Ukrainian Cancel Culture Goes Full…

A street named after the classical composer Tchaikovsky in Lviv, Ukraine.

JUNE 24, 2022

NY Times: Goodbye, Tchaikovsky and Tolstoy: Ukrainians Look To ‘Decolonize’ Their Streets.

by M. King,

The madness of the bought & paid-for leaders of this CIA-created Satanic farce of a “nation” that calls itself “Ukraine” has, evidently, urinated down upon local governments and a broad element of the population itself. The invented mythology holds that the REGION historically referred to as “the Ukraine” has always been a distinct ethnicity and identity “suppressed” by the “cultural colonizing” Russians. The Times article sympathetically describes the latest “cancel culture” insanity to come out of this pathetic “nation.” —

“Far from Ukraine’s embattled eastern front, a new struggle is being waged — not from the trenches, but over leafy side streets and broad avenues. That is where the enemy goes by the name Pavlov. Or Tchaikovsky. Or Catherine the Great.

Across Ukraine, streets and subway stops whose names evoke the history of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union are under scrutiny by a population eager to rid itself of traces of the nation that invaded in late February.

“We are defending our country, also on the cultural front lines,” said Andriy Moskalenko, the deputy mayor of Lviv and the head of a committee that has reviewed the names of each of the city’s more than 1,000 streets. “And we don’t want to have anything in common with the killers.”

“When we rename a street, it doesn’t mean we are saying: ‘This person didn’t make this invention, or was not important,’” said Mr. Moskalenko, the deputy mayor of Lviv. “It means this person’s work has been used as a tool of colonization.”

Shit! One has to wonder how many of these Russia-hating Ukrainians are actually “Ukrainians”

Russian novelist Tolstoy: cancelled // Russian composer 
Tchaikovsky: cancelled // Russian scientist / 
 Pavlov: cancelled

THE Ukraine is a REGION — like say, THE Ohio Valley, or THE Caucasus, THE Florida Everglades, or THE French Riviera, or THE Donbas etc. The “nationalist” script writers canceled the grammatical article “the” so as to transform this 1200-year-old REGION (The Ukraine) of Russia into a proper, though fake, nation (Ukraine). The historical reality of the matter is that the massive federation of 800s Kievan Rus is the historical, ethnic, linguistic Viking ancestor entity of BelarusRussia, and “Ukraine.” The Mongols took control in the 1200s, and when their grip was finally broken some 200 years later, the center of power and influence emerged in Moscow, though Kiev always remained an important part of the Russian Empire.

Thus, from the early days of Kievan Rus, down through the centuries of the Tsars, and for most of the 20th Century as part of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine was nothing more than a region — with its westernmost inhabitants speaking a bastardized dialect of Russian, and the now oppressed easterners never deviating at all from their Russianity. Ukraine’s western distance from the Russian center and its slight cultural differences gave the “usual suspects” an opening to use “nationalism” to play their usual divide and conquer scheme — very similar to the fake-ass Bavarian Nationalism movement which (((they))) juiced up in an effort to further splinter Germany after World War I.

Given the recent history of Ukraine I would like to suggest some new street names to replace the old ones being removed – names which better reflect the true “heritage” of this modern day fake state.

  • Soros Street
  • Brzezinski Parkway
  • Nuland Drive
  • Bush Road
  • Obongo Square
  • McCain Highway
  • Clinton Court
  • Biden Boulevard
  • CIA Circle
  • Mossad Park
  • Tel Aviv Terrace
  • NATO Avenue
  • MI6 Alley

Without those Globalist entities and individuals, Ukrainian “Nationalism” wouldn’t even exist today. So it is they that the Ukrainians should be “honoring” – instead of some obscure “Ukrainian” poet not worthy to carry Tolstoy’s pen, or some unheard-of composer not fit to tune Tchaikovsky’s piano.

1. The vile John McStain in Kiev (2013) — stirring up a violent coup. (I thought he couldn’t lift his arms due to a Vietnam war injury?? // 2. Victoria Nuland-Kagan (cough cough) shows off her newly-installed Ukraine puppet criminals (2014). // 3. Vice President Biden (when he still had pearly white teeth implants) with puppet Poroshenko.

We Are Witnessing What Happens When Unrestrained Youth Gets Power

From Madison reading Cato and Cicero when framing the Constitution to the outsized impact both Rome and America had on the world around them, the United States has long been associated with historical Rome. There are great similarities, and there can be much to learn—and what’s happening now does not reflect well on either historical Rome or America.

When most of us think of the worst emperors in Roman history we think of names like Commodus, Nero, Caligula, and Elagabalus. To a man they were vain, self-centered, bloodthirsty hedonists who took what they wanted and tortured and killed many thousands of Romans and provincials.

All emperors, including the great ones like Augustus, Trajan, and Aurelian had blood on their hands to one degree or another but most tried to maintain or grow the empire. Commodus et al didn’t. Their goal was to satiate their lusts, whether literal lust or gluttony or, sadly, bloodlust. While there were other bad emperors, these four are among the worst.

What makes this relevant today is the fact that all four of these “men” were spoiled, pampered, entitled sadists who were given free rein when they were still essentially children. Commodus was the oldest at 19, while Nero was 17, and both Elagabalus and Caligula were 16.

They were overindulged brats who never faced consequences for their behavior. They were given virtually anything they wanted or, just as often, allowed to take what they wanted with impunity. And at those ripe young ages, and with that upbringing, they were literally given the keys to the kingdom and unleashed on the Empire—and virtually everyone in it suffered as a result.

Every day in America we see modern-day Commoduses or Caligulas wreaking havoc on our streets and in our stores, restaurants, schools, and more. Instead of a single entitled Emperor, America in 2022 is being ravaged by a generation of young men—many of whom have grown up fatherless—who have been told that they can do and say anything they want and that, regardless of what they do, there will be no consequences for them.

Just as Elagabalus et al brought nothing but blood, despair, and dysfunction to the Empire, these 21st-century youth are bringing blood, despair, and destruction to America. A generation of Americans has grown up being given “time outs”, “participation trophies,” and grades that have nothing to do with actual academic success, while at the same time they’ve been told that all inequality is due to racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything other than individual choices or actions.

The consequence of this indoctrination is that far too many young Americans think they can do anything with impunity. If they want something they take it. If they’re mad about something they protest, disrupt the lives of everyone within shouting distance, and frequently riot. They assault, rape and, sometimes, even murder, increasingly with impunity.

Pat Moynihan predicted much of this 60 years ago in his “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” In it he “…described through pages of disquieting charts and graphs, the emergence of a “tangle of pathology,” including delinquency, joblessness, school failure, crime, and fatherlessness that characterized ghetto—or what would come to be called underclass—behavior.”

While most of the scenes of flash mobs, carjackings, Knock Out Game punches, subway shovings, and daily shootings involve black male youth, this is not a race issue. Yes, the problem is disproportionately black, but White and Hispanic America is increasingly experiencing the same challenges of unwed mothers, school failures, and the lack of responsibility that underpins much of the dysfunction.

Whether a California college student getting 6 months for rape, a Texas boy getting no jail time for killing four people in a car crash, or charges being dropped against a South Carolina boy for killing someone in a boat crash, unaccountable America spans across races, wealth, and indeed the country itself. This is nowhere better demonstrated than by the legions of rioters who participated in the “peaceful protests” of 2020 who found their charges dropped or their bails funded by the glitterati.

How To Win The Debate On Abortion In 12 Clear Counterpoints

The same points keep getting made in the debate on abortion. Here are the many reasons the usual points in favor of abortion are wrong.


The Supreme Court has overturned its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling and now the issue of abortion will be part of our national debate as much as ever. Here are some of the many reasons the usual arguments in favor of abortion are wrong.

Pro-Abortion Claim: The government should stay out of people’s private lives. This is a woman’s choice, not anyone else’s, and a women’s rights issue.

Why It’s Wrong: Laws often restrict an individual’s rights, including the right to hurt another person or infringe upon another’s rights. In taking the life of an unborn child, a woman is taking away the most basic of all rights.

An unborn child is not part of a woman’s body, but a separate, individual human being with his or her own rights. A child is not the mother’s property, just as parents are legal guardians of children but not the children’s owners and are not allowed to abuse their children.

Pro-Abortion Claim: When most abortions take place, in early pregnancy, a fertilized egg is just a mass of cells, not a human being. It doesn’t feel pain.

Why It’s Wrong: A new life begins at conception and should not be destroyed by human interference.

First, one-third of abortions take place after nine weeks of pregnancy. Yet from the moment of conception, the zygote has its own unique DNA structure, is alive and growing, and is equipped to become a mature human being.

Six weeks after conception, the unborn child’s heartbeat is detectable — but began beating before then. At week three, neural development begins. At week four, the eye, ear, and respiratory systems begin to form. At week six, the mouth and lips are present. At week seven, the embryo looks like a baby.

The beginning of life could be defined by many different points of development — fertilization (the fusion of the nuclei of the sperm and egg cell), implantation, the first movement, heartbeat, or brain waves, consciousness, or birth. Any point you choose could be just a day’s difference between life and death for an unborn child.

Drawing the line at the point of viability is also problematic — that point will continue to get earlier in the pregnancy as medical advances create better means of keeping the unborn alive outside the womb; indeed, viability is now weeks earlier than it was when Roe was decided.

Yet the unborn child did not become a person because he could survive due to modern science. Newborns are not technically viable either, as they cannot survive on their own. By this logic, we should consider it acceptable to kill newborns.

