Ireland: Two Counties With 99.7% And 98%+ ‘Fully Vaccinated’ See Massive Covid ‘Outbreaks’

The Irish counties of Waterford and Carlow, where 99.7% and 98%+ respectively of all adults are now “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), are both seeing a huge outbreak of the disease.

by Ethan Huff

waterford and carlow highest vaccination rate and most cases

According to reports, this latest surge in new “cases” of the Fauci Flu is igniting fears that Ireland might be on the verge of going through a fifth “wave” of the disease – even though people are obeying the government’s demand that they get jabbed.

In the last seven days, Waterford has seen 408 new cases of the Wuhan Flu. This translates to an incidence rate of 351.2 infections per 100,000 people. Over the past two weeks, Waterford has seen 719 new cases, or 618.9 cases per 100,000 people.

“County Waterford has the highest adult vaccination rates in Ireland at 99%+,” tweeted someone familiar with the new data. “Followed by County Carlow in second place at 98%+.”

“County Waterford also has the highest Covid incidence rates in Ireland, followed by County Carlow in second place,” this same person added. “What is going on?”

Mr. Con Murphy tweeted:

County Waterford has the highest adult vaccination rates in Ireland at 99%+. Followed by County Carlow in Second place at 98%+

County Waterford also has the highest Covid incidence rates in Ireland, followed by County Carlow in second place.

What is going on?

This sounds a whole lot like the current situation in Vermont. Despite nearly 90 percent of the state now being “fully vaccinated,” Wuhan Virus hospitalizations are soaring.

It seems like wherever the most people are getting jabbed for the Wuhan Flu, there you will find the most cases of illness and death. And wherever people are just saying no, there you will find the healthiest people who have long since moved on with their lives.

‘This Ends The Debate’Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta.

What’s Really Going On?

Hilariously, Waterford was actually considered to be the crown jewel of Ireland’s mass vaccination program. Prior to this outbreak, government officials were bragging about how compliant the county is, and how this would put an end to the plandemic.

What ended up happening instead is that the region ignited a fresh round of illnesses as fully vaccinated residents flood their local emergency rooms in desperate need of care.

“For the first time since March, the number of patients in hospital with Covid in Ireland is over 400,” reported Citizen Free Press. “This in a country where 92% of adults have been vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.”

“It’s worse for County Waterford where almost every single person over the age of 18 has been double jabbed and yet case numbers are surging with more than 700 new cases documented in the last 2 weeks.”

The irony of all this can hardly be overlooked. For more than a year, the world was told that getting jabbed for Chinese Germs would put an end to the plandemic, and now it appears that the only reason there is even still a plandemic at all is because of the so-called “vaccines.”

“The number of vaccinated patients in ICU now is almost as high as the entire number of Covid patients in ICU a year ago. HSE chief clinical officer Dr Colm Henry admitted the figures were ‘higher than we would like’ but added they would be even higher but for the impact of vaccination,” Citizen Free Press further reported.

So, where do we go from here? Not very far, sadly, because the governments of the world seem hellbent on pushing these jabs until every last soul on the planet has been marked with a death shot.


by Stephen Sorensen

This concatenation is anything but extensive. It was written to give a slight view into the world of forgery. This concatenated narrative of forgery is anything but extensive.

Of special interest to me is the era directly preceding that of the era of standardization, namely the 10th-15th centuries because this is the era to which the vast majority of the alleged ancient texts date. The introduction of the printing press in the mid-15th century accelerated the standardization of literary works and it was during this time that “standard” editions of classical texts were being published. The scholars of the time were aware of the magnitude of forgeries and fakes but many were still taken in by them nonetheless.

“Riddled with the inconsistency of compelling yet conflicting preconceptions … all ‘olden times’ are potentially fraudulent.”
David Lowenthal (1990)[8, p.17]

“If detecting a forgery is not easy in the first place, exposing one that has been honored as an original for hundreds of years is a far greater challenge.”
Lynn Catterson (2005)[14, p.30]

The Chronology

The history of forgery perceivably goes back almost as far as human invention does. The oldest types of forgeries or fakes in the East and the West are said to have been literary forgeries.[8, pp.23, 99] In a similar vein, the practice of art forgery is conceivably just as old as the practice of art itself.[10, p.242]


Forgeries in this time period were being produced but allegedly the output was notably small.[34, p.xxviii]


“Creative memory was at its most creative in the ninth century, when churchmen forged unprecedented and monumental runs of entirely false charters.”
Constance Brittain Bouchard (2015)[1, p.63]

In the 900’s, forgers began producing historical forgeries to establish the histories of their religious houses. All across Europe, they were taking more of an interest in history, and were doing their best to mimic older texts.[34, pp.xxviii-xxix] In France, the deeds of Carolingian kings were being forged. In England, archival records were being largely forged.[35, p.522]

The imitation of older scripts had become commonplace in literary institutions all across Europe by around 1050.[35, p.528]

“Not only was there a campaign to recopy documents from before the Viking Age, but these documents were manipulated: interpolated, redrafted, improved.”
Julia Crick (2010)[35, p.531]


The Northern Song Dynasty brought with it the first notable peak in Chinese art forgeries.[4, p.266]

In 1990, Anthony Grafton commented on how an estimated 66% of all documents given to the clergy prior to 1100 were fakes.[33, p.24]


“…medieval people … forged to an extent unsurpassed by any other age relics, legends, charters, chronicles, seals, precious stones, etc.”
Otto Kurz (1973)[3, p.77]


John Hardyng (1378-1465) forged historical documents in order to prove to King Henry V that the Scottish kings had always been subservient to the English crown.[11, p.16]


Leon Batista Alberti (1404-1472) executed, according to Arthur Freeman in the words of David Marsh, “the most successful literary forgery of the early Renaissance”.[11, p.9] If David did say these words, I cannot say I agree with him. Assuming that by “successful” he meant one that served its purpose, which in the case of a forgery would be to go undetected indefinitely, I’d imagine given the scope of forgery at this time, and the little attention it’s been given, there are still early Renaissance forgeries waiting to be uncovered, and each of those has been more successful thus far than Alberti’s. Alberti also forged an ancient Roman tragicomedy that was printed about 150 years after its time by a printer who thought it to be an authentic creation from antiquity.[11, pp.9-10]


