Q, the Pedo Podesta Brothers, and the Abduction of Little Maddy McCann

NY Times: Madeleine McCann Search Is Over, Portuguese Police Say

A search of a reservoir in Portugal that came more than 16 years after the British girl went missing resulted in the collection of some material but did not solve the mystery of her disappearance.

It’s a bit odd that an old story about a little British girl, who went missing while her irresponsible parents were vacationing in Portugal, would suddenly be resurrected by Portuguese authorities and appear in the “paper of record.” Tragic as the disappearance was in 2007, cases of abducted children are not all that rare.

A brief recap, from the article:

“Madeleine, who was days from her 4th birthday, and her siblings, 2-year-old twins, were left asleep in the family’s vacation apartment while their parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, ate with friends in a neighboring restaurant.

Mr. McCann left dinner to check on the children around 9 p.m. and everything appeared fine. But when his wife checked an hour later, at around 10 p.m., Madeleine was nowhere to be found.

Rumors swirled about her whereabouts and what had happened that night, as the case prompted an international search for a suspect and sent shock waves across Europe. Madeleine’s parents were later paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in libel damages (decision later reversed) because of stories that baselessly suggested the couple was responsible for Madeleine’s death.”

*Note: What type of parents leave a 4-year old and a pair of 2-year olds alone in a vacation apartment while dining out?

I find this old event still newsworthy not for its content — but because, I believe that the identities of the high-profile child abductors are known and, I hope, to be disclosed in due time. Could this be the reason why parties unknown have brought Madeleine’s cold case back into the public mind?

Maddy’s disappearance was big news in 2007 — but it’s old news by now. 

After being trashed by some newspapers as irresponsible, the McCanns tried to cash in with a lawsuit.

The various sketches of suspects seen in the vicinity of Maddy’s disappearance bore striking resemblances to four notorious pedo-sex-monsters that “you guys” are surely very familiar with by now. They were:

  • Epstein’s Island Queen Ghislane Maxwell
  • Congressman Anthony Weiner (husband of Killary Clinton’s lesbian girl toy, Huma Abedeen)
  • Clinton-Obama operative John Podesta
  • John’s brother, Demonrat Lobbyist, Tony Podesta.

Furthermore, the abduction of little Maddy took place near the villa of the since-deceased pedo-sex-monster “Sir” Clement Freud — the grandson of the sex-obsessed quack, Sigmund Freud. In classic psycho fashion, Freud (not yet known to have been a pedo monster at the time) was “good enough” to befriend and “comfort” the McCanns immediately after the event. There are also a number of “insider reports” — which we have not been able to verify to our satisfaction — that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal at the time.

Have a look at the uncanny resemblances:

What are the odds of four sketches so closely resembling four elite pedo-monsters — all tied to Killary Clinton — and all spotted in the vicinity of the abduction — near the villa of child rapist Clement Freud?

UK Independent

Freud was a Minister of Parliament and a BBC broadcaster. Like so many other “elite” child rapists, the monstrous truth about him did not surface until after his death.

Now, here’s the hopeful, and admittedly speculative aspect to the sudden re-visitation of Maddy’s kidnapping. As regular readers should know by now, based on raw data and sound logical inference, we believe that the Podestas, the Clintons, Maxwell et al. have already been “dealt with” at Gitmo. We further believe that, in due time, the public manifestation of the “tape delayed” “Storm” will be the worldwide disclosure of elite pedo-sex rings which will shock the world. Our only questions, asked with bated breath, are “when?” And “how?” Only the team knows.

When looking to Q for hints of what is to come, we find a 2017 post claiming that the first indictment / arrest will “trigger a mass popular awakening” and another one in 2018 saying that it “will send a shock wave.” Could that have been the phony indictment of Donald Trump a few months ago? Though it certainly did help to catapult him into his current and already insurmountable (and growing fast) 41-pointlead in the GOP primary field, to describe the already forgotten stunt as a “mass popular awakening” doesn’t quite seem to fit anymore.

Could the first arrest be that of “Joe Biden” himself — a sitting president? That is still not out of the realm of possibility, and it would indeed be a shocker. But more and more, it seems as though “Biden’s” role will be to sustain a 50-state electoral blowout at the hands of a returning Donald Trump in 2024. Going back to Q Post 34 from 2017, Q indicates that the start of the Storm will be triggered by the arrest of John Podesta as follows:


“The primary fallout which is slated to occur … upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta Confirmation to the public of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted.”

Now as far as characters on the world stage go, Podesta’s name, though commonly known to followers of American politics, is not nearly of such stature as to “trigger a mass popular awakening” or “send a shock wave.” For that reason, even though Q indicated that Podesta would be the first announced name, it still didn’t register with most of us “Q Tards.” But what if the “popular awakening / shock wave” connected to the “first arrest” is not so much about the “who” (as we all have been speculating) — but rather, the “what?”  The arrest of a has-been like John Podesta for run-of-the-mill kickback schemes or bribery would amount to nothing. However, the arrest of Podesta for the abduction of and God-only-knows-what-else-was-done-to Maddy McCann would indeed open up a worldwide Pandora’s box of child-sex-torture-murder-blood drinking that would rock international Normiedom to its core. Keep in mind that Q — who named Podesta in 31 different posts — has always clearly and repeatedly stated that it was to be the issue of child sex traffic which would outrage and unite humanity.

No predictions here —- just responsible and plausible speculation. Keep on eye on the McCann case.

1. John Podesta is a Satanic devotee of Marina Abramovic // 2. Podesta in a naked paint suit at some Satanic pervert event with Obongo (Obama) handler Valerie Jarrett // 3. Some of Tony Podesta’s favorite artworks!

1. “Sir” Edward Heath (1916-2005) was UK Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974 and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1965-1975. (story here) // 2. Dennis Hastert, US Speaker of the House from 1999-2007 (story here) // 3. Lord Mountbatten (1900-1979) — The last British Viceroy of India — was a member of the British Royal family and second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. (story here)

Symbolic Pics of the Month of May

The gender-blurring agenda was identified on this site over five years ago. While, at first, this agenda flew under the radar of most people, it ballooned into a global, unavoidable, and all-encompassing phenomenon with massive, real-world effects. This month again, we’ve seen numerous examples of this agenda being pushed on the public – often backed by some of the most powerful organizations in the world.

This agenda is not about “inclusion”, it is about deconstructing basic truths. For instance, here’s the definition of the word “bride”:

A woman just married or about to be married.

With this definition in mind (note that it includes the word “woman”), here’s the cover of Brides Today, a popular magazine in India.

The cover features Alok Vaid-Menon wearing a woman’s bride dress, complete with a beard, hairy chest, and a suggestive hand gesture. He had to be on the cover of a magazine that is specifically made for women. This is what this agenda is truly about.  But that’s not even the worst part: Alok is not some random dude. He is infamous for writing that “little girls can be kinky”.

Alok projecting his pedo obsessions on little girls.

Despite describing literal children as sexual beings, Brides Today felt the need to honor Alok with a second cover.

Global elite agendas can be easily identified by the fact that they are forced on the entire world. India is definitely not spared from this insanity.

As seen in previous articles, nearly every single major brand is showing compliance with the gender-blurring agenda. Every single time, there is backlash and calls to boycott – but that doesn’t matter. In the global elite’s new economic system, compliance is more important than profits.

Adidas recently used a male model (with a bulging crotch) to promote its women’s swimwear line. This ad caused controversy and calls to boycott but, as stated above, it doesn’t matter. The agenda is bigger than a temporary loss of profits.

In a very similar move, Anthropologie used a man to model a variety of dresses. Of course, comments on Instagram were closed because nearly all comments would have expressed disgust. 

For some reason, this agenda also needs to become an integral part of professional sports. For its annual “Pride Night”, the LA Dodgers invited The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – a group of “drag and trans nuns” who openly mock Christianity. After some public outcry, the Dodgers uninvited the group. However, shortly after, they were re-invited. The Dodgers probably received a call from powerful people.

On Easter Day, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence organize “hunky Jesus” contests which are highly blasphemous to Christians. Ironically, on its day of “inclusion”, the Dodgers invite a group that actively mocks and exclude Christians. 

