The Phony Biden-McCarthy Debt Drama

NY Times: House Freedom Caucus Slams Biden-McCarthy on Debt Limit Deal

Hard-right members of the House Freedom Caucus, unhappy with debt deal, threaten McCarthy’s speakership

The bellowing barkers of Conservative Inc. and also some nervous Sunshine Patriots within our ranks are stirring over Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s “betrayal” regarding the “raising of the debt ceiling.” Instead of “holding the line on spending,” McCarthy made a deal with Biden. “Mike! Mike! I thought you said McCarthy was placed under the submission of Trump and the White Hats! He just sold us out on muh debt ceiling!

(palm to face, sighing, shaking head).

Kevin McCarthy — or “Kevin McCarthy” — did NOT make any “deals” with “Joe Biden” because the real Biden — as we have capably demonstrated countless times (herehereherehere) — was Gitmo’d and replaced by a White Hat actor a long time ago. Congress isn’t even in session! Therefore, this meaningless “debt ceiling” comedy is all just theater featuring actors to keep Normiedom amused and distracted as the Gitmo roundups and tribunals — and probably, executions — continue unabated.

 Whatever comes out of this drama, understand that it was scripted this way as occupied, fenced-in Washington, DC remains under a Continuity of Government (COG) emergency government administered by the military.

Of course — and this is perfectly understandable — it is difficult for even some of the most intelligent and experienced conspiracy analysts to wrap their minds around this surreal state of affairs. To be perfectly candid with “you guys,” there are days when your favorite reporter / historian here starts to waver for a bit (“nah, this can’t be happening.”) — but then, after checking and re-checking the math, always returns to the inescapable reality of COG. Every darn indicator supports the belief that “the plan” is chugging right along.

Military veteran, country singer, “new kid on the block,” and probable White Hat agent Derek Johnson has done excellent work in digging up publicly available FEMA documents, Executive Orders, military manuals / codes explaining how the current military occupation (which we saw coming in late 2020) is being executed legally and secretly (which we did not foresee).

  1. Q post about “actors” and “movies” from 5 years ago // 2. Resident “Biden” deserves both an Academy Award and a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Q himself once posted: “The ending won’t be for everybody.” Even after the public element of “The Storm” arrives and passes, few will ever believe that most of it was done on “tape delay,” and later presented as if it were live. Therefore, for the benefit of the doubters and disbelievers, let uspretend, for argument’s sake, that the “Biden” – “McCarthy” – Freedom Caucus circus which we are witnessing is real as we review why this debt ceiling circus wouldn’t matter anyway.

First of all, the rapidly rising US National Debt, as of today, currently stands at an astonishingly unpayable $31.5 TRILLION. To put both that number as well as the rate of recent growth into proper perspective, consider the fact that it was only in 2008 when the  iconic U.S. National Debt Clock in Manhattan had to be tinkered with because the debt exceeded a “mere” $10 trillion. An extra digit was needed. Some further perspective — there are only 133 million working Americans to sustain this Marianas Trench of red ink that equates to nearly $100,000 for every man, woman and child in America — and there are now 60 million over-65’s sucking on the untouchable “non-discretionary” twin teats of Social Security and Medicare. So you see, the idea that this crisis can be resolved or even contained by “cutting spending” is almost as absurd as the conventional Demonrat claim that “taxing the rich” will do the trick. No. Only a national bankruptcy / debt forgiveness combined with fundamental transformation of both fiscal and monetary policy can deactivate this ticking time bomb.

So, even if we were to accept that “Biden” and “McCarthy” are real and that Congress actually is in session — this would still be all just theater. What difference would a few more trillion in borrowing make at this point? It’s all unpayable anyway! Ignore this silly side show about “muh debt ceiling.” We shall have to wait and see what fundamental currency, debt, spending and tax solutions will be implemented when Trump “returns” in full “authoritarian” mode.

The illustration with the football field and Statue of Liberty standing next to a block of $100 bills only represents $10 Trillion.

The current U.S. National Debt is $31 Trillion!

Only a bankruptcy reorganization and a radical “Jacksonian” intervention in the monetary system itself can free us of this burden.

11 Signs That Global Conflict Could Soon Spiral Completely Out Of Control

The world seems to be gripped by a really bad case of war fever.  National leaders all over the globe are rattling their sabers, and that should deeply alarm all of us.  The last time that there was a “world war”, tens of millions of people died.  This time around, it could be hundreds of millions or even billions of people.  Today, we literally possess the ability to destroy all of humanity.  So a worldwide conflict in which nuclear weapons are used should be avoided at all costs, but unfortunately those that are running things seem absolutely determined to push us toward such a conflict anyway.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been so many alarming developments.  The following are 11 signs that global conflict could soon spiral completely out of control…

#1 Russia just signed a deal to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus

The defense ministers of Russia and Belarus on Thursday signed a document on the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory, the state-run TASS news agency reported, citing the Defense Ministry of Belarus.

Russia will retain control over its non-strategic nuclear weapons stationed in neighboring Belarus, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a document-signing event with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin in Minsk.

“Russia will not transfer nuclear weapons to the Republic of Belarus: control over them and the decision to use them remains with the Russian side,” he said.

#2 U.S. and Taiwanese officials have reportedly been talking about bringing Taiwan under the “nuclear umbrella” of the United States.  Needless to say, such a move would make war with China much more likely…

There seems to be a growing demand for a US ‘nuclear umbrella’ in Taiwan amid increasing belligerence by China in the Asia Pacific region.

The desire for such a ‘nuclear umbrella’ against a potential invasion by China – which is already provided to Japan and South Korea by the United States (US) – has reportedly received support from defence experts in Taiwan.

The US ‘nuclear umbrella’ will not see the deployment of atomic weapons in Taiwan, but will see the world’s ‘sole superpower’ respond in kind to a nuclear attack by China during an invasion of the island nation.

#3 The Russians have just issued an arrest warrant for U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham…

Russia’s Interior Ministry on Monday issued an arrest warrant for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham following his comments related to the fighting in Ukraine.

In an edited video of his meeting on Friday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that was released by Zelenskyy’s office, Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, noted that “the Russians are dying” and described the U.S. military assistance to the country as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”

#4 A senior Taliban commander is boasting that “we will conquer Iran soon”

The Taliban threatened on Sunday that it could conquer Iran as tensions increase over water disputes between Afghanistan and Iran, leaving at least three people dead.

In a video released by the Taliban, a senior commander in the terrorist organization running Afghanistan warned that the Taliban would fight the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard “with more passion” than they fought the US forces. He added that the Taliban “will conquer Iran soon if the Taliban’s leaders give the green light.

#5 Israel has doubled the number of attacks on Iranian targets inside Syrian territory in recent months

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Monday said that he has “doubled the attacks on Iran in Syria” during his several months in office.

Gallant also revealed Tehran’s secret sea war against Israel, presenting new photographic evidence of five different ships it is using to establish another front against the Jewish state.

#6 Hezbollah just conducted major military exercises very close to the border with Israel

The military exercise was unusual not only because it was made public — nearly 400 people attended, including Hezbollah supporters and several journalists — but also because it was conducted only 12 miles north of the Israeli border, just outside an area where militias are not allowed to operate under a UN Security Council resolution adopted in 2006.

#7 Most Americans don’t realize this, but U.S. troops will soon be deployed in Peru

Unbeknown, it seems, to most people in Peru and the US (considering the paucity of media coverage in both countries), US military personnel will soon be landing in Peru. The plenary session of Peru’s Congress last Thursday (May 18) authorized the entry of US troops onto Peruvian soil with the ostensible purpose of carrying out “cooperation activities” with Peru’s armed forces and national police.

#8 Violent clashes in Kosovo have resulted in more than two dozen NATO troops being injured…

NATO-led troops and police clashed with protesters in Northern Kosovo Monday amid an ongoing standoff between ethnic Albanian authorities and local ethnic Serbs who ignored warnings not to seize municipality buildings.