Nor does the absence of pain at early stages make it moral to kill the unborn child, just as it would not with an adult. Abortion can involve sucking a baby out of the uterus (or as Planned Parenthood puts it, “the suction machine is turned on and the uterus is gently emptied”), causing a stillbirth by injecting a salt solution into the uterus, and other horrors.

Pro-Abortion Claim: Abortion can’t be a crime against nature if fertilized eggs are spontaneously miscarried in nature.

Why It’s Wrong: The occurrence of an event in nature does not justify deliberately mimicking that event. The elderly die of natural causes, but that doesn’t make it right to kill them. And many miscarriages are associated with extra or missing chromosomes.

Pro-Abortion Claim: Birth control isn’t 100 percent effective. When it fails, women have been responsible and need abortion as another method to avoid having a child.

Why It’s Wrong: Seven percent of women report having sex without using some form of birth prevention in the past three months, not including 8 percent who have such sex but are seeking pregnancy or already pregnant. Many people who use birth control do not do so effectively.

The pregnancy prevention rate of birth-control pills used consistently and correctly is 99 percent. For that small portion who correctly used birth control but it did not prevent conception, they have to accept the risks of sexual activity, which include a child. Contraception is free with most health insurance plans and easily available.

Pro-Abortion Claim: In the case of rape or incest, when a woman was an innocent victim of an involuntary act, she should not be forced to carry a child. She would be forced to suffer even more.

Why It’s Wrong: One percent of women say they want an abortion because they were raped, and less than 0.5 percent say they are pregnant as a result of incest. Even in such very rare cases, an unborn child should not be killed because of another person’s evil deed. The pregnant woman needs love and support, not more trauma.

An estimated 800,000 abortions take place in the United States each year. Common reasons given for seeking an abortion are that a child would disrupt the mother’s education (38 percent), interfere with job or career (38 percent), or be unaffordable (73 percent). About half of respondents said they didn’t want to be a single mom or were having relationship problems.

About a third said they didn’t want any more kids; 25 percent said they didn’t want people to know they had sex or got pregnant; 32 percent said they weren’t ready for a child; and 22 percent didn’t feel mature enough to raise children. More than half of those seeking abortion have had at least one previous birth.

Pro-Abortion Claim: Minors are too young for the responsibilities of parenthood.

Why It’s Wrong: About 3 percent of females who get abortions are younger than 18, and 8 percent are 18 to 19 years old. Parents of minors should teach their children about the consequences of sex, the benefits of abstinence, and the limitations of contraception, among other things: Sex can lead to pregnancy and if it does the unborn child should not be killed.

Accepting truths that you don’t like is part of maturity, and sex should be reserved for mature people ready to care for a child.

Pro-Abortion Claim: If abortion were made legal only in cases of rape or incest, women would lie.

Why It’s Wrong: The court system could settle the truth of their claims and more reporting of rape and incest would help bring perpetrators to justice.

Pro-Abortion Claim: Abortion is safer than continuing a pregnancy to term.

Why It’s Wrong: Even if abortion is safer than pregnancy, that doesn’t make it right. But with modern medicine, the death risks for both abortion and pregnancy are very low.

Pro-Abortion Claim: It would be better for abnormal fetuses to be aborted than to live with poor health or a disability.

Why It’s Wrong: In the case of the small minority of fetuses with a potentially life-threatening abnormality, a natural death may result, but, if not, the child should be given the benefit of the doubt, not be killed. It’s wrong to kill disabled people for their disabilities.

Pro-Abortion Claim: If abortion were outlawed, women would just get riskier, dangerous abortions.

Why It’s Wrong: People break other laws with repercussions too, but we don’t avoid that outcome by not making those laws. Outlawing abortion would save millions of unborn babies’ lives.

It is difficult to know the number of abortions resulting in death before abortion was legalized, because many illegal abortions went unreported. Education is the best alternative, so women know the risks of trying to get an abortion illegally, how to effectively use birth control, and how they can receive assistance as mothers.

Pro-Abortion Claim: The right to an abortion has led to a more prosperous society as women have continued in their careers and low-income couples have not been burdened with an additional expense. Abortion has reduced the child abuse and crime that arise from unwanted children.

Why It’s Wrong: Abortion has been bad for our society, as it devalues human life and the fulfillment that only family and children, not a job, can provide. If women want to put careers first or can’t afford children, they should practice abstinence or correctly use birth control and make plans for accepting the consequences if that fails.

If women are poor and do have children, the government provides assistance. Adoption is also a better option than killing an unborn child. Many loving, screened, financially stable parents are waiting to adopt babies.

As for whether studies prove that abortion has reduced crime or abuse, this is a dangerous line of argument. Should we abort babies of certain groups more likely to be criminals?

Pro-Abortion Claim: A woman has a right to privacy, as recognized by the Supreme Court, and to make her own decisions about her life and happiness.

Why It’s Wrong: Roe v. Wade was so strongly resisted because it was a deeply flawed decision.

The legal arguments are lengthy, but the short answer is that the constitutional right to liberty simply does not grant the right to kill another person, and an unborn child is a person.

Abortion is a deeply divisive issue, and about half of Americans consider themselves pro-life and half call themselves pro-choice. Overturning Roe will not end abortion rights but return the issue to the states, allowing for a more democratic process — the debate will continue, but the truth remains the same.

The US Is Dying, Can We Save Her?

“Liberty must at all hazards be supported.  We have a right to it, derived from our maker.  
But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us,  at the expense of their ease, 
their estates, their pleasure and their blood.”     – John Adams

“Timid men…prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty. ”     – Thomas Jefferson

“The people…are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. ”    – Thomas Jefferson

” A constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored.
Liberty once lost is lost forever. ”   – John Adams

“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right … and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible,  divine right to that most dreaded and envied king of knowledge, I mean of the characters and  conduct of their rulers. ”   – John Adams

The above quotes are from two of our early presidents.  They ran against each other in 1800… In what is sometimes referred to as the “Revolution of 1800,” Vice President Thomas Jefferson of the Democratic-Republican Party defeated one-term incumbent President John Adams of the Federalist Party.  Jefferson served two terms.

I recently read Glynn Adams wonderful article, True Biblical Christianity .  It made me weep because he was so right. I had just one caveat.  It started long before Saul Alinsky; he was just another cog in the 175-year-old wheel promoting the replacement of a free capitalist society with a Marxist one.  In 1848, European communists immigrated to America after failing to implant socialism in Europe.  By 1860 they were flourishing.  There were 13 high ranking officers in the Union Army who were avowed Marxist/Engels communists.  The war was not over slavery, it was over economics to be exact, and 700,000 American citizens died because of that vile and unconstitutional war.  The abhorrent evil of slavery was already on its way out as well it should have been. But that unconstitutional war was the watershed event that changed America forever.  

Karl Marx wrote to Lincoln many times urging Lincoln to use the slavery issue as it would give America a centralized federal government in order to secure a birthplace for communism to easily be spread.  Apparently, Lincoln wrote back to him. Yet, diaries of both northern and southern soldiers kept asking, “Why is slavery being brought into this?”  

That watershed event has led to what our country has become today, and the totalitarian tyranny that has taken hold of our once great nation, the “land of the free and home of the brave.”

America’s Public Education

In 1880, John Dewey’s progressive education was blooming.  Later, John Rockefeller Jr. was enamored with Dewey (no relation to the Dewey of the decimal system) and sent all four of his sons to the progressive school Dewey had birthed.  Every one of them was not only dyslexic but they were functionally illiterate (lack of phonics).  One of those sons was a heartbeat away from the presidency when he was VP under Gerald Ford.  Nelson Rockefeller couldn’t read, and when he gave a speech, he’d come out and lay a bunch of papers on the dais and then proceed to tell the audience that he had prepared a speech, but was going to speak from his heart.  He hired Soviet Agent Henry Kissinger to read to him.

That was the death knell of American academic teaching and the destruction of our youth, which in 1932 was well on its way to a coalition of Marxist thinking and collectivism.  Then came teachers’ unions…you know the rest of the story, by the 50s McCarthy knew we were infiltrated, so the communists destroyed him.  (For a look at the communist planners of the early 1930s, purchase the book, The Turning of the Tides , originally published in 1953. And for the truth of Senator Joe McCarthy, read M. Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted by History .)


Morality is gone, the filth paraded down the streets of America used to hide in the back alleys, and is now on full display, even to our kindergarten children.  The perversion and fetid noxiousness of this sewage emanates directly from the very pit of hell.  It has been growing for many decades in America and started long ago…does not our Lord call it an abomination in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament!?  And these perversions are on display in American politics for all the world to see.  Nearly every corporation has exploded with praise for “Pride Month!”  Pride in perversion and disgusting and filthy activities now claimed by our culture to be normal.  Even L.L. Bean has promoted Pride Day with the stolen rainbow promise of our Lord on their goods.

The Rule of Law

Although the preamble to the Constitution begins with “We the people,” the word “democracy” (mob rule) is not mentioned in the Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. Even the Pledge of Allegiance is “to the Republic for which it stands.” We are supposed to be a nation of laws, “rule of law” rather than “mob rule.”  One of the inherent weaknesses in a government based  only  on the will of the people is the potential for  mob rule . This was often the downfall of direct democracies, where all the people decided on public matters directly rather than through representatives. We were created as a  representative Republic not a democracy .

Law, that precious thing of justice is now also gone.  Daily we see examples of charges being thrust against the innocents forcing them to lose their savings and livelihoods to defend themselves.  There are so many examples, one cannot possibly list them all, but there are obvious truths blaring to the nation that those with eyes to see and ears to hear know only too well.  