The gender-blurring agenda is so powerful that it is even corrupting “science” publications.

Scientific American, which once boasted eminent contributors such as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, has officially stopped being “scientific”. In a recent article, the publication claimed that “human sex is not binary”. By doing so, Scientific America replaced scientific facts with the claims of a radical ideology.

s usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place this last month. Not only that, it was performed by some of the most famous and influential people in the world while being disturbed by the largest media conglomerates in the world.

This is the album cover of Kylie Minogue’s new album. It’s basically a big, fat, unapologetic one-eye sign. Also, her fingers are strategically placed to make a triple-6 sign. Furthermore, she uses a diamond to hide one eye which happens to represent high-level Beta Kitten slaves in the elite’s MK system. In short, this cover screams out “industry slave”.

Dolly Parton is 77 years old and she’s been in the music industry for over 56 years. Despite her industry veteran status, she must still show complete compliance.

This is a pic promoting Dolly Parton’s new album titled Rockstar. In 2023, she cannot be a “star” without submitting to the elite. To represent this fact, a star is strategically placed on her face to create a one-eye sign.

To make sure you understand that this is not just a random eyepatch, there’s a second pic of her with one eye hidden. This time it’s a butterfly that happens to represent Monarch mind control.

Mrs. Davis is a series created by a company named White Rabbit Productions (symbolic name). It is about a nun, artificial intelligence, and secret societies. The blatant one-eye sign on this promo image lets you know that the elite approves of its message.

This is a poster promoting the Renaissance World Tour. Beyonce has one eye hidden by a “computery”-type thing, indicating that she’s some type of android … controlled by the elite.

This is Demi Lovato on the cover of Numero. She’s using a crystal ball to hide one eye. That’s because she’s an industry slave and they want you to know it.

Model Bomi Youn makes a blatant one-eye sign on the cover of Vogue South Korea.

Same magazine. Same issue. Same sign.

Same magazine, same issue, same sign. The message: The occult elite is all over South Korea.

In an article about Miriam Cahn, I explained how the occult elite’s sick values and philosophy are on full display in high-level public places. That’s because symbols rule the world. Here are some pictures that are currently exposed inside the European Parliament in Brussels.

The European Parliament is exposing a series of photographs by Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson. This picture depicts Jesus surrounded by apostles dressed as sadomasochistic slaves.

Another picture by Ohlson: A naked “Jesus” in a crucifixion pose while a naked man hangs on to him. Meanwhile, the “artist” is mocking the Eucharist and the Last Supper by pouring wine in a cup. Reminder: This is inside the European Parliament, where the political elite makes big decisions.

The mocking of Christianity and the promotion of Satanism is not only found in official buildings, it is all over mass media.

This is Doja Cat performing at YouTube’s Brandcast event. She was wearing devil horns while images of her fractured face (representing the fractured personas of an MK slave) are displayed in the background. This is in perfect continuation of Doja Cat’s path as an industry slave.

This is Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori modeling a new fashion by Mowalola Ogunlesi who was hand-picked by Kanye to lead the Yeezy GAP team. As you probably noticed there’s a cross on Censori’s butt. That’s the type of outfit Satanists would be happy to wear during Black Masses. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy gave this icon to Pope Francis. As you can see, Baby Jesus is completely blacked out. It is said to represent the “loss of Ukrainian children”. Of course, that is complete BS. This painting represents the erasing of Christ and the fact that it was given to the Pope is highly symbolic. 

White Hats Push Back Against Pride Month

Target stores placed child mannequins in their Pride display.

NY Times: Brands Embracing Pride Month Confront a Volatile Political Climate

Target became the latest company to adjust plans for marketing supportive of the L.G.B.T.Q. community after it faced backlash from some customers.

Not content with having the entire month of June devoted to the celebration of sodomy, gerbiling (don’t ask), scissoring (don’t ask), rimming (don’t ask), circle jerks (don’t ask), anal beading (don’t ask), feces games, cross-dressing and genital mutilation — the purveyors of perversion and promiscuity started pushing their corrupted rainbow in mid-May this year. Thanks to pressure from the lords of international finance and investment (WEF, BlackRock etc) this debauchery is now big throughout much of Corporate America. A handful of Homo homeowners near my neck of the woods also started “proudly” flying their fag flags a few weeks ago — with a few of them hoisting up an equal-sized Old Glory (American flag) right next to it.

The apparent institutionalization of God-mocking “Pride Month” — in particular, its majority acceptance among the under-30 age group — serves as a sober reminder of the sad fact that even though the international Globalist-Marxist Cabal is, we believe, now experiencing its death throes –the cultural cancer which (((they))) deliberately engineered and cultivated over many years seems to have taken on a life of its own now — one which may survive and thrive long after its “Frankfurt School” creators and their generational devotees are gone. You see, once a social trend becomes “the new normal,” it no longer requires a higher conspiratorial force to artificially prop it up. How — in the absence of a righteous full fascist takeover and religious revival (or moving to Russia) — do we in the West even begin the process of putting this “gay” Genie back into his pink bottle?

From shame in the closet to open “pride” in the streets  — the Queer brigades and their libtarded young supporters grow bolder with each passing year.

The June Fag Flags start coming out in mid-May now.

Even our pets are being “groomed” — (pun intended).

The good news is that there is finally some backlash and push-back against this insanity.

From the article:

“For years, Pride Month, the annual celebration for L.G.B.T.Q. Americans, has afforded companies a marketing opportunity to tap into the buying power of a group with growing financial, political and social clout.

Yet, while these efforts have always faced some opposition, brands and marketers say the country’s current political environment — especially around transgender issues — has made this year’s campaigns more complicated. This week Target became the latest company to rethink its approach after facing criticism for its Pride collection, which included clothes and books for children that drew outrage from some on the right.”

No movement in the political world is “spontaneous” or “grassroots,” boys and girls. There are always unseen leaders and organizers. The “people power” boycotts and subsequent massive drops in stock price of first, Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light Beer) and now, the retail giant Target, are clearly the handiwork of the “White Hats.” The bellowing barkers of Conservative Inc. and their legions of camp followers are merely following the scripted lead set forth for them. It’s a good start — not complaining here at all. But merely holding the line against “transgenderism” aimed at children is not nearly enough. The pathetic position of Conservative Inc. goes like this: “We’re OK with “Pride Month” and all things homosexual being shoved in everybody’s face — but please, pretty please — can you just tone down the transgender stuff a notch, especially towards the children. Thanks”  —- It’s a bit like saying that the deliberate injecting of cancer cells into someone is tolerable, as long as it doesn’t metastasize throughout the body. Give it time. It will.

What is to be done about those abominable “horses which have already left the barn” — such as queer-themed “sex education,” same-sex “marriage,” homo-pedos legally adopting children, and the ever-increasing public & private recognition of this Satanic Pride Month? And let us not downplay the destructive societal ramifications of normalized heterosexual promiscuity, divorces at the drop of a hat, and marital infidelity either. Because “straight” people make up 98-99% of the population, their lack of self-control, poses, in the bigger scheme of things, a far greater threat to civilization than the micro-minority LGBTQ crowd ever will. Can anything be done at this point? Or is the spiraling downward momentum simply too much by now?

1 & 2. Conservative Inc.’s White Hat engineered backlash against the promotion of transgenderism by Bud Light and Target’s use of child mannequins for pride displays is a band-aid measure.

What is to be done about the ads which now depict Fag Families as normal?

New York Post


Toward the end of the radically pro-homosexual presidency of Mr. & Mr. Obongo (Barry & Big Mike) there were two back-to-back events in 2015 which pushed us over “the tipping point” of no foreseeable return. Like critical plays made toward the end of a football game, this pair of abominations really energized Satan’s legions while demoralizing the virtuous. In April of that year, Bruce Jenner — the Olympics legend turned “TV Star” — “came out” as Caitlyn Jenner. Two months later (during “Pride Month”) the US Supreme Court imposed “gay marriage” upon all 50 states. Ever since then, Team Pink has pretty much had their way with us as even as the carnival barkers of Conservative Inc. — who dutifully squealed about the consecutive abominations of 2015 — soon fell into line and accepted “the tide of history.”