Annius of Viterbo (c.1432-1502), a Dominican and at one point the Master of the Vatican,[31, p.68] is possibly the most famous forger of the 15th century. His forgeries, which revised large swaths of history, received support and opposition by some of the greatest scholars of his time. It even gave way to more works that were based upon his original forgery. There is also a known case of him forging an inscription made to appear as though it were from the 700’s.[11, pp.11-12]


Amerigo Vespucci (1452-1512), the man who North and South America are named after, forged travel narratives that were published around the turn of the 16th century. At least that’s what Arthur Freeman, compiler of the largest library in the world containing works about literary forgery, believes. Of Vespucci’s letters, Arthur is of the opinion that the literary forgery known by the name of “the Soderini Letter” is what lead the Americas to be named after him in 1507.[11, p.14] Others are of the opinion that the letter contains a fictional account, but that it was not written by Vespucci.[28] Also in the mix are those who believe it is a true account by Vespucci.[29]


Trithemius (1462-1516), a German Benedictine abbot who has since been called the “father of bibliography”, could not resist the temptation of forging a thousand years of history. He published a work in 1515 that was based upon sources which in reality did not exist.[11, p.15] It would be as if I appealed to the authoritative Book of Slack to substantiate my narrative about a millennium’s worth of names, places, and events, knowing full well the whole time that the Book of Slack does not exist.


Antonio de Guevara (c.1481-1545) had a similar style to Trithemius. He wrote a false historical narrative and cited a non-existent Florentine manuscript. This forgery was taken to be a classical work and maintained popularity in Europe throughout the 1500’s.[11, p.15]


Erasmus (1466-1536), a Catholic who’s commonly held as one of the brightest northern Renaissance scholars, forged a complete work and attributed it to St. Cyprian, who lived some 1200 years prior to the time of publication.[11, p.12]


Onofrio Panvinio (1530-1568), an Augustinian librarian and historian, was recognized by his contemporaries as the “father of history”, and he too resorted to using forgeries. From what I understand, although not as grand as the narrative produced by Trithemius, Panvinio created literary forgeries to help substantiate his arguments about Church history.


Thinking back on inscriptions, they are important for historical studies and can help us understand more about the past. It is not that simple though, for they too have been forged in massive amounts. Pirro Ligorio (c.1512-1583) has been dubbed the “prince of forgers” due to forging at least nearly 3,000 inscriptions. He was a well respected individual and even took over Michelangelo’s supervisor position at St. Peter’s around 1564. The fake inscriptions aroused suspicious early on but nobody made any serious effort to expose these until the latter half of the 1700’s, about 200 years later.[13, pp.27-28]


Michelangelo (1475-1564) himself has commonly been accused of forging art and antique statues. One apparent habit of his was borrowing original drawings done by old masters and copying them so well that he could return his copy and keep the originals for himself all while going undetected. As for the cases pertaining to his sculptures, I discussed one of these back in March 2020, which is by far the more popular one. Lynn Catterson pioneered the other case in 2005, and to me, it’s the more fascinating one.[14] I’ll briefly cover both of these.

The first case is known because it’s unanimously agreed upon that the controversy resulted in Michelangelo gaining a substantial amount of fame and employment. This happened in the 1490’s. There are two versions of what happened leading up to that moment. The popular account is that Michelangelo was alone responsible in creating a cupid sculpture, artificially aging it, and then selling it as an antique, hence creating a forgery. His reasoning for doing so is often said to have been financial, a struggling no-name artist trying to get a paycheck. The lesser known account is that it was the person who Michelangelo sold the statue to who was the one that attempted to pawn it off as a product of antiquity. Both scenarios are plausible given the limited information, as there are more examples of both of these things happening beyond this isolated case. This is one of the difficulties in labeling something as a forgery. Sometimes there is no intent to deceive when creating an imitative piece, and the deception only enters the scene when someone other than the creator intervenes. In the case of Michelangelo, the intervener would have knowingly introduced the deception, but in some cases misdating can happen unintentionally.

The second case is specifically about the Laocoon, discovered in 1506, but it also mentions a handful of other allegedly antique statues that were possibly forged around this time too. Lynn noted that along with Michelangelo having the motive and the means to create this, he also had the opportunity. And, in the words of Yola Schmitz (2018), “Opportunity not only makes a thief, but also a forger”.[25, p.168] That quote is good to keep in mind when exploring this field. Lynn covered the case in detail and I suggest you read that as a starting point to learn more than what I’ve shared here.

Otto Kurz mentioned that “The forgers of classical antiquities in the Renaissance period were no narrow specialists”.[3, p.79] He went on to say that out of all the fields in which they forged antiquities, that of forging busts of Roman emperors was the largest. This field of scholarship does appear to me to be, at the least, poorly accessible, scarcely represented, and seriously underdeveloped. And as I often note, the field dealing with art forgery is sizably larger than that dealing with literary forgery.

The Trio

I want to take a moment to focus on the Fasti Capitolini, which was discovered in 1564 and has since held a reputation as one of the fundamental sources for our modern conception of Roman chronology. The reason for its importance is because it contains a list of Roman consuls, who were chairmen of the Roman senate who had control over the Roman army and had the greatest amount of legal power, and also a list of other important figures. Consuls have been one of the main sources used for Roman chronology.

The dating of it is typically restricted to the reign of Augustus in the 1st centuries BCE and CE. There is a notable amount of scholarship trying to make sense of its place in history,[16], [17], [18], [19], [20], [21], [22], [23], [24] and while talk of 1st century BCE conspiracy has been discussed at some length, I have never seen the idea that it could be a product of the 16th century proposed. The reason why I’m more suspicious about this find in particular is that it was discovered by none other than both the prince of forgers and the father of history, Pirro Ligorio and Onofrio Panvinio. Additionally, the discovery was supervised by Michelangelo. I think it’d be interesting to look upon it with today’s methods of investigation.