Trump was innocent of charges, but the Stalinist leftists continue to harass him with charges that are unconscionable and serve only to cover over their sins while their comrades in the media continue the harangue of outright lies and prevarications. And Trump wasn’t the only one…General Michael T. Flynn suffered for three and a half years under this tyranny.  Roger Stone is still suffering because of the fraudulent charges against him and the loss of his savings and livelihood.  Both were fortunately pardoned by President Trump.  Today it’s Peter Navarro being harassed and led away from the airport in handcuffs and chains.  An unnecessary show of tyrannical force for the public.

Hunter Biden is free, the illegitimate president in our White House is not being impeached for his failure to protect America. Forty Billion taxpayer dollars has been sent to the fascist nation of Ukraine and you certainly understand just whose pockets the kickbacks will end up in.  Inflation is skyrocketing, food plants are burned to the ground, the southern border is flooded with elements of danger for American citizens.  It is an invasion the president is supposed to protect us from, but ignores his constitutional oath and duties in order to bring to us the “Great Reset.”

Durham continues his pseudo attempts at being an investigator who will bring justice and we all know that will never happen.  Hillary’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussman was acquitted of lying to the FBI because the trial was held in the democratic conclave of DC.  That same conclave will find all Republicans guilty, i.e., Roger Stone.

The illegal and murderous actions of the last two years have served to destroy America’s people and rip the guts from our unalienable Bill of Rights.  Few complained, they mostly complied. The American public acquiesced their freedoms and the societal impact of group think, or mass formation psychosis was parroted from the demonic entities hired by Task Force head, Benedict Arnold Pence.  

Muzzling the Pulpits 

The muzzling of the clergy was done through the Lyndon Baines Johnson Amendment of 1954.  Johnson had faced political difficulties and attacks from organizations in his home state of Texas.  So LBJ proposed the amendment to the tax code that has greatly restricted the free speech of pastors and churches on July 2, 1954. 100 Cong. Rec. 9604 (daily ed. July 2, 1954). The words “in opposition to” were added in 1986.  Ass’n of the Bar of the City of N.Y. v. Comm’r , 858 F.2d 876,879 (2d Cir. 1988). 

“The IRS rule that strips tax exemption from churches engaged in electioneering was born of Lyndon Johnson’s Texas politics, not the U.S. Constitution,” Larry Witham, Texas politics blamed for ’54 IRS rule LBJ wanted to keep Senate seat, WASH. TIMES, Aug. 27, 1998 (discussing a study done by James Davidson, a Purdue University sociologist).

Unbelievably, it passed and it was not clear why Congress even enacted it .  There was little to no debate over the amendment or how it would even influence churches, so I suspect backroom finagling went on just as it has for over 175 years and as it is today.

For the first century and a half our nation had a tradition of our clergy being involved in the political activities of the day.  It was commonplace for preachers and rabbis to speak of candidates and issues.  But that was stopped by LBJ, who had also cheated to gain the Senate seat which he had actually lost to former Governor Coke Stevenson.  Link Check out History of the 501(c)3 .

The IRS Gov website states, “Section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative ( lobbying ) activities they may conduct. For a detailed discussion, see  Political and Lobbying Activities . For more information about lobbying activities by charities, see the article  Lobbying Issues PDF ; for more information about political activities of charities, see the FY-2002 CPE topic  Election Year Issues PDF .”

So, if a church or organization has received tax exempt status as well as the ability to deduct your charity giving from your income tax, then you best keep your mouth shut about any political activities.  Otherwise, you’ll be harassed into closure if you disobey these draconian and censorial laws.

Political Sermons of the American Founding Era

How different the sermons and papers were from 1730 to 1805, the founding era of our country.  Ellis Sandoz’ edition of the 1600-page book of political sermons from that era is still available here .  They are starkly different than any you’d hear today from any of our clergy.

In 1800, Tunis Wortman wrote to his Christian readers and his entire address can be read in full here .  In this letter, he is defending Thomas Jefferson against the charge of deism.

Here is just one paragraph of that momentous tome:

I address you upon the most solemn and momentous subjects which can interest the mind-religion and liberty. I consider you in the capacity of believers and patriots, as equally anxious to maintain every inestimable right which appertains to Christians and to men. You have a religion which deserves your pious solicitude; but need I to remind you that you likewise have a country! Are you to be told that your duty, as Christians, is irreconcilable with the sacred obligations which bind you to the state? Are you at this day to be solemnly and seriously called upon to sacrifice your freedom upon the altars of your God? No, my countrymen, your religion is inestimable and worthy of your care. Your civil constitution is also invaluable. It is the palladium of all your social blessings, and the peculiar gift of providence. Your obligations to your children, to your country, and to heaven, command you to defend that constitution. With a voice too powerful to be resisted, they conjure you to cling to, and fasten upon it, “with the last strong hold which grapples into life.”


We have lost so much in these 235 years of America.  Our country was founded by great statesmen, men of letters and men of faith, men who desired freedom and liberty at all costs.  We have failed to defend what they gave us.  It is way past time for all good men to stand for freedom, liberty, justice, morality, academic education and true God given Judeo and Christian faiths.   

July 4 th is upon us…Independence Day, where our founders threw off the chains of taxation and control from Great Britain and fought for our own independence from tyranny.  It is time to take to the battle once again.  The cost is even higher this time, but if we wait much longer, our fate will be decided and the losses will be greater than those we’re seeing today.

Please take a stand against this Luciferian evil which has permeated our beloved nation.  Too many have died to save her, let them not have died in vain.

Poisoned Presidents? #4

Case 4 of 7 / Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire was a Democrat who was elected the 14th President in 1852. Though a northerner and a pro-Unionist, Pierce also enjoyed strong support in the South, and he viewed radical northern abolitionists as a threat to unity. Pierce’s one-term presidency would go on to be deemed a “failure” by establishment historians, and this “correctionist historian” would have to agree with academia in this case; while noting, in all fairness, that few placed in his predicament could have succeeded. Pierce’s fear of “The Slave Power” expansionists alienated pro-Union and anti-slavery groups for he, like President Fillmore, appeased the secessionists by signing the Kansas–Nebraska Act(which allowed slavery in new territories) and enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act.

Far from calming the situation, Pierce’s approach only exacerbated the related controversies of slavery expansion and the coming secession. It can rightly be said that the Civil War started under Pierce’s watch, in the new territory of Kansas where “free state” settlers bloodily battled with “slave staters.” (see “Bleeding Kansas“) Much like what was going on over in Europe, this period in US history was one in which the government, particularly the dangerous office of the presidency itself, regardless of who was holding it, was the most destabilized it had ever been — and it was all by design of “somebody.”

Before we review the possible, but not fatal, presidential poisoning of Pierce, it is important to note that he came close to dying in an “accident” two months before being sworn in.  Pierce and his wife, Jane, sustained minor injuries after their train-car derailed in Massachusetts and toppled down a 20-foot embankment — coming to rest on its roof. Killed in the strange accident was their 11-year-old son, Benny. Pierce himself pulled little Benny from the wreckage. The back of the boy’s head had been torn off by flying debris. After glimpsing the horrible sight, Jane, according to a witness,  went into “agony beyond any description.” She suffered from severe depression the rest of her days. It is also said that Pierce himself was never the same after the accident; and that be became weak and prone to manipulation. Understandable.

Things get even freakier. During this pre-inauguration period, Pierce’s vice-President-to-be, a southern pro-unionist named William R. King of Alabama, like Presidents Harrison, Polk and Taylor in recent years, also came down suddenly ill while in Cuba — “tuberculosis” they said. King was so ill that he couldn’t make it back to Washington DC for the March swearing-in. He was administered the oath of Vice Presidency while still in Cuba. Just 6 weeks later, King, 67, was dead and Pierce went without a VP for his whole 4-year presidency. Just imagine the political destabilization had Pierce and King both died during the pre-inauguartion period. Who would have become president then, when Fillmore’s term expired? Rules of succession only apply to sitting presidents & vice presidents — not pre-presidents.

1. Could someone have rigged the deadly pre-inauguration train derailment over a Massachusetts embankment? Agents of intrigue operated in the North as well as the South. // 2. Jane Pierce saw her son’s head smashed open and was never the same. // 3. Vice President William R. King — sudden pre-inauguration “tuberculosis,” followed by death — leaving the already weakened Pierce without a VP for the next four years.

Pierce’s compromises, on top of previous ones, were (as southern pro-Union presidents Jackson, Polk & Taylor had all previously foreseen) only strategic stepping stones toward the actual long term conspiratorial goal of what Unionists were calling, “The Slave Power”
 — namely, expansion and secession, by Civil War if necessary. 

May 22, 1856 — Congressman Preston Brooks (SC) surprise-attacked Senator Charles Sumner (MA) with a cane in the US Senate Chamber  — beating the defenseless Sumner over the head so severely that he almost died, and never fully recovered. Brooks had taken offense to Sumner’s anti-“Slave Power” / anti-Kansas-Nebraska Compromise speech in which he attacked his cousin, SC Senator Andrew Butler. Onlookers who moved to restrain Brooks were held back by another Congressman, 
Laurence M. Keitt (SC)
, who was brandishing a pistol.

In Summer 1853, Pierce developed a severe respiratory infection while traveling to the world’s fair in New York. He described his sudden affliction as  “a pain in his lungs” — and was forced to cancel some speeches. Back in Washington, he took to bed. Observers described his state as “broken and wretched.” Though called a severe cold at the time, the lung illness was obviously something more — possibly pneumonia.

