Q, the Pedo Podesta Brothers, and the Abduction of Little Maddy McCann

NY Times: Madeleine McCann Search Is Over, Portuguese Police Say

A search of a reservoir in Portugal that came more than 16 years after the British girl went missing resulted in the collection of some material but did not solve the mystery of her disappearance.

It’s a bit odd that an old story about a little British girl, who went missing while her irresponsible parents were vacationing in Portugal, would suddenly be resurrected by Portuguese authorities and appear in the “paper of record.” Tragic as the disappearance was in 2007, cases of abducted children are not all that rare.

A brief recap, from the article:

“Madeleine, who was days from her 4th birthday, and her siblings, 2-year-old twins, were left asleep in the family’s vacation apartment while their parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, ate with friends in a neighboring restaurant.

Mr. McCann left dinner to check on the children around 9 p.m. and everything appeared fine. But when his wife checked an hour later, at around 10 p.m., Madeleine was nowhere to be found.

Rumors swirled about her whereabouts and what had happened that night, as the case prompted an international search for a suspect and sent shock waves across Europe. Madeleine’s parents were later paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in libel damages (decision later reversed) because of stories that baselessly suggested the couple was responsible for Madeleine’s death.”

*Note: What type of parents leave a 4-year old and a pair of 2-year olds alone in a vacation apartment while dining out?

I find this old event still newsworthy not for its content — but because, I believe that the identities of the high-profile child abductors are known and, I hope, to be disclosed in due time. Could this be the reason why parties unknown have brought Madeleine’s cold case back into the public mind?

Maddy’s disappearance was big news in 2007 — but it’s old news by now. 

After being trashed by some newspapers as irresponsible, the McCanns tried to cash in with a lawsuit.

The various sketches of suspects seen in the vicinity of Maddy’s disappearance bore striking resemblances to four notorious pedo-sex-monsters that “you guys” are surely very familiar with by now. They were:

  • Epstein’s Island Queen Ghislane Maxwell
  • Congressman Anthony Weiner (husband of Killary Clinton’s lesbian girl toy, Huma Abedeen)
  • Clinton-Obama operative John Podesta
  • John’s brother, Demonrat Lobbyist, Tony Podesta.

Furthermore, the abduction of little Maddy took place near the villa of the since-deceased pedo-sex-monster “Sir” Clement Freud — the grandson of the sex-obsessed quack, Sigmund Freud. In classic psycho fashion, Freud (not yet known to have been a pedo monster at the time) was “good enough” to befriend and “comfort” the McCanns immediately after the event. There are also a number of “insider reports” — which we have not been able to verify to our satisfaction — that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal at the time.

Have a look at the uncanny resemblances:

What are the odds of four sketches so closely resembling four elite pedo-monsters — all tied to Killary Clinton — and all spotted in the vicinity of the abduction — near the villa of child rapist Clement Freud?

UK Independent

Freud was a Minister of Parliament and a BBC broadcaster. Like so many other “elite” child rapists, the monstrous truth about him did not surface until after his death.

Now, here’s the hopeful, and admittedly speculative aspect to the sudden re-visitation of Maddy’s kidnapping. As regular readers should know by now, based on raw data and sound logical inference, we believe that the Podestas, the Clintons, Maxwell et al. have already been “dealt with” at Gitmo. We further believe that, in due time, the public manifestation of the “tape delayed” “Storm” will be the worldwide disclosure of elite pedo-sex rings which will shock the world. Our only questions, asked with bated breath, are “when?” And “how?” Only the team knows.

When looking to Q for hints of what is to come, we find a 2017 post claiming that the first indictment / arrest will “trigger a mass popular awakening” and another one in 2018 saying that it “will send a shock wave.” Could that have been the phony indictment of Donald Trump a few months ago? Though it certainly did help to catapult him into his current and already insurmountable (and growing fast) 41-pointlead in the GOP primary field, to describe the already forgotten stunt as a “mass popular awakening” doesn’t quite seem to fit anymore.

Could the first arrest be that of “Joe Biden” himself — a sitting president? That is still not out of the realm of possibility, and it would indeed be a shocker. But more and more, it seems as though “Biden’s” role will be to sustain a 50-state electoral blowout at the hands of a returning Donald Trump in 2024. Going back to Q Post 34 from 2017, Q indicates that the start of the Storm will be triggered by the arrest of John Podesta as follows:


“The primary fallout which is slated to occur … upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta Confirmation to the public of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted.”

Now as far as characters on the world stage go, Podesta’s name, though commonly known to followers of American politics, is not nearly of such stature as to “trigger a mass popular awakening” or “send a shock wave.” For that reason, even though Q indicated that Podesta would be the first announced name, it still didn’t register with most of us “Q Tards.” But what if the “popular awakening / shock wave” connected to the “first arrest” is not so much about the “who” (as we all have been speculating) — but rather, the “what?”  The arrest of a has-been like John Podesta for run-of-the-mill kickback schemes or bribery would amount to nothing. However, the arrest of Podesta for the abduction of and God-only-knows-what-else-was-done-to Maddy McCann would indeed open up a worldwide Pandora’s box of child-sex-torture-murder-blood drinking that would rock international Normiedom to its core. Keep in mind that Q — who named Podesta in 31 different posts — has always clearly and repeatedly stated that it was to be the issue of child sex traffic which would outrage and unite humanity.

No predictions here —- just responsible and plausible speculation. Keep on eye on the McCann case.

1. John Podesta is a Satanic devotee of Marina Abramovic // 2. Podesta in a naked paint suit at some Satanic pervert event with Obongo (Obama) handler Valerie Jarrett // 3. Some of Tony Podesta’s favorite artworks!

1. “Sir” Edward Heath (1916-2005) was UK Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974 and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1965-1975. (story here) // 2. Dennis Hastert, US Speaker of the House from 1999-2007 (story here) // 3. Lord Mountbatten (1900-1979) — The last British Viceroy of India — was a member of the British Royal family and second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. (story here)

The Tactical Trumpification of the Center and Left

Why Are Leftist Scumbags Such as Musk & Maher Now Trashing the Left?

For those of you not up-to-speed with the techniques and tactics of Q / Military Intelligence — as well as you Sunshine Patriots, members of the whiny Backseat “Are We There Yet” Chorus, and especially the negative nihilists of the Black Pill Society who have swallowed the silly slander about Q & Trump being “psyops” to pacify us with “hopium” — you know, “but but muh Operation Trust” (sighing, rolling eyes) — understand that a repeatedly stated objective of this years-long, slow motion invisible coup was to avoid a bloody civil war or even just a divisive political backlash against the righteous coup plotters. The engineered ideological unification of the American public — from Right to Center to Left — was always a common theme of the Q posts.

With that context in mind, let’s review the sudden and strange conversion of three very well known and influential ultra-leftist villains who now sound as though they work for the Trump campaign! They are: Elon MuskBill Maher and Robert F Kennedy Jr.