The Satanic Elite chose the word “pride” and the rainbow symbol for important reasons of religious inversion. Pride is considered the deadliest of The Seven Deadly Sins and, according to religious tradition, the rainbow was a sign from God after the world was flooded due to the iniquity of its people — whose sins included lust and homosexuality. They took the 7-colored rainbow (7 is regarded as God’s number) and altered it to a 6-colored rainbow (Satan’s number) representing some of the very things proscribed by religion: pride, lust and homosexuality.

So you see, it’s not enough to draw a temporary “line in the sand” over transgenderism. The whole Pride Month abomination with its outlandish poofter parades and its fake rainbow need to be banned as morally subversive, as was done in Russia. That’s much easier said than done because in Russia — unlike the West which had a 50 year head-start — the rainbow cancer was still containable, before Putin’s surgery eradicated it for good.

Big Mike and Little Barry — the two butt-boys who got down and dirty on the White House bed from 2009-2016 also left their shit stains on the fraying fabric of American history — stains which may not be cleaned off as easily. 

April, 2015: Former American sports hero Bruce Jenner “transitions” into Caitlyn Jenner.

June, 2015: Same-sex “marriage” (and child adoption) is imposed upon America as the Obongo White House lights up in Satan’s altered 6-color rainbow.

Pride Month combines 2 of the 7 Deadly Sins” (Pride & Lust) into a celebration of insanity and debauchery. 

An actual rainbow (God’s symbol) has 7 colors (God’s number)

But the rainbow on the Fag Flag has only 6 (Satan’s number)

Why is Miriam Cahn’s Art Depicting Child Abuse Exposed in Museums? And Why is Macron Defending Her?

The Swiss painter Miriam Cahn caused outraged when she exposed paintings depicting graphic abuse in a Paris museum. While people were horrified by these “works of art”, Emmanuel Macron and the entire media establishment have been praising and defending her. Let’s look at the “art” elite stooges are so vehemently defending.

Warning: This article contains disturbing paintings. 

I had to preface this article with a warning because it will contain horrific paintings depicting various forms of abuse. And many of these paintings clearly include children. These paintings are not on display in some obscure, underground location, they’re on display at the Palais de Tokyo, a “prestigious” contemporary art center in Paris.

One of these paintings (titled Fuck Abstraction!) is so vile that it caused outrage in France. Six major associations – led by the Association de Juristes Pour L’Enfance (Lawyers for Childhood) – sought the removal of this painting on the grounds that French law forbids the exhibition of pornographic representations of minors. The courts ruled against the associations.

Then, an elderly man threw some paint at this painting to protest against it. Following this event, Emmanuel Macron himself took to Twitter to defend this painting.

Macron’s tweet says “Attacking a work of art is attacking our values”.

Here’s the painting that Macron absolutely had to defend.

Fuck Abstraction! depicts a child with bound hands forced to give fellatio to an adult man.

As you can see, this sickening painting graphically depicts a child being raped. This is the painting that the President of France – and many other officials – vehemently defended.

It’s bizarre: The only time these people say “free speech” is to defend pedophilic movies such as Cuties, school library books containing pornographic material, or “art” that literally depicts a pedophile raping a child. In other words, while these people are for the censoring of anything that goes against their agendas, they turn into champions of free speech when people push back against their insane obsession with normalizing pedophilia.

Those who defend Fuck Abstraction! came up with an excuse to appear noble: The painting is said to depict war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

This sounds like utter BS to me. There’s absolutely nothing about this painting that refers to Russia, Ukraine, war, or anything related. Paintings do not require a tweet to explain their meaning. The meaning is conveyed by what exists within the painting. And what millions of people are seeing is a sick and deeply disturbed “artist” who took the time to paint child rape in the most graphic way possible.

Furthermore, the “iT’s aBouT uKraIne” excuse doesn’t explain another important fact: Miriam Cahn painted hundreds of horrific paintings, way before the Ukraine war.

Here’s the dark truth about this situation: Paintings by Miriam Cahn depict the occult elite’s obsession with control, torture and the systematic abuse of children. Her style of painting is eerily similar to artists such as Kim Noble (a victim of Monarch mind control) which also depict horrific abuse in a distinctive style that’s childish yet deeply disturbing.

Here’s a look at Miriam Cahn’s body of work.

Miriam Cahn

This person has some sick, sick thoughts.

Miriam Cahn is a Swiss painter who is described as a “feminist who likes to fight.” Her paintings are said to incorporate “feminism, child-endangering themes, and female rituals featuring violent and shocking representations of sexual organs”. Yes, the official description of her work includes the word “child endangerment”. Despite this fact, Cahn’s paintings have been praised for decades and exposed all over the world.

Going through Cahn’s body of work is like entering the mind of a sick and sadistic person who takes pleasure in watching people suffer. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact message behind each of these paintings. However, there are some clear recurrent themes. And they’re horrific.

An adult holds what a baby that appears lifeless. There’s red (implying blood) around the hand and the waist of the figure. What the hell happened?

This painting depicts a person holding a (possibly dead) baby in the air. And, for some reason, the person’s thumb appears to be right on the baby’s genitals.

This disturbing painting depicts a person being violently raped. Macron thinks that this mess is “our values”.

A naked adult holds a child who appears afraid.

A man shoves his arm up inside a woman … up to his elbow. This is yet another painting depicting abuse/torture. The demonic faces on the characters imply that they’re out of it / possessed / dissociated.

This drawing appears to depict gang rape. If a regular person drew this, they’d immediately be ordered to see a psychiatrist.

Yet another “painting” depicting the sexual abuse of a much smaller person (possibly a minor).

Two adults have sex right next to a naked child who is holding his/her genitals. Are they pedos grooming a child?

A naked man drags by force a child holding a teddy bear-type thing. Cahn (and the elite in general) are obsessed with “loss of children’s innocence” theme.

Two naked adults force a child (who appears scared) to march with them. The adult on the left appears to be playing with his genitals. The figure on the right is holding a baby who appears lifeless.

Cahn made numerous paintings depicting people with their hands in the air – as if they were captive, restrained, and tortured.

Cahn paintings are reminiscent of those by Biljana Djurdjevic which often depict children that are bound as if they were about to be abused. As seen in my Pizzagate article, occult elite psychos (i.e. John Podesta) collect these paintings and hang them in their homes.

I could post many, many other disturbing Miriam Cahn paintings that depict abuse or dead bodies. A trip through her gallery is the stuff of nightmares.

In Conclusion

At this point, some of you might be thinking “What the hell is wrong with VC for making me look at these paintings?”. Well, I’m sorry about that and I sincerely hope that none of us will ever have to look at these things ever again. However, those are not obscure paintings made by a lonely deranged individual. They were made by Miriam Cahn, one of the most renowned painters in the world today. Her works were exposed in the Palais de Tokyo – one of Europe’s most important museums. Furthermore, when one of her paintings was vandalized, Emmanuel Macron himself flew to its rescue and defended it – even saying that it was “part of our culture”. As a reminder, the painting he defended depicted a small child being raped.

When Macron said that this painting was “part of our culture”, he did not mean OUR culture. He meant the occult elite’s sick, sadistic culture that celebrates the systematic abuse of children. It is the culture of those who take part in elite pedo rings and subject slaves to trauma-based mind control. Not only did the elite create an entire art “movement” focused on its insanities, but it is also attempting to normalize it to the masses by putting them on display in “reputable” places.

This painting by LenaTunström depicts people being violently dismembered. The male figure even has his penis cut off. This painting was on display inside the European Parliament.

Throughout history, works of art put on display in museums have reflected the values and the soul of the culture that generated them. What do the paintings seen above say about our culture?

But this is not OUR culture, it is THEIR culture. And, through the power of propaganda, they are attempting to make this OUR culture. To silence those who oppose them, the elite engages in its new favorite tactic: The “far-rightization” of those who question them. Indeed, in the past weeks, countless news articles from France and around the world associated those who opposed paintings depicting child rape with the “far right”.

However, when the powers that be silence the people, the people speak through other means.

“Fuck Abstraction!” spray painted by an elderly man in May 2023.