The violence comes after Kosovo’s police raided Serb-dominated areas in the region’s north and seized local municipality buildings over the weekend. The demonstrations have led to injuries on both sides, which more than two dozen NATO troops injured.

#9 The U.S. military is building a brand new base in northern Syria.  Apparently the U.S. occupation of large portions of Syrian territory is not going to end any time soon

The US-led anti-ISIS coalition is building a new military base in Syria’s northern province of Raqqa, The New Arab reported, citing a source close to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The US backs the SDF and keeps about 900 troops (officially at least) in eastern Syria, allowing the US to control about one-third of Syria’s territory. The report said there are currently about 24 US-led military sites spread throughout eastern Syria.

#10 North Korea is claiming that the U.S. and South Korea have just conducted an “invasion rehearsal”

The South Korean and U.S. militaries conducted large live-fire drills near the border with North Korea on Thursday, despite the North’s warning that it won’t tolerate what it calls an invasion rehearsal on its doorstep.

The drills, the first of five rounds of live-fire exercises through mid-June, mark 70 years since the establishment of the military alliance between Seoul and Washington. North Korea typically reacts to such major South Korean-U.S. exercises with missile and other weapons tests.

#11 Due to “security concerns”, dozens of “satellite phones for emergency communication” are being issued to members of the U.S. Senate…

Amid growing concerns of security risks to members of Congress, over 50 senators have been issued satellite phones for emergency communication, people familiar with the measures told CBS News. The devices are part of a series of new security measures being offered to senators by the Senate Sergeant at Arms, who took over shortly after the assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The satellite phone technology has been offered to all 100 senators. CBS News has learned at least 50 have accepted the phones, which Senate administrative staff recommend senators keep in close proximity during their travels.

We have never seen such a dramatic measure ever be taken before.

Are they preparing for something?

I wish that I knew.

But what I do know is that we are certainly living during a time of “wars and rumors of wars”, and it definitely isn’t going to take much to push us over a line that will never be able to be uncrossed.

But for now, most people in the western world simply are not paying attention to what is going on.

Most of them just assume that our leaders are wise, competent and will be able to keep us out of any sort of nuclear conflict.

White Hats Push Back Against Pride Month

Target stores placed child mannequins in their Pride display.

NY Times: Brands Embracing Pride Month Confront a Volatile Political Climate

Target became the latest company to adjust plans for marketing supportive of the L.G.B.T.Q. community after it faced backlash from some customers.

Not content with having the entire month of June devoted to the celebration of sodomy, gerbiling (don’t ask), scissoring (don’t ask), rimming (don’t ask), circle jerks (don’t ask), anal beading (don’t ask), feces games, cross-dressing and genital mutilation — the purveyors of perversion and promiscuity started pushing their corrupted rainbow in mid-May this year. Thanks to pressure from the lords of international finance and investment (WEF, BlackRock etc) this debauchery is now big throughout much of Corporate America. A handful of Homo homeowners near my neck of the woods also started “proudly” flying their fag flags a few weeks ago — with a few of them hoisting up an equal-sized Old Glory (American flag) right next to it.

The apparent institutionalization of God-mocking “Pride Month” — in particular, its majority acceptance among the under-30 age group — serves as a sober reminder of the sad fact that even though the international Globalist-Marxist Cabal is, we believe, now experiencing its death throes –the cultural cancer which (((they))) deliberately engineered and cultivated over many years seems to have taken on a life of its own now — one which may survive and thrive long after its “Frankfurt School” creators and their generational devotees are gone. You see, once a social trend becomes “the new normal,” it no longer requires a higher conspiratorial force to artificially prop it up. How — in the absence of a righteous full fascist takeover and religious revival (or moving to Russia) — do we in the West even begin the process of putting this “gay” Genie back into his pink bottle?

From shame in the closet to open “pride” in the streets  — the Queer brigades and their libtarded young supporters grow bolder with each passing year.

The June Fag Flags start coming out in mid-May now.

Even our pets are being “groomed” — (pun intended).

The good news is that there is finally some backlash and push-back against this insanity.

From the article:

“For years, Pride Month, the annual celebration for L.G.B.T.Q. Americans, has afforded companies a marketing opportunity to tap into the buying power of a group with growing financial, political and social clout.

Yet, while these efforts have always faced some opposition, brands and marketers say the country’s current political environment — especially around transgender issues — has made this year’s campaigns more complicated. This week Target became the latest company to rethink its approach after facing criticism for its Pride collection, which included clothes and books for children that drew outrage from some on the right.”

No movement in the political world is “spontaneous” or “grassroots,” boys and girls. There are always unseen leaders and organizers. The “people power” boycotts and subsequent massive drops in stock price of first, Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light Beer) and now, the retail giant Target, are clearly the handiwork of the “White Hats.” The bellowing barkers of Conservative Inc. and their legions of camp followers are merely following the scripted lead set forth for them. It’s a good start — not complaining here at all. But merely holding the line against “transgenderism” aimed at children is not nearly enough. The pathetic position of Conservative Inc. goes like this: “We’re OK with “Pride Month” and all things homosexual being shoved in everybody’s face — but please, pretty please — can you just tone down the transgender stuff a notch, especially towards the children. Thanks”  —- It’s a bit like saying that the deliberate injecting of cancer cells into someone is tolerable, as long as it doesn’t metastasize throughout the body. Give it time. It will.

What is to be done about those abominable “horses which have already left the barn” — such as queer-themed “sex education,” same-sex “marriage,” homo-pedos legally adopting children, and the ever-increasing public & private recognition of this Satanic Pride Month? And let us not downplay the destructive societal ramifications of normalized heterosexual promiscuity, divorces at the drop of a hat, and marital infidelity either. Because “straight” people make up 98-99% of the population, their lack of self-control, poses, in the bigger scheme of things, a far greater threat to civilization than the micro-minority LGBTQ crowd ever will. Can anything be done at this point? Or is the spiraling downward momentum simply too much by now?

1 & 2. Conservative Inc.’s White Hat engineered backlash against the promotion of transgenderism by Bud Light and Target’s use of child mannequins for pride displays is a band-aid measure.

What is to be done about the ads which now depict Fag Families as normal?

New York Post


Toward the end of the radically pro-homosexual presidency of Mr. & Mr. Obongo (Barry & Big Mike) there were two back-to-back events in 2015 which pushed us over “the tipping point” of no foreseeable return. Like critical plays made toward the end of a football game, this pair of abominations really energized Satan’s legions while demoralizing the virtuous. In April of that year, Bruce Jenner — the Olympics legend turned “TV Star” — “came out” as Caitlyn Jenner. Two months later (during “Pride Month”) the US Supreme Court imposed “gay marriage” upon all 50 states. Ever since then, Team Pink has pretty much had their way with us as even as the carnival barkers of Conservative Inc. — who dutifully squealed about the consecutive abominations of 2015 — soon fell into line and accepted “the tide of history.”

The Satanic Elite chose the word “pride” and the rainbow symbol for important reasons of religious inversion. Pride is considered the deadliest of The Seven Deadly Sins and, according to religious tradition, the rainbow was a sign from God after the world was flooded due to the iniquity of its people — whose sins included lust and homosexuality. They took the 7-colored rainbow (7 is regarded as God’s number) and altered it to a 6-colored rainbow (Satan’s number) representing some of the very things proscribed by religion: pride, lust and homosexuality.

So you see, it’s not enough to draw a temporary “line in the sand” over transgenderism. The whole Pride Month abomination with its outlandish poofter parades and its fake rainbow need to be banned as morally subversive, as was done in Russia. That’s much easier said than done because in Russia — unlike the West which had a 50 year head-start — the rainbow cancer was still containable, before Putin’s surgery eradicated it for good.

Big Mike and Little Barry — the two butt-boys who got down and dirty on the White House bed from 2009-2016 also left their shit stains on the fraying fabric of American history — stains which may not be cleaned off as easily. 

