their abilities, but because that isn’t much this is only useful if you are very easily amused or are making a point. For example, manipulating a NPC so they present a quote about how “brazen contagious idiocy is the true pandemic you should be socially distancing from” as some sort of gotcha right before and right after demonstrating exactly why such measures are important without a hint of irony.

6: If you still have patience problems, just start spamming Power Word: Trigger. Nigger, kike, faggot, tranny, thot, roastie, spic, cracker… Every NPC variant has preprogrammed reactions on at least one of those, and they can’t help themselves. Just acting like a 14 year old with Tourette’s Syndrome hard counters NPC’s.

The above is for those who prefer a more sophisticated approach.