Matthew Parker (1504-1575) was Archbishop of Canterbury and patron to the production of classical forgeries. He’s also been accused of conjuring a fictional characters and acting as though it was a real person. He had writers, drawers, painters, cutters, limners, and bookbinders all within his budget. He also offered his counterfeiting services to other people.[30] Laurence Nowell (1530-c.1570), an associate of Parker and the best Anglo-Saxon scholar of his day, was a forger too.[11, p.17]

The state of English history at this time was dismal, as was noted by Parker himself. He wanted to establish English history as being distinct from the domineering Catholic history. He accused the Catholics of mutilating and perverting English history, leaving it corrupted, incomplete, altered, and in some places altogether erased.[30]


Alfonso Ceccarelli (1532-1583) was a physician and historian who was eventually executed for his forgeries. His craft was forged chronicles, genealogies, and legal documents which he then sold to the various people who requested them.[11, p.13], [26, p.235]


Due to the number of forged coins that had made their way into circulation, many 15th and 16th century books on numismatics were required to include a chapter on forgeries.[3, p.78]


The Late Ming Dynasty brought with it the second major spike in Chinese art forgeries.[4, p.266] One of the causes of this second great age of forgery was that the desire to possess antiques was rapidly increasing among collectors.[5, p.76], [8, p.99] In the literary world during this time, Chinese colophons were often being forged.[6, p.50] The situation pertaining to colophons was not much better in the West.[7]



Jerónimo Román de La Higuera (1538-1611) was a Spanish Jesuit who forged a hagiographical work known as the Chronicon,[11, p.21] later known as the False Chronicles. To help with their reputation, he gave them a fake provenance by claiming that he received the chronicles from the Benedictine abbey of Fulda, a popular abbey amongst Renaissance scholars for authentic manuscripts. He incorporated prominent issues of the day into these texts, which in the long-run really helped secure their popularity, as they were notably influential from the then until near the end of the 1800’s.[32, pp.1-2]


Born two years after Higuera was Joseph Scaliger (1540-1609), a man who in his own time was considered the most learned man of Europe and who has since gained a reputation as the father of chronology. He created a fictional list of Olympiads, which are the way in which Greek years are counted and dated. It was presented in such a way that many thought it to be an authentic source and it wasn’t until 1852 that it was officially laid to rest as fictional. Another deceptive work of his was a recreation of an ancient lost text of which he never fully explained the origins, leaving it to his readers to figure out.[11, p.20]


Pietro Carrera (1573-1647) was an Italian priest who forged 65 letters of Diodorus Siculus, who was a historian from the first century BCE. He also forged an encomium attributed to the C3rd CE St. Agatha.[11, p.22]


Jacques Mentel (1597-1671) attempted to prove his supposed ancestor had invented the printing press before Gutenberg. To do this, he fabricated literary evidence and thereby became a forger. He published this in 1650.[11, p.21]


Jerome Vignier (1606-1661) was a French priest who published a work in 1649 that contained ecclesiastical, genealogical, and historical forgeries.[11, p.20] I haven’t read much about this one, but an English translations of the title is “The true origin of the very illustrious houses of Alsace, Lorraine, Austria, Baden, and many others“, so I figure it has to do with fabricating histories for these various houses.


Curzio Inghirami (1614-1655) created a literary forgery revealed through an archeological forgery. He buried numerous fragments forged to appear Etruscan and which relayed the recently fabricated tale of Etruria’s destruction by Roman forces in 60 BCE.


Charles Julius Bertram (1723-1765) was called “the cleverest and most successful literary imposter of modern times” for his forged account of Roman Britain, published in 1757. Along with it came a forged mapped that depicted imaginary Roman stations and roads.


The systematic study of forgery began to be established. Previous to this, historians mainly focused on the topic anecdotally.[2, pp.14-15] The systematic approach began by flourishing in fields now commonly referred to collectively as the historical auxiliary sciences, and this largely took place within German scholarship.


Denis Vrain-Lucas (1818-1882) was called the prince of forgers.


Constantine Simonides (1820-1890) allegedly forged the codex Sinaiticus. He was also known for other forgeries.


The Late Qing-early Republican era brought with it the third and final massive wave of art forgeries being produced. Over the course of about 30 years starting in 1920, a single counterfeiter was estimated to have sold some 2,000 counterfeit scrolls.[4, p.266]

Forgery was alive and well in the United States at this time too. In 1913, Richard Gottheil commented on the recent spike in the number of archaeological frauds and called the US a “dumping-ground for forgeries of many kinds”.[9, p.306]


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2019 Video: Satanist Madonna Performs Pandemic Genocide

Elite Satanists have this perverse little habit of telling us IN ADVANCE what they are about to do.

“The storm isn’t in the air. It’s inside of us.”

Elite Satanists, lower-level evil-doers and even just the ordinary mischief makers we come across have this perverse little habit of telling us what they are about to do or have already done – but doing so in a manner which most decent-minded people would never even suspect. Take the 9/11 false flag horror show which (((they))) thought was going to usher in The New World Order, for example. It was only afterwards that cyber sleuths were able to dig up numerous hints from movies, ads, cartoons, US currency bills and even popular songs that the dastardly deeds were mockingly and repeatedly foretold to us many months and even years in advance. Only in hindsight was even the most astute amongst us finally able to understand how they gleefully mocked us in advance.

We can now see that when it came to the worldwide menace of the Stupid-19 Scamdemic, there were similar cases of “predictive programming” and Satanic foretelling. Fortunately, unlike 9/11, we do believe that the plot to dramatically cull world population was re-routed by the “White Hats.”  Yes, there will be people who suffer adverse side-effects and even death from “the jab” – but the intended killing off of several billion people — with a slave micro-chip left inside the survivors — is not going to happen. Back then, the Satanic whore Madonna and her handlers were not only expecting a mass die-off via vaccine – they had her sing and play act about it at the immensely popular 2019 Eurovision Song Contest — which was held in “European” Israel that year! Before we revisit that macabre “performance,” we’ll need to set the stage first with the story of “Disease X.”