April, 2015: Former American sports hero Bruce Jenner “transitions” into Caitlyn Jenner.

June, 2015: Same-sex “marriage” (and child adoption) is imposed upon America as the Obongo White House lights up in Satan’s altered 6-color rainbow.

Pride Month combines 2 of the 7 Deadly Sins” (Pride & Lust) into a celebration of insanity and debauchery. 

An actual rainbow (God’s symbol) has 7 colors (God’s number)

But the rainbow on the Fag Flag has only 6 (Satan’s number)

This Is What The Great Replacement Looks Like

Very few Americans realize that Biden, and your elected Congressional representatives, continue their dogged determination to replace the majority of Americans with an endless and growing line of refugees from 160 countries around the world.  In April, the U.S. Border Patrol processed 200,000 of them…and sent them to all points of our country.  They live in motels, hotels, U.S. military bases, school gyms, train stations, police stations, abandon buildings with instant Porta-Potties, and private homes.  Soberingly, your tax dollars pay for all of it to the tune of $150,000,000,000.00 (billion) annually.  Not only that, but Congress imports 1,000,000 (million) legal immigrants annually. They add themselves to our welfare rolls with SSI.

Do you realize if this invasion continues under Biden, you’re going to have third world welfare adults, babies and chain-migrated relatives into the 10’s of millions within 25 years?  In other words, you, your city, and your state are being replaced with the poor of the world.  Why isn’t anyone speaking up?  Why are the NGO’s, Catholic Charities, and Lutheran Charities begging for more illegal and legal migrants?  Are they that stupid? Or, are they THAT money hungry?

Worse than that, most Americans remain clueless as to the long-term consequences.

Speaking with Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies, , I learned a great deal.  What’s going on Mr. Bensman?  He said, “In recent days, large crowds of immigrants have formed on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande fully prepared to swim over well-worn crossing spots to Brownsville – but seemingly held back by unarmed Mexican immigration officials.

“Over the course of several recent days in this northeastern Mexican city when perhaps 3,000 immigrants a day swam over to Brownsville with no opposition on either side, a curious pattern became evident. At some sort of signal from the Mexican immigration officers, a group of about 100-150 from the crowd would suddenly stand in unison and rush down the riverbank, past the immigration officers, and swim over to America.

“It turns out that this pattern was far from happenstance. The Center for Immigration Studies asked several of the Mexican immigration officers what was going on and learned that… Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has been coordinating these mass swims with Mexico’s immigration service, INM, at high levels on an encrypted WhatsApp channel…

“The Americans on the other side would ask the Mexicans to hold back the migrants – not because such crossings are illegal and should be blocked and obstructed, but only until the Americans had finished processing the last batch into the country through Brownsville…

“Controlled-flow by the Biden administration’s DHS with Mexico also constitutes a highly unusual U.S. policy that demonstrates formal acquiescence to illegal immigration and an official willingness to accommodate mass illegal immigration rather than stopping, blocking, or deterring it, as required by law.”

That’s what Joe Biden and his accomplices are doing to you, your tax dollars and to your community. Eventually, with another 10 or 20 million alien migrants, every community in America will be replaced with third world poverty, illiteracy and welfare recipients.

After spending three weeks on the border, I saw the tons of trash they left in the desert, gullies, riverbeds, riverbanks, and camping areas. They will bring that same “cultural proclivity” into America.  They will trash America because they’ve trashed their own countries.

Thousands of tons of junk that buries the natural landscape in trash and filth—destroys the natural habitat. Here is a 2.0-minute video of what I personally witnessed.  Trashing America: replacement-update-garbage- haul-edition-illegals-are- trashing-the-rio-grande-wait- until-they-move-into-your- neighborhood

“Texas National Guardsmen who patrol the area call it “the mattress because the layers of discarded clothing and personal belongings here [are] so thick and rubbery,” Bensman reported.

“The garbage will, of course, “kill everything beneath it” and destroy the area for wildlife.” 

“And you better not fall down: There are syringes, diapers, animal droppings, food, personal sanitation products full of chemicals, non-biodegradable trash of every kind, and  human waste.  And personal documents, and identification all get tossed before being processed.

Do you know what grinds this American citizen?  Answer: I’ll tell you point blank.  Our country is getting screwed, choked, and destroyed by a senile president and/or his handlers…along with a majority of 535 useless U.S. Senators and House members.  These people are working on the total destruction of our society, our laws, our culture, our way of life.

If you think what’s going on in America today is off the charts “crazy”, just hang around for another 10 years to see our country coming off the rails like in East Palestine, Ohio. China or Russia won’t have to conquer us.  We’re being conquered by our own president and Congressional critters.

We’re not going to survive this invasion.  We’re being replaced by a third world horde. It’s going to play out in multiple, ugly and destructive ways across our once great country. I feel sorry for our children.

Elon Musk Scorches Soros and the ADL 


Washington Post: Musk Says Soros Hates Humanity, Compares Him to Jewish Comic Book Villain

Elon Musk — the White Hat replacement avatar for the probably since-executed Globalist villain “Elon Musk” — has just normalized the “antisemitic” act of attacking one of the untouchables of the Global Jewish Cabal, George Soros. Up until about fifteen years ago, only extreme “far right conspiracy theorists” would dare to touch the “Hungarian” monster. In more recent times, the bobble-heads of Conservative Inc. — enabled by The Donald — started exposing him too. But as of today — with this particular nasty attack on Soros (and subsequent “doubling down” during a TV interview) by the “genius” and “centrist” Elon Musk — countless millions of his worldwide fanboys have been introduced to Soros and given permission to research what he’s really all about.

The attacks on Soros by Tucker Carlson, President Trump and now, Elon Musk have been oh-so-predictably counter-attacked by charges of “antisemitism” so many times now that the smear has lost its effectiveness. Normiedom has been inoculated! Elon Mosk effortlessly shrugged off the Anti-Defamation League‘s counter attack against him by suggesting that the once-fearsome Jewish extortionist group drop the “anti” from its name. At this point, the only thing that the ADL and the screaming Judenpresse are accomplishing is stimulating the curiosity of the mildly astute elements of Normiedom into the “Jewish Question.” Oh how times have changed!

Elon Musk’s possibly rigged twitter “exchange” with a Jewnalist named Brian Krassenstein — known as Trump’s most vicious online nemesis when Trump was posting on Twitter — is posted below.

Magneto — a comic book / movie villain (who is Jewish)

From New York to Tel Aviv, the “usual suspects” are in their usual frenzy over Musk’s brazen attack upon Cabal King George Soros.

The capture of Twitter (foretold by Q as far back as 2018) by “Elon Musk” was a blow uniquely devastating to the Cabal because it simultaneously stripped the Globalists of two key agents (Twitter’s Dorsey & Tesla’s Musk) while flipping the manufactured myth of Musk and the information power of Twitter into the White Hat column. To make an analogy to American football, it was like a fumble recovery with a 99-yard return. Seven points were prevented, and seven were then scored — all on the same play for a devastating 14-point swing. A similar “turnover” is occurring at CNN.

Just seven years ago — when Soros agents Mr. & Mr. Obama were showering billions of taxpayer dollars on the Global Warmist / One Worlder “living legend” con-artist Elon Musk — would you ever have believed that you’d see the day when that very same “Elon Musk” would be publicly calling out George Soros and the ADL as arch-villains?

I keep telling “you guys” — Patriots Are Now In Control. The indicators are everywhere. Just stay calm and be patient.

Soros seated, watching his puppet speak

Soros made Obama — Obama made Musk — now a Musk imposter (his assets seized by the White Hats?) is undoing Soros.

Many Q posts about Soros  —- Soros (GS) may already have been “dealt with.”

Why is Miriam Cahn’s Art Depicting Child Abuse Exposed in Museums? And Why is Macron Defending Her?