“American will be unified.”
*11.11.18 refers to The Law of War Manual

Elon MASK — Globalist villain turned MAGA hero

Bill Maher — surprising move to the center

RFK Jr. — echoing Trump

They all LOOK a bit “different” these days too.


Elon Musk
 has never even been nominated for a science prize nor invented anything in his life. His companies were seeded with CIA capital and the enormous profits came as the result of free publicity, government funding and the Global Warming / Climate Change HOAX upon which his solar panel company and electric car companies were predicated upon. The Musk which we had come to know and despise was an academic mediocrity, a jet-setting con-artist, an Obama-lover, an admitted socialist, a Global Warmist, and a pro-UN Globalist puffed-up to godlike status by the illusionists of the Marxist Media.

But in recent years, Musk, or “Mask” — whose deluded fanboys number in the hundreds of millions worldwide — has suddenly turned full blown right-wing “conspiracy theorist.” He has condemned leftist censorship; opened up Twitter to conservatives once again; trashed Dr. Anthony Falsie and Covid policies; attacked leading Demonrats and the media, demanded the release of the Epstein client list; warned about “false flags,” called for people to have more children; and even warned about  “world government.”

What the heck happened to Elon Musk?!

Musk’s tweets — read and shared by millions of fanboys — are as hard-core “conspiracy theorist” as anything you’ll find on Gab or Truth Social.


This smug, filthy, extreme left “comedian” / talk show host and suspected child-rapist has, for 20 years, used the platform of his popular HBO shows to spew hatred at conservatives, Christians, “right wing conspiracy theorists” and especially, since 2015, Donald Trump. The show’s routine is so pathetically predictable. With every insult, the trained fanboys and girls in the audience clap and cheer for the glib greaseball— along with the fools watching at home.

But like Musk, Maher, only in recent years, has “moved to the center.” Though he still utters many libtard platitudes (he has to, given his audience), Maher’s unmistakable march toward the center is as astonishing and unmistakable to behold as that of Musk’s move to the center, and now the “far right.” These days, Maher’s monologues are peppered with biting comments aimed at the tranny madness, Covid policies and the censorship of conservatives. Maher does this while constantly reminding his sometimes surprised audience of his libtard credentials — before adding that the “woke” Left (Democrat Party) has moved away from him, not the other way around.

What the heck happened to Bill Maher?!

Bill Maher was outed by Q as a member of the red shoe pedo club.

In 2018, a clearly worried Maher devoted two long segments to mocking Q “conspiracy theorists.” 

Until recently, Maher had been Trump’s most vicious critic.

The Wrap

The Marxist publication “Jacobin” was outraged after Musk and Maher recently trashed the Left and its “woke mind virus” on Maher’s HBO Show, “Real Time.” After Maher had built-up Musk as a superhuman world-changing genius, the pair continued an assault of the far left for most of the 20-minute scripted event (as normies clapped!). During this time, neither Musk nor Maher laid a finger on Trump or Republicans! (here)

Trump’s attacks on Maher serve the purpose of allowing his new agent to maintain his “street cred” among his audience of idiots.


Due to his positions on vaccine fraud and the murder of his father, RFK Jr. has, like a broken clock, been correct twice per day. But on just about every other subject, Bobby Jr. has been a typical Harvard-DC libtard — as well as a heroin user, a legal extortionist and a race-baiter. In his main occupation as an “environmental lawyer,” RFK’s extremist positions went beyond just being fanatically anti-business, anti-coal and anti-oil. He was a straight-up, deceitful totalitarian commissar. He once wrote:

“I believe that corporations which deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty. This can be accomplished through an existing legal proceeding known as “charter revocation.” State Attorneys General can invoke this remedy whenever corporations put their profit-making before the “public welfare.” (here)

Not even Al Gore went that far! But in a neck-snapping sudden reversal, the new and improved RFK just had this to say about the Climate Con and the World Economic Forum crowd:

“Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by mega billionaires like Bill Gates in the same way that COVID was exploited to use it as an excuse to clamp down top-down totalitarian controls on society. If you look closely, as it turns out, the guys who are promoting the solutions are the people who own the patents for those solutions. It’s a way they’ve given climate chaos a bad name because people now see that it’s just another crisis that’s being used to strip the wealth of the poor and to enrich billionaires.”

Back in April, the I did an entire piece covering RFK’s anti-Establishment announcement speech — (which so upset the New York Times) — as a candidate for 2024 Demonrat Party (a campaign designed to attack “Joe Biden” from within the Party itself). Neither his speech nor his campaign website even mention “Climate Change,” but, like Musk & Maher, he did attack the “woke bobble-heads” of the Left in a brutal and mocking manner one would have expected from Trump, not RFK Jr.

What the heck happened to Robert Kennedy Jr?!

Empty ambitious men who built their careers and their vast fortunes in faithful service to Leftist Ideology simply do not discover a conscience, and then decide to bite the hand that fed them for so many years. No way! What’s going on here, all of a sudden?

Answer: Formerly despicable Leftists such as Kennedy, Musk and Maher — (and several other bizarre cases of evil piece-of-shit extreme Marxists-moving-rightward that we can cite, such as ObamaAl Sharpton & Noam Chomsky) — indicate that they are all either “under submission” to the White Hats, or have been replaced a la “Joe Biden.” Their assigned role in the invisible coup is to gently guide millions of the bewildered boobs of center-left Normiedom onto a slowly rightward-moving conveyor belt — without their sheepish fanboys and fangirls even realizing that they are being maneuvered, and without them sensing that the belt is slowly moving.

Better brush up on your New World Order studies and stock up on refreshments and snacks, boys and girls. We may soon have some curious new and unexpected visitors coming to visit us for answers. Trust the plan. It’s sheer genius.

* Note: In RFK’s case, he may have voluntarily shed his leftist baggage in order to assist the White Hats in exposing the murders of his father and uncle.

“I’m watching my country being stolen from me… I don’t want the Democratic party to be the party of fear and pharma and war and censorship. We need to be more than neocons with woke bobble-heads. I’ve spent my lifetime preparing for this office because I’ve spent so much time suing these agencies.”



Zionist Dominance Over America is Finished

The US is removing arms from Israeli stockpiles.

NY Times: Pentagon Sends U.S. Arms Stored in Israel to Ukraine

When the bizarre story headlined above first appeared back in January,found it very intriguing; but there wasn’t enough data available to infer any definitive conclusions from it. As regular readers, should know by now, Biden’s” imaginary “arming” of the Ukraine is rhetorical only, as it that from Germany and other EU states. This led to the then-unanswerable question: What then is the real reason for removing US arms from Israeli stockpiles?

We weren’t sure then, but subsequent reports about the months long continuation of this depletion, coming from evidently “concerned” Israeli sources, now provide the missing pieces of this puzzle.