Chills and fever again afflicted Pierce in summer 1854. Both the President and the First Lady developed a chronic cough — with both, according to one source, coughing up blood. (here) Were it not for the sudden and unexpected deaths of THREE recent presidents, the recent death of Pierce’s VP, and the horrible train derailment which killed his son — one could reasonably dismiss the sickness of the Pierces as pneumonia or tuberculosis. But given all of these strange occurrences and the crazy political climate leading up to the Civil War, Pierce’s sudden lung ailment, which he survived, should also be considered suspicious — because poisons can indeed cause what is known as “chemical pneumonia.” After leaving office in 1857, both Pierces died young, Jane in 1863, age 57 — and Franklin in 1869, at age 65.


Case 3 of 7 / Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor 1850

Zachary Taylor, elected the 12th president in 1848,  had been a general and national military hero from the War of 1812 and the Mexican-American War (1846-48). Like General Andrew Jackson, his military record served as the foundation for an eventual presidency. Like Jackson, he was a southerner (having lived in several southern states) and a slave owner. And like Jackson, he was a steadfast pro-Unionist with zero tolerance for the secessionists. Like William Henry Harrison, (see Case 1) Taylor’s presidency was brief — just 16 months.

Taylor’s tenure occurred at a momentous time in both world and United States history. As “spontaneous” secessionist / independence revolutions were “coincidentally” rocking Europe and Latin America, the issue (pretext) of slavery in the western territories of the US pitted southern secessionists dubbed by Unionists as “the fire-eaters” against  the pro-Union patriots of both North and South. The nation looked to General-turned-President Taylor for a solution.

Taylor wanted the western territories seeking statehood (New Mexico, California) to be admitted to the Union as soon as their state constitutions arrived in Washington, with no language from Congress about slavery. He did so understanding that both would bar slavery in their state constitutions (“free states”).

At that time, there were thirty states in the Union, equally split between slave and free states. Hence, Taylor’s proposal would have added two or three free states to the Union, upsetting the North-South balance in the Senate. The secessionists cried betrayal! The stage was set for either a clash or a “compromise.” The debate that ensued was one of the most contentious episodes in American history. Taylor, knowing that the Calhounites would only use compromise as a stepping stone for the next offensive (exactly as Andrew Jackson had warned a decade earlier) would have none of it. Some southern Democrats responded to Taylor’s position by calling for a secession convention.

In February of 1850, Taylor held a contentious conference with southern leaders who were threatening secession. He told them that he personally would lead the Army, and “Any persons taken in rebellion against the Union will be hanged with less reluctance than I had hanged deserters and spies in Mexico.”  Being a southerner, a slave holder and a popular military hero, he, like Jackson could have done exactly that and still retained the support of many common southerners while doing so. 

What to do, what to do about a strong “bad ass” southern Unionist like General Taylor? Fortunately for the secessionist intriguers, Taylor wouldn’t be around much longer.

1. Rothschild’s “spontaneous” European & Latin American “nationalist” secessionist revolutions of 1848 (also the same year that the Communist Manifesto was published) failed to break up the various empires, but they did succeed in weakening the existing order of things. The parallels between these subversive uprisings and the curious growth of anti-Union Southern nationalism are striking. // 2. The radical secessionists dubbed “the fire-eaters” originally formed in 1850. // 3. Edmund Ruffin — a leader of the Fire-Eaters — would later go on to fire the first gun of the Civil War, at the Union-held Fort Sumter in South Carolina in 1861.

After participating in Fourth of July ceremonies at the Washington Monument, Taylor became ill. Within five days he was dead.  A tummy ache caused by eating too many cherries and drinking cold milk, the Fake News said (rolling eyes). Diarrhea, fever, chills — a prolonged death — eerily similar to the death of Presidents Harrison (another pro-Union southern war hero opposed to expanding slavery westward) just nine years earlier, and Polk (another pro-Union southerner) the year before. How conveeenient!

After Taylor’s death, “The Compromise of 1850” — authored by “the great compromiser” that Andrew Jackson wished he had shot, Henry Clay of Kentucky — was passed and signed into law by Taylor’s weak successor, Millard Fillmore. Fillmore — a New York lawyer — feared the secessionists and tried to appease them. But exactly as Taylor had foreseen, it would not satisfy the intriguers. The tragedy of the Civil War was still on course, with the first wave of state secessions being just 12 years away. It would be a conflict in which a future president from a northern state — Abraham Lincoln of Illinois — could, unlike southern slave-owning military heros Jackson, Harrison and Taylor — easily be labeled as an anti-southern “Yankee” and “tyrant.”

As for South Carolina’s John C. Calhoun — the man that Jackson wished he had hanged about 20 years earlier — he died just four month’s before Taylor did. But conspiratorial Calhounism lived on and grew stronger throughout the South. After Calhoun’s passing, Mississippi Senator Jefferson Davis  assumed the unofficial role of southern leadership — until being named President of the Confederate States in 1862 — with “Davis’s pet Jew” (and probably Rothschild-linked)Judah Benjamin telling him what to do.

It’s also worth noting that Fillmore would also go on to send Commodore Matthew Perry to “open up Japan” by threat of force in 1853.  Thus began the military modernization of medieval Japan in advance of its Rothschild-US-UK backed war on Tsarist Russia in 1905 — a war which weakened Russia and strengthened the Bolsheviks. Commodore Perry’s daughter was married to the European-born Jew August Belmont(born August Schönberg — Rothschild’s openly known US agent who became head of the Democrat National Committee in 1860. Though a northerner, Belmont was later suspected of trying to undermine Lincoln and the Union during the Civil War. Yes indeed. The flow of history took some nasty and bloody turns because of those “cherries and milk!” 

* Conspiracy Theory: The same secret society networks  — quite likely connected (at the highest levels) to the “usual suspects” running the tumultuous 1848 secessionist movements of Europe & Latin America — realized that the tough Taylor was willing to smash — by military force if necessary — their southern “nationalist” scheme to split the United States in two. So (((they))) poisoned him to death.

1. Like General Jackson before him, son-of-the-South General Taylor was also ready to use force to hang secessionists. / 2. Taylor’s grave-site: Louisville, Kentucky. // Cherries & milk, eh?

At the urging of a researcher and with the permission of Taylor’s descendants, his body was exhumed in 1991 and tested for arsenic poisoning only. The results were negative, but no test for any other forms of poison were performed.

Some establishment Fake Historians now speculate that Harrison, Polk & Taylor were all killed by “bad water supply” flowing to the White House. Evidently, the “bad water” knew to kill only presidents, but not their wives, children, servants, staff etc.

¿Los trágicos destinos de estrellas mundiales como Celine Dion y Justin Bieber abrirán los ojos de sus fans?

Celine Dion y Justin Bieber, mismos destinos trágicos tras las inyecciones contra el coronavirus

Respaldada por la desinformación de los medios de comunicación y la ciencia falsa, la vacuna de ARNm se presentó como una solución para frenar la pandemia. Ampliamente documentada, la vacuna contra la COVID-19 ha desencadenado desde un inicio, en diciembre de 2020, una tendencia al alza en la mortalidad y morbilidad. La evidencia es abrumadora.

Los gobiernos nacionales de todo el mundo le están mintiendo a la gente, a las poblaciones a las que supuestamente sirven.

A continuación se muestra el incisivo y franco artículo de la Dra. Nicole Delépine sobre el trágico destino de Celine Dion Justin Bieber 

Este es también un mensaje de solidaridad con toda la Humanidad, en particular con los niños y jóvenes adolescentes.

En nombre de las víctimas de la vacuna, esperamos sinceramente que artistas de renombre y estrellas mundiales se unan a la campaña mundial y adopten una postura firme contra la vacuna contra la COVID-19.

Estamos exigiendo que la vacuna de ARNm COVID-19 se suspenda de inmediato en todo el mundo. Si tiene dudas, lea el bombazo Informe secreto de Pfizer, que ahora es de dominio público (publicado bajo FOI). 

Por favor, reenvíe este artículo.

Michel Chossudovsky, Centro de Investigación Sobre Globalización (Global Research), 17 de junio de 2022



Dada la cantidad de seguidores de Celine Dion en Twitter (924.200 suscriptores), en Facebook más de un millón y otras redes, podemos esperar que las desgracias de esta fabulosa cantante afecten a más personas que las webs oficiales de EudraVigilance o du Vaers más difíciles de consultar y alertará a algunos de ellos. Aunque sólo sea para infundir una duda fértil…

¿Lo que le sucedió? Por el momento su familia y/o sus agentes están alimentando su cuenta con recordatorios de sus discos o conciertos etc. Pero por qué este silencio, estas eternas cancelaciones de conciertos por el momento pospuestos a septiembre de 2023. ¿Quién cree todavía en ello? 

 @jjdenoual   2 de noviembre de 2021

“¡Después de su segunda inyección de la vacuna contra el coronavirus, Céline DION quedaría paralizada y habría cancelado todos sus conciertos! ¡Pero radio silencio en los medios, porque sería pánico entre todos los vacunados! »

@Rideaubleu 31 de octubre de 2021

Así recapitulamos  el delirio: un bombero vacuna a una niña de 12 años, para celebrar la dosis 100.000. Al niño le ofrecen entradas para el concierto de Celine Dion, concierto que fue cancelado porque la cantante que pidió vacunas está paralizada. No, no es una broma”.