Long before the actual 9/11 event ,the clues of what was to come were everywhere.

February, 2018: The Birth of “Disease X”

The following well-sourced excerpts — based on the official and accepted description — are from the Wikipedia entry for Disease X. Better to let the enemy explain “Disease X” in his own words so that no one can accuse us “conspiracy theorists” ™ of making this stuff up.

“Disease X is a placeholder name that was adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2018 on their shortlist of blueprint priority diseases to represent a hypothetical, unknown pathogen that could cause a future epidemic. The WHO adopted the placeholder name to ensure that their planning was sufficiently flexible to adapt to an unknown pathogen (e.g. broader vaccines and manufacturing facilities). Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci stated that the concept of Disease X would encourage WHO projects to focus their research efforts on entire classes of viruses instead of just individual strains, thus improving capability to respond to unforeseen strains.

At the 2018 announcement of the updated shortlist of blueprint priority diseases, the WHO said: “Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease.”   John-Arne Røttingen, of the R&D Blueprint Special Advisory Group, said: “History tells us that it is likely the next big outbreak will be something we have not seen before”, and “It may seem strange to be adding an ‘X’ but the point is to make sure we prepare and plan flexibly in terms of vaccines and diagnostic tests.

Jonathan D. Quick, author of End of Epidemics, described the WHO’s act of naming Disease X as “wise in terms of communicating risk”, saying “panic and complacency are the hallmarks of the world’s response to infectious diseases.” He wrote that the establishment of the term “might seem like an uncool move designed to incite panic” but that the whole purpose of including it on the list was to “get it on people’s radars.”
(emphasis added)


Obviously, Disease X — conceived in 2018 and “war game” simulated at Event 201 in New York in 2019 — would turn out to be Coronavirus / Covid-19 (rolled out worldwide in early 2020). But don’t take my word for it. A  New York Times Op-Ed, vomited out on February 27, 2020 by the UK’s Peter Daszak of the WHO, was headlined:

“We Knew Disease X Was Coming. It’s Here Now.

In which Deep Stater Daszak wrote:

“Disease X, we said back then, would likely result from a virus originating in animals and would emerge somewhere on the planet where economic development drives people and wildlife together. Disease X would have a mortality rate higher than a seasonal flu but would spread as easily as the flu. It would shake financial markets even before it achieved pandemic status. In a nutshell, Covid-19 is Disease X. ” (emphasis added)

OK, now that “youse guys” have been brought up to speed on the fact that “Disease X” is indeed Coronavirus / Covid-19 — we can go back to pre-Covid times, to May 2019 – and talk about Madonna’s performance in Israel.


Headline and “Disease X” image above from October 2018 Live Science Magazine article (Here)

Fauci & Daszak were both involved with funding “gain of function” (bio-weapons) research
February 2020 — just days before the lockdowns hit.

Fauci, Daszak, Gates, the WHO et al all “knew Disease X was coming” because they planned it! This is also similar to how Brzezinski and also the neo-cons “warned” about a coming “New Pearl Harbor” during the buildup to 9/11.

May, 2019
Tel Aviv, Israel
Eurovision Song Contest 2019

After being introduced with great fanfare as “the Queen herself,” the ageing harlot appeared in a Satanic-looking, blood-red temple scene with hooded worshipers before her chanting “Madonna.” She then sang (in her weakened voice) her 1989 hit song, “Like a Prayer”(whose lyrics now can be understood to be an ode to Satan). Madonna was wearing a crown (corona) and eye patch. That’s one-eye Illuminati symbolism — simple. But the patch had a large capital letter “X” on it, as did her black outfit. This was to promote her upcoming album, released several weeks later, which was titled “Madame X”  whose album cover featured an old fashion typewriter – clearly labeled, in large capital letters: CORONA. Was “Madame X” — nearly one year before Daszak and the NY Times — telling us that Disease X is coming? Hmmm. I think so. But there’s more — a lot more.

After finishing her “Like a Prayer” song to Satan, “Madame X” transitioned into one of the singles from the new Madame X album – “Future.” But just before singing that song, the witch went into a bizarre rant as male monks disrobed and presented as female vestal virgins wearing hazmat / gas masks. They circle about her before she kills them all – in one case, with a jab to the chest. Here are the words with descriptions (and our interpretations) of the actions. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to view the performance and better appreciate what transpired in Israel.

Madonna: They are so naïve. They think, we are not aware of their crimes. (kills a masked dancer) We know. We’re just not ready to act. The storm isn’t in the air. It’s inside of us. (as she injects her finger into another masked dancer, instantly killing him)

* What Madonna was telling us was that the death (Covid) “isn’t in the air” – it’s “inside of us” (in the vaccine!)

Madonna continues: It’s getting late now. Can’t you hear outside of your supreme hoodie (grabbing another dancer’s mask) the wind that’s beginning to howl (she blows at the dancers and they all drop dead on the temple steps.)

After her mock genocide, Madonna broke out into the song from Madame X, “Future” – which contains the repeated mantra “Not everybody’s coming to the future. Not everyone that’s here is gonna last.” (the dead dancers return to life, still wearing gas masks)

Knowing what we know now, and the scene that has just been summarized, the images and the actual video posted down below are really shocking. These monsters were planning to cull humanity, by the billions!


 Illuminati one-eyed “Madame X” 
the album with a Corona typewriter on the cover 
kills all of the masked dancers after telling them “The storm (Disease X) isn’t in the air, it’s inside of us.” She then sings: “Not everyone is coming to the future.”
The mysterious Georgia Guidestones called for humanity to be culled down to 500,000,000
Those videos of staggering amount of plastic FEMA coffins from years back were another indication that “they” were planning to mass kill humanity.