Headline and excerpts from the newsletter Israel Hayom, April 27, 2023:

“According to sources who spoke with Israel Hayom, some of the munitions have been shipped out in recent months through the Port of Ashdod – mainly on Saturdays (Sabbath) – to avoid drawing media attention. The shipments out of Israel, which began under the premierships of Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, have continued until recent weeks. Israeli and foreign sources have told.”

A defense official said that the White House made the decision to shift resources outside of Israel to another front, but in light of Israel’s fragile security situation in recent weeks, this could have other effects. “These are Israel’s reserve stockpiles for times of war,” a former cabinet minister said. “The move has had a bigger implication in light of the threats on Israel in multiple theaters.”  (emphasis added)

(Full article)

Using the phony “war” in Ukraine (actually a limited military action dominated by Russia) as a pretext, the man-in-the-mask who works for Trump — described in that Israel Hayom article as “giving Netanyahu the cold shoulder” — is flagrantly ignoring the wishes of the ultra-Zionists by defanging the once uncontrollable Israeli Mad Dog.* The neutered Zionist beast can only yap and whimper in protest from his locked kennel as the Greater Israel Project(Euphrates to the Nile) goes down in flames once and for all.

*Note: It’s not actually “Biden” disarming Israel, of course. There is only one power on Earth which can just walk in and — against Israel’s will —  simply take away its dangerous toys. It is that of the US Military– the same US military which (we strongly suspect by logical inference) disappeared an Israeli submarine in January of 1968 — just 7 months after the USS Liberty was viciously attacked by Israel.

Standing on its own, our assessment of this shocking and systematic disarmament may appear excessively optimistic — as if too much is being read into this story about the “concerning” US depletion of Israeli stockpiles. But this story is NOT a one-off anomaly. There is an unmistakable pattern of events here — all of which have raised alarm bells among the ultra-Zionists of Israel — thus further confirming this unexpected reality. Attention, Black Pill Society — please lower your mental defense shields for a few minutes to take objective and dispassionate note of additional positive developments of recent months and years.

“Biden” and “Blinken” are funding and training a Palestinian Commando Force capable of self-defense. Zionists are complaining, but to no avail.

Under the terms of Trump’s “Abraham Accords,” Israel began selling sophisticated arms to Arab countries. This runs contrary to the historic policy of strategic superiority which Israel had always demanded for itself in the region. 


Middle East Monitor

The normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran (brokered by Xi of China) has thwarted the Zionist scheme to turn the Saudis against Iran in a regional war.

Foreign Affairs


The US Israel Lobby (AIPAC) has lost enormous clout and continues to weaken.

After Trump’s pullout from the Middle East, a mighty defensive alliance of Russia, China and Iran is protecting the region. Turkey and Saudi Arabia may soon join the “New Order in the Middle East.”

Fox News

ASPI (Australia)

Atlantic Council

Syria is now rebuilding with the help of Russia and other Arab states. Israel is “worried,” but powerless to stop the process.

Middle East Monitor

Trump, in banishing the neo-cons from the Republican Party, has remade the GOP into a peace party — NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!

Quietly, barefooted and tiptoe step by tiptoe step, Trump and the Q White Hats have brought permanent peace and protection to the Middle East.  Netanyahu and his greasy bunch — who are opposed by many Israelis who, believe it or not, desire peace — never saw what has just hit them upside their skullcaps. In a nutshell, let us summarize the aforementioned recent developments, and include a bunch more:

* ISIS (Mossad mercenaries)? — Gone
* Epstein / Maxwell / Wexner Island (Mossad blackmail)? — Gone
* Israel First GOP Neo-Cons? – Gone
* AIPAC Lobby? — Almost powerless now
Neo Con FOX News? — Hemorrhaging viewers as Trump attacks it.
* Saudi – Iran rift? — Mended
* Assad of Syria? — Saved and getting stronger
* Bibi Satanyahoo? — Under submission or replaced / executed a la “Joe Biden”
* Israel’s stockpiles of US arms? — Being regularly depleted since January
* 30 million Evangelical Christian-Zionist nut jobs? — Now under Trump’s control
The new dominant force in the Middle East? — Russia, China & Iran
* False Flag terror attacks blamed on Muslims? — No more
* Palestinian Defense? — Commandos now being armed and trained by the US
* Palestinian statehood? — Stay tuned.
* 9/11 Truth? — We’ll have to wait until Trump’s 2nd term to see what happens.

You can take these two shekels to Rothschild’s bank and safely deposit them, boys and girl:

1. There will NEVER again be another US war or proxy war for the shitty little state.


2. The expansionist Greater Israel Project is dead.

This was all UNTHINKABLE just five years ago! What more could the never-Trumper Black Pill Society of the “far right” possibly ask for? Does Trump need to stand before the UN and start reading from Mein Kampf?

This modern day miracle was achieved not by direct frontal assault against a dangerous adversary — but rather, with vulpine cunning, military precision, confidence building, maneuver & manipulation, trickery and patient planning as The Donald — rather than recklessly screaming “da Jews! da Jews!” — wisely blew (and continues to blow) harmless kisses at what is now the defanged and neutered Israeli Puppy Dog. All along, White Hat agents Ilan Omar and AOC (to Trump’s pretended chagrin) openly attacked Israel from the Left as Trump kept his hands clean while “condemning” their “antisemitism.”

Kudos to his mighty partners, Xi and Putin, for this historic achievement as well. —- Oh, and a congratulatory shout-out to “Joe Biden” too.

In 2018, Q issued cryptic threats against Israel/ Israeli Intelligence and its media assets. Lo and behold, the Zionist Mad Dog has since been confined to its kennel.


Jerusalem Post

When the time was right, Trump, mirroring Q, publicly dumped both Netanyahu and Zio-billionaire Adelson.

Mossad’s Weinstein, Epstein, Maxwell — GONE!

Mossad’s ISIS — GONE! 

Jew & Shabbos Goy Israel First Neo Cons of the GOP — NO POWER!


30 Million problematic Christian Zionist Scofield nut-jobs — UNDER TRUMP’S SPELL NOW! 

“But, but Batman… what about Trump at muh Wailing Wall with a beanie — and muh Ivanka married to ….” SMACK!

Mystery of Guantanamo Bay Prison Deepens

NY Times (Editorial): Biden Can Close the Extrajudicial Prison at Guantánamo

Why has it proven to be so difficult — impossible even — for presidents and prominent Congressional leaders to close the secret “extrajudicial” military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba? Camp Gitmo opened during the Bush administration in 2002, ostensibly to house hundreds of “Al Qaeda” terrorists during the “War on Terror.” Not long afterwards, influential Leftist groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Soros-affiliated Amnesty International loudly called for it to be shut down. The puffed-up CIA operative Edward Snowden later stated that if he had not fled the USA, the NSA (Military White Hats) would have rendered him to Gitmo (here).