The Swiss painter Miriam Cahn caused outraged when she exposed paintings depicting graphic abuse in a Paris museum. While people were horrified by these “works of art”, Emmanuel Macron and the entire media establishment have been praising and defending her. Let’s look at the “art” elite stooges are so vehemently defending.

Warning: This article contains disturbing paintings. 

I had to preface this article with a warning because it will contain horrific paintings depicting various forms of abuse. And many of these paintings clearly include children. These paintings are not on display in some obscure, underground location, they’re on display at the Palais de Tokyo, a “prestigious” contemporary art center in Paris.

One of these paintings (titled Fuck Abstraction!) is so vile that it caused outrage in France. Six major associations – led by the Association de Juristes Pour L’Enfance (Lawyers for Childhood) – sought the removal of this painting on the grounds that French law forbids the exhibition of pornographic representations of minors. The courts ruled against the associations.

Then, an elderly man threw some paint at this painting to protest against it. Following this event, Emmanuel Macron himself took to Twitter to defend this painting.

Macron’s tweet says “Attacking a work of art is attacking our values”.

Here’s the painting that Macron absolutely had to defend.

Fuck Abstraction! depicts a child with bound hands forced to give fellatio to an adult man.

As you can see, this sickening painting graphically depicts a child being raped. This is the painting that the President of France – and many other officials – vehemently defended.

It’s bizarre: The only time these people say “free speech” is to defend pedophilic movies such as Cuties, school library books containing pornographic material, or “art” that literally depicts a pedophile raping a child. In other words, while these people are for the censoring of anything that goes against their agendas, they turn into champions of free speech when people push back against their insane obsession with normalizing pedophilia.

Those who defend Fuck Abstraction! came up with an excuse to appear noble: The painting is said to depict war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

This sounds like utter BS to me. There’s absolutely nothing about this painting that refers to Russia, Ukraine, war, or anything related. Paintings do not require a tweet to explain their meaning. The meaning is conveyed by what exists within the painting. And what millions of people are seeing is a sick and deeply disturbed “artist” who took the time to paint child rape in the most graphic way possible.

Furthermore, the “iT’s aBouT uKraIne” excuse doesn’t explain another important fact: Miriam Cahn painted hundreds of horrific paintings, way before the Ukraine war.

Here’s the dark truth about this situation: Paintings by Miriam Cahn depict the occult elite’s obsession with control, torture and the systematic abuse of children. Her style of painting is eerily similar to artists such as Kim Noble (a victim of Monarch mind control) which also depict horrific abuse in a distinctive style that’s childish yet deeply disturbing.

Here’s a look at Miriam Cahn’s body of work.

Miriam Cahn

This person has some sick, sick thoughts.

Miriam Cahn is a Swiss painter who is described as a “feminist who likes to fight.” Her paintings are said to incorporate “feminism, child-endangering themes, and female rituals featuring violent and shocking representations of sexual organs”. Yes, the official description of her work includes the word “child endangerment”. Despite this fact, Cahn’s paintings have been praised for decades and exposed all over the world.

Going through Cahn’s body of work is like entering the mind of a sick and sadistic person who takes pleasure in watching people suffer. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact message behind each of these paintings. However, there are some clear recurrent themes. And they’re horrific.

An adult holds what a baby that appears lifeless. There’s red (implying blood) around the hand and the waist of the figure. What the hell happened?

This painting depicts a person holding a (possibly dead) baby in the air. And, for some reason, the person’s thumb appears to be right on the baby’s genitals.

This disturbing painting depicts a person being violently raped. Macron thinks that this mess is “our values”.

A naked adult holds a child who appears afraid.

A man shoves his arm up inside a woman … up to his elbow. This is yet another painting depicting abuse/torture. The demonic faces on the characters imply that they’re out of it / possessed / dissociated.

This drawing appears to depict gang rape. If a regular person drew this, they’d immediately be ordered to see a psychiatrist.

Yet another “painting” depicting the sexual abuse of a much smaller person (possibly a minor).

Two adults have sex right next to a naked child who is holding his/her genitals. Are they pedos grooming a child?

A naked man drags by force a child holding a teddy bear-type thing. Cahn (and the elite in general) are obsessed with “loss of children’s innocence” theme.

Two naked adults force a child (who appears scared) to march with them. The adult on the left appears to be playing with his genitals. The figure on the right is holding a baby who appears lifeless.

Cahn made numerous paintings depicting people with their hands in the air – as if they were captive, restrained, and tortured.

Cahn paintings are reminiscent of those by Biljana Djurdjevic which often depict children that are bound as if they were about to be abused. As seen in my Pizzagate article, occult elite psychos (i.e. John Podesta) collect these paintings and hang them in their homes.

I could post many, many other disturbing Miriam Cahn paintings that depict abuse or dead bodies. A trip through her gallery is the stuff of nightmares.

In Conclusion

At this point, some of you might be thinking “What the hell is wrong with VC for making me look at these paintings?”. Well, I’m sorry about that and I sincerely hope that none of us will ever have to look at these things ever again. However, those are not obscure paintings made by a lonely deranged individual. They were made by Miriam Cahn, one of the most renowned painters in the world today. Her works were exposed in the Palais de Tokyo – one of Europe’s most important museums. Furthermore, when one of her paintings was vandalized, Emmanuel Macron himself flew to its rescue and defended it – even saying that it was “part of our culture”. As a reminder, the painting he defended depicted a small child being raped.

When Macron said that this painting was “part of our culture”, he did not mean OUR culture. He meant the occult elite’s sick, sadistic culture that celebrates the systematic abuse of children. It is the culture of those who take part in elite pedo rings and subject slaves to trauma-based mind control. Not only did the elite create an entire art “movement” focused on its insanities, but it is also attempting to normalize it to the masses by putting them on display in “reputable” places.

This painting by LenaTunström depicts people being violently dismembered. The male figure even has his penis cut off. This painting was on display inside the European Parliament.

Throughout history, works of art put on display in museums have reflected the values and the soul of the culture that generated them. What do the paintings seen above say about our culture?

But this is not OUR culture, it is THEIR culture. And, through the power of propaganda, they are attempting to make this OUR culture. To silence those who oppose them, the elite engages in its new favorite tactic: The “far-rightization” of those who question them. Indeed, in the past weeks, countless news articles from France and around the world associated those who opposed paintings depicting child rape with the “far right”.

However, when the powers that be silence the people, the people speak through other means.

“Fuck Abstraction!” spray painted by an elderly man in May 2023.

10th Anniversary of Boston Smoke Bomb Hoax

Times Caption: It might be the greatest victory of this city that the marathon bombings a decade ago had far from an overwhelming presence in Monday’s race.

Wow. Can you believe that 10 years have now passed since Obama’s Boston Smoke Bombing crisis-actor stunt, whose objective was — we have always believed — to conduct a beta test to measure exactly how obediently normies would comply during a declared “state-of-emergency” in which they were ordered to “shelter-in-place.” The bewildered boobs of Boston behaved beautifully as machine-gun toting militarized units went house to house looking for the “bad guys.” After two Muslim brothers were killed / apprehended, the normies emerged from their fearful confinement chanting “USA! USA! USA!” You guys had best believe that the lessons of that tragic comedy were surely not lost by the eventual architects of the Stupid-19 lock-downs.

A barf-worthy bit of cheesy remembrance drama, from the article:

“I don’t remember exactly where I was when I heard that two bombs had exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon 10 years ago, but I do remember exactly how I felt. …

It goes without saying, but it is important to say nevertheless, that the human toll of that day, the three lives lost, the amputations and hundreds of other injuries, will always be foremost in every runner’s mind. The pain of the victims and their families, on that day and enduring since, may evolve but will always be there.”

As was the case with the Sandy Hook school “mass shooting” of four months prior, nobody was killed or hurt in Boston either.

The hoax was followed by a total lock-down of Boston and a phony manhunt for the patsie “bombers.”