The 2023 MET Gala: A Ridiculous Parade of Industry Slaves

The 2023 MET Gala gathered “celebrities” (Freak Fuckers) such as Doja Cat, Bad Bunny, and Lil Nas X. And nearly all of them wore ridiculous or embarrassing outfits. Why is that? Because they’re industry slaves and they’re treated as such. Here’s a look at this yearly parade of industry pawns.

Indeed, this yearly parade of industry pawns wearing ridiculous outfits perfectly showcases the twisted mindset of the elite and its complete disconnection from reality. Organized by one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world (CondeNast), this event also confirms an important fact: To be a star, you need to show submission to the elite and push its agendas. For this reason, numerous celebrities show up at the gala wearing outfits that are either embarrassing, humiliating, or that confirm their status as industry slaves. Just look at the number of men walking around in dresses at the event. It’s basically a ritual of submission.

Furthermore, there are always bizarre events surrounding the gala which hint at something twisted happening behind the scenes. For instance, this year, a mysterious celebrity was carried out of the hotel wrapped in plastic, as if it was a dead body.

We still don’t know who was this person. Some commentators claim that this was an actual dead body and a ritual sacrifice that took place before the event.

Here’s a look at the world’s most expensive puppet show.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld does the one-eye sign in 1987.

Every MET Gala has a theme and this year was all about celebrating Karl Lagerfeld. While this German designer is definitely an icon in the fashion world, his outspoken nature caused him to become a controversial figure.

He was labeled “fatphobic” because he called those who complained about models being too thin  “fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television.” He was labeled “Islamophobic” because he opposed Merkel’s policy of accepting millions of Muslim refugees. He was labeled “homophobic” because he believed that a couple of men raising a child was bizarre. He dismissed the #MeToo movement by saying: “If you don’t want your pants pulled about, don’t become a model.” He also called models “stupid, toxic, and sordid creatures.”

Why would someone with such “problematic” views be celebrated in this elite-sponsored event? Well, that’s because they’re hypocrites and they secretly agree with him. The narratives pushed by mass media are meant for the masses, not the elite. They know that “body positivity” is just a way of encouraging people to be fat and out-of-shape. They also know that mass immigration is part of a globalist plan to weaken nations. They also know that #MeToo was a virtue-signaling circus that purposely ignored pedophiles. And you better believe that they do not respect models. In fact, many of them are Beta Kitten slaves that are exploited in elite circles.

Karl Lagerfeld said things that the elite actually believes behind closed doors. While others get censored or “canceled” for saying such things, Lagerfeld was simply “too big to fail”. He was too close to the top. Despite saying things that went against mass media narratives, Lagerfeld was revered by the elite and its pawns until his death in 2019.

Not only that, he’s still being celebrated in 2023 … by “stupid, toxic, and sordid creatures.”

The 2023 MET Gala

People take pictures of a cockroach that’s roaming around the red carpet at the MET Gala. Such a symbolic way of describing this event.

Other than this fabulous cockroach, what else was there to see at the MET Gala? Fully grown people looking ridiculous. Granted, some of them looked pretty good and classy. But others? Especially industry slaves? Just take a look.

Lil Nas X has been an industry slave for years. And, as seen in previous articles, everything about his act points to him being a male Beta Kitten slave. His “outfit” at the 2023 Met Gala screams out: “I get rammed by industry pervs”.

Like Lil Nas X, Doja Cat hasn’t had a hit record in years. So why is she always in the limelight? Because she’s playing her role as a Beta Kitten slave. And, to celebrate this fact, she attended the Gala as a literal kitten, complete with a prosthetic face.

Speaking of kittens, someone showed up at the Gala dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat Choupette. Can you guess who that was?

It was Jared Leto – a regular at MET Galas. Underneath the cat costume, Leto was in full make-up and dressed like a witch.

Jared Leto wasn’t the only male celebrity that pandered to the gender-blurring agenda. Far from it.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are regulars at the MET Gala. This year, ASAP wore a skirt. Some might say that this is actually a kilt worn by men. Right. But I don’t believe many Scottish men had their kilt drag behind them as if it was a gown.

Is there something more glamorous and feminine than a long dress that drags behind the woman wearing it? Well, at the MET Gala, a bunch of dudes ruined this look for everyone.

Bad Bunny has been pandering to the gender-blurring agenda for years. That’s what he needs to do to remain in the good graces of the elite. At the MET Gala, he walked around with a long flowery thing dragging behind him.

Actor Jeremy Pope also wore a dress that dragged behind him.

Burna Boy is a Nigerian singer. What is he doing there? I don’t know. One thing is for sure, he had to have this feminine thing dragging behind him. He’s Burna Girl now.

Harvey Guillen really arrived at the MET Gala thinking that he was the belle of the ball.

Fashion designer Raul Lopez wore a dress and heels. Of course he did.

Male model Alton Mason wore this bridal dress thing. In weddings, the veil historically represents the purity of the bride before the honeymoon. I wonder what happened to him at the after-party.

Kim Petras is a transgender singer who is mostly known for being featured in Sam Smith’s song Unholy. As seen in my article about the 2023 Grammy Awards, this song is just blatantly satanic. That is why Kim Petras is getting media attention: Agenda pushing.

Jordan Roth is a producer who oversees five Broadway theaters. However, at the MET Gala, he was just another creepy dude in a dress.

NBA player Russell Westbrook looks like he wore his auntie’s church clothes at the gala. They love to see male athletes in women’s clothes.

They also love to see women athletes in men’s clothes.

Brittney Griner is mostly known for being jailed in Russia for drug possession. Upon release, she became a hero and she quickly used her platform to promote the inclusion of biological males in women’s sports. And that is why Pam Grier is at the MET Gala: Agenda pushing.

Kristen Stewart showed up looking like a 15-year-old boy with a mullet. Gender-blurring agenda.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union came out looking like villains in a low-budget children’s movie. But why are they even there? Wade hasn’t played in the NBA in years. I mean, I don’t see Charles Barkley walking around the red carpet wearing a cape.

This is why the Wades are at the MET:

At age 12, Wade’s son changed his name to Zaya and identified as a girl. That’s the only reason why they’re at the MET Gala. Gender-blurring agenda.

Janelle Monae came out wearing this goofy outfit. Some of these celebrities have to just be embarrassed.

Monae’s looked changed drastically at the after-party.

Monae was in sex slave mode at the after-party.

Yup, the gala was followed by an after-party. And, like every year, there was a weird, Eye Wide Shut, sex party vibe to this thing.

Kendall Jenner went to the after-party wearing a sheer dress and a thong. She’s was in sex slave mode.

Rita Ora: Sex slave mode.

Rihanna showed up at the after-party showcasing her baby bump. That baby already performed at the Superbowl and attended a MET Gala.

Dr Dre throws up the devil horns at the after-party.

Lizzo is always at elite-funded events. She arrived at the after-party in the worst Marilyn Monroe costume ever. I think.

Lizzo then performed in front of an Egyptian portal similar to those found in Masonic lodges. This is all occult elite stuff.

In Conclusion

MET Galas are vain and ridiculous events that are completely disconnected from reality. As such, covering them might seem like a waste of time. However, when one grasps the amount of wealth and power behind this thing, one understands that it is a reflection of the forces that literally control the world.

While the guests parading around the gala are wealthy and influential in their own right, they are controlled by people that are even more wealthy and influential than them. These celebrities exist to serve their interests. And, when they stop being useful, they’re out of the limelight and a new pawn takes their place.

And that is why Lil Nas X walked around butt naked at the MET Gala.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (April)

After turning the 2023 Grammy Awards into a blatant satanic ritual, Sam Smith embarked on his tour titled Gloria. Shocking news: It is also a satanic ritual.

During the show, Smith came out looking like this.

There’s a lot going on in this very unfortunate picture. First, Smith is complying with the gender-blurring agenda. As we’ll see, this crazy agenda is in complete overdrive this year. Second, Smith’s bloated figure is constantly being put on display. He’s a personification of gluttony which happens to be one of the seven deadly sins in Christianity. Finally, his costume is a clear mockery of the Virgin Mary.

A classic depiction of the Virgin Mary, complete with her crown and open hand gesture.