But what very few people realize is that the Neo-Con criminal Bush-Cheney administration had also wanted to close the prison in its second term. In a 2015 blogpost titled: “The Bush Administration Wanted to Close GTMO,”  Harvard Law egghead and anti-Gitmo advocate Jack Goldsmith correctly reported:

“President Bush said in his memoir: While I believe opening Guantanamo after 9/11 was necessary, the detention facility had become a propaganda tool for our enemies and a distraction for our allies.  I worked to find a way to close the prison without compromising security.” 

And as President Bush’s Legal Advisor in the State Department, John Bellinger, said in 2010, GTMO “has come to symbolize abuse of Muslim prisoners and serves as a powerful recruiting tool for al-Qaeda.”  Other Republicans thought and said similar things before 2009.”

And yet, even with a RINO-controlled Congress and all of the top Demonrats also wanting to close Gitmo down, Bush could not do so. Why not?

The final of the 2008QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) featured a pair of despicable Deep State operatives (Barack Obongo & John McStain) who each stated that, if elected president, he would close down Gitmo. On only his second day in the White House, Bathhouse Barry — with a House and Senate controlled by his Demonrat allies — issued an Executive Order to close the prison within one year. Eight years passed, and, in spite of an Executive Order being in place, the closure never happened. Again, we ask, why not?

Even at the peak of their popularity and with ample media, “grassroots” and congressional support behind them, neither Bush nor Obongo were able to close the military prison at Gitmo.

From DC to Paris to London and more — “spontaneous” protests against Gitmo (financed by the people who will be going there) have not been enough to get Gitmo closed.

When Trump took office, he revoked Obongo’s Executive Order in early 2018. The prison — which was still open — not only remained open, but was greatly expanded as Trump promised to one day “fill it up with some bad dudes.” Trump’s commitment to Gitmo induced many negative stories in the Fake News — and now, the seemingly worried propagandists of the “paper of record” seem puzzled and disappointed (or scared?) about “Biden’s” do-nothing approach to keeping his campaign promise to reverse the Trump EO and close Gitmo.

From the article:

“The window for this administration to act may be closing. As the 2024 presidential campaign season begins, Republicans are more likely to label any efforts to close Guantánamo as soft on terrorism. Victory by Donald Trump or a like-minded candidate could well end any such efforts, as Mr. Trump did when he was in the White House.”

Way to go, President “Biden!”

* Note: Gitmo is actually EXPANDING under “Biden.”


Ass clown from NPR’s ”All Things Distorted” show doesn’t know (or pretends not to know) who “the bad dudes” slated for Gitmo could possibly be. “Bad Dudes” = the Cabal!

Headlines only — no live links

The Daily Beast

How is it that several US presidents — supported by the Judenpresse and phony “activists” — even after an Executive Order — have been unable to close down Gitmo? What is this mysterious power protecting the “notorious” military prison? Answer: It is the same invisible force that has protected Trump during his unexpected rise and pretended fall — and now during his unstoppable re-rise. It is the power of Q and the White Hats that is filling up Gitmo with “bad dudes” as we speak, with many more to come.

At his Truth Social page, country singer, military veteran and (we suspect) apparent White Hat Intel operative Derek Johnson has been posting the flight data and itineraries of the numerous military flights coming in and out of Gitmo. Now “you guys” should know by now and understand that we don’t label data as factual without “fact checking” the heck out of it first. Military planes (from various nations) and National Guard planes – some with very interesting Aviation Call Signs (unique code-names)  have been buzzing all over US skies — and the traffic going in and out of Gitmo is very high now.

No magic tricks here. These are a few of the US Air Force flights that you can verify on your own by using the Flight Tracker search, or simply following the links below:

* Flights call-signed “CABAL

CABAL71 (Elmendorf US Airforce Base, Alaska / October 2022)
CABAL72 (Elmendorf US Airforce Base, Alaska / April 2023)
CABAL73 (Elmendorf US Airforce Base, Alaska / April 2023)
CABAL74 (Yokota US Airforce Base, Japan / 2021)

* Flights to GITMO call signed GTMO

GTMO842(April 26, 2023)
GTMO845 (April 27, 2023 — which made 3 bizarre air “Qs” during its flight —
also, 8+4+5 = 17 = Q

GTMO844(April 28, 2023)
GTMO001 (April 29, 2003)

Something is going on in the skies above — and something is going on at Gitmo. Trust the plan.

Derek Johnson smells of Military Intel to us (in a good way). He recently revealed that he was “invited” down to Gitmo and will be “reporting for a radio station” (hinting at future Emergency Broadcast Alerts)

The “plan” was communicated on Inauguration Day when officers of Military Intel and JAG tribunals (Gitmo) showed up and stood behind Trump.

GTMO845 made a series of unmistakable “Air Qs.” (8+4+5=17 = Q)

Be afraid, Sulzberger
“Secret” Courtroom in Gitmo // “Secret” Chamber in Virginia streams to “tribunals” in Gitmo.

The Military is the Only Way?

The observable living laboratory of history has shown, time and time and time again — that when there comes that moment, in the course of human events, in which the political situation becomes so intolerably bad and downright dangerous — that the military often intervenes to put a stop to the madness. It’s like that memorable line in the 2000 film, “Gladiator,” when the hero, General Maximus, in making his case for a military coup against the evil Roman Emperor Commodus, tells a skeptical Senator: “The time for half measures and talk is over, Senator.”

Though Gladiator was partly fictional (there was actually a Roman general named Maximus and he was indeed killed by the degenerate Emperor Commodus), the phenomenon of righteous military coups has been played out repeatedly and, in more contemporary times, almost always at the 11th hour of a total communist takeover. Indeed, it has happened so many times in so many different countries, that one would expect a military coup attempt, successful or not, just when the New World Order Cabal was about to close its final deadly deal upon the world. The Globalists have always feared this possibility because they know, in spite of whatever corrupt agents that they may control within the military, a substantial remnant that values “quaint and outdated” virtues such as patriotism, honor, courage, duty etc., might always organize and make a last minute move against the Cabal. Following are just a few historical precedents:

*France: 1799: War hero Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the left-wing “Directory” and cracks down on the Reds (the Jacobins). The British and the Rothschilds then incite numerous wars to remove Napoleon, who had banned the Jews from lending money.

* Russia: 1917: The Bolshevik Revolution is opposed by a large faction of the military (the Whites). Unfortunately, a large portion of the military also backs the Reds — leading to a bloody civil war in which the Reds — through use of terror and with the help of “western” bankers — will ultimately prevail.

* Germany: 1918: During the chaos of the German collapse, the Reds capture Berlin and plot to spread the revolution to other cities. It is World War I military veterans, the Freikorps, which saves the day and then executes the top plotters (cough cough).