Through the miracle of the “Wayback Machine” archives, we present, copy / pasted below for your amusement, the “controversial” pictorial presentation of the suppose “tragedy” — as well as another from days later, when the two “perps” were killed and captured.

*** FLASHBACK // 2013 ***


This ‘victim’s’ clothes were shredded by shrapnel, and yet there is not one scratch on him! Flying ‘ball bearings’ would have punched tiny holes through the clothes and embedded in the flesh. For this phony photo, vertical linear incisions were made so that his clothes could be ripped apart for dramatic effect.

Left: The man on his back is Jeff Bauman (brown hair/green shirt sleeves). BOTH of Bauman’s legs were allegedly blown clean off. Pay attention to the Black lady on top of him (and her CLEAN white shirt), and the shady looking man with the the hood and sunglasses above her.

Bauman ‘bleeds’ out badly – about a gallon! (like red paint / fake blood). But his stub remains clean, and there is no torn flesh! Why is no one even paying attention to him? Notice that the Black woman with the clean white shirt, and the hooded man with sunglasses, are no longer in the picture. They were the ones on top of Bauman, covering him up while removing his prosthetic legs! Where did the missing legs end up anyway?

The ‘bomb’ was placed on the sidewalk. So why are the store windows blown outward, instead of inward? Three people allegedly died, 17 were allegedly in critical condition, and more than 200 people in total were allegedly injured. This photo shows the ‘ground zero’ of the ‘bombing’.Where do you see 200 people? Where do you see 17 critically wounded. Where are the 3 that supposedly died? Focus on the blonde woman sitting up, the man holding a cowboy hat, the black lady with the white shirt, and our shady friend who’s just ‘hanging out’ now. Where did legless Jeff Bauman run away to?

Healthy-looking Jeff is all smiles and ‘thumbs up’ , just days after his legs were ‘blown off’ and gallons of his ‘blood’ were lost. The ‘hero’ Cowboy is on the left.

Nicole Gross was allegedly hit by the impact of the bomb, suffering a broken leg and ankle in the process. She also suffered torn skin and her Achilles’ tendon was severed. Does this look like the face of a woman who just had her leg broken, her ankle broken, and her Achilles tendon severed (ouch!)?  Notice the lack of blood on her arms in the spots where her shirt was torn. She has some theatrical dust on her legs, nothing more.

Above is our lady friend again, who we earlier saw laying on top of legless Bauman while wearing a clean white shirt. Now her white shirt, and her forehead, are suddenly drenched in ‘blood’ as she puts on her best ‘in shock’ face for the camera. Notice how she is strapped on a stretcher whereas double-amputee Bauman was hoisted on a wheelchair.

The bomb detonated by the flags. So why are no less than THREE cops in this photo (1 in foreground, others in background) running AWAY from the injured people?…And why did this particular runner fall down after the blast when all the other runners did not? This ‘iconic’ photo is a staged phony! (Notice how prominent the Israeli flag is.)

The day after the non-bombing, the unusually bright red color of the spilled ‘blood’ has still not changed! Spilled blood quickly begins to turn brownish-red as it dries. Try spilling a few drops of your own blood on the sidewalk, and see what color it turns! THIS IS CLEARLY RED PAINT!  

(Nice little propaganda touch with the U.S. flag…..  “USA!…USA!…. USA!’…Let’s bomb them Muslims!”)

One million Greater Bostonians and others obey mandatory lockdown orders as they cower in their homes. More than 20 square blocks of Watertown, MA are evacuated at machine gun point, and searched house-to-house by Federal and local thugs. When the “Boston Marathon Bomber” was supposedly caught, the Massachusetts Mice emerged from their fearful shelters to cheer, and actually thank, their Government oppressors.

*** END OF 2013 FLASHBACKS ***

The fact that Normiedom still “commemorates” so many hoaxes of yesteryear confirms the validity of one of our mottos: “Fake History is the Fake News that has passed into the rearview mirror.” 

To close on an optimistic note, it now appears that the “White Hats” of military intelligence — through FEMA’s Continuity of Government program (which would include media censorship of sensitive matters) and various other Trumpian Executive Orders and military directives — have usurped the capability of the CIA/Mossad Axis to so easily pull off such unbelievable mass acting productions. Instead, they are giving the bad guys a taste of their own medicine.

In spite of the initial scorn and mockery of some of our early followers, the “Editorial Board” of TomatoBubble / RHC, clearly, turned out to be correct about the Boston Smoke Bombing then — and expects to be proven right about all of the masked imposters substituting for imprisoned or dead Deep Staters now. If “they” could do it so easily and repeatedly, then why can’t our guys?

Trust the plan.

Possession Is Nine Tenths of Your Soul

The entire Earth is haunted by a specter, the specter of the complete possession of the human and the natural worlds by a band of unaccountable overlords. Those self-appointed global rulers, the billionaires, supported by the politicians and public intellectuals that they play with for sport, have carved out for themselves a separate reality where within they make up new rules for governance, local, national, and global, and then pass those rules down to us.

Central to this project is the radical alteration of the concept of possession.

Their audacious claim of possession of everything has been successful because it appears to be supported by all institutions of government, by universities and newspapers of repute, and other prominent international organizations which previously had legitimacy.

The billionaires have systematically laid down the foundations for this claim of ownership, using diverse tools, whether it be the control of our minds through constant bombardment with advertisements, the launch of natural assets companies (NAC) on Wall Street that claim private ownership of the oceans and the land, of the water and the air, of every aspect of the natural world, or  the ownership of our bodies through the patenting of DNA and the claim of the right to force citizens to accept injections of privately-patented substances that alter the physical, genetic, and psychological state of the individual.  

Through some magic process at the World Economic Forum the imperative to become modern and to be competitive as part of some imagined fourth industrial revolution gives these unaccountable authorities complete possession of all aspects of our existence.  

Such a claim to unlimited possession of everything only works if the concepts of possession that we have relied on from the distant past are erased and the citizen loses all sense of affiliation with local or national, ethnic or spiritual, roots that might offer an alternative concept of ownership.

The billionaires, above all, do not want any concept of ownership that is linked to a sense of belonging, or of participation. The concept that we own the land, the waters and the myriad plants and animals only in that we belong to that land and to those waters, and we are responsible to them, is a vision of our world with ancient roots which cannot be tolerated by the high priests of the World Economic Forum.  

Unlimited possession by multinational corporations, and by the governments that they have taken over, can only be achieved if all sense of belonging for people is torn to shreds, leaving behind no organizations of substance that can oppose this takeover except for the toothless controlled opposition that the global elite have prepared for us in advance–the Jeffery Sachs and Warren Buffets of the world.

Belonging, after all, is the central concept of the United States Constitution. Without the imperative that the citizen must belong to the republic, the property rights defined by that document are reduced to a travesty. Such was the intended consequence of corporations replacing the citizen with the consumer and the Constitution with markets over the past four decades.

Ultimately, the claim by the individual, the family, or the community to possess a house, a river, or a mountain, to be entitled to clean air or to healthy food that does not destroy the body, has been undermined by multinational interests who isolate individual from friends and family, from community members and like-minded people, thereby destroying any trace of belonging and encouraging a one-way hypnotic relationship with far off celebrities, cute pictures of fat cats, and glimpses of fashion and food, pornography and violence.

Fashion magazines, TV dramas, movies, cartoon characters, and video games induce an indulgent narcissistic cult of the self within which the individual competes against everyone. Personal possessions, not community solidarity, become the primary goal in life.

The ability of unaccountable multinational corporations to own everything, from farmland to houses, from transportation and phone lines, to the internet and media, is rarely questioned, and an alternative system is never suggested by any public intellectual.

Gone from our society is sharing and cooperation, serving those less fortunate, or for standing together for the common good against the greedy few.

The battle ground was well prepared by the corporate consulting firms before the first shot was fired, so as to facilitate this horrific final takeover.

