Deep State Sports Henchmen Gang Up On Aaron Rogers

The Green Bay Packers quarterback, one of the most visible athletes in the country, last week used anti-vaccination rhetoric as his reasoning for not getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

NY Times:
 Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine Misinformation: Aaron Rodgers

NY Times: 
What Aaron Rodgers Should See: Covid Suffering in a Wisconsin E.R.

Among its many forecasts of circa 1900, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was, as far as we can tell, the first publication to reveal the potential of organized sports as a tool for diverting the attention and passion of the “goyim” from important matters which (((the usual suspects))) would rather keep us ignorant about. Since that time, the usefulness of 24 / 7 / 365 sports sports sports has expanded from diversion to direct activism. Whether the issue is “racism ,” sodomy, “gun control,” the Climate Con or Stupid-19, today’s players, coaches and commentators in this Jewish-dominated industry are expected to be “politically correct.” Indeed — more than anything else — it was the simultaneous, pre-planned Stupid-19 shutdown of college basketball, professional basketball, hockey and baseball in March of 2020 that really shocked Normiedom into sit-up-and-take-notice mode.

So, when superstar Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers “contracted Covid” after having refused vaccination, and then had the temerity to question the efficacy and safety of the Magic Jab, a daily “Two Minutes Hate” was unleashed upon him by the Judenpresse Armada. Said Rogers on a popular radio show:

“If the vaccine is so great, how come people are still getting Covid and spreading Covid and unfortunately dying from Covid?”

That’s a sound question, Aaron. The only way that Fake News could counter such common sense was with hateful venom. From one of the Slimes articles headlined above:

“It is perhaps all too easy to bash Aaron Rodgers, the latest star athlete to show he’s suffering from a God complex, hovering above the fray, more than willing to spew medical quackery and virus all over us mere mortals.”

Fortunately for Rogers, his name was big enough to not only withstand the shit-storm — but actually come out of it with strong support from Boobus Sporticus.

Big Media and the late night Commie Comics unloaded on Rodgers — but it didn’t phase him.

Professional athletes — even though they may play different sports or starred in different decades — constitute a sort of fraternity among themselves — the “jockacracy” as famed sportscaster Howard Cosell once described it.  Typically, they will come to a “brother’s” defense when there is “controversy” — or at least remain quiet. It was therefore disappointing, though not surprising, to witness some wholly-owned supine sellouts of the Sports World — some of them big names in their own right who now work as retired commentators on the media end of sports – throw Aaron Rodgers under the proverbial bus over this nonsense. The entire commentating quartet of the FOX football pregame show — ex-footballers and coaches all — showed where their true allegiances lie. Of the four betrayers of colleague and country — Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Michael Strahan & Howie Long — Pittsburgh Steeler legend Bradshaw was the biggest back-stabber.

Bradshaw on Rogers:

“What you were doing was taking stuff that would keep you from getting COVID-19. You got COVID-19. Ivermectin is a cattle dewormer. Sorry, folks, that’s what it is. We are a divided nation politically. We are a divided nation on the COVID-19, whether or not to take the vaccine. And unfortunately, we’ve got players that pretty much think only about themselves. And I’m extremely disappointed in the actions of Aaron Rodgers.”

Et tu, Terry? Et tu? Ah, show us the shekels, Bradshaw. Show us the shekels.

Bradshaw, Long, Strahan, Johnson…The FOX Four legends — powerful men and multi-millionaires who came up through the ranks of a ferocious and demanding sport. Yet they all turned into back-stabbing cowards when ordered by the jew bosses to dump on Aaron Rogers. 
Bradshaw — a childhood favorite of mine — stuck the biggest knife in Roger’s back by actually referring to him as a liar — when HE is actually the one lying by referring to Invermectin as a “horse-dewormer.” ..FUCK YOU BRADSHAW
The nasty words were not actually those of Bradshaw — but of FOX Sports CEO & Executive Producer, Eric Shanks

When it comes to hypocrisy over these anti-Rogers attacks by the sold-out elements of the “jockacracy,” the award goes to another 1970s / 80s superstar, basketball legend and notorious libtard Kareem Abdul Jabbar (born, Lew Alcindor). Jabbar — who has always fancied himself an “intellectual” — wrote an article in which he absolutely savaged Rogers as a “liar” — full of “hubris” — engaged in “illogical thinking” — and perpetuating the “stereotype of a big dumb jock” who is “damaging professional sports.”

OK, Kareem — you sanctimonious holier-than-thou phony. You habitually smoke cannabis — allegedly to help cope with your migraine headaches — don’t you? (here) And you were once even arrested for driving erratically while smoking the stuff! (here) Do “scientists” recommend getting stoned and driving, Kareem? And you dare to pass judgement on Rogers for “putting others at risk?”

Ya really want to play dirty, Kareem. Let’s talk about that piece of shit lust-child son of yours who, just last week, got off easy with a mere 6-month sentence for stabbing his White neighbor 7 times, including in the neck and head. Privileged Adam Abdul-Jabbar, 28 at the time, who stands about 6’7,” took umbrage when his neighbor, Raymond Windsor, 60, lectured him for not helping Jabbar’s elderly grandmother (who Adam lives with) take in the garbage cans.

After threatening Windsor, Jabbar the Younger ran into the house and came charging out with a hunting knife. The stabbing attack was so severe that Jabbar fractured Windsor’s skull. Windsor’s wife rushed him to the hospital, where he collapsed and nearly died of blood loss. And now, Jabbar’s lawyers intend to argue that even the 6-month slap-on-the-wrist should consist of home confinement! Hey Kareem — how about you do a column about this psychopath of a son you fathered out-of-wedlock with some White girl and then apparently neglected — and how “celebrity privilege” enabled the fatherless Frankenstein monster to get away so easily with the attempted murder of Mr. Windsor?

And while you’re at it, Kareem, how about reminding your stupid readers about that time in 1989 when you yourself — standing at a sky-scraping 7’2″ tall and still playing professionally– assaulted and injured a starstruck Italian tourist half your size simply for taking a photo of you at a shopping mall in Phoenix, Arizona. You could have gone to jail for that attack. Instead, you, a multi-millionaire, ended up paying a laughable $500 fine and $800 to the victim. Your “Black privilege” and “celebrity privilege” not only saved you from prison — but also from the type of wall-to-wall “Two Minutes Hate” that you and your fellow hatchet-men are so hypocritically unloading upon Aaron Rogers — who has neither driven cars while high, nor beaten up innocent fans, nor impregnated three different women (only one being a wife) nor nearly stabbed anyone to death. It seems to this writer that the one perpetuating “stereotypes” about jocks, is you, Kareem.

F-you Jabbar, and Bradshaw, and all the rest of you unprincipled, disloyal, back-stabbing, shekel-grubbing moral dwarfs who have ruined American sports by politicizing the games at the behest of your Marxist masters. 

A few years ago, Kareem Abdul Jabbar (7’2″) recently appeared on a TV game show with his murderous mulatto “lust-child” by some White woman, Adam (6’7″). 
The giant Jabbar was still at peak power when he beat up an Italian tourist for taking his picture in 1989. He got off with paying a small fine and some money to his White victim — presumably for breaking his camera. 
We only found the story by accident in the New York Slimes archives — buried deep in the sports page.

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