* Spain: 1938: As Spain leans further and further Red, General Franco leads a group of Spanish generals who overthrow the corrupted and pro-communist government. As was the case in Russia, a bloody civil war ensues, only this time, the good guys will win.

Those were the most significant anti-communist / anti-Globalist military coup events in Europe. Countless others happened throughout Africa, South America and Asia — with many of the states having multiple coups: Haiti, Cuba, Panama, El Salvador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Malaysia, Burma / Myanmar, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Sudan and a bunch more countries too numerous to list.

Be assured that The Cabal and its agents are keenly aware of this history.

1. General Maximus: “The time for half measures and talk is over.” // 2. General Bonaparte overthrows the leftist Directory. // 3.  General Franco saves Spain from the Reds and the invading Jewish volunteers.

Soros puppet Obama (a modern day Commodus) carried out an unprecedented purge of patriotic generals and admirals. Why?

Cue the pundits of permanent pessimism:

“But but, Luis… this is the United States of America. The military doesn’t intervene in domestic affairs! It’s over, we’re doomed. No one will save us. … Q was muh psyop to get us to do nothing.”

That is not correct, my dear friends. First of all, although the US military has never carried out an actual coup, there was indeed, in 1933, a plot involving business leaders and veterans against FDR’s communist clique. The scheme, which came to be known as “The Business Plot,” never got past the conceptual stage because the retired military leader that the “right wing” plotters attempted to recruit, Smedley Butler, would have none of it. It wasn’t an actual military plot, but the idea was there, at least in theory.

Besides that, there have been several precedents involving the US Army closely monitoring subversive activities and even busting up a few movements. After reviewing these cases, a reasonable person would have to conclude that the potential for a military coup in America has always existed. Did not the Globalist villain, Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the farewell address penned by his commie pinko academic egghead brother, Milton Eisenhower; and his commie pinko academic egghead speechwriter, Malcolm Moos, actually “warn” us as much?

From “Ike’s” parting speech which the Left has ever since fawned over so much:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

Again, let us establish and consider historical precedents of the US Military acting ON ITS OWN to monitor and/or suppress Red subversion:

* 1932: The US Army Crushes the Red “Bonus Army” Plot

The Communists organized 40,000 protesters, half of them World War I veterans, to camp out in DC and demand their WW1 bonuses, which weren’t due to them until years later. President Hoover sent General Douglas Macarthur to monitor the situation. According to an Army Intelligence report, the Reds intended to occupy the Capitol permanently and instigate fighting — as a signal for communist uprisings in all major American cities. Macarthur, on his own initiative, knowing from intelligence that this was a budding Red insurrection, cracked down hard by burning down the shacks and tents, and dispersing the mob once and for all.

* 1932: The US Army’s Venona Project Monitors FDR’s Communists

Details of the Venona Project — which ran from 1943-1980 — were not declassified until 1995. The Venona communication intercepts were part of a  counterintelligence program secretly initiated by the US Army’s Signal Intelligence Service, later rolled into the National Security Agency (NSA). The Army, unbeknown to even US Presidents,  had been watching the communist traitors of both the US and the UK all along — essentially confirming what Senator Joseph McCarthy had been warning about during the 1950’s.

* 1960’s: US Army Agents Penetrate the 60’s War Protests
Throughout the 1960s, about 1,500 Army undercover agents posed as “hippies” for the purpose of monitoring the Red subversives who were, under the phony pretext of promoting “peace,” radicalizing the anti-war movement. The Army also utilized agents to pose as press photographers, newspaper reporters, and television newsmen during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Universities were another target of Army intelligence. Agents enrolled as students in  “Black Studies” programs and also spied on Communist professors. By 1970, Army Intelligence had files on the political activities of 100,000 commies and commie sympathizers.

* 2011: The US Army Helps Put an End to “Occupy Wall Street”

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was a 59-day left-wing movement against “economic inequality” that had begun in Zuccotti Park, located near Wall Street’s financial district. With the sympathetic support of the Communist President Obama, OWS soon spread to other cities. The “spontaneous” protests lasted from September – November 15, 2011. It was no secret that elements of the FBI and Homeland Security infiltrated OWS — a fact which lefties openly whined about after OWS fizzled out. But what has yet to be declassified is the fact that, once again, the Army, on its own initiative, played some hardball with the Red leaders.

No doubt about it, boys and girls. The “White Hats” of the US military, though limited in their ability to take action upon surveillance activities, has indeed been doing what they can to protect us from these Marxist monsters.

Having established this critical context of past and recent history, is it really that outlandish of a “conspiracy theory” to expect that the US Military — faced with the final death blow that was to be dealt to the republic by the “inevitable” 8-year Hell-on-Earth presidency of Killary Rotten Clinscum — would not say, “enough is enough” and finally stage the necessary coup which we on the “far right” have always understood to be our only hope? It would be a gross dereliction of duty — treason by inaction — if the military did not act!

Now, here’s the twist. A traditional bang-bang-shoot-em-coup in 2016, while the Deep State was still at full strength — or even in 2021 as I had anticipated, while the Deep State was still at partial strength — would surely have led to a split within the ranks of the military as well as the population at large. A full blown Spanish Civil War scenario would have followed, leaving cities ravaged and millions dead. Instead, the generals and admirals wisely launched a sophisticated “irregular warfare” coup. To that end, Donald Trump was installed as the frontman tasked with using the power of his office to then secretly grant full emergency power to the military until the storm is completed, and can then be “replayed” and explained to a public which will be ready to hear it.

As was the case during the 1960’s, this operation has enlisted 1000s of secret operatives — some posing as “bad guys” (Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, James Comey, AOC, Ilan Omar et al) — some openly playing the role of “good guys” (Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert et al.) and some wearing sophisticated skin masks to temporarily fill in for Deep Staters (Hillary, Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Musk, Macron et al) who have already been sent to Gitmo (many of them executed, I Hope).

“Luis, you’ve lost your mind?” —- Have I?

If one can imagine it, then the US Military — with its unlimited resources, unlimited manpower, unlimited geniuses, and indomitable technological skills — could, given enough years of planning, surely execute it. This scenario, spelled out for us by Q, certainly “fits” the developing world situation. Dig up the Eisenhower Brothers from the pit of Hell and ask them — they’ll tell you.

Trust the plan.

Watch the necklines, they indicate masks!
“Joe Biden” — ” Kamala Harris”  — “Killary Clinton”

1. Army Intel has entire BRIGADES (3,000 to 5,000 in a brigade) of trained assets at their disposal!  Naval, Marine, Air Force and National Guard Units also employ thousands (each) in Intel work.

The Historic Arraignment of Donald Trump

April 04, 2023

NY Times:Trump Arraignment Makes History

Well played, Mr. President. Well played.

Regular readers should all know by now that the already-boomeranging “indictment” & arraignment” circus in New York City was engineered by Trump and the White Hats. This is the start — the “key that unlocks,” so to speak — of the long-awaited “storm” — or, to be more precise, the public element of the storm that has already been raging in secret.