The disenfranchisement of entire populations is not new in human history, but the current project is unprecedented in its scale and in its speed. If we were to look for a parallel, the destruction of the civilizations of North and South America by the Spanish, the Portuguese, the French, and the English from the 16th century to the 19th century is most apposite.

Just as was true then, this time a handful of private interests (like Blackrock, the modern equivalent of the British East India Company) have set out to destroy all customs, learning, institutions, values, and concepts in the nations targeted. But this time it is not the Aztecs and the Iroquois who are being targeted. This time, all civilizations on the Earth are fair game in the radical shift of ownership being planned by supercomputers.

The wild bid of the billionaires to buy up all farmland in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and most every country, using the fake money cooked up by multinational investors using the cover of the Federal Reserve, and other central banks, resembles the process by which England and Spain claimed ownership of the “New World” by magic, introducing the alien, and completely artificial, concept of real estate.

They made up their own maps back in London or Madrid, just as billionaires make up cryptocurrency and derivatives in London and New York, and then used those maps to claim ownership of vast swaths of forest and plains, mountains and bays. The key to their success was the use of false authority, backed by pay-to-play public intellectuals, to define who owned what.

It was a financial operation, and it was often a military operation when force was needed to assure acceptance of the new order. But above all, then and now, the takeover was an ideological operation, an epistemological move whereby the concept of ownership, and of nationhood, were violently, but silently, remade by the imperialists sitting in their lavish parlors.

The first step toward taking possession of everything today was for the billionaires to take control of money, and of the institutions that defined its value: the Federal Reserve, the Department of Treasury, departments of economics and business at universities, economic experts, and the newspapers of repute that report on the economy.

Once the institutions that define value were taken over, corporations could then employ authority figures in those institutions to convince the people that the stock market had a relationship to the economy, that the efforts of corporations benefited the citizen.

We were told that we must, following some obscure law of nature, invest our savings in the stock market, and that the “innovative” geniuses of Wall Street like Elon Musk are entitled, because of their claims to be working for the good of humanity, to take over everything in the human realm.

Video: The War of Corporations on Our Children, “Seeking to Control Their Values”

The current project was greatly facilitated by the destruction of the humanities in education in the 1980s. Our children ceased to receive education in the fundamentals of metaphysics, aesthetics, morality and epistemology—and in art, literature and history.

My high school had a philosophy club back in the 1980’s. Such extracurricular activities for high school students are rare today. Instead,  mass-produced images are put out by multinational corporations like Apple and branded as, somehow, related to the humanities. In reality, the images of people engaged in artistic expression that are broadcast in IPhone commercials are simply a bid of corporations to lay claim to possession of individual expression of emotions and sentiments–to make creative acts a product that must be downloaded.

How did we get here?

When global capital shook off the chains that had been wound around its neck in the 1930’s (and that required tremendous effort back then) it was able to bribe and to seduce intellectuals and policy makers so as to create an educational system that was engineered to destroy the capacity of the individual to understand how society functions, and to undermine the ability of the student for himself or herself. In the place of the temple education they erected a false palace of mirrors, filled with practical studies like economics, engineering, and public relations that are presented as more realistic than those fluffy humanities courses. But these new “practical” studies form a Trojan horse that is filled with an ideological soup mixing narcissism, consumption culture, short-term thinking, and scientism (the religion holding that science is an oracle presented by select authorities at blue chip institutions that cannot be questioned from below).

Economics and business administration, marketing and public relations are the new fields promoted by the rich that hold that growth and consumption are positives without a scrap of proof, and they create a mythical set of metrics for success in business that are less scientific than bloodletting techniques of the 18th century.

Four decades of our country stewing in this ungodly soup has produced a generation of highly-educated citizens who are good at taking tests and at following directions, but who are incapable of perceiving the manner in which society is manipulated in an ideological and aesthetic sense.

Unlike the intellectuals of the 1930s, the last time we ran into a crisis on this scale, current intellectuals are blind to ultimate causes, incapable of grasping class conflict, or ideological indoctrination, or the manipulation of the people by technology. In fact, AI, the primary weapon used to degrade the capacity of citizens to think independently, is promoted as a positive for society by treasonous intellectuals.

For pay-to-play intellectuals, scholarship means that facts are piled up in meaningless piles and then exchanged for grants from foundations. Distinguished scholars whose chairs are endowed by wealthy patrons with agendas to alter the nature of possession, gather at Princeton University or Brookings Institution to congratulate each other on their latest books.

The purpose of their research is to give legitimacy to the take over of everything by the few and thus rise in their careers, obtaining the public recognition in the corporate-controlled media that soothes their egos. They are not interested in understanding how the world works; they do not feel any moral responsibility beyond lining their own nests.

This criminal operation, reinforced by subliminal messages in advertising, in posters, and billboards, in TV commercials, or in television dramas and movies, tells us from childhood how we should define possession and belonging. We are told that wealth rightfully belongs to people who demonstrate no moral responsibility and live glamorous lives, consuming grotesque amounts of resources. They are to be envied and admired, we are told.

These images of consumerist possession possess us in the manner that one is possessed by an evil spirit.   

There are no longer regulators or independent intellectuals out there to step forward to declare that manipulative advertising, deceptive education, is an assault on the ability of citizens to think for themselves. Few citizens are confident enough in their understanding of the world to recognize that this harmless advertising we see around us is, in fact, a war waged on our souls.

Possession has ceased to be defined by ancient customs and habits, by obligations and moral imperatives, or even by laws and regulations. Rather possession has become a magical state which is determined by those with the ability to alter perceptions. If Twitter, the New York Times, and Google announce that someone owns something, it becomes the truth: It becomes theirs.

In this new culture, one can possess objects instantaneously by ordering them over the internet. Just a few dollars of digital currency and it is yours. You are encouraged to possess things that are insubstantial, like castles in Mine-craft. For many, the objects possessed virtually seems more substantial than any real object.  

But such possessions can be taken away just as easily by unaccountable forces. And there is no rule, no means to appeal, in the digital transactions that increasingly define possession.

Just miss a few payments for your mortgage, or fall behind on your bill for internet service, and suddenly you are homeless and cut off from the world. Faceless and unaccountable powers are empowered to determine what you can and cannot do.   

In effect the house, the computer, the internet service and everything else you supposedly possess is ultimately owned by the banks and you have only conditional rights to use them as long as you conform to certain conventions.

Possession has become radically tangential, unbearably contingent, and tantalizingly ephemeral.

Now that possession only exists for the citizen in an abstract manner, while all the tools that define possession are controlled by private IT firms that determine our online communication, and increasingly control local and central government as well, we have been primed for the final stage of disenfranchisement: the introduction of digital currencies that will allow hidden powers to stop possession with the flip of a switch.

A brief history of possession

Let us consider the transformation of possession that took place over the last three hundred years. Ancient peoples lived in small groups and the land was common to them. The home was private property in the sense that it had belonged to the family for generations, but no individual was free to do whatever he pleased with the land he or she inhabited. The individual was part of a family and the family, as part of the community, was but custodian of the land for future generations.

Possession could not be separated from belonging. You belonged to the land, to the mountains and the rivers, as much as, or more than, you possessed them.

A drawing depicting a 17th-century trade scene between Dutch merchants and Native Americans. Common trading items were beaver pelts, Dutch tools, and wampum beads used as currency.

A drawing depicting a 17th-century trade scene between Dutch merchants and Native Americans. Common trading items were beaver pelts, Dutch tools, and wampum beads used as currency.

The growth of international trade in the seventeenth century, the concentration of wealth in the hands of bankers and merchants in the 18th century, the displacement of farmers from their lands through the enclosure acts in Britain and elsewhere from that time, and the emergence of workers dependent on paid work in factories in the 19th and 20th centuries who did not own anything, could not produce their own food, and did not belong to any social institution or organization, revolutionized the concept of possession.

New technologies undid, or undermined, the ancient technologies for growing crops, forging iron, blowing glass, weaving clothes, cobbling shoes, and generating energy by wind, water, or horse.