Celine Dion, su misteriosa enfermedad vinculada a la vacuna Covid, revelación SHOCK de Bob Kennedy Jr (  

Nuestros compañeros de la revista Public publicaron recientemente que la cantante de 53 años estaría aquejada de una singular enfermedad llamada neuropatía de fibras pequeñas, patología que Celine Dion habría contraído hace un año,  al poco tiempo de ser vacunada contra el Covid.enlace que se está   haciendo” abiertamente. Sin embargo, no se conoce que presente los factores predisponentes descritos para esta enfermedad (mutaciones en los genes SCN9A y SCN10A, síndrome metabólico, VIH, enfermedad celíaca, síndrome de Sjögren, amiloidosis, enfermedad inflamatoria crónica intestinal, enfermedades infecciosas, hepatitis C, enfermedad de Lyme, hipotiroidismo, trastornos del sistema inmunitario).

¿Otra coincidencia?

De confirmarse este rastro de la vacuna, Céline sería, como millones de personas, víctima de una “conspiración” mundial, como argumenta Bob Kennedy Jr, que ha dedicado un libro a este tema.

El 21 de mayo, Céline declaró: “Animo a todos a que se vacunen porque creo que en este momento es la única forma de restablecer la inmunidad en todo el mundo. “. ¿Qué sabía ella? ¿Cómo se atreve a afirmar semejante aberración?   ¿Le hubiera gustado que yo la   reemplazara para cantar en el escenario? Cada uno tiene su trabajo, sus habilidades.

 Esta mezcla de géneros a través de la manipulación de los lobbies y los medios debe detenerse. 

El 19 de mayo de 22, Celine Dion confirma lo que todos temían sobre su estado de salud: “ Lamento mucho tener que cambiar las fechas de la gira en Europa nuevamente; la primera vez fue por la pandemia, ahora es por mi salud  , dijo la cantante, ahora de 54 años.

“ Para ser honesto, no puedo esperar, pero aún no estoy listo…”   “Hay algo importante. Estos famosos espasmos empiezan a ser sumamente preocupantes  ”

“ Nos preguntamos si ella no está leyendo un mensaje, nos sentimos extremadamente tristes, como la robótica ”, comentó la columnista canadiense Sophie Durocher luego de ver el breve extracto.

“ Si una artista del calibre de Celine Dion pospone, no es porque tenga un pequeño dolor de cabeza, hay algo mayor. Estos famosos espasmos empiezan a ser sumamente preocupantes ”, continuó ante el micrófono de una emisora ​​de radio local.

“¡ Millones de dólares están en juego!” Tendrás que hacerte la pregunta. ¿Volverá Celine Dion a los escenarios?, se pregunta.

Según el tabloide británico “The Express”, Celine Dion sufre de distonía. Una patología que se caracterizaría por contracciones musculares, que se producían de forma involuntaria y prolongada.

En definitiva, todos estos comentarios confirman la alta probabilidad de una enfermedad neurológica posvacunal, evocando el caso de Mauricette con   Creutzfeld Jacob o una enfermedad relacionada. Lo que fue aún más impactante y   negado por un tiempo fue que Celine Dion se había convertido en la tenaz defensora de la inyección experimental hasta el punto de imponer la vax a sus espectadores en concierto. ¡Ella realmente creía en ello y fue víctima de su creencia! La vacunación” se convirtió en religión.
¡Qué tristeza, qué error, qué aberración! Cómo artistas alejados de la verdadera medicina y probablemente demasiado cercanos a los delirios periodísticos impuestos por laboratorios ávidos de vender, pueden entrar en esta manipulación hasta el punto de perder finalmente su vida en ella, en todo caso durmiendo y ya su vida de artista . 

La corrupción no se limita a la corrupción financiera sino que afecta todas las facetas del alma humana, el deseo de agradar, de aconsejar, de ser salvadores, etc. Una trágica historia que se repite una y otra vez a medida que pasan los días y el efecto tóxico de estos productos experimentales se arraigan en el cuerpo. 

Después de Celine, Justin Bieber

Un segundo ejemplo se produjo aquella noche del 10 de junio del 22

Agencia de medios de Francia:

“Justin Bieber   había presentado un concierto a favor de las vacunas pseudo covid el 27 de junio de 2020 organizado   por Global Citizen Ursula con el apoyo de von der Leyen, presidenta de la Comisión Europea, Melinda Gates, presidenta de la Alianza Global para Vacunas y vacunas ( Gavi), Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, o Derrick Johnson (presidente de la NAACP). »

El joven Justin Bieber había pedido, al igual que Céline, a sus espectadores en concierto una triple vacunación anti-covid . Recordemos que se trata de una estrella del pop de 28 años -que cuenta con 5,392 millones de seguidores en las redes sociales-. Uno puede imaginar la capacidad de influencia de estas estrellas manipuladas por las grandes farmacéuticas y/o fideicomisarios. 

Ya había experimentado una alerta   sobre las inyecciones, luego de las complicaciones de su esposa Hailey quien, a pesar de su corta edad, había sufrido un derrame cerebral posiblemente después de la vacunación.

Esperemos que sus jóvenes fans se hagan algunas preguntas en esta ocasión y duden en ir a inyectarse de nuevo. 

¿Por qué mecanismo de pensamiento tortuoso se había transformado en un traficante de inyecciones, del cual no sabía nada, sobre todo porque todos los elementos estaban ocultos? La única certeza comprobable era que estas sustancias eran experimentales, como lo demostró de inmediato el sitio 

Siguen ahí y habrá que esperar hasta 2023 para obtener los datos oficiales de las pruebas. Pero actualmente tenemos gracias a la justicia estadounidense de parte de los documentos ocultos de Pfizer que revelan el engaño que debería hacer prohibir cualquier continuación de las inyecciones. Y los datos ingleses proporcionados por la ONS inglesa también demuestran el peligro letal para la población de las inyecciones.

Así el 10 de junio 22 nos enteramos vía Twitter 

Tras  su compañero, Justin Bieber se encuentra a su vez gravemente enfermo y obligado a interrumpir su gira. Triple vacunado, había pedido a sus fans planes completos de vacunación para asistir a sus conciertos. »

O a través de @vl_plus   Después de que su esposa Hailey fuera hospitalizada por un coágulo de sangre en el cerebro…

es el propio Justin Bieber quien padece una misteriosa enfermedad que “empeora” e incluso le obliga a suspender sus conciertos……

@AldoSterone111     Justin Bieber cancela sus conciertos. Él está muy enfermo. Su cara está paralizada… Parece un vacante.…11/06/2022 00:48

@NaraShi138767941/3) 06/08/22 Justin Bieber de 28 años pospone sus shows

[Ver el texto en inglés del Daily Mail: ]

Escribió en Instagram:

“  No puedo creer que esté diciendo eso. Hice todo para mejorar pero mi enfermedad está empeorando”  

La estrella de 28 años no ha dado detalles sobre su misteriosa enfermedad  .…   06/09/2022 

En definitiva, nuestro famoso y guapo cantante está desfigurado   por una parálisis facial bien descrita en las complicaciones de la vacunación anti-covid bajo el nombre de parálisis de Bell. Presentarlo bajo el nombre de síndrome de Ramsay puede ser erudito, pero no cambia el hecho.

Qué desgracia haber enfermado a estos hermosos jóvenes que tenían el futuro por delante y que, además, creyeron útil advertir a los demás de este absoluto delirio.

©  Instagram/Justino

Según un especialista en enfermedades infecciosas, el herpes zoster de Justin Bieber apareció a lo largo de los dos nervios de la cara, el facial y el auditivo, por eso el cantante tiene problemas para hablar y seguramente para oír. Instagram/Justin Bieber

Debemos exigir a las autoridades mundiales el cese total de estas peligrosas inyecciones, cuyas tragedias empiezan a conocerse a corto y medio plazo (miocarditis, muerte súbita de atletas en carrera, etc., enfermedad cercana al mal de las vacas locas). ) y desconocido a largo plazo.

La evolución rápidamente fatal de los cánceres que han sido curados durante muchos años o de   los cánceres recientes se ve cada vez más después de las inyecciones, particularmente la tercera.   Recuerde que en la primera fase de vacunación, solo el 5% de los lotes se vieron afectados por accidentes vacunales. Placebos, diferentes dosis e ingredientes. No sabemos. Lo que sí es cierto es que a partir de la tercera dosis denominada de refuerzo, los accidentes parecen más frecuentes, y más rápidos aunque también podemos distinguir variedades geográficas, lo que sugiere diferencias en los lotes.  Ruleta Rusa… ¿De verdad te atrae? 

Transferido de The Uncensored Truth en Telegram

 “Justine Bieber: parálisis facial…   La estrella canadiense de 28 años ha tenido que cancelar dos (o más) fechas de la gira de Toronto debido a esta complicación que le está provocando una parálisis en parte de su rostro.

En el video subido a la red social Instagram, Justin Bieber aparece de frente a la cámara, sin poder pestañear su ojo derecho, con la boca medio tapada. 

“Ya no puedo sonreír de este lado, parte de mi cara está paralizada” 

Con sus 240 millones de suscriptores en instagram, se ve obligado a cancelar el resto de su gira.  enlace de vídeo

Se me rompe el corazón por tener que posponer estos próximos shows (órdenes médicas). A toda mi gente, los quiero mucho y voy a descansar y mejorar”. 

En el clip publicado el viernes, Justin mostró los efectos devastadores de su diagnóstico, ya que su ojo no parpadeaba, no podía sonreír y la fosa nasal no se movía del lado derecho de su rostro.