That being the case, the words and numbers surrounding the Stormy Daniels-initiated drama should be examined for the usual cryptic meaning. Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat has sniffed out a pair of doozies and channeled me to share with “you guys.”

Trump’s social media posts frequently contain coded messages — especially the misspellings and anything that appears in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This Times article itself, oblivious to Trump’s coding habits, features a recent Truth Social post which had already caught Sugar’s attention. From the article:

“Mr. Trump encouraged protests last month to “TAKE OUR NATION BACK!” in announcing that he expected to be arrested.”

“TAKE OUR NATION BACK!” (caps & exclamation point are Trump’s) — Hmmm. Where have we heard that before? By the way, that same Trump post called out George Soros — the mighty Jewish Oligarch (whom we believe to have already been executed) that no high ranking American official had ever dared to name, until Trump and Q came along.

Trump outed Soros and closed with “TAKE OUR NATION BACK!”

The next clue comes to us in the form of the ridiculous amount of “felony” counts which Trump , er, “the Grand Jury” has leveled at himself: 34. This number has been repeatedly published in countless stories, and breathlessly repeated as a mantra by countless newscasters.

Just a few examples below:

Headline images only. Not active links.

OK —- So we have “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!” — and the number 34 featuring prominently in this White Hat-scripted drama started by “Stormy” Daniels (“The Storm,” get it?) With those two clues in mind, have a close read at Q’s best known and most significant and comprehensive post, from November, 2017 — post number 34, the “post of all posts.” Post 34 also happens to be the very first time that the anonymous poster — from the sub-form he titled “The Storm” — referred to himself as “Q” (Q Clearance Patriot).

No further comments needed. You either see it, or you don’t.

Q 34 // Line 1: “We are taking back our great country.”

From Q 35, Moments later // “It is time to take back our country.”

Followed by Q 36, in which Soros is mentioned

What is the meaning of the unmistakable key symbolism with White Hat actress “Stormy” Daniels? Wethinks her allegations, and this subsequent “34 count” indictment constitute the “key” to opening up the storm described in Q’s best known post, # 34.

The Movie Continues: Trump Prepares to Surrender

NY Times: Trump Prepares to Surrender as Police Brace For Protests

As the long movie approaches the beginning of a long and exciting finale, the barking jackals of the Judenpresse — who, by now must surely suspect that Trump and the White Hats have engineered this whole charade — appear to have no choice but to go along with it now. The Slimes has gone wall-to-wall with the event which Trump is already capitalizing upon, both in terms of rallying support and raking in the donations. The Slimes provides a review of the key players (all of them White Hat actors) and the timelines of “StormyGate.” Let’s recap the recap, with a bit of decoding spin.

In January 2018, the Wall Street Urinal broke the story that “actress” Stormy Daniels had an affair with Donald Trump and was paid “hush money,” during election year 2016, to keep quiet about it. On March 6, Daniels, accompanied by her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, filed a lawsuit against Trump. Avenatti quickly became the darling of the Left, and openly mulled about running for president in 2020.

The pair claimed that the non-disclosure agreement that Stormy (actual name: Stephanie Clifford) had signed in reference to the alleged affair was invalid because Trump had never personally signed it. Trump lawyer and long-time loyalist, Michael Cohen, supported the allegation, but claimed that he paid her off with his own money, not Trump’s nor campaign money. On April 9, FBI agents raided Cohen’s office and seized tax documents and business records relating to several matters, including payments to Daniels. This is when Cohen “turned on” Trump.

To make a long story short, thanks to the alleged “investigation” into an alleged “hush money” payment over an alleged “affair” — and to the extent to which it influenced the election of 2016 and to the extent that subsequent actions to cover it all up were allegedly unlawful — we have now arrived at the “indictment” and expected “arrest” of Donald Trump. Take this one to the bank, boys and girls: the living martyr Trump’s coming counter-punch and engineered backlash against the Deep State will be devastating.

There are no coincidences.

* Note:  At the direction of the script writers, “Stormy” (The Storm, get it?) Daniels has since recanted her allegations; and “Michael Avenatti” was sentenced (imaginary) to Federal prison for fraud.

The White Hat Award Nominees
Best Actress: “Stormy” Daniels // Best Actor: Michael Avenatti // Best Supporting Actor and the Roy Cohn Righteous Jew of the Year Award: Michael Cohen // Best Director: Donald Trump

Trump’s rallying of the entire Republican voter base — and many “independents” as well — to his support wasn’t the only objective of this operation. Just as important are the precedents which are now being set, specifically, the investigation and indicting of ex-presidents over actions which may have influenced a past election. If “they” can do it to Trump, then now we can do it to Clinton, Obama, Bush et al.

This is a counter-punch combined with a boomerang. Trump’s enemies have an epic ass-kicking in store for them — and no one save for a handful of the most diehard libtards will be coming to the defense of those who are about to finally get a taste of their own medicine. Poetic, and ironic, justice.

There are no coincidences.

A “spontaneous” Color Revolution is brewing over this — but this time, the Globalists (as planned) will be on the receiving end of the assault.

Well, lookie here — It looks like Trump and his “rival,” Ron DeSantis, are closing ranks and making up now — I really hate to say “I told you so” (no I don’t)…. but
I bloody told you so!

Trump’s Bold “Authoritarian” Program For Term 2

MARCH 06, 2023

NY Times:Fact-Checking Trump’s Speech at CPAC

By Linda Qiu

Conservative Inc. just held its annual party known as C-PAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)As expected, Donald Trump was the star speaker of the event. This article by Times “fact-check” specialist Linda Qiu — formerly of Politi-Fact — focuses on some of the misstatements and exaggerations which are typical of all political speakers (including Trump) in a “democracy.” What’s interesting though is that Ms. Qiu completely ignored the real meat of the speech — — specifically, six very bold and controversial promises / proposals put forth confidently by Trump.

Yes — talk is cheap. However, Trump’s declarations were unique for two reasons:

First, no presidential candidate — not even 2015 Trump — has ever even spoken like this about such topics. And secondly, next time around, Trump would in fact be working with the “far right” Freedom Caucus which now dominates the U.S. Congress. Indeed, there was not a trace of neo-con / Globalist RINOism at C-PAC this year. So you see, Trump would actually be able to get such bold programs passed now!

Not only were these comments from a US president / presidential candidate surprisingly unprecedented; but frankly, Trump’s bold and visionary program for Term #2. Let’s review the six “authoritarian” initiatives which Trump intends to implement — and which the Times “fact-checker” didn’t even want to touch — in Term #2 / #3.

* A few of the following quotes are actually from a campaign video which Trump posted just hours before the C-PAC speech.

1. “Fact Checker” Qiu nit-picked on details, but missed the meat of Trump’s speech. // 2 & 3. A combination of President Trump and a Freedom Caucus House would make Trump an American Fuehrer (leader).