Pfizer Whistleblower: Vaccine ‘Glows,’ Contains Toxic Luciferase & Graphene Oxide

(LifeSiteNews) — Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine vials glow fluorescent blue and contain an enzyme called Luciferase, a quality inspector for the drug company told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview this week.

“The vaccine glows, at least Pfizer’s does,” Melissa Strickler, who worked for the pharmaceutical giant for nearly 10 years, said. “It looks like someone took a blue glowstick, cracked it open and put it in the vial, but only if there is light and it is around a dark background.”

pfizer whistleblower vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase & graphene oxide

Strickler, who worked at Pfizer’s large McPherson, Kansas plant, said she has inspected “hundreds of thousands of units” of vaccines in her career at the company “and never once seen anything do that, not even close.” Usually, the fluid in vials are clear like water, she said, but she photographed vials when she noticed the blue fluorescent tinge to the fluid and inquired about the ingredient to superiors.

Luciferase Not On The Label

Strickler said she heard a doctor describe codes for ingredients in the vaccines, including the codes SM102 for luciferase, a glow-in-the dark enzyme produced in fireflies, plants and fish that is used in bioluminescence research. Depending on different chemicals that it is mixed with, luciferase will glow different colors.

A bright blue luciferase was identified in a report in the journal Nature Scientific Reports in 2020, for example, and is only visible under UV lights of certain wavelengths.

Strickler told LifeSite that she emailed the company and asked if luciferase was in the Covid vaccine and was told that it was “only used in the testing of the vaccine,” but would not be included in the final product. “But the way I see this is the whole thing is experimental,” Strickler said.

“We haven’t even seen the Comirnaty labels being put on the vials in that plant yet,” Strickler said, referring to the tradename for the vaccine that the Food and Drug Administration approved in August. “As far as I know, everyone is still receiving that Emergency Use Authorization” original product.

Must-read article: An Enzyme Called LUCIFERASE is What Makes Bill Gates Implantable Vaccine Work.

Aborted Fetal Cells In Development

In an explosive interview with Project Veritas made public last week, Strickler revealed insider Pfizer emails from high-level employees directing lower- level workers to not discuss the role of aborted fetal cells in the development of its Covid shots with the public.

Vanessa Gelman, Pfizer senior director of worldwide research, sent an email to an employee asking how to respond to a question about the use of aborted cells in its Covid vaccine.

“From the prospective of corporate affairs we want to avoid having the information on fetal cells floating out there. The risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see, particularly with general members of the public who could take this information and use it in ways we may not want out there,” the email stated.

Other emails from Pfizer vice president and chief scientific officer Philip Dormitzer discussed the role of human embryonic kidney cells (HEK 293 cells) harvested from an aborted baby girl in 1973 and reproduced in a continuous line of cells used in the production of Pfizer’s Covid shot.

Strickler said the cells were chosen because of their ability to grow and are basically “cancerous cells” from an aborted baby.

‘What Else?’

“It made me sick to my stomach because, if they’re going to lie about something like this, what else?” Strickler remarked. “It’s actually one of the things that if the public knew, they definitely would care.”

Thousands of people have sought exemptions from workplace Covid vaccine mandates on grounds of religious or conscience exemptions citing the use of fetal cells in the development of Covid vaccines and have been denied their requests.

Social media platforms have routinely deleted posts about fetal tissue in Covid vaccine development and mainstream media have “fact-checked” reports as “misinformation.” Strickler said that Pfizer knows this.

‘They’re Just Deceitful’

“They’re just simply being deceitful. I mean, they could end the conspiracy theories, they could correct the fact-checkers on social media and they remain silent because they know if they do say, ‘yeah, we did use fetal cell lines in the development of this,’ they know that they’re not able to deny the religious exemptions. I think that’s what it’s about.

“It’s wrong in my opinion to benefit from an abortion. I don’t think God would want us doing those things. But it goes deeper than that as to public deceit and they’re trying to give it to children.”

Gene Editing

“I thought all this stuff was conspiracy things,” Strickler told LifeSite reporter Jim Hale. She described the deceit from Pfizer as “endless,” however. “I don’t think they’ve been honest about a single thing about this vaccine other than it’s experimental. And that it’s mRNA technology.”

She added that the mRNA technology of the vaccines could be used with CRISPR technology for gene editing and that fact is also being obscured to the public in messages from Pfizer, the mainstream media and government.

CRISPR: The Extreme Dangers of Gene-Editing.

Pfizer Employees Ready To Quit

Strickler said that before Covid she had enjoyed her job as a product inspector but that since the pandemic began many employees have “vaccine regret” after getting the shots and “a lot of people refused to get it. In fact, over half of the employees are willing to walk out over this and Pfizer knows that.”

Strickler compared the drug giant with an “abusive, rich husband.” She said the company offers excellent benefits and pay, “but they don’t exactly treat you the best in the sense that they don’t seem to value all their employees equally.”

She described frequent “virtue signaling” emails sent to employees, including one proclaiming Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla “Father of the Year.”

Strickler said she had often wanted to quit after Covid vaccine manufacturing began at the McPherson plant and had prayed about it, but felt compelled to hang on, until she discovered a database of explosive and deceitful company emails that she eventually exposed to Project Veritas.

After the exposé aired, Strickler received a phone call from an employee at Pfizer telling her not to come to work again and a letter from the company confirmed that she was fired.

LifeSite is joining Veritas in raising funds for Strickler in recognition of her bravery in speaking out in defense of truth.

Polish Doctor Claims He Found A LIFE FORM In The Pfizer Comirnaty Shot

Another strange COVID vaccine life form has been discovered under the microscope, this time made of aluminum and carbon. The discovery was made by a Polish doctor by the name of Dr. Franc Zalewski.covid vaccine life form 2

Another strange COVID vaccine life form has been discovered under the microscope. It is yet another tentacled creature – and an aluminum-based life form.