In short, Sam Smith appeared to his fans as a cross-dressing, highly sexualized version of the Virgin Mary. Satanic black masses are based on the mocking, sexualizing, and corruption of Christian symbols and that’s exactly what Sam Smith is doing in his show. If you think I’m exaggerating, check out what happens next in the show.

Smith is literally dressed as the devil, complete with a horned hat and a trident as hellish fire burns around him.

As he’s bowing down to his satanic masters, Smith is also made to humiliate himself by participating in bizarre photoshoots.

Today’s media embraces the ugly. It embraces gender confusion. It embraces the lack of dignity. Sam Smith transformed his entire act to fit this agenda.

Speaking of gender confusion, mass media has been on a complete rampage in the past weeks. The elite is using every single tool at its disposal to expose the world to the gender-blurring agenda. Here are some examples of what happened in the past weeks.

Hershey celebrated International Women’s Day with … a man … dressed as a woman. Our society is in an advanced state of delusion.

On the same International Women’s Day, Jill Biden gave a “Women of Courage” award to Alba Rueda – a transgender politician from Argentina. He’s Argentina’s Special Envoy for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, meaning he is responsible for medically transitioning children. Yup, our governments definitely have their priorities straight.

Bud Light recently used trans “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney in an ad campaign. To make things extra ridiculous, the can says “Cheers to 365 days of womanhood”. Here’s a fact: This dude lived exactly ZERO days of womanhood.

As you might know, this Bud Light ad campaign sparked a major boycott movement which caused a major drop in sales. While I fully support boycotting this garbage, I’m pretty sure those behind this ad campaign fully expected the backlash. This is not about sales, this is about bowing down to the elite’s doctrine. And, one after the other, major corporations bow down to the agenda in highly unpopular ad campaigns.

Days after the disastrous Bud Light campaign, Dylan Mulaney partnered with Nike to promote … WOMEN’S SPORTS BRAS. I cannot make this up. I’m pretty sure there are women athletes out there who could have modeled these bras.

Build-A-Bear is now selling drag queen bears inspired by RuPaul. Why? Because it’s kind of an “initiation ritual” for corporations.

Jack Daniels recently launched an ad campaign about “Drag Queen Summer Glamp”. I don’t know what that is but at least they’re not involving children. The same cannot be said about this next thing.

In Canada, there’s an actual “Junior Drag Summer Camp” for children ages 7-11. And it is funded by several governmental entities. Who in their right mind would send their children to this thing? Also, who in their right mind would even want to organize such a thing? Pedos looking to groom children?

The CBC (funded by the Canadian government) recently dedicated an entire show to drag queens talking to children. I watched about 24 seconds of it and the extreme awkwardness of it all made me want to poke my eyes out.

I think we’ve seen more than enough pictures of men dressed as women. I could have posted many more because mass media is clearly engaged in an all-out propaganda campaign. While I identified the gender-blurring agenda years ago, I did not expect it to become so extreme in such a short amount of time. And here’s the result of this elite-run brainwashing campaign.

In schools around America, children are made to march around while holding the LGBTQ flag as the parents clapped. Stop clapping this BS. They do the exact same thing in dictatorships. Here’s a crazy, revolutionary idea: Leave the kids alone.

As usual, the One-Eye Sign was all over the place during the last month. Here’s a very small fraction of them.

The Netflix series Wednesday made Jenna Ortega quite popular with children and teenagers. Of course, she had to do a one-eye sign on SNL to show that she was owned by the elite.

Actress Minka Kelly released her memoirs. The cover of the book is basically a big, unmistakable one-eye sign.

Deva Cassell is Monica Bellucci’s daughter and she’s trying to make it in the industry. No matter who her mother is, she must first show submission. For this reason, she does a big, fat one-eye sign on the cover of Wonderland.

In the past couple of years, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival was criticized for its demonic imagery. This year was no exception.

One of the floats was titled “The Devil’s Castle”. It featured a giant devil moving around as people clapped. Stop clapping this BS.

The entire carnival had a bizarre, satanic narrative.

The girl on the right was on the Garden of Eden float. She played the role of the first woman on Earth “evil Eve” who is “free, hot, strong, gay and crazy”. The guy on the left played the role of a miserable Jesus who’s hanging in the air for some reason. Weird fact: This guy fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. Another weird fact: Immediately after the carnival, there were massive floods in Brazil and many Brazilians said that God was punishing the country for its blasphemous carnival.

An art exhibition in a Paris museum Palais de Tokyo recently featured paintings by Miriam Cahn. There’s something terribly wrong with this “artist”.

Nearly all of her paintings depict some sort of physical or sexual abuse – often involving children.

While I could post dozens of her deeply deranged paintings, I’ll only post one more.

This painting clearly depicts a child with bound hands forced to give fellatio to an adult.

The occult elite loves this specific type of “art”. It is highly reminiscent of paintings by Kim Noble (a survivor of Monarch programming) and the pedo art collection of the Podestas.

Shocked by the painting above, some people filed a petition to get it removed from the museum. Mass media framed it as “far-right extremists” pushing for censorship. In the end, a court ruled that the painting could stay. This is the world we live in: Truth is censored because it’s dangerous. Meanwhile, clear depictions of child rape are protected as “free speech”.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.

Bud Light and the Trans Marxist Culture War

Times Caption: Dylan Mulvaney (Sick Fuck from now on) began documenting her gender transition journey in the “Days of Girlhood” series on TikTok just over a year ago

NY TimesBehind the Backlash Against Bud Light’s Transgender Influencer

After (SICK FUCK) promoted the beer on Instagram, well-known conservatives tried to start a boycott.

The hornets’ nest of Conservative Inc. is furiously buzzing over the recent Bud Light promotional ad featuring a cross-dressing internet “influencer” named (SICK FUCK)The loud backlash — featuring conservative country / rock singer ‘Kid Rock” machine-gunning cans of Bud Light in a video — stands in stark contrast to the spanked-ass ‘resistance” to the slow march of the homosexual agenda from years past.

Dating back to the 1980’s, every time the Globalist-backed LGBT Mafia took a step “forward” toward Sodom & Gomorrah, the dopey denizens of Conservative Inc. would whine about it for a while, but ultimately capitulate and, in football parlance, yield a “first down and ten” before regrouping to meekly defend against the next inevitable advance of cultural Marxism. But this time around, one must admit, that it is pleasantly surprising to see our de-balled cousins on the not-as-far-right firmly holding the line against Team Frankfurt‘s trannie mania targeted at children and young people.

From the article:

“The criticism of Bud Light, amid other complaints about brand partnerships with transgender people, comes as Republican state lawmakers are proposing legislation that seeks to regulate the lives of young transgender people, restrict drag shows in a way that could include performances by transgender people, and require schools to out transgender students to their parents.

Finally, for once, after yielding so much territory that will be very difficult to ever recover, we are at least on somewhat of a counter-offensive in the “Culture War.” Had this been the GOP of yesteryear, they’d already have yielded to “the tide of history” on youth transgenderism — while weakly preparing for the final goal-line stand against pedo-sex acceptance.

Anheuser-Busch (parent company of Bud Light) is facing a backlash over the (SICK FUCK) ad.

Kid Rock thrilled conservatives with what appears to be an actual automatic machine-gunning of Bud Light cans, followed by a middle finger salute

Trump: “We believe in two genders.”

Regular readers can just imagine the jaw-dropping, shocked silence here in my living-room upon discovering the name of the Tranheuser Busch executive responsible for this abominable ad. From the article:

“Alissa Heinerscheid, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, said in an interview before the boycott that the brand needed to be more inclusive.

“The brand is in decline,” stated Ms. Heinerscheid. “It’s been in decline for a really long time. And if we do not attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand, there will be no future for Bud Light.”

Heinerscheid, eh? Total shocker. Almost fell out of the chair on that one! Nonetheless, in the event that Alissa may just be an Aryan German-American gal, a bit of due diligence was in order. Though we can neither confirm nor refute the matrilineal ethnicity of this ghastly creature, we did examine her mug and, well —- let’s just say that wagering a beanie full of shekels on this one would be reasonable investment advice.

Have a look…

Alissa Heinerscheid:Fraulein or yenta? Heck! Perhaps a better question would be: Does that thing have a penis?