* Retribution Against the Deep State

“This is the final battle. They know it. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. This is it. Either they win, or we win. And if they win, we no longer have a country. If you put me back in the White House, their reign is over. Our enemies are lunatics and maniacs.”

“In 2016, I declared: I am your voice. Today I declare: I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.”

Kill em’, Trump. Kill em’!

* Mass Deportation of Illegals

“We will use all necessary state, local, federal and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history. We will pick them up, and we will throw them out of our country and there will be no questions asked”.

* Note: The alleged flooding of the southern border is all part of the plan (“bad optics”) to make “Biden” look bad. The wetbacks will all be going back as soon as Trump returns.

* Affordable Homes, Cars & Flying Cars

“We will have a major initiative on lowering the cost of living with a special focus on lowering the cost of a new car and lowering the cost to build a single family home, and they will be beautiful homes.

“Vertical takeoff and landing vehicles for families. I want America, not China, to lead the revolution in air mobility.These breakthroughs can transform commerce, bring a giant infusion of wealth into rural America, and connect families in our country in new ways.”

1. The Donald: “I am your retribution.” // 2. The invaders will all be going back to their country of origin. // 3. Why not?

* Build 10 New “Freedom Cities”

“We will hold a competition to build new freedom cities on the frontier to give countless Americans a new shot at home ownership and the American dream.”

“Our objective will be a quantum leap in the American standard of living. One third of the land mass of the United States is owned by the federal government. With just a very small portion of that land, just a fraction — 1/2 of 1%, can you believe that? — We should hold a contest to charter up to 10 new cities and award them to the best proposals for development. We will build new cities in our country again ….. and give hundreds of thousands of young families a new shot at home ownership and the American Dream.”

* Rebuild and Repair Existing Cities

“Through our Strategic National Manufacturing Initiative — which is going to be very big and very successful — We will turn forgotten communities into hives of industry producing the goods we will no longer import from China.”

“I will challenge the governors in all 50 states to join me in a great new beautification campaign. We will rename our schools and boulevards not after communists but after great, American patriots. We will get rid of bad and ugly buildings and return to the magnificent classical style of western civilization.

* Baby Bonuses for a New Baby Boom

“I want a baby boom. …. I will ask Congress to support a baby bonus for young parents to help launch a new baby boom.”

In earlier statements and through apparent leaks, Trump has declared his desire to purge “blue haired communists” from the educational system and hold televised group executions by hangings and firing squads. It would make no sense at all for Trump to even speak of such initiatives if he wasn’t going to be able to execute them in Term # 2 (Term #3 actually). His confident statements actually sound more like decrees than campaign promises. This all amounts to legal Fascism, and of course, we use that term in support — not condemnation — of Trump’s proposals.

The fulfillment of Trump’s plans would also be consistent with Q’s promise about showing us “a beautiful brave new world,” after the storm has passed. Let’s hope he “returns” before 2024.

Stay tuned.

* From Q Post 2450 // Nov 7, 2018

Lets Look Back “Trump’s Inauguration Day Death Threat to the Globalists”

Inauguration Day / January 20, 2017

Sometimes, unusual and inexplicable events only begin to make sense after an amount of time and subsequent events have passed. This is especially true when it comes to coded messages. One such case was the unusual, sudden and fleeting appearance of military officers behind the newly inaugurated Donald Trump on January 20, 2017.

Many observers were baffled — with some on the Left “troubled” by it. The World Socialist Web Site whined as follows:

“A strange and disturbing sequence took place behind President Donald Trump as he delivered his inaugural address Friday, which has gone virtually without comment in the news media.

Early in his address, ten military officers walked up and stood behind the president so they would prominently appear with Trump in the camera shots beamed across the US and the world. After 45 seconds, a Marine officer prompts the sailors and soldiers to leave, and they walk away.”

The unusual incident prompted two comments during the New York Times live blog of the address. Jon Meacham, a presidential historian and the current executive editor at publisher Random House wrote, “The military guard behind him seems unusual; am I right?”

It certainly was unusual, but even then, it was clear to some of us that the brief presence of the officers had to have some theatrical purpose. Only now, with years of hindsight (and 5000 posts from Q since the start date of October, 2017) making our vision clearer, do we see what the “Sicilian Message” — happening at the precise moment when Trump was speaking about “transferring power from Washington and giving it back to you, the people” — really meant. You see, only the military would be able to “transfer power” from the Globalists.

It wasn’t for about another 8 months when Trump — surrounded by Generals and Admirals at a White House event — uttered the cryptic and then well-publicized phrase on October 5, 2017: “This (the military people) represents the calm before the storm.” A few weeks later, on October 28, the military operation known as Q kicked off by posting in a sub-forum of 4-chan titled, ‘The Storm.” For those that later followed the Q / Q Anon phenomenon, the Inauguration Day mystery of the appearing and disappearing officers was a mystery no more. The military (aka White Hats) “standing behind” Trump, has a “plan” to “transfer power back to the people.” So simple to see now, in hindsight. But there is still more to the “Sicilian Message” of Inauguration Day, 2017 — and it’s some pretty wild stuff.

Watch Trump’s “Calm Before the Storm” military threat
October 5, 2017 / 0:38

Fake News was rattled by  Trump’s cryptic “Storm” threat, but didn’t know what to make of it.

Now, back to the “party crashers” of Inauguration Day. Two officers flanking Trump had horizontally striped braids across their caps — one yellow & blue; the other yellow & black. The former represents the colors of Military Intelligence (the boys who gather the dirt on the bad guys) — and the latter, Judge Advocate General — aka “JAG” (the boys who prosecute the bad guys at Military Tribunals outside of the US Court System (Gitmo)).

This observation was first brought to our attention by a reader, without sourcing. But a visit to an online military apparel store confirmed the meaning of these braids. It’s true. So you see, not only were Trump and the White Hats telegraphing what they were intending to do to the Deep State Globalists — they were also telling us how they were going to do it! Who knew?

Trust the plan.

Secret Courtrooms and 848 National Guard soldiers stationed at Gitmo for 9 months at a time? Only the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces can deploy NG units outside of their states and the country. Why doesn’t “Biden” simply stop the development of Gitmo with an Executive Order, as he had promised during his campaign? Answer: Again, because Donald Trump is the acting CIC, not that actor in a mask!

NY Times OBSESSING About ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

MARCH 01, 2023

NY Times: Conspiracy Theorizing Goes Off the Rails

Having just pounded this malevolent Marxist Mole back into the pits of Hell (over his vile Russia-bashing) only several days ago, I would generally not revisit the same Times scribbler for at least another few weeks. But this particular piece by Paulie Krugman about “conspiracy theories”  is just too bad – and also too good – to pass up. Krugman’s crap is bad because it is deceitful. However, this item is also “good” because — for the astute among us — his pathological obsession with various “conspiracy theories” actually proves their veracity.