Él explicó:

“Así que tengo una parálisis completa en ese lado de mi cara. Entonces, para aquellos que están frustrados con mis cancelaciones de próximos shows, obviamente no puedo hacerlo físicamente. Es bastante serio como puedes ver . »


En conclusión, deseamos a estos artistas ya las muchas otras víctimas de las inyecciones   la mejor recuperación posible. No obstante, esperemos que en el futuro los   artistas, deportistas, políticos, asociaciones, etc. eviten lanzar campañas publicitarias de vacunas y/o medicamentos (supuestos milagros), y/o proyecciones, etc. no tienen los datos de fondo (a menudo ocultos). A cada uno su trabajo.

Dra. Nicole Delépine

Queridos amigos, lamento anunciar un genocidio: Dra. Naomi Wolf sobre el “Informe confidencial” de Pfizer

He estado en silencio durante algunas semanas. Perdóname.

La verdad es que me he quedado casi sin palabras —o el equivalente literario de eso— porque recientemente he tenido la poco envidiable tarea de tratar de anunciar al mundo que en efecto, un genocidio —o lo que he llamado, torpemente pero urgentemente, se está produciendo una “muerte de bebés”.

Los Voluntarios de Investigación de Documentos de WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer, un grupo de 3000 médicos altamente acreditados, RN, bioestadísticos, investigadores de fraudes médicos, clínicos de laboratorio y científicos de investigación, han estado produciendo informe tras informe, como sabrán, para decirle al mundo lo que es en los 55.000 documentos internos de Pfizer que la FDA había pedido a un tribunal que mantuviera en secreto durante 75 años.

Por orden judicial, estos documentos fueron revelados a la fuerza. Y nuestros expertos están sirviendo a la humanidad leyendo estos documentos y explicándolos en términos sencillos. Puede encontrar todos los informes de los Voluntarios en

Las mentiras reveladas son impresionantes.

Los voluntarios de WarRoom/DailyClout han confirmado:

que Pfizer (y, por lo tanto, la FDA) sabían en diciembre de 2020 que las vacunas MRNA no funcionaban , que “disminuían en eficacia” y presentaban “fracaso de la vacuna”. Un efecto secundario de vacunarse, como sabían un mes después del lanzamiento masivo de 2020, fue “COVID”.

Pfizer supo en mayo de 2021 que el corazón de 35 menores se había dañado una semana después de la inyección de MRNA, pero la FDA implementó la EUA para adolescentes un mes después de todos modos, y los padres no recibieron un comunicado de prensa del gobierno de los EE. UU. sobre los daños cardíacos hasta agosto de 2021, después de que miles de adolescentes fueran vacunados. [Ver esto ]

Pfizer (y por lo tanto la FDA; muchos de los documentos dicen “FDA: CONFIDENCIAL” en el límite inferior) sabía que, contrariamente a lo que los portavoces altamente pagados y los médicos comprados aseguraban a las personas, el MRNA, la proteína de punta y las nanopartículas de lípidos hicieron no se quedó en el sitio de la inyección en el deltoides, sino que pasó, dentro de las 48 horas, al torrente sanguíneo, de ahí a alojarse en el hígado, bazo, glándulas suprarrenales, ganglios linfáticos y, si es mujer, en los ovarios. [Ver esto ]

Pfizer (y, por lo tanto, la FDA) sabía que la vacuna Moderna tenía 100 mcg de MRNA, nanopartículas de lípidos y proteína de punta, que era más de tres veces la dosis de 30 mcg de Pfizer para adultos ; los documentos internos de la compañía muestran una tasa más alta de eventos adversos con la dosis de 100 mcg, por lo que dejaron de experimentar internamente con esa cantidad debido a su “reactogenicidad” (palabras de Pfizer), pero nadie les dijo a todos los millones de estadounidenses que recibieron la primera y la segunda dosis de Moderna de 100 mcg, y los refuerzos .

Pfizer distorsionó a los sujetos del ensayo para que casi las tres cuartas partes fueran mujeres, un género que es menos propenso al daño cardíaco. Pfizer perdió los registros de lo que pasó con cientos de sujetos de prueba.

En los ensayos internos, hubo más de 42 000 eventos adversos y más de 1200 personas murieron. Cuatro de las personas que fallecieron, fallecieron el día que les inyectaron.

Los eventos adversos registrados en los documentos internos de Pfizer son completamente diferentes de los informados en el sitio web de los CDC o anunciados por médicos corruptos, organizaciones médicas y hospitales. Estos incluyen grandes columnas de dolor en las articulaciones, dolor muscular (mialgia), masas de efectos neurológicos que incluyen esclerosis múltiple, Guillain Barre y parálisis de Bell, encefalia, todas las iteraciones posibles de coagulación sanguínea, trombocitopenia a gran escala, accidentes cerebrovasculares, hemorragias y muchos tipos de rupturas de membranas de todo el cuerpo humano.

Los efectos secundarios que Pfizer y la FDA conocían, pero usted no, incluyen problemas de formación de ampollas, erupciones cutáneas, culebrilla y condiciones herpéticas (de hecho, una variedad de condiciones de formación de ampollas que extrañamente presagian los síntomas de la viruela del simio).

Los documentos internos muestran que Pfizer (y, por lo tanto, la FDA) sabían que los verdugones rojos o la urticaria eran una reacción común al PEG, un alérgeno derivado del petróleo en los ingredientes de la vacuna, uno que ciertamente no debe ingerir. De hecho, el PEG es un alérgeno tan grave que muchas personas pueden sufrir un shock anafiláctico si se exponen a él. Pero a las personas con alergia al PEG no se les advirtió que no se vacunaran ni sus médicos las observaron atentamente, con el EpiPen en la mano. Se quedaron a su suerte.

Pfizer sabía que la “exposición” a la vacuna se definía, en sus propias palabras, como contacto sexual (especialmente en el momento de la concepción), contacto con la piel, inhalación o lactancia. [Ver esto ]. Los ‘verificadores de hechos’ pueden negar esto todo lo que quieran. Los documentos hablan por sí solos.

Por supuesto, las personas que han tratado de plantear cualquiera de estos temas han sido descalificadas, reprendidas por el presidente, llamadas locas y severamente castigadas.

Los atletas, los estudiantes universitarios y los adolescentes se están derrumbando en los campos de fútbol y fútbol. Los médicos se retuercen las manos y expresan mistificación. Pero la presentación ante la SEC de BioNTech muestra un hecho sobre el cual los CDC y la AMA no dicen una palabra: desmayarse tan violentamente que puede lastimarse es uno de los efectos secundarios lo suficientemente importantes como para que BioNTech lo destaque ante la SEC.

Pero no para destacarnos a ti ya mí.

Pude procesar todo esto y seguir simplemente informando. Pero en las últimas semanas el horror me venció. Porque ahora, los Voluntarios, bajo el excelente liderazgo de la Gerente de Programa Amy Kelly, han confirmado que hay un genocidio en marcha, intencionalmente o no. Y la periodista israelí Etana Hecht ha añadido su propio análisis soberbio. Aquí está el resumen de la Sra. Hecht de los hallazgos de los Voluntarios:

Haga clic aquí para leer.

Parece que sí puede haber un genocidio fortuito. La reproducción en sí está dirigida, intencionalmente o no, por las vacunas de ARNm. Y si sabe que se daña la reproducción, y que se dañan los bebés y los fetos, y sabe que esto es a escala, que todos en Pfizer y en la FDA que leyeron estos documentos sabían, y si no se detiene, entonces eso es ¿No se convertirá finalmente en un genocidio?

Los voluntarios de WarRoom/DailyClout han confirmado que las nanopartículas de lípidos, las diminutas cubiertas grasas duras que contienen el MRNA, atraviesan la membrana amniótica. Eso significa que entran en el entorno fetal, por supuesto. (También atraviesan la barrera hematoencefálica, lo que puede ayudar a explicar los accidentes cerebrovasculares posteriores a la vacunación con MRNA y los problemas cognitivos que estamos viendo). Los Voluntarios profundizaron en los informes de los documentos de Pfizer sobre el embarazo y descubrieron que la garantía de que la vacuna es “segura y eficaz” para las mujeres embarazadas se basó en un estudio de 44 ratas francesas, seguidas durante 42 días (los científicos que dirigieron el estudio son accionistas o empleados de BioNTech). [Ver esto ]

Los voluntarios descubrieron que, si bien las mujeres embarazadas fueron excluidas de los estudios internos y, por lo tanto, de la EUA sobre cuya base se aseguró a todas las mujeres embarazadas que la vacuna era “segura y eficaz”, unas 270 mujeres quedaron embarazadas durante el estudio. Más de 230 de ellos se perdieron de alguna manera en la historia. Pero de las 36 mujeres embarazadas cuyos resultados se siguieron, 28 perdieron a sus bebés.

Los Voluntarios descubrieron que un bebé murió después de ser amamantado por una madre lactante vacunada y se descubrió que tenía el hígado inflamado. Muchos bebés amamantados de madres vacunadas mostraron agitación, malestar gastrointestinal y retraso en el desarrollo (crecimiento) y estaban desconsolados.

Escucho informes anecdóticos de estos síntomas en bebés amamantados de madres vacunadas, ahora, de todo el país.

Los documentos de Pfizer también muestran que algunas madres vacunadas habían suprimido la lactancia o no podían producir leche en absoluto.

Los médicos, por supuesto, están perplejos por todo esto. Perplejo.