Speaking of German-Jews and trannie mania, this would be a good “teachable moment” to review a bit of history about the Institute for Sexual Science in pre-Hitler Berlin. This Marxist mad house, disguised as a “scientific” center, was founded by Magnus Hirschfeld. The idea, of course, was to paint a fake scientific veneer over every form of deviant sexual depravity imaginable — including trannies.

About 40 people worked at the Institute in different fields of “research” and “sex education.” Hirschfeld’s Hell House also contained the main office of  the World League for Sexual Reform. From the outset, the Institute was properly denounced by Germans as “Jewish” and harmful for public morality. After Hitler tasked Little Joey Goebbels with disinfecting decadent Berlin, the building was ransacked, its filthy books burned by “zee Brown Shirts,” and the operation shut down.  Hirschfeld then took his pseudo-scientific filth show to Paris, where French “fascists” also blocked his efforts to set up shop. Hirschfeld’s “sexology” did spread to the United States when several of his Jewish collaborators at the Institute brought their moral / mental poison to Jew York Shitty. Now look at us.

From Berlin to Bud Light — Under. Every. Rock.

Magnus Hirschfeld: The Founding Father of modern sexual insanityPicture

The debased girly boys of Berlin’s Institute for Sexual Science 

The book-burning Brown Shirts said “Enough is enough!”

The “Einstein of Sex”

Nashville Shooting, the Violent Rhetoric of the Trans Movement and Mass Media’s Hypocritical Coverage of it All

The killing of six innocent people by a trans person was preceded by months of unabashed violent rhetoric in the trans movement. Instead of investigating and exposing the true causes of this mass murder, mass media is hiding information and switching narratives. Here’s a look at this pathetic situation.

I truly hate writing about mass shootings. Other than the fact that killing innocent people is the epitome of evil, every single mass shooting is immediately followed by attempts to push political agendas. Only minutes after each and every single shooting, small, pathetic politicians, activists, and “journalists” use the death of innocent people to score political points.

The Covenant School shooting was no exception. As soon as news of the shooting surfaced, unscrupulous people seized the opportunity to push their narratives, mainly revolving around gun control. Some even went as far as stating that the state of Tennessee deserved the shooting because the state banned drag shows instead of guns.

However, when it was revealed that the killer was a transgender person who left a manifesto and specifically targeted a Christian school, mass media put on full display its hypocrisy. Once again, “trusted” news outlets proved that their goal is not to convey information, but to push narratives. Even if that means defending unspeakable evil.

Violent Rhetoric

In the weeks and months that preceded the shooting, mass media pundits were engaged in some of the most toxic yet hypocritical narratives seen to date. While, for years, they’ve been pushing for the banning of guns, they’ve been simultaneously encouraging trans people to arm themselves.

A prime example of this hypocrisy is the elite-funded Cenk Uygur. Here’s a video of him made only two days prior to the shooting.

After admitting to being a hypocrite, Uygur literally told trans people to “get guns”. Of course, he did not say that because he carefully thought it through. He was simply echoing a disturbing narrative that’s being promoted by the elite and its media outlets.

Various news stories have been showing in a positive light the arming of trans people.

The popular website Reddit (which has turned into a propaganda outlet) is all for gun control – except when it has to do with the trans movement. In fact, there are several subreddits solely dedicated to arming trans people. Here’s the description of the Reddit sub /r/transguns.

Here are some of the top posts in this community.

That’s their mindset.

The sub contains lots of pictures of unstable people posing with guns.

Did the Nashville shooter visit this subreddit? That’s a possibility. One thing is for sure, there’s an entire subculture of justifying violence against those who oppose (or even question) radical trans ideology.

A few months ago, a video game titled Terfenstein 3D was released which allows players to kill opponents of transgender ideology such as gender-critical feminists and Christians. On its Steam page, the game creator writes:

Unleash your pent-up fury upon the gender-critical tyrants with an arsenal of deadly weapons and tactics in cathartic bliss.

The game allows players to kill priests in various violent ways.

Even people in government are contributing to this toxic culture.

This is a tweet by the press secretary for Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs calling for violence against “transphobes”. It was posted only hours after the mass shooting.

As you can see, the trans movement is using increasingly harsh and extreme rhetoric to justify harsh and extreme behavior. None of this is organic. It is being pushed and encouraged by heavily-funded forces (i.e. Antifa) to radicalize vulnerable and impressionable people.

The radicalization of this movement is fully apparent in the following ad for the “Trans Day of Vengence”.

An ad for the the “Trans Day of Vengeance”.

This ad contains several telling elements. First, the use of the word “vengeance” implies violence that is justified. MacMillan dictionary defines the word vengeance as follows:

The act of harming or killing someone because they have done something bad to you.

Second, the ad uses the word “genocide”. Here’s the actual definition of the word:

The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Any reasonable person knows very well that there is absolutely no “systematic extermination” of trans people in the United States. Quite to the contrary, the elite is pushing children towards transgenderism at the youngest age possible.

Finally, why is the ad asking people to wear a mask? This has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with Antifa-style tactics.

In short, the Nashville shooting was preceded by a radicalization of the trans movement, complete with blatantly violent rhetoric.

Did mass media address any of these issues? Of course not.

Mass Media is Siding With Evil

As soon as it was revealed that the shooter was trans, mass media completely switched its narrative. By doing so, it proved that this entire establishment solely exists to brainwash the masses.

Following the shooting, the NY Times felt the need to apologize for not using the preferred pronouns of the SERIAL MURDERER.

Not only did the media honor this MONSTER’s pronouns, but it also – crazily enough – made excuses for her.

The Daily Mail presented the killer as a victim of Christians. Wow.

Meanwhile, here’s a headline from NBC News.

We need to bask in the insanity of this headline for a second. A trans terrorist deliberately targeted Christians and killed 6 innocent people, including three children. Instead of reporting on the pain, grief, and fear of the victims (Christians), NBC News portrays trans people (which include the killer) as the victims.

This killing made ZERO LGBTQ victims. Here are the actual victims.

Six innocent lives were taken because they happened to attend a Christian school.

As mass media is desperately attempting to switch the narrative, LGBTQ groups are working overtime to make sure that the manifesto written by the killer is hidden forever. The reason: The world would understand the violent and radical undercurrent that’s taking hold of this movement. Also, the killing could qualify as an anti-Christian hate crime and/or an act of trans terrorism. All of this goes against the narratives pushed by the elite.

Nashville police are currently complying with demands to hide the manifesto.

In Conclusion

The Nashville shooting was perpetrated by a deranged person who was clearly radicalized by a movement that is purposely ramping up violent rhetoric. This is being encouraged by people in government and made acceptable by mass media. This rhetoric did not pop out of nowhere – it is purposely being propagated by the same elite-funded forces behind radical groups such as Antifa.

Instead of investigating the true cause of this horrific mass killing, the establishment is attempting to steer the narrative, hide the killer’s manifesto (which undoubtedly exposes the complete insanity of this movement), and even portray her as a victim. Furthermore, the media is actually attempting to make Christians (who are the only victims of this killing) the cause of the killing.

In short, mass media has, once again, proven that it cannot be trusted. It has completely abandoned its mission to deliver unbiased information. Instead, it participates in the justification of pure evil.

20th Anniversary of the Evil Iraq War

MARCH 21, 2023

NY Times:

 The Children of the Iraq War Have Grown Up, but Some Wounds Don’t Heal

Iraq, 20 Years Later: A Changed Washington and a Terrible Toll on America

The “paper of record” commemorates the 20th anniversary of the disaster of the Bush-Cheney Iraq War in very sad and stark terms. One front page article tells of the suffering endured by the helpless and innocent people of Iraq:

“Wars leave scars even when people survive with their bodies intact. The metallic whirring of helicopters, the flash of flares, the smell of burning after bombs, the taste of fear, the ache of something lost — all of these linger long after the fighting stops.”

And the other item, also front page, describes what a failure that war for Israel was on the American end:

“The White House, Congress, the military and the intelligence agencies see the war as a lesson in failed policymaking, one deeply absorbed if not thoroughly learned. The war deeply damaged the reputation of the intelligence agencies and heightened skepticism of military leaders.”