Krugman’s prolific propaganda production is like that arcade game of “Whack-a-Mole” — in which no matter how many times you pound the mechanical creature back into his hole, the little son-of-a-bitch — and also his rodent relatives — just keep popping up somewhere else.

Let’s pound this greasy bastard back into Satan’s cesspool once again.

Take that, Krugman, And Friedman, And Haberman, And Goldberg, And Brooks, And Sanger, And Meyer, And Landler

2020: Perverted Paulie — in an obvious attempt to get out ahead of the story — tweeted out that Q-Anon people may have been responsible for downloading child pornography onto his computer. — Sure Paulie, sure.

Krugman:  The right is on the attack, claiming that blame for the disaster in Ohio rests on the Biden administration, which it says doesn’t care about or is even actively hostile to white people.
Analysis: Let’s put aside, for argument’s sake, our belief that this train drama was staged by the White Hats in order to shame Biden; and let us play along with the “accident” and “disaster” story-line instead. “Biden’s” refusal to visit rural Trump Country in Ohio — sending his little sodomite Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttplug (who looks different these days) instead — is indeed disrespectful and characteristic of the disdain which the “elites” and big city Jews have for White folks in “flyover country.”

Krugman: Right-wing commentators have just invented a whole new class of conspiracy theory* , one that doesn’t even try to explain how the alleged conspiracyis supposed to work. Conspiracy theories* generally come in two forms: those that involve a small, powerful cabal and those that require that thousands of people collude to hide the truth.
Analysis: We’re keeping count of how many times this clever bastard utilizes the trick of repetition in order to train his idiot readers. That’s 3 times he has dropped the term “conspiracy theory” or one of its elements.

Krugman: Historically, theories* about …
Analysis: That’s 4 times.

Krugman:  … powerful cabals have often been tied to antisemitism, to the belief that the Elders of Zion and/or the Rothschilds were shaping history ……
Analysis: Amazing. After 125 years, the usual suspects STILL can’t stop talking about The Protocols of the Learned  Elders of Zion. What does that tell ya? Hitler explained it like this:

“With groans and moans, the Frankfurter Zeitung (newspaper) repeats again and again that these are forgeries. This alone is evidence enough of their authenticity.

Tell it, Tell it!

Krugman: …a view promoted by some actually powerful people, including Henry Ford.
Analysis: That’s right. The great auto pioneer spent a fortune trying to warn Americans about the plot described in The Protocols. Only after an assassination-by-auto attempt upon his life did Ford back down and “apologize.”

Krugman: These days, however, the most prominent example is Q-Anon, with its claim that a secret ring of pedophiles controls the U.S. government.
Analysis: Ya know, Paulie, might this anti-Q-Anon obsession of yours have something to do with that child porn which you claim was “planted” on your computer? To tweak and paraphrase what Hitler said about the Protocols:

“With groans and moans, Krugman repeats again and again that Q is a hoax. This alone is evidence enough of Q’s authenticity.”

Hitler & Ford both widely distributed copies of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

More than 100 years ago, the “paper of record” used up a lot of ink to “debunk” The Protocols.

Krugman: The thing about secret-cabal theories* is that while they’re generally absurd, they’re hard to definitively disprove.
Analysis: “secret-cabal theories” — That’s 5 times.

Krugman: Is President Biden actually a shape-shifting alien lizard? The White House physician will tell you no, but how do you know that he isn’t a lizard, too?
Analysis: Straw Man Fallacy. Krugman wants to link the solid assertions about the Rothschilds and elite child rapists with belief in “alien lizards.” This smug, dishonest little rat bastard should make the skin of any decent man crawl!

Krugman: The other kind of conspiracy theory*…..
Analysis: “conspiracy theory” — That’s 6 times.

Krugman:  ….. by contrast, seems as if it would be easy to disprove, because thousands of people would have to be in on the plot,…. 
Analysis: When people in high places engineer a culture of common interest (the carrot) and fear (the stick) within their organizations and circles of influence; that will indeed unite “thousands of people” behind a big lie. That is basic social dynamics — not “conspiracy theory.”

Krugman: …. without a single one breaking ranks.
Analysis: People actually “break ranks” and blow the whistle on conspiracies all the time. But because the good and the brave are relatively few, it is a simple enough matter for Fake News scum like Krugman to ignore them.

Krugman: A prime example, still highly influential on the right, is the assertion that climate change is a hoax.
Analysis: Well, it is a hoax — one which MANY scientists have “broken ranks” on — (not that it takes a “scientist” to see through this scam).

Krugman: To believe that, you have to claim that thousands of scientists are colluding to falsify the evidence.
Analysis: Wave enough grant money around on College Avenue and, soon enough, “thousands of scientists” will drop their trousers and bend over for their paymasters.

Krugman: But that hasn’t stopped the belief that climate change isn’t real from being widespread, maybe even dominant, on the U.S. political right.
Analysis: Evidently, Paulie has no problem dismissing the “thousands of scientists” who do NOT believe in the Climate Con as “right wing” conspirators. When it suits his Marxist agenda, he and his ilk peddle the “conspiracy theory” of scientists “falsifying data” for “Big Oil.” What a dad-gum HYPOCRITE!

Krugman: The Big Lie about the “stolen” 2020 election would seem to fall into the same category, requiring malfeasance by election officials across the country.
Analysis: Krugman has just confirmed for us that the 2020 Election was indeed stolen (though the White Hats allowed it to happen for their own reasons.) Does Krugman not believe in the election fraud “conspiracy theories” which his own newspaper reported about in past years?

Krugman: And there’s a new conspiracy theory in town: …………………..
Analysis: “conspiracy theory” — That’s 7 times.

Krugman: .. the claim that the war in Ukraine isn’t really happening, that it’s some kind of fake.
Analysis: Krugman has just confirmed for us that the “war” (limited military operation) — though not totally fake — was actually won and East Ukraine liberated a long time ago. If anything is going on now, it’s just minor skirmishes and/or mopping up operations.

Krugman: But the conspiracy theorizing about the Ohio derailment ….
Analysis: “conspiracy theorizing” — That’s 8 times.

Krugman:  But they (Fox News) know their audience, and probably believe that it’s good business to propound racist conspiracy theories ….
Analysis: “conspiracy theories” — That’s 9 times — plus the headline makes 10.

We’re getting to (((them))), boys and girls — and in the process, garnering lots of free publicity. So keep on “conspiracy theorizing.” 

1. NOAA scientist & whistleblower John Bates “broke ranks” with fellow government scientists and revealed that temperature data was rigged in advance of the Paris Climate Accords. The Times ignored the story. // 2. Climate scientists for hire! // 3. The Times has run many stories on stolen elections of the past – including how LBJ stole his Senate seat in Texas, in 1948. But any talk of 2020 is “conspiracy theory.”