Throughout his video presentation, he calls it “the thing.” He found it in the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine shot, in 1 of 3 vials he studied. Dr. Zalewski’s discovery comes on top of the research of many other independent doctors, scientists and researchers (Dr. Robert YoungDr. Carrie MadejDr. Zandre Botha and Dr. John B.) who also found that the COVID vaccine contains all sorts of questionable and outright horrific contents – graphene, nanometals, PEG, parasites, self-propelling creatures with tentacles, synthetic fibers and synthetic self-assembling circular structures.

COVID Vaccine Life Form: “The Thing” Of Aluminum, Bromine And Carbon

So what is this thing? Similar to what Madej found under the microscope, it’s some kind of synthetic creature with tentacles. Zalewski compares it to something from a science fiction movie, including The Matrix, which contained an entity which “flies, had tentacles, and attaches itself to other things.”

In this case, Zalewski carefully measured “the thing” and discovered the ratio of its head to its legs (a head of 20 microns/micrometers to legs of 2.5 millimeters, which equals a ratio of 1:125).

covid vaccine life form 3
polish doctor claims he found a life form in the pfizer comirnaty shot

He believes that “the thing” will grow and develop inside people’s bodies, commenting:

“It seems to have a head and 3 legs … It hasn’t been created to just sit there and do nothing … This is a life form … It grew/developed in 4 days … Is this a plant? Dust? ‘A being’ given to people in eggs in a fertile/ suitable environment. Somewhere closeby there might be some sort of signal which caused that being to start living. Just as pinecone seeds won’t grow unless they will be in a suitable environment on fertile ground, the same “that thing” seems not to be moving. It may be dormant/sleeping … I hope it won’t be activated.”

Zalewski also points out that he saw more than of these creatures, putting to rest any claims this was just a coincidence.

Indeed, with all the discoveries that have been made now, replete with microscopic imagery, could anyone who has looked squarely at the evidence still believe this is some giant coincidence rather than the coldly calculated transhumanistic agenda?

Zalewski suggests that graphene in the vaccine acts as a kind of food or catalyst for “the thing” because the vaccine contains the eggs of “the thing” which appear to hatch in the presence of graphene.

Another Video Claims To Show Real-Time Self-Assembling Graphene In Pfizer Vaccine

Independent analysis of the COVID vax continues worldwide. Speaking of Pfizer and graphene, there is another video circulating (with German subtitles) that claims to show the contents of the Pfizer vax under a microscope. The video starts of with lots of tiny white dots or points, and some black ones too. As it progresses, you can see the points slowly connect to make lines, which reinforces a key theme of the synthetic life forms contained within the COVID non-vaccines: self-assembly.

The COVID Vax Is A Tool Of Bioterrorism And Transhumanism

NWO (New World Order) propaganda promotes the idea that you need to be scared of new threat of bioterrorism and that government will save and protect you. You do need to watch out for bioterrorism but government will be the one perpetrating it, not preventing it. The real bioterrorism is not from some make-believe virus but rather contaminated fake-vaccines with horrific synthetic parasites which, the evidence would suggest, can self-assemble, self-replicate and proliferate inside the human body.

Zalewski comments several times that people have taken the COVID vax voluntarily. Voluntarily. And now many of them will probably harbor aluminum-based life formsinside their bodies. There is so much information now rapidly coming out exposing the COVID vax contents.

Hopefully, this information will be shared around the world and will help, by its horrific nature, to put an end to the COVID scamdemic more quickly than it would otherwise have ended. Hopefully, a realization will dawn on those who have been programmed by the mainstream narrative, or who are still on the fence, so they awaken from their slumber and understand what is truly happening here.

VAERS: 160,000+ Americans Have Likely Died From COVID-19 Injections

If you extrapolate it out based on what we currently know about underreporting, the latest data from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) suggests that upwards of 160,000 Americans may have died so far from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

by Ethan Huff

vaers 160,000+ americans have likely died from covid 19 injections

Since last December when the injections were first released as part of “Operation Warp Speed,” there have been 16,310 officially reported deaths from Chinese Virus shots logged into VAERS. Since as little as one percent of vaccine injuries ever get reported to VAERS, the true number could be as high as 1.631 million U.S. deaths.

A more conservative estimate might use a factor of 10, which would point to around 163,100 U.S. deaths. Whichever figure is correct, we at least know that there are far more people dying from Chinese Virus injections than the government is letting on, and people need to know about it so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to join the statistics.

As we have reported, others agree that Fauci Flu shot deaths are being massively underreported. One of them is Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, a computation biologist, molecular biologist and immunologist who estimates that around 150,000 people in the U.S. have died from covid jabs.

There are various ways to try to calculate rough estimates that are more true-to-life – meaning more accurate – than what the government claims. It is obviously in Big Pharma’s best interests to underplay injuries and deaths while overplaying “cases,” which is exactly what we have seen happen over the past several months of this plandemic.

Covid Shots Have Potentially Killed More People Than American Soldiers In The Vietnam War TIMES THREE

Few, if any, in the mainstream media are paying any attention to VAERS, even though it is the official data source for tracking injuries and deaths from all vaccines. Again, it is vastly underreported, but it is something, at least, that can give us an idea as to the current injury and death toll.

Even at the reported numbers, Wuhan Flu shots are the deadliest “vaccines” to hit the market in decades. They appear to be more dangerous, in fact, than all other vaccines that have ever been created combined – and this is just based on what has been reported to VAERS.

Extrapolated out using multipliers, covid shots are a full-scale pharmaceutical holocaust that has taken more lives than perhaps the entire Vietnam War did to American soldiers.

Chinese Virus injections are certainly more deadly than the 9/11 terrorist attacks by at least a factor of five. In other words, just based on what has been reported to VAERS so far, Operation Warp Speed has taken more lives than if 9/11 had occurred five separate times.

Using a multiplier of 10 from VAERS data, which again is on the more conservative side, the number of deaths caused by covid jabs so far is like three Vietnam Wars in terms of the number of American military casualties.