La base de datos del NIH tiene un estudio preliminar que demuestra que hay cantidades insignificantes de PEG en la leche materna de las mujeres vacunadas. [Ver esto ]

Pero, ¿qué es una cantidad insignificante de un producto derivado del petróleo en la leche materna, cuando eres un pequeño recién nacido sin inmunidades que acaba de llegar al mundo? La preimpresión del NIH en sí misma informó niveles más altos de malestar gastrointestinal e insomnio en los bebés estudiados, y una madre tenía niveles elevados de PEG en la leche materna, y la letra pequeña concluye que se necesitan más estudios:

“Se necesitan estudios más grandes para aumentar nuestra comprensión de la transferencia de PEG a la leche humana y los efectos potenciales después de la ingestión por parte del bebé. Aunque el consenso de expertos establece que existe un riesgo potencial mínimo o nulo para el bebé debido a la vacunación materna contra el COVID-19( 20 , 21 ), los síntomas menores que se informaron (cambios en el sueño y síntomas gastrointestinales) podrían investigarse más a fondo en estudios futuros para determinar si están relacionados con la vacunación”.

Dado que ningún bebé murió en el breve período de tiempo del pequeño estudio, el estudio concluyó que los bebés lactantes no sufrieron efectos nocivos reales de las madres vacunadas. Pero el estudio no siguió a estos pobres bebés, con su insomnio reconocido y su malestar gastrointestinal confirmado, para ver si realmente “prosperaron”: aumentaron de peso y se desarrollaron normalmente.

Con una ciencia tan defectuosa, se les aseguró a las mujeres que las vacunas eran “seguras y efectivas” para ellas y sus bebés lactantes.

Pero, cuatro de las mujeres lactantes vacunadas en los documentos de Pfizer informaron leche materna “azul verdosa”. No estoy inventando esto. Y el bebé lactante que murió, con el hígado inflamado, el caso ha sido enterrado; no ha aparecido en los titulares.

Coincidentemente, o no, la MISMA FDA que hizo la vista gorda ante los grandes daños a los humanos y a la subcategoría de madres y bebés, en los documentos de Pfizer, declaró que Abbot, un importante productor de fórmula para bebés en los EE. UU., tenía que cerrar su fábrica. [Ver esto ]

Coincidentemente, con poca fórmula disponible y con algunas o muchas (no sabemos) madres vacunadas que tienen leche materna comprometida, resulta que Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson y Mark Zuckerberg han invertido en una empresa emergente llamada “BioMilq ”, que produce leche materna cultivada en laboratorio a partir de células mamarias. [Ver esto ]. Los informes de esta puesta en marcha incluyen este lenguaje similar a Frankenstein como si fuera normal :

“El equipo de BIOMILQ crea su producto a partir de células extraídas de tejido mamario humano y leche, donadas por mujeres de la comunidad local, que reciben a cambio una tarjeta de regalo de Target”. [Ver esto ]

Como si todo esto no fuera lo suficientemente horrible, la Sra. Hecht extrajo estudios de tres países (Canadá, Escocia y ahora Israel) para mostrar que los bebés mueren de manera desproporcionada, durante y después de 2021, en países altamente vacunados, y que los recién nacidos mueren de manera desproporcionada. si tienen madres vacunadas versus madres no vacunadas.

En Escocia, altamente vacunada, casi el doble de la cantidad de bebés que murieron en 2021 en comparación con las cifras de referencia. 

En Ontario, Canadá, 86 bebés murieron en 2021, frente a una línea de base de cuatro o cinco; esta fue una mortandad de bebés tan grave que un parlamentario valiente llevó el tema al Parlamento. [Ver esto ].

En Israel, en el Hospital RamBam de Haifa, hubo un 34 % más de abortos espontáneos y mortinatos en mujeres vacunadas que en mujeres no vacunadas.

Haga clic aquí para leer.

La Sra. Hecht también señala que la desregulación menstrual en mujeres vacunadas ahora está totalmente confirmada por muchos estudios, con un promedio de un día adicional de sangrado al mes (un efecto secundario sobre el que advertí en marzo de 2021, que a su vez me hizo llamar por un comentarista de CNN y eliminado permanentemente de Twitter).

No tienes que saber más que biología de octavo grado para saber que un ciclo menstrual desregulado, sin mencionar la acumulación de proteínas en pico en los ovarios, sin mencionar el atravesamiento de las membranas del cuerpo, incluido el saco amniótico, por diminutas grasas duras. Las nanopartículas de lípidos, sin mencionar el PEG en la leche materna, afectarán la fertilidad, la salud fetal, el parto y el bienestar o la angustia gastrointestinal de los bebés y, por lo tanto, su capacidad o fracaso para prosperar (y mucho menos para vincularse).

Y ahora, los bebés se están muriendo. Ahora escale los datos de Canadá, Escocia e Israel a todas las naciones vacunadas del mundo.

¿Qué hacemos con todo esto?

Sabiendo como lo sé ahora, que Pfizer y la FDA sabían que los bebés estaban muriendo y que la leche materna se estaba decolorando con solo mirar sus propios registros internos; sabiendo como sé que no alertaron a nadie y mucho menos detuvieron lo que estaban haciendo, y que hasta el día de hoy Pfizer, la FDA y otras entidades demoníacas de “salud pública” están presionando para vacunar con MRNA a más y más mujeres embarazadas; ahora que están a punto de imponer esto a las mujeres en África y otras naciones de bajos ingresos que no buscan las vacunas MRNA, según el CEO de Pfizer, Bourla, la semana pasada en el WEF, y sabiendo que Pfizer está presionando e incluso puede recibir una EUA de EE. UU. para desde bebés hasta niños de cinco años: debo concluir que estamos ante un abismo de maldad que no se veía desde 1945.

Así que no sé ustedes, pero yo debo cambiar de marcha con este tipo de conocimiento inefable a otro tipo de discurso.

No estoy diciendo que esto sea exactamente como encontrar evidencia de los experimentos del Dr. Mengele; pero digo, con estos hallazgos, que ahora la comparación puede no ser tan excesiva.

Estos antihumanos en Pfizer, hablando en el WEF; estos antihumanos en la FDA; saber lo que saben; tienen como objetivo el milagroso cuerpo femenino, con su capacidad de concebir, gestar, dar a luz y nutrir la vida. Están apuntando a la capacidad del cuerpo femenino para sostener a un ser humano recién nacido con nada más que a sí mismo. Están apuntando a la membrana amniótica, los ovarios que liberan el óvulo, están apuntando a la linfa y la sangre que ayudan a mantener la producción de leche materna, están apuntando al feto en el útero, indefenso.

Están apuntando al entorno mismo del feto humano, uno de los espacios más sagrados de esta tierra, si no el más sagrado.

Y ellos lo saben.

No sé ustedes, y no estoy haciendo proselitismo, pero como sabrán si me leen aquí, en estos días apocalípticos, recurro a la oración. Empecé a decir en público, una vez que tuve que enfrentar el hecho de la mortandad de los bebés, que este es un tiempo bíblico; y me refiero al Antiguo Testamento Bíblico.

Es un tiempo como el de la construcción de la Torre de Babel, de arrogancia masiva contra los planes divinos. Hombres como Bill Gates manipulan y buscan superar las mejores obras de Dios en un laboratorio tras otro, y los Tech Bros “interrumpen” la competencia humana por sus bienes y servicios no buscados, apuntando a los procesos humanos y arruinando los cuerpos creados a la imagen de Dios. Dios.

Es un tiempo como aquel cuando las diez plagas asaltaron a los egipcios en Éxodo 11:4-6:

 Entonces Moisés dijo: “Esto es lo que dice el Señor: ‘Alrededor de la medianoche recorreré todo Egipto.  Todo primogénito en Egipto morirá, desde el primogénito de Faraón, que se sienta en el trono, hasta el primogénito de la esclava, que está en su molino, y también todo primogénito de las bestias.  Habrá fuertes lamentos por todo Egipto, peores de los que ha habido o habrá nunca más. 7”

Esta fue la peor plaga de todas, la matanza de los primogénitos.

Es un tiempo de ha-Satan —Satanás— “que va y viene por la tierra, y […] anda por ella”, como lo describe Job 2.

Es una época en la que los demonios deambulan por los espacios humanos, aunque ellos mismos se ven lo suficientemente humanos, engreídos con sus trajes italianos en los paneles del Foro Económico Mundial.

Ha-Satanás – y sus ejércitos: arruinando la concepción, la leche, la menstruación, el toque, el acunar al infante por su madre, arruinando la alimentación del infante; arruinando a los propios bebés.

Leo mucho los Profetas en estos días, porque ¿cómo podría no hacerlo? Estoy buscando lo que la escritora Annie Lamott llamó “Instrucciones de funcionamiento”. ¿Qué haces cuando la humanidad misma está amenazada? ¿Cuando existen batallones profesionales y departamentos burocráticos de personas que actúan con anatema hacia la raza humana?

Seguramente debe haber una pista.

Así que releí mucho la historia de Noé y el Libro de Ester en estos días; Releí Jeremías.

Hemos estado aquí antes. Vergonzosamente a menudo, cuando se trata de eso.

La historia es siempre la misma, al menos en la Biblia hebrea (en el Nuevo Testamento, por supuesto, Dios salta hasta el final y da vuelta la trama).

Al menos en la Biblia hebrea, Dios siempre está tratando de llamar nuestra atención, siempre, al parecer, simplemente pidiéndonos que caminemos junto a él; simplemente pidiéndonos que guardemos sus mandamientos que no son demasiado desafiantes; no, de hecho, pidiendo mucho.