All around the Earth, land that had belonged to the people, who also belonged to it, became the property of strangers, of far off nations, and of “corporations” and “trusts” –opaque organizations that protected owners from any personal responsibility.

Along the way, the pseudo-scientific discipline of geography took hold in the universities of London and Paris, Berlin and Boston, an academic field wherein powerful people in cities made up maps with pretty colors that define where nations start and end, which corporation, or which individual, owned enormous swaths of Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania.

Those empowered by this seizure, were refined and educated men, wearing three-piece suits when they gathered at the club for gin and tonics, surrounded by scholarly books and exquisite paintings.They then had their classmates from Oxford and Princeton pass laws in their national assemblies, that made the mountains and rivers, the fields and bays, the islands and peninsulas of far off lands suddenly theirs. It was a ridiculous magic trick that was justified by using the cloak of science and the fairy tale of civilization.  

The destruction of traditional concepts of possession by a tiny handful of colonialists between the seventeenth century and the nineteenth century, is immediately relevant to us because the current push to disenfranchise and destroy the mass of humanity today follows virtually that same game plan. 

The cult of the new made long-term relations with places and things less important, even a burden to those who wished to be “modern,” to be fashionable.

Suddenly, a two-hundred year old house in one’s native village is worth less than a tiny apartment in the city with which one has no connection at all.

This new apartment offers a television and air conditioning, but it could be easily taken away through the use of eminent domain, rigged-up bankruptcy, or any number of tricks.

The shift in the nature of possession is also a product of the promotion of trade. The growth of global trade routes and supply chains, invisible to all but the specialists, has created a real economy, following strict rules that is never described in any newspaper.  

Corporations outsource manufacturing to the far corners of the Earth not simply so as to take advantage of low labor costs, but also so as to take complete control of how things are made, distributed, and sold. There is no recourse the citizen can take in response to the horrific economic implications of how products are produced before they arrive at Walmart.

And in this new economy there is no space for a craftsman, a farmer, or a carpenter–none of the profits find their way back to the community. Almost all profits go to the billionaires hiding behind the corporations.

Mass production is held up, without a scrap of scientific data, as a sign of human progress. A society in which the necessities of daily life are produced by strangers, often offshore, through unaccountable corporations, is presented to our children as an ideal.

The makers of things and the users of things have been separated by an unbridgeable chasm.  

To put it simply, the means of production, distribution, advertising, and consumption have been completely possessed by the billionaires.

This possession takes the form of invisible network of global manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and retail sales, that is supported by the private banks that underwrite the entire game.

No political candidate of the left or the right will even mention this possession of the entire system when running for office.  

Money, not the ancestors, nor the traditions of the village, nor ethical imperatives to be a good son, mother, or neighbor, has become the only determinant of ownership–and that money is itself a chimera cooked up by the central banks.

When philosophy was murdered in the educational system and extirpated from intellectual discourse, when citizens were torn away from nature, from agriculture, and from communities violently as part of a new culture of modernity that glorified the radical dependence of the individual on systems of production that were controlled by corporations, on money controlled by banks, they wandered out into the swamp of slavery.

But the posters around them, the popular Hollywood movies they watch, suggest that personal freedom, and true self-expression, can only be achieved by becoming dependent on a money economy.

As a result, most of us pass our days without asking ourselves what possession means.

Of course, you might answer, we possess our clothes, our furniture, the computers and the software that we use at work, the house in which we live, and that ownership is protected by laws. Our bodies are ours and we are free to choose what we buy and where we live.

That form of possession is fool’s gold. Merely default on a loan, even though the money that the bank loaned you was made up from thin air by that bank, and you will find that you do not own anything.

Debt is roped to possession. Everything you might desire to possess, and the commercial media from morning to evening is set on brainwashing you into believing that you must possess, requires that you borrow money to obtain it.

You have no choice but to take that loan in order to get the education necessary to find employment, or to buy the automobile you need to go to work.

The banks and the corporations are authorized to penalize you for nonpayment of these loans, and to fine you as they see fit for late payments. You have no right to demand anything in the “contracts” you must sign to get the loans required.

They can easily force us to sell all your possessions so as to avoid homelessness and destitution. In many cases, the banks are authorized to take those items from us using the police. And the police are authorized to seize your possessions on the flimsiest excuse. 

Your right of possession as a citizen is radically tangential, but the possession of banks and multinational corporations is assumed to be legitimate even when it is obtained using dubious assets like stocks, derivatives and stocks. These mythical creatures create value by employing authority, media coverage and on occasion, the threat of force.

Yet, as unreal as these products may be, the system is set up so that they can be used by institutional investors as collateral to buy up the land that we use to grow food, to control the energy that we need to move, or to heat our homes, and to monopolize everything of value in the world through acts of black magic.

Armies of economics professors and business journalists line up to give this occult form of transsubstantiation a veneer of legitimacy. The primary job of experts in economics is to convince us that the stock market, Wall Street, represents the economy, and that the rise and fall of those stocks reflects our well being–not the profits of the rich.

But this Wall Street magic is not magic at all. They create inflation for the rest of us by devaluing the money in our bank accounts; They set up a series of financial crises for ordinary people that allows the rich to use the funny money pumped into the stock market by the Federal Reserve to buy up stock, or to buy up the real estate that the little people are forced to sell. 

The trillions of dollars that the billionaires created in this massive Ponzi scheme called the stock market, along with trillions of dollars more produced by money laundering through the military, allows them, using their various holding companies, not only to take possession of real things like land and water, food and mineral resources, housing and transportation systems.

It also allows them to hire advertising firms, consulting groups, and politicians to redefine the nature of possession so that their power will be unlimited and we will be slowly reduced to slavery.

Possession is the true name of the game.

Our last stand

Sadly, the more brazen the grab for possession of everything grows, the more passive and confused the population becomes. The shifts are so dramatic, so overwhelming, that most are lost in the mad rush forward.

Following the fictions fed to them in the media, many see Warren Buffett or Elon Musk, not as criminals trying to destroy humanity, but as models of how one can grow wealthy and independent by being innovative. The enemy of humanity are painted as a concerned friends.

We have entered the critical period when the last traces of freedom and belonging are being swept into the ash bin of history. All that will be left will be possession by the few and the resulting slavery for the many.

Will we have the self-awareness and bravery to make a stand?

King Charles Heralds the End of the British Monarchy

NY Times: King Charles Arrives in Berlin for First State Visit as Monarch

Charles and Camilla, the queen consort, visited the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to start their three-day trip to Germany.

These are not the best of times for the fake reality show called “The British Monarchy.” After the death of the grand old lady Queen Elizabeth last year, the doofus King Charles ushered in the end of the outdated veneration of this useless bunch of Jewified traitors to their subjects. Today’s featured Times article reveals — albeit inadvertently — just how far the monarchy has fallen.

“Making his first official overseas trip as Britain’s new monarch, King Charles III began a three-day state visit to Germany on Wednesday, with Camilla, the queen consort, greeting a crowd of hundreds of spectators at the landmark Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.”

“Hundreds of people lined up with the famous Unter den Linden, a boulevard in central Berlin (emphasis added)

Only “hundreds” — in the heart of a city of 3.5 million population with a metro area of 6.1 million —  turned out to greet the new King and Queen Consort of Great Britain for the first stop in Charlie’s pre-announced “world debut” tour??? — Or might that be “King” and “Queen Consort” — hmmm? Heck, on any given afternoon, one would expect “hundreds” of locals and tourists to be strolling about the Brandenburg Gate anyway! Couldn’t the Germans have at least conjured-up a rent-a-mob of several thousand for the meet and greet? Not even a few High School field trips to come out and say “hello” to the British King of German descent, or something?

No doubt about it, boys and girls — the high and once mighty Windsors are old news now, and good riddance too.