We are talking huge numbers, in other words, and the media continues to remain silent about all of this. Instead, they keep telling us all to roll up our sleeves and encourage our loved ones to do the same in order to “save lives” and stop killing grandma.

“It should be a crime for the media not to be made to report this important information!” wrote one commenter at the VAERS Analysis blog.

“ALL mainstream media outlets, including even Fox News and Newsmax, refuse to address the obvious dangers of the ‘vaccines’ (experimental gene therapies),” wrote another. “They are complicit and corrupt.”

WHO’s Terrorist-Connected Director General Now Claims Climate Change Is The ‘Single Biggest Health Threat Facing Humanity’

After grossly inflating COVID death rates, the WHO’s terrorist-connected Director General Tedros now claims climate change is the ‘single biggest health threat facing humanity.’

by Joe Hoft

who’s terrorist connected director general now claims climate change is the ‘single biggest health threat facing humanity’

The World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Director General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, now claims that climate change is the ‘single biggest health threat facing humanity’. This proves again this man should never lead a worldwide organization of any kind.

We first noticed Dr. Tedros shortly after the COVID outbreak in China was first reported in the press. Tedros claimed COVID had a mortality rate for those who caught the virus of 3.4%, scaring the entire world. This proved to be a faulty estimate based on faulty calculations we soon discovered.

We then uncovered that Tedros was a member of the terrorist regime that controls the African country of Ethiopia, where China has invested heavily. This we suspected was the reason he appeared to always promote a pro-China narrative.

tedros and china

Now the WHO under Tedros has released a publication claiming climate change is the world’s most pressing issue. Breitbart reports:

In its report titled “The Health Argument for Climate Action,” the W.H.O. calls climate change the “single biggest health threat facing humanity” and calls on governments to “act to tackle the climate crisis, restore biodiversity, and protect health.”

“While no one is safe from the health impacts of climate change, they are disproportionately felt by the most vulnerable and disadvantaged,” the report asserts.

To “avert catastrophic health impacts and prevent millions of climate change-related deaths,” the world must limit temperature rise to 1.5°C, the report states, referencing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“The climate crisis is upon us, powered by our addiction to fossil fuels,” writes Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, W.H.O. Director-General in his foreword to the report. “The consequences for our health are real and often devastating.”

Breitbart writes:

It is remarkable that given the magnitude of the negative impact of air pollution on human health, the United Nations is spending its efforts trying to convince first-world countries to curb the emission of carbon dioxide (a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas) rather than focusing on cleaning the air in third-world countries where people are dying daily from the pollution.

In an October 7 essay in the Wall Street Journal, climate expert Bjorn Lomborg declared that working to end global warming “could hurt the poor more than help” because of its negative impact on economic development.

Malnutrition deaths “have declined dramatically over the past three decades and will continue to drop rapidly over the next three,” Lomborg noted, a phenomenon overwhelmingly driven by economic growth…

…It does not take a conspiracy theorist to wonder whether the U.N.’s exclusive interest in climate change — which has not been convincingly tied to a single death — and its relative disregard for the established killer air pollution is not tied to geopolitical and economic interests unrelated to human health.

[The Western world is being destroyed by the climate agenda, which is based on the lie that humans are responsible for global warming. Meanwhile, China is unaffected by the anti-human climate agenda in the West and stands to profit massively as a result. They are already the world’s biggest producers of almost everything.]

Tedros and his WHO are at it again. Promoting devastating and erroneous information that helps China, perhaps the biggest killer these past few years when accounting for COVID and air pollution, and harms the West.

Libtard Parents Turning Their Kids Into Covid Spies

This story reads like satire, but it’s not…

Luke Beauregard, 8, holding a CO2 monitor he carries with him to school so that his mother, Lizzie Rothwell, can keep an eye on the school’s ventilation.

OCTOBER 12, 2021

NY Times:The Hot New Back-to-School Accessory? An Air Quality Monitor.

Parents are sneaking carbon dioxide monitors into their children’s schools to determine whether the buildings are safe.

This story takes the ongoing demoralization and pussification of our young people to a whole new level of abusive insanity. It reads like the type of mocking humor that an irreverent satirist would write, but it’s not satire.

From the article:

“When Lizzie Rothwell, an architect in Philadelphia, sent her son to third grade this fall, she stocked his blue L.L. Bean backpack with pencils, wide-ruled paper — and a portable carbon dioxide monitor.

The device gave her a quick way to assess how much fresh air was flowing through the school. Low levels of CO2 would indicate that it was well-ventilated, reducing her son’s odds of catching the corona-virus.

But she quickly discovered that during lunch, CO2 levels in the cafeteria rose to nearly double those recommended by CDC. She shared what she’d learned with the principal and asked if students could eat outside instead.

“He expressed surprise that I had any data at all,” she said.
Ms. Rothwell is one of a growing number of parents who are sneaking CO2 monitors into schools in a clandestine effort to make sure their children’s classrooms are safe. Aranet, which makes a monitor popular with parents, says orders have doubled since the new school year began.” (emphasis added)

You see, it’s not enough to be on guard against the corona-bug. We must also monitor CO2 levels which would indicate a “poorly ventilated” environment more susceptible to becoming infested with corona-bugs.

Loony Lizzie and Loony Luke with his Covid-preventing CO2 detector.
I recall the time as a second grader, circa 1980, when some older kids kicked my ass for having a Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang lunch box — which they smashed up pretty good. (Mamma treated me like an eternal infant because I was “the baby,” so I’m thankful for the ass-kickin.’) Imagine a boy bringing a CO2 detector to school in those days!  .

It gets even nuttier:

“Many of these parents have forged a community on Twitter, where they are using the hashtag #CovidCO2 to trade tips about how to smuggle the monitors into the classroom, how to interpret the data they are collecting and how to approach the school with their findings.”

The sneaky parents described in this article — in forcing their children to smuggle devices used to detect a harmless substance — are actually abusing their children by turning them into a version of Orwell’s “Junior Spies” from his dystopian novel, 1984. One of the mothers admits to having to bribe her reluctant daughter with chocolate bars. And a father quoted in the story describes how he makes his son wear baggy pants in order to better conceal the device. Such wonderful moral instruction libtards give to their children!