Today’s Jew York Times has got nothing positive to say about an unjust war which grew out of the CIA-Mossad horror show of 9/11. There’s plenty of blame thrown about in the analyses of the great “blunder” — all of it correct, actually. But conspicuously and conveniently absent here is one undeniable, indisputable, historical fact:

Without the printed deceptions and cheerleading of “the paper of record,” the tragedy — which the scribbling scumbags stationed at Sulzberger’s Slimes are now so piously wringing their hands over in mock solemnity — could never and would never have even happened. 

These prominent front page items are akin to an arsonist whinging and whining about the death, suffering and financial losses which a great inferno caused — without telling you that he was actually the one who took great delight in secretly torching the building.

No good, dirty, rotten, lying, murderous BASTARDS!

The war took a horrific physical, psychological and economic toll on the innocent people of Iraq.

The war also took a horrific toll on the used and abused US troops and reservists who were forced to fight in it.

Rushing into the War in Afghanistan was easy for the Israel First neo-cons who controlled the Republican Party in those days. You see, boys & girls, that’s where the the big bad bearded bogeyman who did 9/11 had been hiding, dontcha’ know? “Get Bin Laden!” became the rallying cry of nit-witted Normiedom and off to that 20-year war we went, just four weeks after 9/11.

But selling the War on Iraq was a much tougher sale for Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld-Powell et al. Even people who believed the official Fable of 9/11 didn’t believe that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the attacks. It would end up taking a full 18 months for the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) — harnessing the influence of all of its academic and journalistic henchmen of both the controlled Left and the controlled Right to move the population to where it needed to be. Those of “youse guys” about 40 and older will recall the “flood-the-zone” propaganda effort for which there was not a millimeter of space between the “liberal” news networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN) and the “conservative” organs (FOX News, Talk Radio, Wall Street Urinal). And the lead banger of the war drums — setting the course and the pace for the nefarious and intense propaganda program —  was none other than THE NEW YORK TIMES!

Day after day, the Bush-Cheney Cabal sold the war and the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie for 18 months — while Saddam pleaded for peace, wrote a friendly open letter to the American public, and offered weapons inspectors total access to any location in Iraq.

1. The liberal Phil Donahue was kicked off of MSNBC for opposing the proposed Iraq War. // 2. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura had a TV Show contract cancelled by MSNBC, also because he opposed the propaganda build-up to war. // The “Dixie Chicks” were blacklisted by radio stations and boycotted when they came out in opposition to the coming war.

The “paper of record” played their leading role in the wall-to-wall war effort with cunning and skill. Although there was a vastly disproportionate  abundance of outrageous and overt lying about “Weapons of Mass destruction” and the necessity of war on the part of certain opinion columnists, the Op-Ed pages of the Times would, from time to time, publish an “opposing view” — just to maintain the illusion of “objectivity.”

As for the alleged “news” portion, this is where the real trickery took place. Days after day, month after month, the reporters would present the false claims of politicians and various experts without any of the critical analysis or context that a true journalist should be doing. “Hey, it’s not us saying this. It’s the Bush administration.”

The Bush-Cheney Cabal was more than welcome to inject lie upon lie upon lie into the willing viral vessel that is the Times. From there, the barely-ever-challenged falsehoods spread like libelous lice throughout the rest of the Judenpresse — where the lies were then liquefied and pissed down upon the porous and empty skulls of the bewildered boobs of Normiedom.

Conversely, whenever someone like UN Weapons inspector Scott Ritter, or Hans Blix contradicted the state lies — their claims were either back-paged or spiked altogether. In fact, not only did the seditious scribblers at the Times not publish Saddam’s heartfelt “Open Letter” to America — but the existence of the letter itself was never even mentioned!

And now, in retrospect, at a time when even the dimmest flag-waving normie understands (yet no longer cares) that the Iraq War was a farce and a tragedy in every respect, these complicit sons-of-bitches — who ought to apologize and then kill themselves — are piously posturing as they commemorate and condemn the date of infamy which they themselves engineered? That’s some serious “chutzpah” right there as (((they))) like to say.

These people are sick.

1. The wretched Mossad yenta Judith Miller farted out nearly 100 ‘WMD” propaganda columns in the Slimes over an 18-month span — and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her efforts! //  2. But the true words of UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter were ignored. // 3. Rather than being investigated for accuracy, the false claims before the UN made by the oh-so-esteemed Secretary of State Colon Rectum Bowel were front-paged as gospel.

The Hidden Messages in “Blonde”: Marilyn Monroe’s Life as an Industry Slave…

“Blonde” was described by movie critics as being boring, exploitative, and even misogynistic. But there is more to this movie than meets the eye. Through hints and symbolism, “Blonde” describes Marilyn Monroe’s life as an industry slave … and makes Ana de Armas relive all of her trauma all over again.

Most reviews of Blonde describe the movie as a long, difficult, and miserable experience. Deemed unnecessarily cruel and dehumanizing by many, the hate towards the Blonde culminated in two Razzie awards nominations: Worst Picture and Worst Director.

Interestingly enough, Blonde might also win an Oscar. Indeed, Ana de Armas (who plays the role of Marilyn) was nominated for Best Actress. This leads us to a profound existential question: Can an actress be exceptionally good in a movie that is exceptionally bad?

Well, for many, good acting equals lots of crying. If that’s the case, then throw the Oscar right at Ana de Armas because she cries in nearly every scene of the movie. It is honestly overwhelming.

Not only is this excessive crying exhausting to watch but it genuinely gets one concerned about the toll of this role on the actress herself. It is at this point that one realizes that there’s also something “off” about Blonde: It is not a biographical movie, it is torture porn. It is not about Marilyn Monroe’s life, it is about watching Ana de Armas suffer through trauma, turning the movie’s viewers into some kind of sadistic voyeurs.

While the offputting disposition of this movie caused it to accumulate terrible reviews, it does accurately reflect Hollywood’s bizarre, perverted, and obsessive relationship with Marilyn Monroe.

Because Monroe has a special status to the Hollywood elite: She is the ultimate industry slave prototype, the precursor of the modern industry slave. And Blonde was all about Ana de Armas becoming yet another celebrity undergoing “Marilyn Monroe programming”.

Prototype of the Modern Industry Slave

kimmonroe The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Left: Monroe sings “Happy Birthday” to JFK wearing the iconic “diamond dress”. Right: Kim Kardashian wears this very dress at the MET Gala (with blonde hair).

If you’ve read previous articles on this site (especially my series of articles The Hidden life of Marilyn Monroe), you are probably aware of the dark truth about Marilyn Monroe: She was a Monarch mind control slave that was completely controlled by the Hollywood elite from a young age.

Marilyn Monroe was an orphan, and during her infancy the Illuminati/CIA programmed her to be a Monarch slave. Before becoming an actress, while she was still a stripper, she spent time with the founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey. Victims of LaVey have pointed him out as a mind-control programmer. (…)

Marilyn was allowed to have no personal life, outside of the dictates of her programmers and her masters. The programmers and users bore down so hard on controlling Marilyn that they repeatedly came close to driving her insane.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Controlled Slave

Monroe’s entire life was tightly controlled by her handlers and one way to keep MK slaves under control is to make them endure terrible traumas (i.e. forced abortions). Furthermore, according to occult researchers, Monroe was a Presidential Model – a sex slave programmed to “service” powerful people, including JFK himself. Considering the fact that, in the MK system, diamonds are used to identify Presidential Models, the diamond dress seen above takes on a much darker meaning.

While Netflix advertised Blonde as a “fictionalized” take on Monroe’s life, it does depict some of these hidden facts about her life. However, instead of being informative or eye-opening, the movie turns Marilyn’s suffering into a disturbing form of “entertainment”.

In short, this is all about cementing Marilyn’s legacy as an industry slave prototype. Monroe was not merely an MK slave, she was THE MK slave. And the lives of countless modern celebrities follow Monroe’s script (i.e. Britney Spears). In fact, nearly all modern “sex kitten” celebrities have to “channel” Marilyn at one point or another in their career. It has become a bizarre Hollywood initiatory ritual.

And Ana de Armas went all in.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn

blonde20 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

In Blonde, Ana de Armas looks like Marilyn Monroe. But she mostly looks like Ana de Armas (disguised as Marilyn).