Jeremías 1:13:

Volvió a mí la palabra del Señor: “¿Qué ves?”.

“Veo una olla que está hirviendo”, respondí. “Se está inclinando hacia nosotros desde el norte”.

14  El Señor me dijo: “Desde el norte se derramará calamidad sobre todos los habitantes de la tierra. 15  Voy a convocar a todos los pueblos de los reinos del norte –declara el Señor.

“Sus reyes vendrán y establecerán sus tronos
a la entrada de las puertas de Jerusalén;
vendrán contra todos sus muros circundantes
y contra todas las ciudades de Judá.
16  Pronunciaré mis juicios sobre mi pueblo
a causa de su maldad al abandonarme,
al quemar incienso a otros dioses
y al adorar lo que sus manos han hecho.

En la Biblia hebrea, de todos modos, las matemáticas son simples. Nos volvemos, escuchamos y somos salvos; o seguimos sin cuidado, adorando lo que nuestras propias manos han hecho, putas a otros dioses, a “la ciencia”, a las mentiras de los medios; al narcisismo de la convención, en estos días, se podría decir, y por lo tanto estamos perdidos.

Hemos estado casi perdidos, una y otra vez.

Esta vez realmente podría ser la última vez; estos monstruos en los laboratorios, en los paneles transnacionales, son muy hábiles; y tan poderoso; y su trabajo oscuro es tan extenso.

Si Dios está allí, de nuevo, después de todas las veces que hemos puesto a prueba su paciencia, ¿y quién sabe? – ¿Le tenderemos una mano a cambio, nos agarraremos en el último momento de este abismo y simplemente encontraremos la manera de caminar junto a él?

¿O esta vez, al perder a los bebés, y sin embargo seguir adelante descuidadamente, estaremos verdaderamente perdidos nosotros mismos?

Yet Another US Food Processing Plant Catches Fire

Yet another food processing plant has spontaneously caught fire — this time it’s a frozen pizza factory in Portage County, Wisconsin.

yet another us food processing plant catches fire

An American Red Cross report says they rushed to provide food and water for the more than 70 firefighters from nearly two dozen departments that were required to put out the fire early Monday morning.

According to Stevens Point Journal, the fire was first reported at roughly 9 am, with billowing smoke spreading out several kilometers east and northwest. Some departments cleared the scene at 4:30 pm, but the fire wasn’t completely extinguished until 8:45 pm, nearly 12 hours later.

The Fire District says the fire began in the compressor room for the refrigeration and stemmed from a problem that arose during maintenance. No employees were injured.

This isn’t the first — and likely won’t be the last fire at a food processing plant. Indeed, there have been several in just the last few months.

Must-read: SEVERAL Very Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants Have Recently Exploded Or Burned Down.

Why Are DOZENS of Processing Facilities Burning Down?

But it’s not just food processing plants catching fire that’s troubling, especially during a time of food inflation. Poultry at meat producers is being destroyed at an alarming rate, usually due to barn and factory fires or avian flu.

In early April, 46,000 turkeys had to be killed in Barron, Wisconsin, due to an avian flu outbreak.

Another flock of 53,000 in Beadle County, South Dakota, had to be killed that same month.

On May 3, 13,800 chickens had to be destroyed at an Oklahoma farm for the same reason.

72,300 chickens had to be killed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, just a week later.

And there are several more instances.


The Great Reset Is Turning Back The Clock On Civilization

The covid-19 pandemic featured an unprecedented fusion of the interests of large and powerful corporations with the power of the state. Democratically elected politicians in many countries failed to represent the interests of their own citizens and uphold their own constitutions and charters of rights.

great reset john bush

Specifically, they supported lock-down measures, jab mandates, the suppression of a variety of early treatment options, the censorship of dissenting views, propaganda, interference in the private spheres of individuals, and the suspension of various forms of freedom. All of these policies and measures were centrally designed by the social engineers of the pandemic.

Globalists, who are obsessed with societal control, decided to take advantage of the pandemic in order to increase their authoritarian power. Prominent among them was, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of World Economic Forum (WEF). In June 2020, he stated that “the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” According to him, “every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.”

It is no secret that the WEF has focused on accelerating the implementation of central planning for the entire global population since the early days of pandemic. This plan to establish a new world order, known as the Great Reset, was a key theme at the recent annual meeting of the WEF, which was held during May 22–26 in Davos, Switzerland.

Drastic changes to the world order like the Great Reset do not happen spontaneously; rather, they are designed by global policy makers, including influential billionaires, politicians, celebrities, biased academics, wealthy philanthropists, and the bureaucrats of international organizations and institutions. These types of people support social engineering, because it will enable them to acquire control over the world’s wealth and natural resources, and strengthen their ability to shape society as they see fit.

Like their predecessors across history, the social engineers of the WEF believe that “there must be no spontaneous, unguided activity, because it might produce results which cannot be foreseen and for which the plan does not provide. It might produce something new, undreamt of in the philosophy of the planner.”1

Based on the WEF agenda, the successful completion of the current industrial transformation will require redesigning and controlling every minuscule aspect of human life and behavior, including the private spheres of individuals, the economy, politics, and societal organizations, without the possibility of voluntary and spontaneous cooperation between individuals based on their will, values, thoughts, and beliefs.

We were warned almost two centuries ago that when this type of tyrannical power succeeds, it will be “busy with a multitude of small” tasks penetrating “into private life,” governing families, and dictating the “actions” and “tastes of individuals.”2

In fact, some of the most ridiculous controls proposed by the WEF included limiting the washing of jeans to no “more than once a month” and “pyjamas once a week.” The WEF also advocates for transforming entire food systems by encouraging people to consume insects, arguing that “insect protein has high-quality properties and can be used as an alternative source of protein throughout the food chain, from feed for aquaculture to ingredients for nutritional supplements for humans and pets.”

Reforming the food system would also involve eating “cultured meat,” referring to “meat product created by cultivating animal cells in a controlled lab environment.”

The WEF also supports the elimination of “car ownership,” as “paying for a ride or delivery is as easy as tapping a smart phone app,” and “renting a vehicle” means that “car loans and insurance payments shrink or disappear.” Ultimately, the Great Reset aims to create a world where “you will own nothing, and will be happy” by 2030, as people will not possess any private property and rent everything they “need in life.”

However, this premise ignores the fact that private property ownership is associated with the advancement of civilizations, higher stages of material and moral development, and the development of modern family life. The WEF scenario would also diminish the sense of security, which is strengthened by the possession of private property.

Once the Great Reset is complete, individuals will essentially have their thinking and decision-making “done for them by men much like themselves, addressing them or speaking in their name.”3 Such a “desire to force upon the people a creed which is regarded as salutary for them is … not a thing that is new or peculiar to our time.”4

However, as various totalitarian regimes throughout history have demonstrated, the oppressive central planning of social engineers leads to the masses’ losing their sense of autonomy, freedom, dignity, creativity, and strength. Also lost is the incentive to improve one’s own condition and contribute to the progress of society.5

If the social engineering of the WEF is successful, then, by 2030, one will not be able to rely on oneself, family members, relatives, friends, or the community. This is because the supporters any absolutist regime want traditions and customs to be corrupted, “memories obliterated, habits destroyed, … liberty, chased from the laws.”6

In other words, they want to design a societal order where sympathy and mutual assistance will be rendered obsolete and where every citizen of the world is equally powerless, poor, and isolated, so that people will be unable to oppose the organized strength of global governance and become dependent on governments and their allies for their survival.

Eventually, nothing will protect citizens any longer, and citizens will no longer protect themselves.

Social engineers of the WEF are essentially advocating for natural freedom, which would allow the strong to exercise their power while subjugating the weak.

In doing so, they are basically calling for the world to move backward in the development of human history toward the re-institution of feudalism and slavery.

It is important to remember that economic freedom, positive freedom, political freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are not attributes of primitive man or serfdom; rather, they are products of the most advanced stages of society.

To be more precise, these types of freedom are outcomes of the efforts of countless thinkers, social movements, revolutions, and wars throughout human history.

However, social engineers are not interested in the history and struggles of our civilization, as they believe that they possess expertise in all areas, which is the line of thought at the heart of all dictatorial regimes.7 They do not think that social engineering is alien to the true nature of human beings, even though it is based on “mechanical exactness” and does not “spring from a man’s free choice.”8

Furthermore, advocates of social engineering ignore the fact that “the progress of mankind, in powers of mind and heart, in well-being and in technique, in law and morality, necessarily involves the participation of the lower classes.”9

Anyone who believes that the social engineers of the WEF have noble intentions at heart as they design and implement the Great Reset should heed the warning of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1935), who (ironically) declared:

The doctrine of regulation and legislation by “master minds” in whose judgment and will all the people may gladly and quietly acquiesce, has been too glaringly apparent at Washington during these last 10 years. Were it possible to find “master minds” so unselfish, so willing to decide unhesitatingly against their own personal interests or private prejudices, men almost godlike in their ability hold the scales of justice with an even hand, such a government might be to the interests of the country; but there are no such on our political horizon, and we cannot expect a complete reversal of all the teachings of history.


1. F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom (1944; repr., New York: Routledge, 2006), p. 166.
2. Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America: Historical-Critical Edition of “De la démocratie en Amérique,” ed. Eduardo Nolla and trans. James T. Schleifer, bilingual ed., 4 vols. (Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Fund, 2010), 1:223.
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