 Today’s “nobles” — a bunch of lazy, selfish, gutless, Globalist worthless eaters and perverts who provide spectacle and circus for the “has been” subjects of dying un-jolly old England. // Image 3: Only a Rothschild can stick his finger in royalty’s chest like that.

There was a time when the word “nobility” actually meant something. The French term “noblesse oblige” (literally “nobility obliges”) meant that royalty / nobility extends beyond mere titles and privileges — requiring the monarch and the “blue bloods” to fulfill social responsibilities. Even in serfdom days, when those who lived on the nobles’ land had obligations to the “lord,” the Nobleman in turn had obligations to the people’s welfare — including, most of all, protection. And the Lord’s cut of the crops was a far lower percentage than what we-the-tyrannized pay in direct and indirect taxes today.

Examples of truly “noble” (protective) attitudes and measures would include:

* England’s King Edward I expelling the Jews in 1290
Hungary’s King Louis I expelling the Jews in 1360
* France’s King Charles VI expelling the Jews in 1394
* Spain’s King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella expelling the Jews in 1492
* Portugal’s King Manuel I expelling the Jews in 1496
Austria’s Queen Maria Theresa expelling the Jews from Bohemia in 1744
Russia’s Tzarina (Queen) Catherine the Great banishing Jews to western territories in 1791

Hmmm. There seems to be a pattern here.

These “anti-Semitic” decrees (just to list a few) were all issued in protective response to the usual suspects committing the usual dirty deeds — you know, stuff like coin clipping, well poisoning, ritual sacrifice of a kidnapped Christian child and, of course, the most common “canard” ™ of them all — usurious & ruinous money lending. Notwithstanding the shortfalls of a system of hereditary monarchy, the Christian monarchs of days-gone-by generally had the best interests of their subjects at heart.

So, whatever happened to “noblesse oblige?”

During the tumultuous century following the formation of Adam Weishaupt‘s Illuminati (New World Order secret society) in 1776, the nobility of just about every country in Europe sustained a relentless bloodbath of assassinations and “close call” assassination attempts at the hands of Red radicals and deluded “nationalists” carrying out the policy of “propaganda of the deed” — in which a suicidal assassin would gain eternal notoriety by sacrificing his own life (“taking one for the team”) by publicly murdering an Emperor, King, Queen or Prince (Presidents & Prime Ministers too). There was absolutely no one that Rothschild’s Reds couldn’t get to, or at least get close enough to scare. Even England’s Queen Victoria had eight attempts made against her (here).

In due time, personal fear of death and revolution — combined with the golden carrot of favorable Rothschild finance and flattering Jewish press (a mighty weapon which “the goyim” carelessly allowed to slip from their hands) — led to the “democratic” domestication of much of Europe. This was then followed by the “if-ya-can’t-beat-em-join-em” corruption of the surviving monarchies — England in particular.

This bit of undeniable history is also boastfully summarized in the turn-of-the-century “hoax” known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. From Protocol 1: Point 26

“This helped us to our triumph: it gave us the possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card – the destruction of the privileges, or in other words of the very existence of the aristocracy of the Goyim — that class which was the only defense peoples and countries had against us.

On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the Goyim we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications for this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge, for which our learned elders provide the motive force.”

And so, after having terrorized, neutered and Judaized the British and European Monarchies for so long, “noblesse oblige” is about to become “nobles obliterated” as (((they))) will gleefully flush the rotten royal remnants down the toilet bowl of history.

Trump in Waco on 30th Anniversary of Massacre

Trump at Waco with a sea of “WITCH HUNT” signs behind him. The “witch” being “hunted” is the architect of the Waco massacre of 1993 — Killary Clinton!

MARCH 26, 2023

NY Times: 
A Trump Rally, a Right-Wing Cause and the Enduring Legacy of Waco

Thirty years ago, a fiery federal raid on a doomsday sect turned the city into a symbol of government overreach. Donald Trump speaking there is no accident, according to some supporters  and critics.

Let’s play a bit of word association. Without thinking, what is the very first thing that pops into your mind when you hear: Waco, Texas? Unless you’re in your 30’s or younger, then certainly, the dramatic (and unnecessary) 51 day siege —  culminating in those haunting images of the mass murderous 1993 inferno (preceded by “head shot” death of four Fed agents alleged to have served as ex-bodyguards for the Clintons (here))  — came to mind in less than one second. Right?

This month marks the 30-year-anniversary of the start of the dramatic made-for-TV Satanic ritual — which could only have been ordered by then-First Lady and known co-President Killary Clinton. The grand finale of April 19, 1993 was then dutifully (and absurdly) spun as a “mass suicide” by fire (76 dead, 25 of them children) which the weird, yet harmless, Branch Davidian sect set themselves. The monstrous 6′ 2″ trannie Attorney General, Janet Reno, was put up as the lightning rod to receive the watered-down “criticism” by the controlled feckless barkers of Conservative Inc. — who never once challenged the “mass suicide” fable, only Reno’s “mishandling” of the raid. As for the mainline Paid Pastors of America, there was not a peep of protest  about the Dresden-like roasting of scores of innocent and terrorized members of this Christian sub-cult.


1. The surreal spectacle of flame-throwing, tear gas-spewing tanks attacking American citizens was accepted because the harmless Branch Davidians had been pre-demonized for 50 straight days by Fake News. / 2. Cult leader David Koresh — a weirdo for sure, but in no way a threat meriting a military-style assault. / 3. Hellary’s Satanic Inferno, with thick black smoke caused by God-knows-what substance that had been pumped into the compound.

The Deep State sold the “mass suicide” lie and the bewildered boobs of Normiedom swallowed it.

1. GOP RINOs and the bellowing barkers of Conservative Inc. didn’t dare to point a finger at the sainted Satanist, Killary Clinton // 2. So they gently slapped the cross-dressing Bolshevik bison serving as Attorney General on the wrist instead. // 3. The survivors of Hellary’s inferno were arrested and paraded about like circus freaks.

The psychological torture — (sleep deprivation tactics, including loud recordings of screeching rabbits being slaughtered) — and final tank attack upon the people living in the Waco Compound made for the biggest story of the early 1990’s, with an enduring legacy that is still fresh in the memories of those of us on “the far right” who were shocked, saddened and outraged by the event. Waco 1993 turbo-charged the growth of the American militia movement — an anti-Globalist uprising which was finally crippled by the 1995 false-flag bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building on the two-year anniversary of the Waco fire.

What a delightful “Sicilian Message” that “The Donald” has just sent by holding the very first 2024 presidential rally in Waco, during the 30-year anniversary. In spite of the claim of “coincidence” put out by the Trump campaign, this was not a “coincidence.” The anniversary date, the “Witch Hunt” signs, and the location are too significant to miss — and this time, the Times seems to agree with us:

“’The date (of Trump’s rally) falls in the middle of the 30th anniversary of the weeks long standoff…..”

“Waco is a touchstone for the far right,’ said Stuart Wright, a professor of sociology at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and an authority on the standoff. ‘There’s some deep symbolism.’”

Exactly what are Trump and the White Hats trying to communicate to us by staging the first rally for Campaign 2024 in Waco (not at all a major city) on the 30th anniversary? Let’s back up a few weeks to what the Judenpresse described as an “incendiary” quote from a speech that Trump made at CPAC:

“In 2016, I declared that I am your voice. Today I add, I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed: I am your retribution…. I am your retribution.”

There will be hell to pay for certain people when Trump officially”returns” (he is actually still president). And the “Sicilian Message” just sent at WACO is one that those who have so “wronged and betrayed” so many of us for so long have no doubt received — as the worried tone of this Times articles indicates.

1. The Holocaust (a real one) at WACO had the effect of swelling the ranks of armed militias and also the early “digital army.” // 2. The 1995 false-flag bombing in Oklahoma was blamed on everyone from the militias to Rush Limbaugh. It took the steam out of the “far right” and got Bill & Killary re-elected in 1996. // 3. Trump in Waco, on Saturday. He has pledged to be our “retribution.”