Of course, the ultimate irony here is that these “educated” idiots seem to have no concern at all about the excess CO2 and deficiency of oxygen inside of the stupid masks they are making their kids wear — to say nothing of the bacteria accumulation, the psychological damage, and the shitty, sneaky, dishonorable moral lesson being taught. Theses soulless libtards are sick — and stupid.

The Junior Spies from 1984 — another Orwellian prophecy comes to pass
The Parsons children — the odious little monsters turned their own father in for imaginary “thought crimes.”
Little Luke — the Junior spy smuggles his CO2 detector into class so that his nasty libtard bitch of a single mother can stir up her “Karen” shit with the school.

We do not foresee the remnants of the mass mania over Stupid-19 surviving much longer into 2022. And, in due time (sooner rather than later, we hope) even the economic damage is repairable. The one adverse effect of the Great Scamdemic which may turn out to have the longest lasting and most irreparable consequences is the traumatic transformation of the already soft current generation of school kids into the fearful obedient drones of tomorrow. Between the going-on-two-years-now Stupid-19 and the eternal Climate Con Scare, this current crop is being groomed to grow up into an adult population that will be absolutely incapable of reclaiming its liberty, or even recognizing the concept. Fearful and free will never be!

The hand that rocks the cradle sways the future. And this cradle has been rocked into insanity.

What a difference 100 years makes!

Canadian ER Doctor Quits: At Least 80% Of Patients Are Double Vaxxed

Dr. Rochagné Kilian, an ER doctor in Owen Sound, Ontario, resigned in protest of mandatory vaccines and the corruption of our health services.

canadian er doctor quits at least 80% of patients are double vaxxed

Dr. Kilian came to public attention when the recording of the Grey Bruce hospital board was released. In that recording, board president Gary Simms cannot provide any evidence whatsoever of his dire predictions of a ‘tidal wave of pediatric Covid cases’ which he says are coming this fall, while threatening Dr. Kilian when she spoke up for the truth.

Dr. Kilian has spoken out before regarding the growing corruption of our health care services and has shown leadership and integrity by resigning from her position.

“At least 80% of the ER patients in the past three months were double-vaxxed”, says Dr. Kilian of her informal survey of patients entering the ER with serious medical issues. “How many people are we going to kill if we keep following this narrative?”

This percentage is almost identical to the recent public health data from the UK, which showed that 80% of “covid-19” deaths in August and 81% in September were fully vaccinated people. It’s also important to note that the most vaccinated state in America is seeing a massive surge in “covid-19” hospitalizations. We’ve also just learned that in Sweden, 70% of COVID-related deaths between 1st and 24th September were fully vaccinated individuals.

You should also check out the recently-released data from the John Hopkins University, which is showing absolutely insane spikes in Covid-19 deaths after countries introduced the Covid injections.


7 In 10 Recent COVID-19 Deaths In Sweden Happening In Fully Vaxxed

Vaccine specialists listed several reasons for the spike in breakthrough infections, including that it’s been a while since the earliest vaccinations were administered, the increased vaccine coverage, the removed restrictions, and the incidence of the more contagious Delta strain.

by Igor Kuznetsov7 in 10 recent covid 19 deaths in sweden happening in fully vaxxed

Foto: Sofia Ekström

Given the high inoculation rate, the share of those vaccinated among confirmed COVID-19 cases has risen is Sweden, which according to researchers is seen as a signal of waning vaccine protection.

The Swedish Public Health Agency reported that between 1-24 September 7 out of 10 COVID-related deaths were fully vaccinated individuals.

According to Farshid Jalalvand, a researcher in clinical microbiology at Lund University, there are several reasons why the proportion of fully vaccinated among the deceased has increased.

“The main reasons are probably that it has now been quite a while since the oldest ones were vaccinated, that the vaccine coverage has increased, that the restrictions have been eased, and that the Delta strain has taken over”, Jalalavand told the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The Delta strain is known to spread more easily among both vaccinated and unvaccinated than the Alpha strain. According to Jalalavand, though, fully vaccinated people “generally have good protection”.

BREAKING: Study Finds The Current Covid-19 Vaccines Will Cause ‘Vaccine Induced Enhanced Disease’ When Infected With Delta.

Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam, professor of vaccine immunology at the Karolinska Institute, said it is not unexpected that vaccine protection decreases over time.

“The mRNA vaccines are fantastic in that they could be developed so quickly and they reduce the risk of serious illness significantly. However, they don’t produce as high antibody levels as protein-based vaccines. The higher the antibody concentration in the blood after vaccination, the more robust and lasting the protection will be”, Karlsson Hedestam said.

At present, there are currently no protein-based COVID-19 vaccines on the global market, but Novavax and Sanofi Pasteur have both filed for approval by the WHO and in Europe, respectively.

Nevertheless, Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam called the idea of completely vaccinating yourself free from SARS-CoV-2 “overly optimistic”.

“We know that the COVID-19 vaccine reduces the risk of illness and death, which is very important, but at the same time we must accept that the breakthrough infections will increase and that we must continue to live with this virus, at least until we have an even better vaccine”, she mused, calling on her compatriots to avoid “certain risk situations” to keep the spread of infection down.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell confirmed that no vaccine offers 100-percent protection.

“Therefore, there will be mild cases where one dies with COVID-19, but not because of the disease. That proportion will get bigger and bigger the more people who are vaccinated”, Tegnell said.

At the same time, age is also seen as a factor, as the median age of those fully vaccinated who have died since 1 July has been over 80 years old. Yet, cases of infection in elder care have recently increased to their highest levels since February, and the proportion of the elderly among those infected has risen to some of the highest levels since mass testing began.

Since the start of the pandemic, Sweden, a nation of over 10 million, has seen 1.16 million cases with nearly 15,000 fatalities. Nearly 65 percent of the Swedish population is fully vaccinated.