Considering the fact that Ana de Armas was nominated for an Oscar for this role, one would think that she was indistinguishable from the original Marilyn. But that is not the case. She was very distinguishable. While the hair, makeup, and wardrobe are rather spot-on, de Armas’ Cuban accent is simply too obvious to ignore.

The net result: There is no suspension of disbelief. It rather feels as if we’re watching Ana de Armas – in disguise – reliving Monroe’s life as a Hollywood MK slave.

For instance, in Blonde, Marilyn gets her first role after an “audition” with a Hollywood executive named Mr. Z.

blonde1 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Marilyn is bent over and raped by Mr. Z as she appears to be dissociating (a defense mechanism of MK slaves).

The character of Mr. Z appears to be a reference to the actual 20th Century Fox film producer Darryl F. Zanuck. Although there are no official records of him raping Monroe, he was known for exchanging sexual favors for roles (he even called actresses “studio hookers”).

When Monroe gets pregnant with the son of Charlie Chaplin, she’s encouraged to get an abortion. On her way to the hospital, she changes her mind. However, everyone ignores her. In other words, she was forced to get this abortion.

blonde3 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

In a particularly upsetting scene, we see Monroe undergoing an abortion as she repeats to the doctors “my mind’s my own to change”. However, everything about that scene confirms that her mind was definitely not her own. Furthermore, the massive spotlight makes it look as if she’s filming a movie scene, hinting at the fact that this traumatic event is part of her “role” as Monroe.

blonde4 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

During the abortion, Monroe finds herself inside her childhood home (she’s dissociating). The burning home represents her core persona being destroyed by the trauma.

In Blonde, even Monroe’s iconic flying skirt moment is tainted with pure misery.

blonde5 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Sad, ominous music plays in the background as we see Ana de Armas cosplay Monroe’s moment in slow motion.

blonde6 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Throughout the film, scenes of Marilyn’s adoring fans have a nightmarish quality to them. These men look angry, menacing, and nearly possessed.

After the skirt stunt, Monroe gets beaten by her husband Joe DiMaggio for “showing her crotch to everybody”. There is no joy in this movie, only suffering.

The Baby And the Roses

After divorcing DiMaggio, Monroe marries playwright Arthur Miller and gets pregnant. There’s some interesting symbolism surrounding this pregnancy and it involves red roses.

blonde7 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

As Marilyn is cutting roses in her garden, she talks to her unborn baby. It replies that it’s the same baby that was aborted previously.

People in mass media complained about that scene, calling it “anti-abortion”. Yup, amid all of the awfulness on display in that movie, these people find a way to get offended by a mother talking to her unborn child. By doing so, they’re completely missing the true meaning of these scenes.

Of course, the worse happens to Monroe. She falls down, hits her stomach, and kills the baby.

blonde8 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

After falling down, Marilyn’s rose-patterned dress gets bloody.

blonde9 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

After losing her baby, Marilyn is in a room that’s completely wallpapered with roses. Also, her mirrors are broken – a classic symbol representing the fragmenting of an MK slave’s persona after trauma.

The omnipresence of red roses in these scenes gives the death of this baby a ritualistic dimension. The subtle message: It was less an accident than it was a blood sacrifice.

blonde11 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

After the loss of the baby, Monroe is so traumatized and dissociative that she doesn’t recognize her husband, as illustrated by the creepy blur effect on his face.

To keep the highly depressed and unstable Monroe productive, she’s drugged by her handlers on movie sets.

blonde10 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

As Monroe breaks down, she is injected with a cocktail of drugs, namely Benzedrine and Codeine. Meanwhile, her make-up artist Allan Whitey” Snider tells her that he’ll “conjure Marilyn within the hour”. That means that he’ll trigger her alter-persona.

Then, things manage to get worst.

JFK’s Sex Slave

While it is usually said that JFK had an “affair” with Monroe, Blonde clearly depicts a different situation: Marilyn was his Beta Kitten slave.

blonde12 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Secret service agents forcibly carry Marilyn to JFK’s room as she asks if she’s “meat to be delivered”. Pretty much.

When she enters JFK’s room, the viewers are treated to one of the movie’s most controversial scenes: A long, drawn-out, close-up shot of Marilyn performing fellatio on JFK. While this is happening, we hear Marilyn’s dissociative thoughts.

“Who brought me here … to this place? Was it Marilyn? But why does Marilyn do these things? What does Marilyn want? Or is it a movie scene?”

blonde13 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

For a brief moment, we see Marilyn “servicing” JFK on the big screen of a movie theatre.

This is one of these scenes that are actually about Ana de Armas and not Marilyn Monroe. It is de Armas who performed this near-pornographic scene (disguised as Monroe) for the masses to see. She’s a descendant of the Marilyn Beta Kitten prototype.

After the fellatio, JFK hits Marilyn in the screen goes blank.

blonde14 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

When Marilyn wakes up, she’s bloody and completely out of it, strongly hinting at the fact that she was violently raped. Evidently, this was not simply an “affair”. Marilyn was a slave in an elite sex trafficking ring.

Then, Marilyn gets pregnant with JFK.

blonde15 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Law enforcement agents snatch her from her house and force her to get yet another abortion. You don’t want to know what the occult elite does with these aborted fetuses.

blonde16 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Faced with more trauma, Marilyn dissociates yet again.

Then, things manage to get worse.

The Death House

blonde17 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

Blonde recreated Marilyn’s infamous death photo … inside the actual room she died in.

In past articles, I highlighted how mass media loves recreating Marilyn’s death photo (i.e. Madonna). There’s something about this broken celebrity laying dead next to bottles of pills that excites the Hollywood elite.

In Blonde, Ana de Armas not only recreates this picture, but she also relives Marilyn’s last days inside the actual house where she died. This situation has “bad mojo” written all over it and that’s exactly what happened. In an interview, the movie’s director Andrew Dominik said:

‘We were chasing her ghost around. We started filming the movie on the anniversary of the day that she died which was not planned, I only realised it the day before.

‘When we were shooting on that first day it was the apartment that she had lived in with her mother. The room she dies in the film is the room she died in. Her dust is everywhere in Los Angeles. It definitely took on elements of being like a séance. ‘She transported me to a different time and place. Ana has definitely channeled her.’
– Daily Mail, Ana de Armas felt the spirit of Marilyn Monroe ‘close to us’ when filming Blonde in her old house

Notice that the director said that de Armas “channeled” Marilyn. That’s the word they always use when a celebrity follows Marilyn’s programming.

blonde18 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

As Marilyn walks around her room in a dazed, dissociative state, unidentified “agents” lurk in the shadows.

On numerous occasions during the movie, we hear telephones ringing. At one point, when she answers, we hear strange sounds. Other than reminding us that Marilyn was under constant surveillance, MK slaves can be triggered remotely through phones using specific sounds. None of this is spelled out in the movie, but it’s there.

Finally, after watching her suffer for nearly three hours, Marilyn swallows a bunch of pills and dies.

blonde19 The Hidden Messages in "Blonde": Marilyn Monroe's Life as an Industry Slave

In this scene, we see a juxtaposition of Monroe’s dead body with a recreation of a picture from her “In bed with Marilyn” photoshoot.

While Norma Jane is dead, the Marilyn Monroe alter persona lives on.

In Conclusion

Although Blonde is said to be a “fictionalized” version of Marilyn’s story, it is possibly the most accurate depiction of her actual life ever seen on film. Through subtle and not-so-subtle scenes, Blonde hints at the forces that controlled Monroe’s entire life and the traumas she was subjected to as an industry slave.

With that being said, the movie cannot be described as informative or eye-opening. It is rather exploitative. It is not about exposing the dark side of the industry, it is more about watching Ana de Armas – disguised as Marilyn – reliving the traumas and humiliations of Marilyn.  Indeed, in the span of three hours, we see Ana de Armas get raped, drugged, beaten, humiliated, and everything in between.

The movie puts on the suffering on screen but explains none of it. It doesn’t want to wake us up, it wants us to feel some of that sadistic satisfaction these people feel when they subject stars to outright torture. In a strange way, Ana de Armas was subjected to actual trauma. And, for this sacrifice, she got rewarded by the all-important Academy with an Oscar nomination.